Some Like It Rough

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It was a relationship neither of them wanted, but both of them were happy to have each other. She was a happily married woman with needs. He was married to a woman he loved but wasn’t happy.

Lori married John nearly 15 years ago. They fought like all couples do, with long lasting make up sessions. Her two kids took a lot of her free time. It wasn’t the glamorous life that she wanted, but it was enough to help her get through the day.

A couple of years back, John had an accident while riding his motorcycle. It was a serious accident that left several bones broken, but nothing more broken than his spirit. When his bones were healed, everything became better except in the bedroom. They had sex every couple of weeks, but he didn’t have the aggressiveness that she sometimes craved. She kept her mood in check with the use of her toys and some great online role play.

Tim and Jessica had been married nearly as long. Their sexual issues had nothing to do with an accident of any kind. Tim never had to try hard to get a date. Even less effort to just have sex. He had a reputation that preceded him that many avoided; the ones that didn’t avoid it helped perpetuate the reputation.

Unfortunately for Tim, Jessica was too self conscious to enjoy sex on a regular basis. Their sex life had dwindled to about a handful of occasions a year. If it wasn’t for the fact that he loved her, he would have left long ago.

His main outlet for his frustrations was chatting on the internet and writing short stories. He had no problem switching genres or focus, but his favorite theme as of late had been the use of force.

Tim and Lori met in a chat room one night. The talking progressed as it often does in a chat room, and soon they began to chat outside of it using instant messenger. The topic of conversation wasn’t always sex, much to the dismay of Tim. However, it came up often enough that there was almost always a slight amount of tension when they talked, or at the very least, on Tim’s behalf.

Tim liked the attention; he craved it more than he would care to admit. His wife loved him; of that he was sure. But everything else took priority. He felt as if it was his fault for allowing it, but after her work, the kids, stress levels, TV, depression and whatever else happened in the day, he knew he was the last priority. Tim found the chat room as an escape. Finding Lori was a fantasy. He always put effort into his words, but with Lori, it was effortless to chat and well worth the effort to try to get Lori all worked up. He would picture her enjoyment as he typed and noticed a longer than normal pause in their conversation. He hated that he read into these things because there was always the chance he was wrong, but this fantasy was his release from his hum-drum life.

After a long while of talking online, Lori bated Tim. Half jokingly, she told him that she thought he was all talk. He responded by talking about how forcefully he would take her. The first mention of her hair being pulled reminded her how she missed the way John would toss her around and have his way with her. When he mentioned slapping her ass, her insides tensed with an almost forgotten pleasure. When he continued on, she knew that she and her toys had a long night ahead of her.

This continued for months; not as often as Tim would have enjoyed. However, it happened as often as Lori either could forget about their current relationship statuses or the desire couldn’t be avoided. Tim was worried that after so much time, it would be monotonous to Lori, but he still enjoyed the conversations and play when they spent their online time together. Lori wasn’t nearly as bored as Tim would have believed. She was, however, apprehensive. Every time she felt the urge to take it further, she would mention Tim’s wife, and that would put a wet blanket on the situation.

One week, Lori felt the pressure continually building instead of subsiding after one of their evening conversations. It worried her enough that she contemplated not checking her computer for a couple of days. But after a few hours of that, she realized that she would just have more anticipation.

Tim’s excitement, too, was growing. He passed time with various other people in the chat room. None of them contained the stimulating elements that he became accustomed to with Lori.

After a couple of hours online, Lori popped in and did her best to keep the conversation casual. It didn’t take more than ten minutes for the avenue of sex to open up and the both of them enjoyed the conversation. Instead of the normal release she felt, when their episode concluded, she was as anxious as ever.

Instead of her customary comments of leaving to finish taking care of her frustration and for Tim to have a good night, Lori remained quiet after the scene pendik escort for quite a few moments. Shortly after, she said that Tim was probably all talk. Tim laughed and sent one of the many smiley faces at his disposal before telling her that if he had her address, he would prove it in the morning.

