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Close Up

Summer had ended and classes had begun. I was on the second month of my first year as a teacher at an all girls’ Catholic school, and it was harder than I expected! The classes were challenging and the girls were even more so. I was always under the impression I was being monitored since I was new to the school. To top it off I am pretty good looking and one of the youngest teachers on staff. I noticed more than a few times girls would flirt a little with me. It would never be anything too obvious and never led to anything. I was always aware of how it might look if I had a student stay late or get in trouble. Luckily none of the students were troublemakers… so far.

A little about me; my name is Trent. I am tall with medium length light brown hair and clean cut, which was a requirement of the job. My parents were always big on taking care of themselves; they were very much in tune with the whole “my body is a temple” thing. They passed that down to me so I started taking care of myself at an early age. I was on the track team in school, as well as lacrosse and hit the gym often. As a result I have a pretty strong chest, no belly to speak of and a pretty good looking butt, if I do say so myself.

I was brought up Catholic, but sort of feel out of it after I left home for college. I stuck with it publicly though, to keep my parents happy. Once I was offered the teaching job here I was stuck with keeping up the façade which was okay. The job and pay was pretty damn good.

Last week a girl named Lucy transferred from one of the local public schools nearby. I was given a report on her that explained how she had been a bit of a problem child. Outbursts in class, fighting with students, teachers, and just about anyone else she crossed paths with. She had been expelled from two other schools in as many months. Sending her here was a last resort for her parents it seems. They hoped moving her into a more controlled atmosphere might be what she needed. This school had smaller classes and less distraction than others, the biggest of which was boys. With that element removed it made for a lot less drama, or at least that was the idea.

The first day Lucy reported to my class will forever be burned in my memory. Class had already begun and to be honest I forgot she was supposed to be starting class that day. I would normally have closed the door, but it was warmer than usual that day so I had all the windows and the door open to help get some air moving in the room.

I was turned toward the chalk board writing out a math problem and was suddenly aware of some commotion behind me, whispers and murmurs of distain, and whispers. I turned around, speaking as I did.

“Okay, settle down what’s all the…” I was at a loss for words.

There Lucy stood. She was tall, pale, beautiful, and angry! She scanned the room, looking the other girls over with her hand resting on her thrust out hip and finally locked gazes with me. She was wearing the required school uniform, but her black and green checkered skirt had clearly been altered so that it was at least 8 inches above her knees showing her toned milky white thighs, followed by black knee socks and black Mary-Janes, which were about the only part of her uniform in regulation. Her white button down shirt was open enough to show her ample breasts as well as the black lace bra she wore underneath. Her hair was raven black with dark red roots, pulled back into a pair of pigtails. To top it all off she peered out over her black-rimmed glasses with eyes that were heavily made up with black eyeliner. My eyes finally rested on her full deep red lips, turned down in a scowl. Yes, you could say Lucy was defiantly quiet a site to behold!

After a moment of sizing each other up Lucy finally broke the silence.

“Well, where am I supposed to sit in this freak show?”

I was determined not to let her run my class the way she probably did in the last two schools she was kicked out of. She needed to know I was the one in charge, not her.

“You, young miss, will sit right up front where I can keep an eye on you.”

Lucy just rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath. “Pst, whatever…”

“What was that young lady?” I said with authority.

“Nothin’ I’m movin’.” She replied.

“It’s I’m movING Sir and NothING Sir.” I corrected her

“Yes, Sir, sorry Sir, whatever you say Sir.” She said sarcastically flipping up a mock salute.

She walked down the few steps to the front of the class, eying me the whole way and sat at the desk right in front of mine. She unceremoniously scraped the chair from under the desk and flopped down, dropping her book bag next to her seat and let out a loud sigh.

“Alright,” I continued, addressing the rest of the class and wishing to move past this distraction. “Who here can show me how to solve the equation on the board?”

I moved to and sat on the corner of my desk. A few girls started to raise their hand but then dropped them apparently unsure as canlı bahis to whether or not they would be right.

“Oh come on, this is not that hard ladies.”

