Subject: Son and Lover First story. Fiction. Hope you like it. “Alexander, what the hell?” My heart stopped and i could feel my entire 220 pound naked body turning red. My father had just walked in on me in the middle of one of my famous jerk sessions with a pair of his work boots on my feet and his dirty underwear pressed against my nose. I don’t think i’ve ever been more scared in my entire life. Backstory on us first though. My dad, Greg, is a man’s man. 46 years old. 6’2″, 215 pounds. A good marriage of muscle and chub. He owns his own concrete business so he stays tan from being in the sun. He has the most beautiful green eyes and the nicest salt and pepper hair i’ve ever seen. I’ve dreamt of feeling his bushy beard rub across my entire body. From our days at the lake and in the gym i know he is hairy all over. My absolute dream man. I’ve never seen him naked but always fantasized about him having a thermos between his legs. I just turned 19 and have stayed in pretty good shape thanks to football in high school. 5’11”, 220 pounds. Almost a mirror image of my father. I have a fairly average penis, a little over 6 inches cut with a very nice set of balls. I’ve never gotten any complaints. Anyways, he has been the object of my desire for years now and i’ve played this scenario out in my head a lot but was not prepared for it to ever happen. Now back to the good stuff. I hopped out of my chair and grabbed the nearest thing to cover up with before i tried to explain myself to him. “Dad! I didn’t know you were gonna be home! I’m so sorry. I- I-…” i started to break down. I was so embarrassed and scared of what he was going to do to me. He just kept staring at me with his mouth open. Clearly in shock. I rushed over to my bathroom and locked myself in for a good 2 hours before i got the balls to come out and face him. To my surprise he was sitting on my bed waiting for me. He had his dirty underwear in one hand and shorts for me in the other. He threw me the shorts to put on and gave me the most intense look i’ve ever seen him give. “I’m sorry dad.” I said with tears in my eyes. He looked so disappointed in me. “Just say something to me!” I yelled. “How long?” He yelled back. “How long what dad?” “How long have you been stealing my stuff and using it for your own pleasure? I work my ass off for you and this is how you repay me?” His face was red with anger and mine was covered in tears. I felt sick. This was the worst case scenario and the worst part is that I couldn’t stop looking in to his eyes. They said so much more to me than his words or his body language could. I saw something different than anger. I saw lust or probably what i wanted to be lust. “This is the first time dad. I promise.” I lied to try to cover my ass as much as i could. I couldn’t tell him i’ve been doing this weekly for almost a year now. “It’ll be the last time too boy. Take my boots off and if i find out you’ve been touching my stuff without my permission again, no one will ever find your body.” He threatened as he stood up to get the boots from me. I couldn’t help but notice a sizable bulge forming and i couldn’t stop myself from following suit. I was soon at my full 6 inches inside my basketball shorts and i did what i could to hide it from him. He grabbed his boots from me and left my room. Not too long after i heard the front door close and his truck start up. I hadn’t stopped crying since but also couldn’t get rid of my raging hard on. I didn’t dare touch myself again for the night. I didn’t hear him come home and in the morning his truck wasn’t there. He most likely went over to my Uncle Bill’s house. They are very close given that they’re twins. Well not really related but they’ve been friends since birth and look very similar. Luckily for me I was leaving for the weekend to go on a college visit so i was able to escape the shame and embarrassment of the events that had unfolded. It was Sunday morning and I was dreading the gaziantep travesti drive back. I really enjoyed the campus and had a good time with the other football recruits but now I have to leave for uncertainty at home. I pulled in to the drive around 7 pm and dads truck was in the driveway. I sat in my car for an hour before i got up the balls to go inside. I walk in the front door and dad is sitting on the sofa watching the Diamondbacks game. They were winning big on the Dodgers so i know he couldn’t have been in a bad mood. I noticed empty beer cans and figured he was having a nice lazy Sunday. I don’t think he noticed me because he didn’t say anything and i snuck by to my room. I was getting unpacked when i heard a knock on my door. I braced for whatever was coming. “Hey Xander, can we talk?” He asked me through the door. He hasn’t called me Xander since i was in middle school. It’s usually just Alex or my full name. “Of course dad. I’m still so sor-” he cut me off before i could finish as he sits on my bed. “You have no reason to apologize son. Everybody masturbates and i lost my cool because i wasn’t prepared to see you with my stuff like that. I didn’t know how to react. I mean i didn’t even know you were gay and then i see you jerking off on my boots with my soiled underwear. It’ll freak a father out.” He joked. My body is calming down and i am starting to tear up because i don’t feel like he doesn’t love me