Sophie the Naked Slave Girl

Ashley Matheson

The Tuesday started like hundreds of others at the art centre where I worked as a model. I breezed in through the main door, walked down the corridor and into the office.

“Good morning all,” I greeted the office staff.

“G’morning they returned.”

I turned and was about to leave when the Secretary called out, “Oh, Sophie. Just a minute.”

I looked around the door at the slight figure of Margaret, the wiry-haired and bespectacled secretary. “I should have told you last week, but as Harold has his exhibition on for two weeks in Manchester, you’ll have a new instructress this morning.”

“Oh,” I said. “Who is she?”

“Laura Lee from the Godiva Art Academy.”

I was intrigued. I went back inside the room and leaned on the secretary’s desk.

“Isn’t she the one who recently had a great exhibition at the Liverpool Art gallery? Specialises in figure painting in pastel.”

“That’s the one,” confirmed the Secretary. “The newspapers reported that she sold every painting. She’s a good teacher too.”

“Sounds interesting,” I said. “I’ll go up and meet her.

The life class room was on the next floor. As the class had not started, the door was wide open. I walked in and saw a woman, with shoulder length auburn hair, standing with her back to me. As she heard me enter she turned around. Her smile was instantly welcoming so I went over and said, “I’m your model – Sophie.”

Her smile broadened and she held out her hand. She took mine in a very firm grip. “Hello, Sophie. I’m Laura. Very pleased to meet you. As we’ll be working together I think we’d better have a quick chat to sort out what we’re going to do.”

She took my elbow and led me firmly over to the side of the room where there were two chairs.

“Sit down,” she said. I sat and looked into her face. I noticed that she was several inches taller than me. She seemed about 35, and her auburn hair surrounded a very pleasant looking face with a few freckles scattered here and there. I was very attracted to her smile and her firm but very smooth voice. She gave me the impression that she was a person very much in charge. She had a fairly full figure with a generous bust but, as far as I could see, her body was quite firm. I wondered whether she might work out a couple of times a week. Certainly there was nothing fragile about her.

“I understand you’ve been modelling here for almost two years now?”

“That’s right,” I replied.

“Tell me, Sophie, when you’re modelling, what do you try to do?”

“Well, I aim to present the class with a pose that’s interesting to draw. If possible I try to imply some small action in the pose, or present a position of tension.” She looked faintly surprised at my reply. Her eyes widened and a faint suggestion of a smile played at the corners of her generous mouth.

“You obviously take a genuine interest in your work. I’ve known so many models who just stand, or sit or lie down without knowing what effect they are creating. Some look thoroughly bored. She then looked straight into my eyes and asked, “Do you like a nice comfortable position?”

I hesitated a moment before replying. I felt this was a testing question. “Well . . . it partly depends on the length of pose. If it’s only three minutes then it can be fairly uncomfortable; anything longer I try to make reasonably comfortable.” Then, almost as an afterthought I added, “But not too comfortable.”

At those words she seemed to straighten, her brow raised almost imperceptibly and the smile at the corners of her mouth appeared again. “That’s interesting; very interesting.”

We both looked deeply into each other’s eyes and, at that very moment something happened that I really cannot put into words. It was as though a chord had reached out from her mind to mine. A certain chemistry passed between us and I experienced a tangible bond of trust with another woman I had never previously experienced.

Just then a man and a woman came over to speak to Laura and the magic of the moment evaporated. Before she answered their question, she turned to me, lightly touched my arm and said, “We’ll start in a few minutes Sophie. Will you get changed please?”

I went into the changing cubicle almost in a trance. What was it that bound this woman and me so closely together. We’d only just met. As I took off my clothes I remember wondering whether it might be because she was 10 to 15 years older than me; but I rejected that idea. I knew a number of women that would apply to but they did not have the same effect on me as Laura did.

I put on my robe and went out into the room. By now almost every student was arranged either sitting down or standing behind an easel. Laura was sitting on the edge of the podium, and as I walked in her direction she stood up smiling.