I prodded them on a little. This was my smartest class and knew they could figure it out. I was only hoping this new addition wouldn’t cause issues. As this thought crossed my mind I glanced down at Lucy. She was staring at the board playing with her hair all the while opening and closing her legs under her desk. I could see her knees going back and forth in nervous energy.

“How about the new girl?” I inquired.

Lucy suddenly stopped moving her legs and glanced up at me, but not before looking at my crotch for a second. Oddly enough just that little gesture caused me to stir a little. I shifted to be sure no one noticed anything out of the ordinary and re-addressed the question to her. “So, you look like the type who thinks she knows all the answers. What do you think?”

Lucy scowled, if looks could kill, I would have been a grease spot! A few girls giggled to themselves only adding to her anger level.

“Well Doc,” her words dripping of venom, “If I am reading this right, and I like to think I am, then the answer is x=35y.”

“Well done!” I exclaimed, truly impressed and a little shocked that she had worked the answer without even trying to write it out. “See that wasn’t so bad now was it ladies?”

The room was still silent. Surly the others were as stunned as I was. Moving back to the board I removed the old problem and added a new, more difficult one. As I wrote out the problem I instructed them to write the problem out and then raise their hands once they had the answer. Once finished writing I stepped to the side and turned to the class. I was struck silent when I did. When I turned around I was afforded an unrestricted view under Lucy’s desk. She was back at it, opening and closing her legs again, only now I could plainly see she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. It seemed that Lucy picked up on this as she stopped moving only leaving her legs open instead of covering herself. I was now afforded an unobstructed view of her bald and rather perfect pussy. The few seconds I was left speechless seemed like a lifetime. I quickly scanned the class and asked if there were any questions. There was no answer as the girls were in their own world working out the problem. I turned around and quickly sat at my desk, hoping to God my semi rigid cock would calm down as it grew quickly in my pants.

Up to this point I was trying to avoid eye contact with her, but I knew I had to see if she noticed. I looked at her and knew the answer right away. Our eyes met and I saw a slight grin on her face and she was still sitting back in her chair with her legs spread. If any of the other girls in class noticed they didn’t make any sign to the fact. I continued to try and read her expression. As I did I noticed that she had slid one hand down to her lap. I quickly glanced down at the paperwork on my desk, trying to distract myself by picking up a pen and grade a paper or two while I waited for the rest of the class to finish. Though I was looking at the paper I could still see her at the top of my vision. Lucy was rubbing her hand up and down one thigh. Then she pulled her skirt up revealing her perfectly shaved mound. Quickly moving her fingers to either side of her pink lips she spread them to reveal the small steel ring that pierced her clit. I could feel my thick cock growing against the confines of my slacks. It felt as if it would break through the zipper. Lucy continued to put on her lewd little show for me, by opening and closing her pussy with her fingers. I could clearly see her getting wetter as she played with herself under the desk.

I looked up at her face. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was slightly parted. Her chest was heaving up and down noticeably and her nipples were pushing out against her already too tight shirt. A few of the girls started to look up from their papers and raise their hands. Still oblivious to the show their fellow classmate was putting on. I loudly cleared my throat, bringing Lucy out of her little trance. She stopped what she was doing and flashed me a wicked smile and winked.

I composed myself the best I could. Remaining behind my desk, I called on each girl until I was given the right answer. I didn’t want to risk showing anyone how aroused I was. I would be fired for sure! Finally the bell rang and the girls all stood to go. I took this time to get up and face to board trying like hell to will my hard on to go away. I concentrated on clearing off the board and baseball or anything else that didn’t have to do with what I just witnessed.

“Ok girls’, that’s it for today. Make sure you study for the exam tomorrow and read chapter 4 before the weekend.” I announced over my shoulder.

I heard a few moans of protest from the girls as they pushed their chairs in and packed their book bags to go home.

“Oh, and Lucy,” I turned bahis siteleri to see her just starting to stand and leave. “I need to speak with you about being late and set the rules for my class.”

Lucy sighed loudly and plopped back down in her seat. I continued to clear the large chalkboard and then turned to my desk, retrieving the papers that needed grading as the last girls left the classroom.