More silence followed. After what seemed like an eternity, she gave him an address and told him what time he could arrive and what time he had to leave so that it didn’t interfere with her family life. Now it was Lori’s turn to wait. After a couple of minute he gave her his cell phone number and said to call if she changed her mind. Otherwise, he would see her as planned.

The next morning, he drove two towns over to finally meet her in person. She made it clear that small talk wasn’t on the agenda, which was more than fine by him. He didn’t want her to back out after all this time.

She kept looking out the window to see when Tim would arrive. She was both anxious and excited. She was proud of herself to not call him and call it off, even though she was more nervous than she had been in years. She figured it would be more than understandable to have a onetime fling after all that she had been put through; at least, that was her rationale for putting this plan into motion.

Lori saw him pull up and second guessed what she was wearing. She decided that going through the trouble of dressing up would defeat the whole housewife style. She also figured that with her luck, the more she prepared the more chances of trouble that could ensue.

Lori decided on a simple set of shorts and shirt, along with traditional undergarments. Now that Tim was here, she wished she would have put on something more. Just to make a great first impression.

As he neared her place, he shut off the phone and put it in the glove compartment. When he ducked out of the car, he swore he saw the curtain fall back into place. Smiling to himself, he slipped his keys into his pocket and headed to the door. He took a deep breath as he walked to the door, knowing what he would have to do to ensure that everything went as well as he could hope.

Tim rang the doorbell and waited patiently. He knew he couldn’t take too much time to appreciate the situation once the door opened; otherwise it would seem less organic and more premeditated. He prepared himself to pounce once he was inside.

Lori opened the door and moved aside enough to let him in without opening the door all the way. Once the door was closed she turned to face him, only to find the back of her head being held tight as he began to kiss her fervently. As she began to pull back in shock, he gripped harder, tugging her hair tightly as he pushed his tongue further down her throat.

Lori began to moan. She felt alive for the first in a long time. She gasped and returned his kisses as she felt herself being lifted from the ground. She wrapped her legs around Tim, squeezing tightly as she felt him walking with her. She felt a sudden stop as her back hit the wall.

Tim lowered her slightly so that their pelvises rubbed against each other through their clothing. The two began to grind against each other, kissing passionately as they did.

Moments after their kissing had begun, he arched her back away from the wall and lifted her t-shirt. Their kiss broke long enough to remove the shirt from over her head. Tim then slid his forearm up her spine and cupped her neck in the palm of his hand, pushing her face into his as he began to kiss her deeply once again. Before she knew it, Lori’s bra was unfastened and being slid down her arms.

Tim slid his arm down Lori’s back, causing her to arch her back as he leaned forward, admiring her breasts. He noticed that the nipples seemed thicker than he had ever seen. He shook himself from being mesmerized and took each nipple in his mouth, playfully but aggressively biting them.

Lori’s gasps and moans came in flurries. She felt he pussy getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Soon she felt herself being eased down towards the floor. She looked up from her knees. She saw the utter lust in his face, what she had missed seeing for the past couple of years. She knew what was coming next, and she waited with complete anticipation.

Tim unfastened his belt, followed by his pants. He pulled his already stiff cock out of his pants and placed the head of it on her lips. Lori licked the head playfully, assuming that is what he wanted. As he grabbed her with a handful of hair, it all came rushing back to her. The way they talked about the use of force and how they both loved it. She opened her mouth a bit more before Tim forced his penis down her throat, holding it there for a moment and then working in and out.

Lori choked slightly at first, as Tim started fucking her maltepe escort face. He used long, deep strokes. He watched as she lost her breath, then withdrew his cock slowly. He loved seeing her face as she took his cock, fighting some tears back, but hungrily enjoying being fed Tim’s dick.

