Son of a Boss {the story}

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Son of a Boss {the story}My new sort of GF wanted a promotion to Office manager. I was the IT assistant.She liked me but not much sex.Some nights I slept alone.She even brought home a few dates. I jerked off into her panties as she got laid in the Master Bedroom{BR}” I know your not gay .He wants you dolled up.I showed him your photo and he thinks you are cute.He knows you from 4th floor IT. I told him you are my best male friend but are not gay.How long you been wearing panties? 2 yrs or more. Want to take it further. Go out in public with a man. Bra nylons mini dress.? lipstick.make up? Remember those few nights when I let you wear my skirt and all the hot lingerie.Your little cock was rock hard.You pulled down your skirt and panties. I mounted you and you slid in my wet cunt so easily.It only took you about 2 minutes to cum.”Jan it was more like 4 minutes but yes I came quickly. I was so excited” . ” Yes dear then I sat on your face and you ate all your sperm from my cunt. LOL. Then I came off then you came off again shaking and purring. Hands free just like the faggots.I think you are kind of gay.You always watch gay & tranny porn.I hear you jerking off into your panties all the time now”Well Jan we have had no sex in a yr .What should a guy do?”I think you should re-examine your priorities in life.Your tiny cock will never please a woman but your body can please men”.I replied “ No way Jan.I don’t like guys or their bodies.I am not a closet homo. {My cock leaked in my panties} I got you this interview. I been in his section for 5 mos.He is very friendly and so polite .I never knew he liked guys. He has hardly ever spoke to me.”Hun so what … go out with him.He is the son of the boss..Live it up. I will get my promotion.I bet you get something too. Tee hee. I bet you end up liking him..I mean really like him.I bet you kiss him the first date and come back saying you like him”“ No way but OK. Maybe we advance both of our careers.” She kissed my gaziemir escort lips then rubbed my cock.””You little bitch.You have a roaring tiger now from all this sexy talk.”Well she dolled me all up and I was instant girl.I tried on lots of her clothes. One lil problem..I kept getting a hard on.She laughed, ”Look at tiger.3 inches rock hard in pretty panties and a dress”She jerked me off in her old panties.She rubbed my sperm into my mouth and face.”I bet you will be eating more sperm this weekend. You hot little tart”. I was red hot in a sexual frenzy.We got all ready for the big event.I was wearing a lil black mini dress with very low heels.She tucked & taped me.Pink matching bra and panties. Black thigh high panty hose.Black mini slip.I looked like a hot 20 something girl..I felt like a hot girl.He arrived on time and soon complimented me on my girly appearance. It was my first girl compliment. I blushed and said “TY”. He took me to a nice restaurant and then a nightclub He was a good talker. Charming really and so polite.We danced some slow dances.He put his hands on my boy butt and pulled me close.I smiled at him then put my arms around his neck.Then it all happened fast. I was glad to be tucked .I felt his hard on through my dress.I smiled up at him letting him know that I am OK.The music stopped and He pulled me even closer as his lips went near mine.I wanted him to kiss me. He did.We soon french kissed as another slow dance began.His hands on my butt. His hard cock poking me. I smiled up at him. I surrendered.He knew he was getting a piece of ass tonight. I knew that I was getting a girl butt I was getting laid.He rubbed my boy butt and grinded into me.I blushed yet sought out his lips for another wet one.Wow.I am a girl.This cute guy has a hard on for me. I leaked in my panties.I was getting boy crazy and cock crazy.I wondered how long his cock was.I wondered if he would kiss me after I sucked his gaziemir escort bayan cock.My world was spinning.My inner girl was in total control. I visualized him mounting me and fucking me like the hot tart that I am tonight.I thought what its like to unzip another guys zipper.We drove back to his modest condo.He says his real home is at the beach.He asked me to come with him to the beach house next wk.I said “Sure”He said “And wear a bikini”.I replied immediately.” Definitely” then kissed him on the mouth..A really sweet girly type kiss.We went into his BR. He knew he was getting pussy tonight.My pussy. I knew that I was getting cock tonight. His cock. He handed me a hangar so I slowly teased him as I removed my dress.I stood before him in my black bra panties panty hose and a garter belt.He said”You are so pretty. I really like you and want you””Me too huney.” I helped him out of his pants and undies..I stared lovingly at his hard purple pink cock.I took him in my soft girly hand and stroked him..I kissed and licked him softly but with passion.At least 6 inches. Thick and rock hard.“I have never been with another guy”He said. ”I have not dated a girl since HS. Over 10 yrs ago”We each laughed.I excused myself and went and prepared.I took off my panties and lubed myself . Fixed my lipstick and walked out to him proudly displaying my 3 inch hard on.I turned slowly for him so he can get a good view of my butt.He pulled down the sheets. I seen his rock hard cock.Breathtaking.“Dannie girl you are so beautiful. Come make love to me.”I quickly went to him.I kissed and sucked his prick.I then lubed his fat prick.I was holding another guy’s cock and it felt so natural.His fat crown was purple red and handsome. I purred like a hot pussy which I was becoming.I smiled then sat my virgin ass upon him. I pushed out my pussy lips as I held his stiff pole. I took deep breaths as I tried to guide that slippery devil inside me.It escort gaziemir was HARD butt then I felt pain, discomfort then his crown got in me then an inch or two. I think I felt my cherry pop.I knew his thick cock was filling my hot cunt.He throbbed in me.I moaned like a girl as every inch was up my asshole.We kind of adjusted our positions and it felt more comfortable then pleasure then he was moving and so was I. “You got it all the way up me”.”How does it feel my little sweetie?””It feels really good.Move it around in me.You fit so perfect in me.” We were fucking .Making love.Feeling desire fulfilled. My lil cock flipped and flopped on his tummy as he took me slow fast hard soft..Now I was getting laid the right way.I seen stars.feeling electric.My toes curled. I had electric currents from my spine to my brain.I was 25 yo falling in love with another guy. So natural. I felt so wonderful.My lil cock came off dribbling all over his tummy.Well he shot off inside me.I felt the force as his warm sperm burst into me. I moaned like a girl.I seen stars. I seen our wedding day.I wore a white lacy gown. He smiled. I smiled down at him..I bent down and kissed him. “I love our date. I love your cock filling my up with your manly sperm.”He growled as he filled me with sperm. Nice big load.I lay upon him and kissed him softly as his cock slipped out of me.I felt the wetness as the sperm leaked out of me.I knew I wanted him and our lovemaking forever.We smiled into each others eyes.It was a long hard night into morning.Yes he did suck my sissy cock and ate my sperm.I rode him again in the morning.I put my panties back on.I wanted to keep his sperm in me as much as possible. I put a tampon up my asshole to hold in his sperm.I dressed in front of him.Normal and natural. I licked then kissed his cock a few times then kissed his lips. I was his GF now soon to be his fiancee.He drove me home .Amanda was sitting in the living room.“OMG. You guys had sex. You little bitch.I bet your little ass is leaking cum right now.I told you that you wood like him in a special way. Lets go take a bath “. She helped me out of my dress and all.We bathed naked .I never got hard .I told her all the sexy details.I became a full time girl now and dress only as a woman.

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