Sometimes She Makes Him Smile

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She walked into the club in a skirt too short to be decent and an attitude to match. He followed her with his eyes as she walked to the end of the bar. Raising up on her tiptoes to tell the bartender what she wanted he scanned her from top to bottom. She felt his eyes on her; she always could tell when he was watching her. She turned her head in his direction and smiled, secretively. He raised his glass in salute and bid his mate’s goodbye, walking towards her. She took her drink and turned towards him.

“Hi sailor,” she smiled.

He set his glass down on the bar and leaned in towards her, moving his mouth to her ear, “Wanna fuck?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she smiled again bringing her hand up to his chest them dragging it down his body and lightly tracing the bulge in his pants. “Impressive! Do you know what to do with that thing?”

“Oh, I can manage,” he grinned.

They walked, towards a dark spot in the club and he sat down on a barstool. She took the stool across pendik escort from him and straddled it. He couldn’t help but glance down at the invitation her opened thighs provided and saw she wore no panties.

“Chilly?” he asked with a grin.

“Yes, come warm me up,” she spread her legs a bit wider for him.

He slid the stool over closer to her, his body concealing her actions and lack of clothing. He moved his hand up along her thigh until he came to the junction between her legs. She was moist and moved her body towards his hand, questing…. Willing.

“I wanna fuck you,” he whispered over the din of the club.

“Yes,” she breathed as his fingers found their way into her body. “I want you in me.”

He looked around, “Not here, I need room to move.” He stood up.

She followed, reluctant to end the contact of his hand to her wet cunt. He grabbed her hand as she hastened to straighten up her clothes and took her to a room off the bar. It was a lounge, filled maltepe escort with smokers and lurkers and lovers, usually…but tonight it was blissfully empty. He shut the door and shoved a chair under the knob, fire codes be damned. She stood in the center of the room; hands clasped behind her back, smiling and he knew what charms she bore beneath her skirt. He walked up to her and pulled her body against his, grabbing the back of her hair and pulling her head back. He kissed her with all of the pent up emotion of a thousand years. She moved her body against his erection and moaned low into his mouth. He ran his hands down her body till he came to the hem of her skirt. Lifting it up he ran his fingers over the curve of her ass and back into her wet cunt. She moaned again and ground her body on his fingers.

He maneuvered her towards the couch, but not the seat. He angled her until the back of her legs were against the arm of the couch. Then kissed her again, hard and turned kartal escort her around. With one hand still in her he pressed her down, his hand on her back until she was bent over the arm of the couch, her ass in the air. He unzipped his pants and pulled his heavy cock out. Lifting her skirt, he pressed his flesh into her wet hot opening and felt her body shudder with his violation. Hard and fast he fucked her, her moans slightly muffled by the pillows on the couch.

He spoke to her, low and dark “Is this what you want? Beg me. Do you want to cum? Do you want me to fuck you forever?”

To each question she answered dutifully, “Yes…Please…. Oh, make me cum. Don’t stop”. He rammed his cock into her pussy while she moaned anything he wanted. He spread her open with his hands pulling his slick cock out and pressing it into her ass. She drew a sudden intake of breath then released it with a shudder and a weakening of her legs. He felt her relax against his intrusion and allow him full entrance into her tight ass.

She reached her hands out and grabbed the pillow and moaned, “Oh God…. I’m cumming!”

He came, hard in her ass…spilling his seed into and over her body.

Sometimes she makes him smile…. sometimes.

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