After a few minutes of Lori’s saliva coating her chin as the cock pistoned in and out of her mouth, the head pushed into the back of her throat. Tim laid her on her back in the hallway. While on her back, Tim knelt over her face and pushed the head of his penis into her mouth. He rubbed it around her lips, playing as she hungrily opened her mouth to feel the head of his cock on the tip of her tongue. He pushed his weight forward, pushing his cock deeply in her throat using long deep strokes. He was now able to return his attention to her breasts. He used one hand to keep his balance as he took the other and began fondling her breast. He spread his hand over her breast and felt her fat nipples between his fingers, pinching them teasingly as he did, not missing a stoke as he fucked her face. He pinched and twisted her nipples, pushing the limits of her oral ability. He pushed deeply as he pulled on her right nipple, causing her to gasp and take more of him into her mouth.

When he believed that her nipples could get no stiffer, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and took her by the hair, guiding her onto her knees. He pulled her behind him, having her walk on all fours as he took her to the living room. After he put her in the position he desired, with her shoulders on the ground and her ass in the air, he slid her shorts and panties down around her hips to her knees so that he could hold her legs in place.

Positioning himself behind her, Tim was on all fours, his hands using the shorts to hold her legs in place. He leaned forward, using the tip of his tongue to flick up and down Lori’s slit, pushing in slightly every once in a while. Lori began to squirm, enjoying his ability to control the situation as he made her more excited. He surprised her when he used the tip of his tongue to draw tiny circles on her anus before returning to licking her drenched pussy lips.

When Tim felt Lori pushing back against him, he slid her shorts and panties completely off her. Bending forward, he began to eat her from behind. He buried his face so deeply; he felt her moisture all over his face. He began to moan and tell Lori how sexy her ass was, giving it a playful swat every so often just so that he could watch her breasts swing and jiggle from behind.

When Lori seemed to move with the flow of this position, Tim squatted behind her and rubbed the head of his penis up and down her bald slit, holding back as long as he could before forcing himself completely, leaning his weight into her. Regaining his balance, Tim began to slide in and out of her. As he did, he reached out and pulled her by the hair. He made it hurt just enough that she would feel it later, but not enough to break the spell of their actions.

Reaching down with his other hand, he slid his thumb into Lori’s ass and used that hand to guide the pushing and pulling motion of their bodies as he continued to thrust himself inside her. Lori’s hips rolled every few strokes, pushing back against him as she tried to take more than he had to give.

Tim let go of Lori’s hair so that he could slide both thumbs into her anus, spreading it open a bit and enjoying the view. He commented how sexy and slutty she looked like this which made her groan and enjoy herself even more.

He arched his back so that he could be deeper inside her, letting her feel every inch as deeply as possible before he pushed his weight forward and forced her shoulders to the ground under their weight. She felt his dick throbbing inside her as he continued to pump. She knew he was about to cum, but she couldn’t get enough breath to ask Tim not to cum inside her. Before she could muster the strength to tell him, he pulled out and shot stream after stream of his hot, sticky cum across her ass. He felt as though he shot at least a half dozen full streams on her with how much he came.

Lori lay there amazed and exhausted. She wanted more but this instant, she couldn’t move. Tim sat back and watched as the cum began to leak down her legs, coating parts of her pussy lips as it did.

Crawling over to Lori’s face, Tim leaned forward and kissed her, lifting her onto her side. She returned the kiss passionately, using it to revitalize her energy. He pushed her back a bit more as he positioned himself to put his cock back in her mouth.

Lori felt taken aback for a moment before she moved back into the flow of things. Tim moved so that he could taste her pussy again, pushing his tongue down her slit before using one hand to spread her kartal escort lips, lapping her juices hungrily as he felt Lori doing the same to him.

