Something New


“I thought we’d try something new tonight,” he said.

“Oh god, yes, love, I need your cock so bad I ache for it, master.” She grinned at him, licking her lips as she walked up to feel how her teasing words had made his cock grow and harden.

“Whoa, baby…so huge, is it really all for little old me?” she asked him, putting on an innocent little smile and looking up into his eyes as she ran her fingers softly over the head of his cock.

“Yes, my love, it certainly is…all you can eat,” he teased her, reaching down and tickling her ribs vigorously, making her giggle and slap his hands away.

She felt herself starting to get wet and did not know if she could wait until after dinner (which was waiting in a pot on the stove) to fuck him. She was trying to think of a diplomatic way to tell him this, when he walked across the kitchen, grabbed the pot off the oven, pulled off the lid, and poured its contents (a pot roast she had spent the last couple of hours making) down the drain.

“What the hell are you doing??” she started to ask. But then she stopped herself. It was always this way.

There had been many episodes such as this. And she had yet to find one unenjoyable. Finally, she simply said, with a smile on her face “Where do you want me?”

“In the bedroom; go lie down and I’ll be there in a sec” he said as he walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door. His last words were muffled as he stuck his head inside the refrigerator and began rummaging about.

She giggled as she left the kitchen and headed for their bedroom: he was always so much fun. She divested herself of all her clothing, save her socks, which she would need shortly; she preferred to undress herself, as did her lover.

Then she performed the ritual that she always performed before engaging in sex with him. First, from where she was standing, she dropped straight down into the splits, her socks sliding easily across the carpet. She went all the way down, until her pussy, swollen with anticipation, nearly touched the plush softness of the carpet. But no, that would not do, not now, not when much greater pleasures were surely close at hand. Then she brought her legs out in front, and pulled them up close to her, the bottoms of her feet touching, her knees out to both sides. She placed her elbows on her knees, and pushing down, rested her face on her feet. She held this position for about thirty seconds. Then she got up, went over to the bed and allowed herself to fall backwards onto the silken sheets.

She commenced to wait for her lover. bahçeşehir escort And she did not have to wait long. Only moments after she had lain down, she heard the door open. She looked up just in time to see him enter the room.

It seemed that he had already removed his clothing, and as she sprang to her knees, her eyes and mouth opened wide, she began to drool. It was this, along with the fact that if someone called her name or made a loud noise, she would immediately stand straight up, her body stock still, save her head, which would dart all about, looking for the source of the sound, that had earned her the pet name “prairie dog”.

She saw that he now carried a large brown paper bag, She looked at him inquisitively. In reply he said only “OK, I want you to get on your hands and knees, and pile up some pillows to support you.” So she gathered together a few of the larger pillows on the bed and stacked them until she had a pile exactly the right size.

All the while, he was removing things from the bag and laying them out at the foot of the bed. So that when she turned from her work with the pillows, it was all laid out before her: there was a package of chorizo, a bag of large hot dog buns, a bottle of mustard, and a jar of relish. She licked her lips, not because of the food (she had never eaten chorizo and did not even know what it was made of) but because she knew what he could do with normal, everyday objects. Ice, coke bottles, even mirrors, she would never be able to look at them in quite the same way, not after what he had used them for.

“Ready?” he asked.

She nodded eagerly, “But I have one question: why chorizo?”

“Because it’s Hispanic heritage month,” he replied.

“But we’re not Hispanic,” she said.

“Yeah, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere,” he said, tickling the bottom of her left foot lightly. She laughed, turned around, and plopped back down on top of her pile of pillows, spreading her legs out wide and waiting for him.

Again, she didn’t have long to wait. Only moments had passed when a long, cold object was quickly thrust into her inflamed passage. She cried out and spun her head around to look at him.

“You didn’t expect me to eat it cold, did you?” It was then that she understood what he had done. He had put one of the sausage-like chorizos inside her and was going to use her body to warm it up before he ate it. She had come to expect things like this from him.