She introduced herself to the class and then said, “You all know Sophie who has been your model for some time. I’m going to get her to do a few three-minute poses, then we’ll have a couple of ten minute poses and follow ataşehir escort those with a longer one of about 25 minutes. That will take us up to coffee time.”

Previously, taking my robe off and presenting myself nude to the class was something I did almost without thought. There was no embarrassment and it was just a matter of routine. But now, I really wanted to let Laura see me naked. I faced in her direction, took off my robe and went into the first pose. I noticed that she just stood there, absolutely still with her eyes fixed on me taking in every detail of my naked body.

She then made a circuit of the 15 or so students just glancing to see what they had done. “Thank you Sophie. Another pose please.” Again I faced Laura and knelt down with one leg stretched to the side. I had the same effect on her: two minutes looking at me and one minute looking at the students’ work. For my third pose I lay on the podium with my back arched and my hands spread flat at my sides. Laura slowly walked over to the podium and stood at my feet looking down at my nude body. I was thrilled when she quietly said, “That’s a lovely pose Sophie. You really are good.” I remember thinking I’d do anything for this woman.

For my long pose Laura asked me to sit on the podium with one leg up forming a triangle and the other flat on the podium but bent with my foot under the other knee. This meant that my shaved pussy was on full view to those in front of me. Laura came over to the podium and took hold ofthe leg which was lying flat and moved it further under my other leg. As she touched me I felt a surge of pleasure run up my legs to my crotch. She took one step back and in an almost inaudible whisper said, “Yes, I really do like that.”

When the long pose was over I put on my robe and went into the cafeteria with the others for coffee. On leaving the queue I joined two men and a woman, who were life class students, at their table. Seconds later we were joined by Laura carrying her cup. She sat down and said, “We do have a really lovely model don’t we?” The others agreed. I smiled and thanked them as I blushed a little. We engaged in small talk for about ten minutes, then it was time to resume the session.

I don’t know whether it was the hot coffee or the close presence of Laura, but when I went into the cubicle I was perspiring. I stood there debating with myself. I wanted to impress Laura. I’d have done anything she asked me to do. She obviously liked looking at me naked. I felt that I wanted to feel vulnerable in front of her. Then I had an idea. I always went out of the cubicle wearing my robe until I got on or near the podium. I decided that this time I would take it off and walk out naked. I threw my robe on the cubicle chair, drew back the curtain and quite slowly and deliberately walked across the room. I saw Laura’s eyes as she smiled in my direction. I met her gaze with confidence. She seemed to be feasting on my nakedness.

I had two long poses next and Laura found an excuse to rearrange me slightly in each one. I loved her firm but gentle touch. I wondered whether my pussy, in full view of four or five of the class was enlarging, getting pink and opening. It felt like it but I couldn’t be sure.

When Laura said her last “Thank you, Sophie,” I thought how quickly the time had passed. While all the students were packing away their equipment she came over to me and stood quite close in front of me commenting on my posing and from time to time looked down at my breasts.

“Well, I mustn’t keep you must I?” she said as she glanced at her watch. “You’ll probably want to be getting home.” As I turned she gently stroked my back and said “It’s been lovely working with you Sophie. I shall look forward to next week.”

I took my time returning to the cubicle. I knew she would be looking at my naked back so I tried to wiggle my bottom a bit more than usual as I walked. Getting back home to my flat was the last thing on my mind. I’d have stayed for hours talking to Laura. As I dressed I had a flat feeling of disappointment as I thought I had to pass a whole week before I’d see her again. How could I wait that long before experiencing the magic bond between us once more?

I slowly walked down the flight of steps and out through the double door into the car park. I gave a slight sigh as I looked at my watch to see which bus I would be able to catch. I had almost reached the exit onto the road when I heard a car coming behind me. I moved to the side to give it room to pass but when it came alongside me it slowed down. The driver lowered the window. It was Laura!

“Can I offer you a lift anywhere Sophie?”

