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It was my husband’s idea to hire Chris, but as soon as I saw him I had plans for him that included much more than keeping our shrubs pruned and the lawn free from crab grass.

Chris was the picture of masculinity. He was well over six feet tall, broad shouldered with a lean muscular frame. He had an amazing tan from working outside on a daily basis and a smile that would charm any woman. Plus, the double barbells he wore in his left eyebrow gave him just the right touch of danger.

“Well, Mrs. Colletti,” he said, “I think that will take care of things for this week. I’ll see you when you and Mr. Colletti get back from your vacation. Enjoy it!”

“I’m sure that we will, Chris. Thanks again for your hard work, the lawn hasn’t looked this good since we’ve lived here,” I said. “Oh, and for the record, it’s okay for you to call me Sophie.”

“You got it, Sophie,” he said with a boyish grin.

A chill ran straight down to my toes as I watched him climb up into his truck. It was only after he left that I became aware of the tasty wet spot in my satin panties.

That night I packed for my trip. I carefully placed the new lingerie that I had bought specifically for the event in the suitcase and sighed. See, the whole point of this vacation was to revive the sexual connection I had lost with my husband, Angelo.

Our marriage was strong, he was a wonderful man and worked extremely hard to give me and our children the life he felt we deserved, but for several years things in the bedroom had been lacking and he showed no concern. I definitely didn’t get the sex life I deserved.

When we did have sex it was on Angelo’s terms. My attempts to initiate lovemaking were often met with rejection. There was no room for spontaneity; it was always the same routine. Lights off, before bed, missionary position until he came followed by a kiss. Then he would turn the TV on to watch boxing or read the paper he had overlooked that morning.

Most nights after another unfulfilling fuck session I couldn’t sleep, so I would sink into a hot bath where I brought myself to yummy orgasms using the showerhead and my vivid imagination.

I had never been unfaithful to Angelo, nor did I want to be, but I was desperate to feel a man look at me and touch me with raw lust.

I finished packing and went to bed. Angelo was asleep, snoring softly. I looked at his face and touched it gently. “How awful I am,” I thought, “This man would do anything in the world for me and I am only concerned with my sluttish desires.”

I fell asleep and was ripped back to reality by the alarm of morning. I showered and dressed.

“Good morning, angel. Ready to go?” Angelo asked when I went downstairs with my bag.

“Yeah, I am looking forward to this so much.”

In my mind I envisioned romantic moments with my husband: long talks at dinner, lovemaking on the beach at night, looking at the stars from the deck of the ship. But I was shocked and embarrassed to admit that another man dominated my thoughts the entire time that we were gone.

It was Chris’ hand I wanted to feel on my back as we danced. It was Chris that I wanted rubbing lotion on me as I sunbathed. It was Chris’ mouth that I wanted on mine.

I decided that when we returned home, I would have Angelo dismiss Chris and eliminate any further temptation before this fantasy went to a level beşiktaş escort I could not control.

The only problem was I couldn’t conceive of a reason to have Chris fired. I thought about it at night as I lay in bed, and I gave birth to a gutsy plan. I would con Chris into making a move on me, then I would tell Angelo, end of problem.

Chris showed up for work as scheduled Tuesday morning.

I went out in the yard to work in my herb garden. Of course, I was not dressed for this chore. I was dressed for the game of seduction. I wore an aqua v-neck tank top that accentuated both my olive skin and my cleavage from my 36D tits. I don’t have long supermodel legs, but they are very shapely and tan and the shorts I wore showed that off. My black, curly hair was pulled into a messy knot on top of my head, and I wore just a hint of make-up.

“Good morning, Sophie,” he said, “Glad to have some company out here today.”

I just smiled. I wasn’t prepared for the surge that shot through me when I saw him in the flesh again.

I watched him work out of the corner of my eye. God, he was so fucking sexy. He was wearing a shirt with cut off sleeves and the more he sweated the more it clung to him. I literally almost drooled as I watched his biceps and the muscles in his forearms while he pruned the privet.

