Sonya Sissy Panties c2c


Sonya Sissy Panties c2cHow many XH members do anything other than wank to the content? How many wonder what it would be like to play c2c with someone else? Well I’ve gone into this unseen world and this story is a compilation of several sessions in one with a XH friend who I shall call Bill.The first step is doing a bit of planning and preparation. I look around me and check that all the items I will need are in place. I log into Skype and click on his link. Finally my friend appears on screen and we exchange greetings. “Hi Sonya”. “Hi Bill”. On the inset screen I can see myself, pink panties, black stockings and suspenders decorate my lower half. Bill is my master, my pleasure today will come from obeying his every whim.“Sonya, are you ready for me”“Yes sir”“Stroke your panties for me”Dutifully I stroke my panties, looking down I see my cock growing longer and its shape appear clearly under the thin material. On the screen Bill is doing the same to his white panties.“Sonya, do you have your vibrator?” I pick it up and show it to Bill. He nods. “Now show me how you want to be used”. I take a tube of KY and squeeze a trail of jelly over the vibe’s surface, then spread it out with my finger. I stand up, open my legs, pull my panties to one side and hold the tip at the entrance bahis siteleri to my man cunt. “Fuck yourself” comes from the screen. I push against my hole, and feel the resistance pass as the vibe slides inside my body. I push it in as deep as I can, then obey Bill’s command, gently fucking my hole. My pleasure increases and I rotate the end control to start the vibrations. “Pull your panties tight and leave it alone”. I obey. My hard cock strains against the tightly drawn material, I can see a distinct wet patch where my pre-cum is leaking through the thin shiny nylon. Behind me I can feel the vibrator pushing against the restraining panties as it buzzes inside me.“Do you have soiled knickers?” I pick up a pair my wife left in the laundry basket and show them to Bill. “Stuff them in your mouth”. I feed the panties into my mouth, tasting the mixture of flavours she has left on the crotch. Gradually my mouth becomes very full, I have to push harder to get more material in, but I persist until my cheeks are bulging. “Tape your mouth”. I pick up a roll of gaffer tape, cut off a strip then apply the tape over my stuffed mouth.“Get your harness ready” I pick up a some rope nearby. “Down on your knees” I drop to a kneeling position facing the camera. The rope has a loop and slip canlı bahis knot at one end, I pass the loop over my feet and then sit on my haunches, feeding two loose ends under my armpits then up behind my head where I knot the two ends together. I raise my self up to a kneeling position and this tightens the loop around my ankles, I can move back to slacken the rope but I cannot stand up or move forward.“Take your cock out”. I obey, and start to masturbate gently, enjoying the feeling of my foreskin running over my cock head. My need is absolute but Bill has one more demand “Blindfold now”. I grope around on the floor until my hand touches a piece of soft material. I pick it up and slip it over my head blacking out my vision.“Now Sonya, let me see you cum”. His permission is my need, my hand starts to move faster on my cock, my breathing is laboured with a mouth full of panty. I hear myself grunt with pleasure, feel my desire mount as I work harder to fulfil Bill’s demand and my need. It does not take long, my orgasm arrives quickly, my shouts of pleasure are reduced to muffled grunts. My hips thrust against the rope, my cock jumps in my hand just before I release my load. I know my master wants more from me so I hold on to as much of my cum as I can.“Remove your tape and güvenilir bahis panties gag then eat your own cum”. Thankfully I peel the tape off my face using my clean hand, doing it hurts and stings, then I pull the soiled panties out and enjoy a deep draught of fresh air before I lift my cum filled hand to my lips and tilt it so the cum flows into my mouth while I use my tongue to clean as much off as I can. It tastes so good.“Good sissy. Now take off your blindfold and watch me”. Light floods into my eyes, after a couple of seconds my vision clears and looking at the screen I see Bill standing naked other than stockings and his white panties stretched across his thighs. His hand is on his very hard cock, gently wanking it.“Cum for me please sir!” I need him to cum almost as much as I wanted to earlier. His hand moves faster and faster, becoming an on-screen blur. I watch transfixed by the grimace on his face, waiting for his moment of supreme pleasure. As his orgasm builds his mouth takes on a shape as if he was sucking my cock. Finally his hips thrust towards me and I see white streaks of cum fly off his cock and hear a series of exclamations “Aahh, aaah, oooh” as the pleasure chemicals are released in his brain.Finally he lifts his hand to his mouth and copies my act of drinking his own cum. We are spent, he waves into the cam, leans towards it and the screen goes blank. I extradite myself from the rope harness and lie on the floor, going over and over all the pleasurable moments we have shared.

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