The magic took over once more. Can she offer me a lift? You bet! I tried to remain calm as I replied, “Oh, that’s very kind of you Laura. Which way are you going?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Just tell me where you want to go and I’ll take you there. I’m in no hurry.”

I quickly got in the car and she pulled out avcılar escort onto the main road. I told her that I wanted to go to the art shop on the edge of town just over a mile away. “There’s a small pull-in just before it. If you could drop me off there I would be terribly grateful.”

During the short journey I offered her congratulations on her latest exhibition of figure drawings which had been a sell out. I also asked her about the various models she had used. I secretly wondered if they had fallen under her spell as I had done. Soon we were at the pull-in where she stopped. Laura switched off the engine as she finished answering my questions about the other models. “Some of them were mediocre, some were very good.” Then she deliberately turned and looked me straight in the eyes. “But none of them were anywhere near as good as you.” I’m sure I blushed slightly. I looked quickly down. Then I slowly raised my eyes again.

“Thank you, Laura. I’m flattered, but I really enjoyed the class today. Having you in charge seemd . . . somehow, special.”

“You mean you like working with me?”

“Oh yes. I really loved it.”

Laura turned and momentarily looked out through the windscreen as though thinking. Then she returned her steady gaze to me. “In that case, would you like to do some modelling for me at my studio?”

My heart missed a beat – or several beats. I tried to control my voice as I replied, “Oh, definitely. I’d really like to do that. I’d love to be painted by you. I could tell all my friends I’d modelled for the famous Laura Lee.”

She reached forward and lifted my chin in her hand. “You’re sure about that?”

“I’m absolutely positive. When do you want me?”

“It will be in the evening time. Will that suit you?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied. “Just tell me which evening.” I’d have gone if she’d asked me to model at three in the morning.

Laura returned her gaze through the windscreen once more. “Let’s see. Today’s Tuesday. I have a meeting tomorrow evening and I’m having visitors on Thursday evening. Can you manage Friday?”

“Yes,” I replied. I’d have managed any day to be alone with this wonderful woman.

Laura took out a business card and handed it to me. “This is my studio address,” she said. “Can you make it by seven o’clock. . . no, let’s say half past six. That will give us plenty of time. I don’t like rushing things.”

“I can definitely get there by half past six,” I said, the excitement rising inside me at an incredible rate. I’ll see you then. Oh, and thanks very much for the lift. It was really sweet of you.” I suddenly bent forward and before I knew what I was doing I kissed her lightly on the lips. “Bye now!”

I got quickly out of the car wondering whether I had done the right thing in kissing her. It certainly seemed right to me but I wasn’t so sure about Laura. However, my doubts were dispelled as I shut the car door and waved my hand. Laura was beaming at me and she blew me a kiss.

As I floated along the pavement I meditated on her words. “Half past six . . . I don’t like rushing things.” I wondered what things she didn’t like rushing.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

The interval between Tuesday and Friday had never seemd so long to me. I found the wait really frustrating. All I could think about was seeing Laura again.

Eventually, Friday dawned and I was up bright and early thinking that this was the day. I spent half an hour doing some pretty strenuous exercises to tone up my muscles and then more time having a shower, washing and setting my hair, filing and polishing my fingernails and toenails and removing every hair on my body except those on my head. I had to be as near to perfection as possible. I studied my naked figure in my full length mirror on my bedroom door and was quite satisfied with what I saw.

The only thing I wore was my bath robe. After a light lunch I restlessly moved from one small job to another, or idly leafed through magazines looking at my watch every ten minutes or so. Eventually it was half-past four. Two hours to go, but it would take me 20 minutes to walk to Laura’s studio. So I decided to put my make-up on. I consulted a few books on the subject. I didn’t want to look like a tart but I did want to look sexy and attractive.