anymore. “I know. I should have told you I was gay and i’m sorry for that. I just don’t want to disappoint you dad. You’ve always been my biggest fan and supporter and i should’ve known it wouldn’t change anything.” He wiped away the tears from my cheeks and gives me a big hug. “I will always support you champ. You’re my kid. I love you to the moon and back and nothing will change that.” Still hugging me he starts rubbing my back. Not in a sexual way just a very comforting way. He then says something that took me by surprise. “I have a secret i think i should share with you too then.” “What secret dad? If it’s about the secret brisket recipe, i already know it.” I joked with him. “Well son that was supposed to be for your birthday, dammit now i gotta think of something else.” He joked right back. “Actually it’s a little more serious than that. Well here it goes; I’m gay. That’s why i got so crazy the other day.” My entire life changed right there. I had no clue. Not anything in my 19 years on this planet coulda made me guess that. He’s the most masculine man i’ve ever met. “You and Bill are the only two people close to me that know this now and i trust you to keep this secret, okay?” I nodded my head yes and he smiled and gave me a hug. “Are you ready for some dinner? That was a long drive you had,” he asked. I don’t know how i was supposed to eat after learning this but i nodded again and we went downstairs. A few weeks passed since our conversation and nothing really changed which was nice. We would talk more openly about how hot guys were now which was cool tho. I found out he likes his men to be fairly younger. Honestly some of these dudes he liked were very similar build to me. This got my mind racing and made those jerk sessions even better. No more using his stuff but the fantasies were better now that i know he’s screwed guys before. One Friday afternoon i got home from work early because we were really slow so i showed up to the house at 7 pm with a pizza for my dad and I. His truck was in the driveway so i knew he was home which was good. I didn’t see him in the living room so i got the pizza ready for him and grabbed him a beer and went to find him to let him know i was home. The house was oddly quiet and my door was shut which i don’t remember shutting it before i left that afternoon. Weird i thought but chalked it up to forgetfulness and went to dads room. He wasn’t in there or the bathroom so i figured he went out with Uncle Bill in Bill’s truck. I was gaziantep masaj salonları ready to get out of my work clothes so i barged in my room to get a nice pair of shorts on. This is when the greatest thing to ever happen to me happened. My dad, all 215 pounds of furry muscle was laying butt naked on my bed with one of my jockstraps next to him. He had clearly cum on his stomach and didn’t clean it up before he passed out. There laid the nicest uncut cock i have ever seen. Had to be bigger flaccid than my dick hard. My thermos prediction was too small. I wanted to shove it straight up my ass right then and there but i stopped myself from doing anything to him. I took out my phone to take a couple photos for my spank bank while stroking my own now tiny looking cock through my jeans. I went to take the first photo and i didn’t realize the flash was on. I’m dead, i thought. He was facing me and no way it didn’t affect him. He continued to just lay there but his dick slowly started to rise. I didn’t know a penis could get so large without being fully erect. He then moves his hand to his cock and tugs on it twice just out of habit. Still sleeping i believe. There was no way i can be in there when he wakes up so i turn to walk out when I hear him. “Where you going buddy?” My heart froze and i turned around to see my dad fully erect now laying on his side smiling at me with the most beautiful smile. “I’m sorry dad, i got off early and didn’t know you were gonna be in here. I should have called. I’m sorry” i panic but before i can get too worked up he replies. “Son, i’ve been waiting for you to catch me since i caught you. You’re not alone in your fascination with sweaty underwear. Yours are so nice and ripe. I’ve cum to your scent for years.” Was i really hearing this right? My greek god father cums to MY underwear and thinks of me while he jerks it? “That night i realized that we are very similar. I want you more than i want to live. I love you as my son but i want to love you as my lover as well.” “W-w-what?” It’s all i could muster. How should someone react to this. I just stood there frozen in place. Dad stood up and walked over to me. His dick sticking at least 11 inches out. He gave me a hug and i felt the one thing i’ve wanted for so long. That moment something changed and a fire was lit in me. I hugged him tighter than i ever have and then looked in to his eyes and kissed him on the lips like i always dreamed of. His tongue was exploring my mouth and mine his. We locked lips for 10 minutes before we separated. He unbuttoned my jeans and slipped a hand inside. His calloused hand explored my meat and i thought i was going to cum right there. He finished undressing me and he spun me around to get a good look. I felt like the most priceless piece of art the way he was looking at me. It felt good and i loved that he loved how i looked. He turned me away from him