Something More with Abi Ch. 04


The rest of the story after Abi delivered my laptop and we had sex in my classroom.

After she texted me during my meeting basically telling me she wanted fucked again, I was left thinking about fucking her, then, covering her with my cum, which hadn’t happened yet other than the very first time we hooked up. To say I was horny the rest of the day was an understatement. I wrapped up things at school, headed to the gym like usual, ran home, showered and headed to our favorite bar at 6 like Abi told me too.

When I got there, I found the parking lot was completely full, so I had to park about a block away on the other side of a park that is in the neighborhood. I went in and found a booth in the back corner, and gave a waitress an order for an appetizer, my usual beer and a glass of wine for Abi. I texted Abi, “Been thinking about your last text all day, got a booth and ordered. Back wall.”

A minute or two later I got back, “Good, that’s what I was hoping for. We are just about there.”

I figured Erin must be joining us, so I asked the waitress to bring a martini over for her. About 6:25-6:30, my suspicions were confirmed because Abi and Erin both walked in. I signaled for them, and they both came over. Abi was still wearing the same outfit from earlier with the addition of a purple sweater and Erin was wearing a black, loose flowing skirt that hugged her hips and ass before opening up as it reached her knees, along with a light pink button-down blouse that had clearly been opened a button or two because there was no way that Erin would expose that much cleavage in court or with clients.

As I greeted Erin with a hug and Abi with a kiss, Erin said, “Hey stud, thanks for the drink.”

We all laughed, and I responded, “Not a problem, we should sit before blocking anymore traffic.”

We all sat down, me sliding in with Abi beside me, and Erin across from us. We spent the next hour talking about school, the cases the firm was handling, Abi’s pre-law classes, and other things. When our meal came, we settled in to eating and continuing to talk about a whole host of topics. Just as we were finishing, Abi said, “Hey babe, can you hand me my phone out of my purse.”

I turned to her purse that was between me and the wall; when I opened it up, I noticed her phone right on top, but when I removed it, I noticed what looked like her panties and bralette from earlier were balled up in there to. I handed her her phone and gave her an inquisitive look. Before Abi could respond, Erin leaned across the table and said, “She’s decided where you’re going to cum, I told her easy access is always the best policy.”

I just smiled and nodded, and Abi soflty added, “Yeah, I want your cum all over my tits. Plus, my panties are soaked from earlier.”

I said just loud enough that both women could hear, “Well when a smokeshow shows up and wants fucked on your desk, it is only natural to cum a ton.”

This caused both women to laugh before Erin said, “You two are so great together, I bet it would have been a sight to see you bending her over your desk.”

Abi said, “Actually, I rode him, then he laid me on his yalova escort desk and fucked me until he filled me up.”

Erin smiled and said, “Well that makes more sense considering how many times I saw you run to the restroom today to wipe the cum that was running down her legs off.”

I smiled and looked offended before saying, “Abi, you told her about our escapades?”

This caused all three of us to laugh before Abi said, “Why of course, I had to explain why I was a little late coming back from lunch.”

We continued with another drink and more conversation and laughs that were sexually charged or laced with inuendo. At one point, Abi complained about being warm from laughing and the wine causing her to take off her sweater. It was then, the lack of bralette was apparent. Abi’s perky tits were looking wonderful, and you could faintly see her nipples pushing against the fabric. The talking and now seeing her nipples caused me to begin to get hard.

As we finished our drink, Abi said, “Okay, if I laugh any harder, I’m going to pee myself. I need to go to the ladies room, maybe I’ll get the rest of your cum cleaned up this time.”

As Abi stood up, I pinched her ass which caused Erin to giggle and Abi to whip around and say, “Later buster!”

We all laughed and as she moved towards the restroom, Erin stood up and said, “I think I’ll join you. Jack, order us another round.”

As the women walked away, I looked at my phone and noticed that it was almost 9:30 which is later than Abi and I are normally out, but it was a Friday, so who cares. I ordered another round which arrived just as the ladies returned. As they got settled back into the booth, they were giggling like schoolgirls, and I finally asked, “What is so damn funny between you two?”

Abi kept giggling but Erin managed to choke out, “We get in the bathroom, and we are alone. Abi said from the stall next to me, “Holy Shit, he came so much, there is some still leaking out!” So that is what’s so funny!” This launched both into more giggles until they finally calmed down after a few minutes.

As we finished up our last round over the next half hour or so, there were more giggles and chatting about everything. As 10 hit, Erin looked at her watch then looked at me and said, “Well Jack, you have some business to take care of, we better cash out. Tonight’s on me.”

Abi and I tried to protest but Erin was having none of it. As we got up and gathered our things, Abi dropped her sweater, when she reached down to pick it up, her skirt rode up a bit, just exposing the bottom of her ass. As I stood up behind her, I said, “If you keep that shit up, we aren’t going to make it home.”

Abi turned her head and smiled saying, “Well that wouldn’t be so bad, good thing Erin took me home and dropped my car. Now we just have your truck.”

As we followed Erin out of the bar, she said, “Jack I think I’m parked right behind you. Used to be the other way around.” This caused me to laugh but launched Erin and Abi into another fit of giggles.

Erin and Abi walked ahead of me and as we got halfway through the park, we came to the gazebo that is used yalova escort bayan in the summer for weddings and small concerts. As we came up to it, the ladies stopped and Abi does her best pouting face and says, “Jack baby, I don’t want to wait until we get home. The gazebo is so cute, will you fuck me in it?”