“Ok, let’s go to my office, I won’t keep you too long. I know your parents will be waiting outside to pick you up.”

“As if.” She shot back. “They could care less about when I get home. They won’t be done with work until eight o’clock tonight.”

“So, how are you supposed to get home then?” I asked with genuine concern.

“Figured I would grab a ride on the bus, or hitch a ride. I don’t live that far away.”

“I see. Well I’ll still try and make this quick.” I said gesturing toward the door to my office. She walked ahead of me toward the door, swaying her hips as she went.

As we reached the door I moved around her and opened it for her. “Chivalry isn’t dead after all.” She said coldly. Man, this girl really had issues! Again, I didn’t see this school working out for her at all, but I was going to try to help if I could.

My office was pretty nice; wall-to-wall bookcases with a large stained glass window giving me plenty of light. On the far wall I have a large mahogany desk that has plenty of room to spread out and work on. In front of that there is a nice brown leather couch. I have caught many a power nap on that baby. I watched her as she looked around, showing a total lack of interest in anything she saw as she walked toward the couch. I walked past her to my desk.

“Please, have a seat.”

As I turned to sit in my chair I stopped dead in my tracks. Lucy was watching me, as she stepped out of her tiny skirt. She stood swaying her hips from side to side for a moment, wearing nothing below her waist except for the knee highs and her shoes. I watched her as if in a trance as she moved to the front of the couch. Turning she climbed on the couch, knees on the cushions, and elbows on the back. Again she started to sway her smooth flawless ass back and forth.

“Ok big daddy, let’s get this party started!” She exclaimed over her shoulder. I was speechless. I just stood there watching her sway that ass back and forth.

“Well? You aren’t shy are you? Judging by how hard your dick got watching me in class I would say not.”

It took me a second, but I finally found my voice.

“Lucy, this isn’t why I asked you to my office. I wanted to see what I could do to help you out. I know being new to a school is hard, never mind a school like this.”

“You want to help me? Bring that big cock on over and fill my horny pussy with it stud! That’s all the help I need.”

I have never had anyone speak to me like this never mind a student and it was getting very hard not to be aroused. Despite my best efforts to resist her advances, my cock continued to swell.

“No, I can’t do that Lucy. I…” She cut me off mid sentence.

“Oh, you don’t want to put it in my cunt? How about my ass? That would be a lot better huh, tighter? Yeah, I like the sound of that. Come on Prof; slip that monster in my ass while I rub my soaking pussy. I bet I can make you cum inside a minute with my tight little ass.”

My cock was completely hard now. Not only hard, rock hard! I could feel my pulse throbbing in my cock as it strained to be released. I had to get in control of myself, this was not good!

“Look Lucy, this is just not a good idea at all and I can’t…”

Again she cut me off.”You’re not gay are you? Shit! You’re gay? She turned around and sat down on the couch and spread her toned legs wide giving me an open view of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. As I mentioned she was shaved smooth, but her lips were perfect. Not too big, not too small, pink, wet and inviting. Her clit stood out with the steel ring that pierced it. I could see this girl was built for sex.

“Hmmm…” She sat for a second as if in thought. Then she brought her right hand to her pussy and started to rub.

“I bet I could convert ya.”

Then she dipped a finger into her wet pussy.

“Mmm, yeah, I know I could make you like pussy better than cock. I mean I love cock too, so I know how you must feel, but pussy would be better for you, and me for that matter.”

“Lucy, I’m not gay, I’m a teacher, YOUR teacher, and I can’t have a relationship with a student.”

“Of course you’re not gay!” She exclaimed.

“Look at the size of your hard on. No, you want me and you know it!”

With this she slid another finger into her wet pussy and started to finger herself faster.

“Mmmm, shit stud, you might want to join the party over here before it’s too late. I haven’t had a good cum in weeks and I’m looong overdue!”

I had to put an end to this. For all I knew someone could walk into my office at any moment. Highly bahis şirketleri unlikely, as most of the teachers cut and run as soon as the final bell rings, but I didn’t want to take the chance. I walked to the couch and stood in front of her. I leaned forward with the intention of picking her up by her shoulders to stand her up and make her leave.