so he could get a good look at my ass. “Can I, son?” He asked calmly. I didn’t know what he wanted to do but i nodded yes vigorously. I’ve never wanted anything more. He bent me over a little bit so he could get a good look at my tight pink sweaty hole. I felt his palms on my cheeks and he kneaded them like dough before i felt a finger circling my hole. He brought his finger to his nose and smelled it and let out a loud sigh of pleasure and before i knew it his face was buried between my cheeks. I’ve never had a rimjob before but i know this was the best one i’ll ever get. He shoved his tongue in to my sweaty ass and licked for twenty minutes before he grabbed my dick and balls from underneath and started sucking my cock from behind. He definitely knows what he’s doing. “I’m gonna cum dad!” I screamed as shot after shot of my cum shot in to the back of his throat. He let out a loud moan and started cumming himself. He hadn’t even touched himself from what i saw. He swallowed every drop. “I’m sorry dad it gaziantep escort bayan came out of nowhere. Your mouth feels so good.” Without sayin a word he turned me around and planted the hottest kiss i have ever had. His beard smells like my musty ass and cum and it got me wild. I was instantly hard again. “It’s my turn dad. Turn around.” Without any hesitation he turned around and leaned on my dresser. He has the tightest ass i’ve laid eyes on. I spread his cheeks and got a good first look at his puckered anus. I dove right in and licked him just like he did me. Hearing his moans of pleasure made everything even better. After a good amount of time worshiping and cleaning his ass it was my turn to play with his giant pole. I turned him around and was face to face with the monster. The most beautiful monster i’ve ever seen. Precum leaking out of the foreskin which isn’t able to stretch over the head because he’s so thick. I lick the precum first and savor the flavor. Even better straight from the tap i thought. I started rolling my tongue around the head before working my way down the shaft with my tongue. I don’t know how i’m supposed to take this in my mouth but god dammit i’m gonna try. I shove the head in first and i can tell this is gonna be tough. I let the head sit in my mouth leaking precum on to my tongue as i get ready to slide down. I get another couple inches and stop and use my tongue to work over the new area it just found. A few more down and i feel like i’m going to gag but my daddy didn’t raise no quitter. With one fluid motion i loosen my throat and breath in and take the rest of his cock down my throat until my nose is in his pubes. Tears rolling down my face but i’m so happy. “Oh my god baby no one has ever gotten it all the way down. I’m gonna cum!” With that he let out a flood of cum right down my throat and i had to pull out so that i could savor it on my tongue. I look up at him with cum pouring out of the sides of my mouth and tears in my eyes. I’ve never seen him look so sexy in my life. “I love you so much Alex. I’ve been in love with you since you were a kid but i never thought it would ever be a real life thing. You’re amazing.” With that i get up off my knees and go back in for another kiss and then whisper in his ear “please fuck me dad.” He didn’t need me to say anything else. We kissed as we laid down and his finger found my hole. One in slowly then another and another until he had four in me. I know i needed it because i’ve always topped. This is my first time and my dad was going to be popping my cherry. I was ecstatic. He stops kissing and flips me on to my stomach and goes back in to my asshole with his tongue. Lubing me up for the pipe he’s about to lay. After a good five minutes of tongue fucking he aims his head at my hole. “Are you sure son?” He asked “Yes dad just fuck me!” I pretty much yelled out of pure ecstasy. With that he shoved the head in to me and i yelled. The pain was so intense but he let it sit there as i got used to it. I was soon filled with pleasure as i yelled “go deeper dad, fuck me like you mean it. I can handle it. I love you.” With that he thrust about 5 more inches in to me and i couldn’t hold it any longer. I came right then and there. He just kept pumping in and out with out adding more depth until he stopped suddenly and shoved the rest in to me. I was still hard and knew i was going to cum again. This was the best pleasure i have ever felt and i never wanted it to end. Dad was grunting and moaning and telling me how tight i was and how much he loved me and then he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me up to his face and kissed me again as i felt another flood of semen fill my hole. I was in the best place i could be. In my strong dads arms with his 11 inch cock up my ass leaking his seed all over my bed. I looked down at my cock and surprise surprise it was squirting it’s own juices everywhere. Still inside me he said “that was the greatest sex i have ever had son. I love you more than i could ever express. You are my world.” “I love you too dad.” We fell asleep like that and went for round two in the morning. This went on for years until he passed at 78. We lived a long happy married life together and not one day do i regret the 30 years i spent with my father as his son and lover.

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