She lay back down as he began moving bakırköy escort it back and forth, in and out, twisting it, first one way, then the other. She tried to stop her passage from gripping the invader too tightly, but she could not stop the pleasure she was receiving, and as she came, gripping the bed sheets and ripping them from their moorings, the sausage was crushed inside her.

When she had finished with the worst of her spasms, he reached back and grabbed one of the hot dog buns, and then he took hold of the chorizo and slowly pulled it out of her. She moaned as he removed it, then screamed in surprise and pleasure as it was quickly replaced by his cock, which was a little bigger and much harder than the chorizo.

The pleasure was almost too much. He pushed himself deeper, so that his thighs Were pressed tightly against her buttocks. She turned her head and saw that he had put the crushed sausage, which was still dripping with her juices, on the bun, and was now putting on the mustard and relish. She lay her head back down as he began to eat.

And eat he did, the sweet taste of her juices like honey to him. And so he ate several bites of it, until he noticed that all the mustard had gathered at the back of the bun and was getting ready to drip down onto his lover, who seemed to have drifted off; then he had an idea, one that would give her a pleasant awakening indeed.

He took the bun in his right hand and traced the entire length of her spine with a line of mustard. Then he put the rest of the chorizo in his mouth and swallowed the whole thing. And now to give her an awakening that she will never forget, he thought.

First, he placed his tongue at the base of her spine. To do this, he had to pull most of the way out of her. She was already starting to awaken so he began to move his tongue up her spine, lapping up the mustard as he went, while at the same time he slowly re-entered her with his cock. As he did this, he knew that she was now fully awake although she made no movements.

“Mmm, you like that baby, don’t ya?”

She moaned softly. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he grinned.

By the time he had finished licking all the mustard from her back, he had pushed himself all the way back into her. Now they were both ready to go, so he set aside the sausage and bun as he reached around and took hold of her breasts, pulling her up so that her back touched his chest. She moaned as he did this, and somehow managed to get her feet under her so that başakşehir escort she could straddle his cock and pump up and down; this way he would not have to let go of her breasts and grab her hips as he normally would.

She began moving quickly, up and down, the perfectly toned muscles of her thighs working hard. He was perfectly still, letting her do all the work. But he still had her breasts in his hands, and he began to work his magic with them, pinching the nipples, pulling them down as far as they would go and twisting them until she thought that she would scream from the pleasure of it.

She began to move even faster, as fast as she could, and it still wasn’t fast enough. He was gripping her breasts so tightly that his nails made cuts in her skin. Finally, he let go of her breasts, and grasping her hips in his powerful hands, thrust his cock into her hard. Then he slammed her up and down upon it so quickly and so brutally that they both came in a matter of seconds. And she fell forward, back onto her stack of pillows. But before his cum had even finished draining into her he knew that he was not yet spent.

So, quickly, he reached down and grabbed her right leg, and without removing his still-hard cock from her opening, brought her leg up and over his head so that she was now facing him. But pulling the leg around had put them both into a roll: right off the bed they went, slamming down on their sides, both of them grunting in pain as they hit the ground. But his cock was still inside of her lovely little pussy, so he rolled over on top of her, pinning her to the floor.

She growled at him and bit into his shoulder, drawing blood. He roared powerfully and bit into the soft skin under her right arm. causing her to scream in pain at this violation of her sensitive flesh. He then began to thrust into her so hard and so fast that her bottom was rubbed raw by the carpet in mere moments as he hammered into her, grunting with each thrust as he bit down harder and harder on her skin.

“Oh god, love! PLEASE come in me NOW!” she begged, spurring him to even harder, deeper thrusts. And with her urging, he felt himself start to come, spurting against her cervix as she whimpered in a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure, gripping him so tightly with her internal muscles that he was sure his cock would be thoroughly, painfully bruised the next morning.

As he came, he thrust harder than ever into her dripping sex, popping open the gates of her womb and slipping inside, filling her with what felt like gallons of his spunk, until finally he was spent. Exhausted and still deep inside of her, he started to drift away into a peaceful slumber. And she knew that she would soon follow him. She could not even count the number of times she had come, it all seemed like one big, long, beautiful orgasm to her.

With that thought in mind, she slipped off into dreams of the next “something new”.

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