Double Penetration

Subject: Man Cam (SolodudeKirk (5) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (SolodudeKirk (5) …………………….Kirk was definitely near the inevitable as I could hear his grunting against me. But then he yanked up and hauled his big schlong from my abused hole. He grabbed my legs and flipped me over on my back. He quickly grabbed then and pulled my legs up to his shoulders. He repositioned himself at my butt and then thrust down into my guts again. He lowered himself on top of me better and began to pound me silly again. I kept pulling on my own dick as my ass clamped down on his big meat. “Fuckkk yeahh” he growled “Love this hot ass man” “Feels so good on my dick. Gonna make me bust a big fat load inside it” I looked up at his handsome face and reached up for it. I wanted him to kiss me. I pulled him down on me bursa escort more and placed my mouth on his. Kirk shoved his tongue into my opened mouth and we made out as he continued to pile drive his dick into my wrecked hole. The heated friction was so hot now. It threatened to consume me as he pounded away at my bowels. I could hear the distant slapping of his balls at my ass as he slammed down again and again into me . “Ohhh Godd Yess ” I cried “Take my ass Kirk. Fuck me silly with that big diick” “Uhnnn Aweee fuckk” Kirk kept slamming his hard on into my bowels at speed now. His thrusts more commanding now. His grunts harder and heavier. It wouldn’t be long before I was treated to his cum blast. The wonder was whether I wanted him to actually breed me , or did I want to suck down his cream into my hungry mouth. We continued to kiss as he continued to drill my insides with his pile driver dick. My own dick was raging between us and I reached for it. “I’m hard too baby” I said “Harder stud” “Hit me harder so I can cum with you” “Yessss” He accelerated his pounding on my guts bursa escort bayan as he pulled him self up to a better position. Then he would slam down in long hard strokes. Up and down he went on my ass hole. His balls would smack down on his thrust. I was going crazy as I pulled my own raging cock in my hand. “Kiss me baby” I begged “Yeah man” he answered as he lowered his face to mine. We started to kiss passionately. His mouth and tongue on mine. I was pulling him to me so I could feel his body on me as well. His hips were thrusting madly at my guts. And he was grunting harder and harder as he plowed my bowels with his big dick. My dick was now raking along the fur on his belly as he pounded me harder still. I knew I was going to cum soon from the onslaught of this guys dick pummeling my prostate as he was doing. I moaned as I kissed his mouth face and neck. My hands reached for his ass and pulled him into me. “Yesss baby” I groaned “Fuck me ass good. ” “Breed this man hole with that hot boiling cum stud” “Yaeh man” he answered back “Getting soo close buddy” “You escort bursa want my cum?” “Huh, You want me to seed your ass” “Yesss Kirk” I yelled as I kissed him again “Yesss baby. pour it in there. Impregnate me like the Bitch I am” “Aweeee fuckkk meeee” I continued to groan ‘K’ He said now as his pounding continued “Here it comes man. Here comes the juice baby” Then his body tensed up and he thrust hard into my body. Then Kirk started to dump a heavy cream load into my bowels. Shot after shot after shot spit from his dick as he slammed deep into me repeatedly. “Yeassss baby” he growled “Take it all. Take my cum” “Aweeee fuckkk” “Yeassss” I yelled as well Then I felt my own dick erupt as he was literally fucking the cum from my ass. My body jerked and bucked as I exploded between us. “Cum-mminng too Kirk” I howled My ass clamped down on his still pumping dick. This continued for almost a minute as we both came in unison. Then when we were done, kirk just stopped and slumped over on top of me. His dick was still oozing the remaining cum juice from his balls into my used up ass. I just lay there with this hot stud on my in a sticky mess. But it was the best sex ever. He kissed me and just lay on my chest……………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ End

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