Our eyes met a couple of times, but I always looked quickly away and went back to my rosemary and thyme.

After we had worked in silence for almost an hour, I got up, dusted off my hands and said, “Hey, Chris, do you think you could help me get those bags of mulch out of the shed. They’re kinda heavy.”

“Sure, Sophie, no problem.”

I wanted this man so badly I ached. My nipples were standing attentive and I caught him observing them through the thin cotton. His eyes darted away.

“So, how was your cruise?” He asked as we walked across the yard.

“It was nice,” I replied.

“Nice? You just spent a week in the Bahamas and it was nice?”

“Well, you see,” I hesitated, “Never mind.”

“Don’t do that! I hate it when people do that! C’mon, whatever it is will remain between us. Pinky swear?” He flashed me that dynamite smile and winked.

I linked my pinky in his, “Well, okay,” I began, “It’s just that I don’t feel like Angelo is attracted to me anymore. I mean I felt like he was more interested in the buffet than me.”

Chris stopped. “You’ve got to be jokin’! There is no way a woman like you could be insecure, and no way a man wouldn’t want you. Look at you, ” he said and turned to face me.

“You’ve got these beautiful eyes, and this sexy mouth who wouldn’t want to nibble on that,” he said and rubbed his thumb on my bottom lip.

I looked at the ground as the blush spread across my cheeks.

“You know it’s true,” he said, “Not to mention those two fine points right there.”

I put my arm across my chest and felt suddenly self-conscious.

“Don’t hide ’em, Sophie. What’s the old sayin’? If ya got it flaunt it?” He laughed and his hazel eyes twinkled.

I giggled. That’s right I giggled like a silly teenage girl.

“See, at least now you’re smiling again. You’re damn hot when you smile,” he said and boldly kissed me on the cheek. “Now, let’s go get that mulch.”

Well, my plan was partially successful. Chris beşyol escort had made a move toward me, but I didn’t want to make a move that would take him out of my life. He made me feel so attractive and sexy, something that I thought I had lost. I counted the days until he would be back at our home, and massaged my pussy thinking about how good his cock would feel sliding into me.

The next week I had a business meeting to attend so I had no excuse to linger in the yard and feast on Chris’ rugged good looks.

He stopped me in the driveway on my way out, “Sophie, do you have a couple of minutes? I need to talk to you for just a second.”

I jingled my keys, “Um, sure. Let’s take it inside. It’s hot out here and I don’t want the humidity to make a mess out of my hair.”

He followed me into the living room. “Look, I thought about the conversation we had last week, and I feel like I may have overstepped my boundaries a little bit.”

“Great,” I thought to myself, “He regrets it.”

“I just didn’t’ want to create an uncomfortable relationship between us. That’s all, ” he continued. “You are an amazing woman, no doubting that, but you know, I don’t want to offend you.”

“Offend me? Chris, that is the last thing you did. You made me feel wanted. You made me feel sexy. You let me know that I’m still a living, breathing woman.”

“Well, no harm done then,” he said.

“Yeah, no harm done,” I said and then without thinking, I added, “yet.”

After I said that, it was sheer animal magnetism.

Chris put his arms around me and pulled me to him. I breathed in his scent and our tongues twirled and danced around each other. His mouth traveled across my cheek to my earlobe. He nibbled and sucked as I emitted a low moan. My pulse raced as he sank his teeth into my neck, not too hard, but hard enough to make me squirm.

I rubbed my hands across his toned chest urging him to take his shirt off. He read my hint and pulled the wife beater over his head, but kept the red bandana tied around his sandy hair.

“Now, it’s only fair we get yours out of the way too,” he said and unbuttoned my blouse. In seconds I stood before him in just my bra and skirt. I thought that my nipples were going to shred the sheer black lace. I reached behind and undid the closure as Chris licked the valley between my breasts.