“Oh yeah, it’s about time.” She said with a sly grin.

In one quick move she had removed her fingers from her wet pussy and grabbed my pants by the waist. Time stood still. I wanted to stop her but my brain just…stopped. Lucy was working my belt, button, and fly like a pro. She quickly undid my pants all the while looking up at me from over her glasses, biting the bottom corner of her lip as she worked. Before I knew it my pants were on the floor around my ankles.

“No, stop!” I started.

“Ah bullshit!” she replied. “Your mouth says no, but your cock says yes!”

With that she pulled my boxers to the floor and sat facing my thick 8 inch cock. A drop of pre-cum was already leaking from the tip.

Her eyes grew wide and a smile crossed her face. “Now that is a mighty fine looking piece of cock flesh if I ever saw it!” she announced, licking her lips.

“Now what ever should I do with it?”

I watched as she grasped my cock, her fingers barely touching as she did. Her pale hand felt and looked so good wrapped around my shaft. Lucy pointed the tip toward her deep red lips, opened her mouth and took first the head, then the rest of my cock, gulping down my length to the back of her throat. She made a slight gagging sound then pulled my dick all the way back out, popping it from her hot mouth.

“Shit baby,” she said breathlessly.

“It’s been a long time since I had a cock big enough to make me gag! I like it!”

Without another word she plunged her mouth back down on my glistening cock. I couldn’t stop myself nor did I want to at this point. I suddenly had no will power. This was happening and there was nothing I could or wanted to do to stop it.

This girl was sucking me like I had never been sucked before. She forced her mouth down to the root of my cock touching her nose to the short pubic hair on my tight belly, gagging herself in the process, and then pulled back to the tip, letting a thick strand of saliva run down my shaft and heavy balls finally dripping onto the rug at my feet. As Lucy would reach the head of my cock she would catch her breath and swallow a few times and then thrust her head down again. She did this about a dozen times and then pulled away, leaving my cock dripping with her spit. As Lucy looked up at me I admired the sight! Her lipstick was smeared and her thick mascara had run from her tearing up as she gagged on my cock. She shifted back a little and smiled wickedly back up at me.

“Baby, you know what would be better? If you would take my head in your hands and force your cock down my little throat.”

“I, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I like it like that, you won’t hurt me, trust me, I’m a tough chick! Now, get rough with me or I’m going to leave you here with the bluest balls you have ever had!”

There was sarcasm in the tone she used, but I could also tell she was being serious. I just let my inhibitions go and grasped her by her pony tails. Grasping her firmly, I pushed her face toward my rock hard cock. She had just enough time to point the head of my cock toward her lips before I pushed her willingly down on my glistening shaft. I quickly forced her face down on my cock, thrusting my hips forward at the same time. This succeeded in ramming my cock all the way down to the back of her throat. With total control of her head, I would push her down to the base of my cock five or six times, with as much force as I dared to. Then I would pull her back by her hair, while she gasped for air and then repeat. I was really starting to enjoy this. My cock was jerking wildly in her mouth as she eventually took my entire length to my balls.

As I forced her to deep throat my cock she was taking matters into her own hands. With her legs spread wide, Lucy was driving three fingers into her soaking wet pussy and twisting and pulling her clit ring with the other hand. I suddenly became aware of the sounds of her gagging and moaning. Though I was still afraid of getting caught, the need to cum was foremost in my mind. I was starting to break a sweat and I could feel my orgasm building deep in my belly.

Suddenly Lucy pulled her hands away from herself and pushed hard against my thighs. I let go of her head as she reared back, gasping for air.

“Oh…. shit…. I’m…. so…. fuckin’…hot now! But you ain’t done yet stud. I need to feel that big cock in my ass!”

With that she turned around on the couch and assumed the same stance she took when she came in.

“Come on Prof, you want to cum in my sweet ass don’t you?”

With that she pushed her perfect ass out toward me, reaching between her legs and playing with her dripping pussy as she did.

“Oh come on, don’t make me beg for it. Please? Fuck my sweet ass?”

I needed no further encouraging. I stepped up to the couch and took her hips in my hands, pulling her back to my stiff cock.

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