They each enjoyed being in the sixty-nine, feasting on each other’s sex as Tim’s penis went through the stages of getting mostly flaccid before regaining his firmness. Once he was erect again, Tim stood and took Lori by the hair, standing her up and spinning her to ace the wall. He pushed up on her from behind and ran his fingers along her thigh. He moved his fingers towards her opening before pushing two fingers inside her. He was easily able to get a third in and worked until he could force the fourth one inside her.

He playfully bit her neck, careful not to leave any marks as he used his thumb to tease her anus, feeling the residue of his cum on her opening. As he did this, Tim kissed Lori hard, feeling her gasp and moan into his mouth.

Shortly afterwards, he forced her legs a bit wider and positioned himself so that he could push his cock inside her, working his cock slowly in and out of his pussy as he began to whisper what he planned to do with her. Her eyes opened wide as Tim rubbed the head of his cock against her anus. As she fought, she pushed back enough that her asshole opened just a bit. That was the only opening Tim needed as he forced his way inside her, using only the lube from her pussy to make his way. He watched as her face went from shock to pain to pleasure as he continued to use slow, deep strokes as he penetrated her ass.

As Lori began to moan, Tim reached around playing with her clit, trying to make her cum with the manual stimulation that he was providing her. He felt her putting more of her weight onto him as her legs started to give out. When she came, taking all of her weight off her legs, he eased her back, laying her on her backside. He moved between her legs and re-inserted his cock into her ass as he entered from the missionary position. Tim put Lori’s ankles on his shoulders as he told her to play with her clit. The pattern of her rubbing soon matched the rhythm of Tim’s balls slapping her ass. Tim watched as her breasts slammed up and down while he fucked her, causing her to get more excited with each stroke.

The grunting of the two of them became louder as each of them could tell that the other was about to explode with more pleasure. Tim leaned forward and took one of Lori’s nipples into his mouth, which started the chain reaction of her cumming hard, clenching the muscles in both her pussy and anus which cause Tim to begin to cum. He quickly pulled out and shot his seed all over Lori’s hand and stomach, with a few drops landing directly on her cunt lips.

Tim moved next to her and caressed her breasts as Lori lay there rubbing her pussy. He moved to kiss her lips before standing up and heading to the bathroom. He stood over the sink and began to clean his cock. A minute later, Lori was in the doorway. She reached to help him clean his cock. Much to her surprise, she felt his cock twitching and returning to its rigidity as she stroked it.

He quickly took control and pinned her against the sink, both of them facing the mirror. Tim pushed her upper body forward a bit, making her ass stick out just so. He knelt behind her and began to eat her yet again. He loved looking at her pussy, seeing how it remained open a bit after their earlier play. He used his hands to spread her ass wider to enjoy the view before returning to his feet.

As he stood there, he guided the head of his cock to her pussy as he watched her face in the mirror. As her head began to roll back, he watched her breasts bounce up and down with each stroke. She placed one hand on the counter to push herself back into him as she used the other to reach between her legs and cup his balls.

He reached up and caressed her face, putting his finger into her mouth. Lori hungrily sucked on it as she felt him filling her stroke after stroke. As she pushed back, Tim felt how sticky her ass was from their earlier exploits. He reached around to stroke her clit, and found that her pussy was sticky as well.

He was ready to cum once more, and he didn’t want to pull out. He started slamming his cock harder. Rubbing her clit harder, and faster, he felt Lori’s pussy gripping and grabbing at his cock. She began to have orgasm after orgasm on his cock, making it slicker and slicker.

Tim couldn’t take much more of this. He began to step on his tip-toes and give one last grunt as he pushed his cock balls deep inside her. With that, Lori felt him cumming inside her which set off another explosive orgasm for her.

They spent a couple of minutes catching their breath before Tim kissed her on the cheek and returned to the living room to find his clothes. He dressed in silence and headed home.

Lori watched him leave and spent much of the next hour naked, enjoying the feeling of him both on and inside her. She enjoyed as he leaked out of her before she went to shower off and make everything presentable before it was time for the kids to come home.

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