I slid the straps off my shoulders and revealed my brown melons to him.

“Oh, God! Those are amazing tits. Better than I imagined,” he said laughing.

He squeezed them firmly and brought his mouth down to suck my nipples. He alternated from left to right, sometimes gently tugging other times just kissing them. I’ve never had a great deal of sensitivity in my breasts, but something about Chris brought it to life. I leaned my head back and let out a low groan.

“I can give you something to groan about,” he said and hiked my skirt up.

My breath quickened when he dropped to his knees.

“Why, Sophie, looks like you forgot an important item when you got dressed this morning,” he commented at the discovery that I did not wear panties. “Or were you just waiting for me, you horny little slut?”

I stood with my legs apart as Chris caressed my bald pussy with his hand. The slightest touch from him made my legs tremble.

“I pursed my lips beykent escort and said, “Ooh, I am so hot for you. Can you feel how wet you’re making me?”

“Really, then you won’t mind taking this in your throat.” He dropped his pants and gestured towards his cock that stood at attention. “I’ve wanted your lips wrapped around this for the longest time.”

I licked my lips, “You better sit down for this one.”

Chris sat back in the chair and stroked his cock in eager anticipation. I kneeled down in front of him and took his dick in my hand. I licked up and down the sides and then took the fat head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it while I jacked the shaft with my hand.

“You suck dick so good baby. Take it all.”

I was so turned on by his words and the way his dick felt in my mouth that I felt my own juices seep out of my cunt. If I had been wearing panties they would have been soaked by now.

I sucked hard as he vigorously face fucked me and thrusted his cock into the back of my throat.

I made eye contact with him as I sucked, and his facial expressions let me know that he enjoyed every second of it.

A shot of pre-cum filled my mouth. I pulled away and let it form a glistening string from his penis to my lips.

“I want to fuckin’ explode all over your face, but first I want to make you cum harder than you ever have.”

“Threat or promise?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s definitely a promise.”

Chris stood up and pushed me back on the floor. He spread my legs wide open and began to tease me. He licked my thighs and kissed every spot except the one that I so wanted him to touch. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him into my wet pussy.

“Quit teasing and eat the fuck out of me!” I demanded.

My aggressiveness seemed to excite him. He sucked my swollen clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. I pinched my nipples and rolled my hips to meet his tongue as it darted in and out of my hole.

“Oh, you fucker! Eat my pussy! Make me cum! Make me cum!” I begged.

The urgency or my orgasm was impending at that point. He finger fucked my tight hole savagely.

“Cum, bitch!” he said and dived back into my pie.

“I am! I am!” I cried and a gush covered his mouth and dripped from his goatee.

As the contractions subsided Chris brought his mouth to mine, “See how good you taste?” He asked as he kissed me.

“Mmm, yeah,” I said when I tasted my own sweet juice on my lips.

“Well, it’s nothing compared to what you’re gonna taste,” he said coyly, “Because I am going to fuck the shit out of you and then, just as I’m ready to bust my nut, you ‘re going to catch it in that pretty little cum dumpster of yours.”

“I can’t wait to taste you too,” I said as I rubbed my pussy badly wanting to get off again.

Chris mounted me and entered me slowly. I closed my eyes with pleasure as I felt ever inch of him slide into my snatch.

He started with a slow rhythm and gradually got faster. He swiveled his hips and ground his cock into my G-spot.

“You feel so good fucking my sweet pussy,” I whispered in his ear.

Chris paused and threw my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me hard and deep. I panted as he brought me to the peak for the second time.

“Oh, fuck me! I’m cumming!” I squealed.

“Me too! Me too!” Chris yelled as he pulled out. I scrambled into position just in time. I opened my mouth wide and Chris squirted shot after shot of hot cum on my tongue.

“MM.,” I said and swallowed. I licked every drop from his softening penis.

Sexually content I chuckled, “Now that is what my husband should be paying you for.”

Needless to say, Chris mowed the lawn all summer.

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