I stopped and kind of looked around and said, “Are you serious? Someone else could come walking through here.”

Before Abi could say another word, Erin responded, “Well the gazebo is elevated, I could be your lookout?”

Abi stepped towards me and as she palmed my crotch she said, “Yeah baby, Erin can be our look out.” She stepped back and undid a button on her blouse, exposing more of her breasts, then said, “Don’t you want to cover these in another huge load of your cum?

I looked around again and said, “Well fucking you outside was fun the last time, okay, you convinced me.”

Abi and Erin both smiled, and I followed them towards the gazebo. As we climbed the stairs and got “inside,” I noticed that the inside was ringed with wooden benches and part of the gazebo was right against the bushes and shrubbery. We all looked at each other and I finally said, “Erin you probably need to stay in this area so you can see the path and Abi, we are going over there.” As I gestured towards the wooded side.

Erin moved to the bench closest to the opening and sat down in a relaxed pose that made it seem like it was someone just enjoying the nice weather. I grabbed Abi’s hand pulling her to the other side. We reached the other side and I pulled her into a tight embrace before kissing her hard and passionately. Abi pulled away and dropped to her knees, she unbuckled my pants pulling them and my boxers down to expose my hard cock.

As she lightly stroked it, she said, “Well looks like someone isn’t TOO worried about being caught.” Before I could respond she took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck firmly on my cock as she worked her way down. She sucked my cock for a minute or to before stopping.

As she stood up, she grinned and said, “Let’s face it, neither one of us just wants me to suck your cock, we both want it in my pussy.”

I smiled and said, “Damn right, bend over and hold on to the bench.” Abi moved about a foot and bent over, exposing her ass to me. I moved behind her, gave her ass a light slap and lifted her skirt up to expose her naked ass and pussy. I slipped a finger between her legs and found her pussy wet.

I asked her, “Is that left over from earlier, or are you just that horny?”

Abi replied, “I’m so fucking horny right now. I haven’t had panties on since we got to the bar, the cool air all night has made it even worse!”

I grinned, took my cock into my hand and slid it into her pussy. As soon as I got all the way in, I began to slide out and thrust in and out of her. Abi began to softly moan as I reached the perfect pace. I was using her hips for leverage and was using long full strokes. This had gone on for a few moments when I heard another moan that was not Abi’s.

Abi must have heard it too because we both looked to our left and found Erin escort yalova failing at being our lookout. Instead, she was looking right at us with the front of her skirt around her waist, working her fingers in and out of her pussy.

With a pause in my thrusting, Abi smiled and said, “Some look out you are, miss voyeur.”

Erin smiled and said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying show.”

Abi looked at Erin, then back at me and said, “Well let’s give her a show.”

Taking that as my cue, I began to thrust into Abi again, working back up to the pace I was at. As I thrusted, I heard Erin say, “Look at me you two!” Abi and I both looked at Erin as she plunged her fingers faster and deeper into her pussy.

As I started to speed up, Abi said between moans, “Remember…to..cum…” I nodded and began to fuck Abi harder, pulling her to me as I thrusted.

As I felt myself getting close, I pulled out of Abi and told her, “I can’t hold much longer.” She moved away from me, laid down on the bench and unbuttoned her blouse all the way, opening it up exposing her naked breasts. Her nipples were hard, looking like pencil erasers from the sex and the cool night air.

As she laid there, Abi moaned, “Get over here and cum on my tits!”

As I stepped towards her and began stroking my cock, I heard a heavy sigh and turned just as Erin orgasmed. Seeing her shake with orgasm only made me harder and within another 7-10 strokes, I felt my own orgasm erupt and looked down as I shot 5-6 large spurts of cum all over Abi’s tits.

My orgasm subsided Abi looked at me and smiled and said, “Perfect.”

A I caught my breath, I noticed Erin coming up towards us and she said, “No one is coming, Jack go look out, I’m going to clean her up.” I grabbed Abi’s sweater and wiped my cock of before pulling my pants back up and moving to where Erin had originally been.

As I got over there, I see Erin kneel down beside Abi and begin to lick my cum off of her tits. This caused Abi giggle and moan a bit. After about 30 seconds, Erin stood up and goes, “all better, time to get dressed dear.”

Erin walked over to me as Abi stood up and adjusted her clothing so we could head towards the vehicles. Erin reached me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thanks for that, I know your hers, but the taste of your cum is something I missed.”

I nodded and said, “Why do I have a feeling you all planned this?”

As Abi approached, she said, “That’s none of your business. I don’t see you complaining.”

We left the gazebo and reached the cars in another 2-3 minutes. We said goodbye to Erin and got in my truck.

We headed towards home, and I said, “I’m sorry you didn’t cum.”

She smiled and said, “That’s okay. You’ve cum three times today, I think I am into double digits. Plus, it’s a little bit of a drive home, you focus on the road.”

As we got out of the main part of the city, I noticed Abi shuffling and looked over to her pulling her skirt completely off.

I said, “Whatcha doing?”

She responded, “Well it is another 10 minutes home, I figure I can orgasm 2 times between now and then. Then we can shower and go to bed when we get home.”

With that she began to focus a finger on her clit before slipping two fingers into her pussy. By the time we reached home, she had proven herself wrong, she came 3 more times.

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