All this finished, I decided on just one other touch. I went to a drawer where I kept my perfume and took out my favourite, but subtle, aroma. I applied one spot under each breast, another behind each ear and the last right between my legs. Then I took one final look at myself in the mirror and decided to get dressed. I chose the briefest pink silk undies I possessed, my dark brown pleated mini-skirt and a low-necked cream blouse with two very slight shoulder straps. I was finally dressed but, with any luck, I wouldn’t be for much longer.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Knowing the area well, I easily found the address on Laura’s card. It was a large double-fonted Victorian avrupa yakası escort villa in an avenue of trees. I was ten minutes early but I couldn’t wait any longer. I went up the short flight of stone steps, rang the door chime and waited impatiently. I was rewarded by the figure of Laura opening the door. She was dressed in an off-white and paint-stained artist’s smock but I noticed that she was wearing carefully applied makeup and her short hairstyle was flawless.

I stepped into the large hallway. Laura looked me up and down with a broad smile of obvious approval. I returned it. “You look absolutely gorgeous,” she said. Then she came closer to me, took my face in both hands and kissed me on the lips. It was not a lover’s kiss but firm enought to let me know she cared. The magic between us started working again.

“Lovely to see you again, Sophie. You managed to find me alright?”

“Oh yes,” I replied. “No difficulty at all.”

“Let’s go up to my studio then.” She took hold of my elbow and steered me towards the bottom of a wide staircase . “I use the biggest bedroom in the house as my studio,” she explained .

“I expect you need a lot of space for all your paintings,” I suggested .

“Yes, that’s true. I hate working in a cramped space; I like to be able to spread myself a bit.”

I liked her terminology, and kept hoping.

“Another reason I use the room is that it has a north-facing and very large window which is not overlooked by anyone.”

“Oh, that must be a real bonus,” I said.

She opened the door for me to walk inside. I was totally impressed. The cheerful pink evening light enveloped me. If this had been a bedroom, you could have slept ten people in it. It was almost square and the window at the one end occupied almost half the wall space. The deep red curtains on either side were held back with heavy gold tassels. On another wall was a huge swept gilt-framed mirror which reached well over half way to the high ceiling. It seemed to add extra length to the room. There were several chairs, one of them a maroon Queen Anne with gold trimming . A matching chaise longue stood nearby. Along the bottom of one of the walls was a collection of paintings, some framed, some just on bare canvases. Apart from one cupboard, two shelves containing some very large books, and a low set of narrow pastel storage drawers, the only other items in the room were two easels, one with a large sheet of tinted blank paper on it, and a podium, set in the middle covered with a mattress.

Laura gave me time to look round and take in the whole picture and then said, “Well, what do you think of my studio?”

“I’m overwhelmed,” I returned.” I really do love it. I can imagine it must be heavenly working in here.”

“Yes, I totally agree with you Sophie.”

She then started walking towards another door in the corner of the room.

“This is a walk-in store cupboard that I use to store my costumes. Would you like to see them?”

Costumes! It was just as well she had her back to me. The smile vanished from my face as I automatically followed Laura to the door. Costumes! She wants to paint me in a costume? After all my planning. I suddenly realised that I’d been planning to seduce this woman.

We both went into the small ante-room. There were steel tubes across the room and hooks all around the walls, all hanging with costumes of every sort. And along the skirting board there must have been 20 pairs of shoes. There was a very large wicker basked in the corner out of which bulged an assortment of, what I assumed to be, drapes.

Laura was standing by my side. “You . . . er . . want me to wear a costume?” I queried.

She shot me a quick glance and smiled broadly. “Oh, no. Painting you in a costume? Now wouldn’t that be a gigantic waste? A figure like yours should be put on display.” She was incredulous that I should ask. The tension inside me disappeared.

“No, Sophie. I want to paint you nude. In fact I have something specific in mind. I’m a great admirer of Ingres. I consider that some of his paintings are amongst the greatest ever committed to canvas. Are you familiar with his work?”

I hesitated a little. “Well, I have seen quite a number of his paintings . . .”

“Come over here,” she said moving towards the bookshelves. I followed. She took down a very large, thick book with the name “Ingres” heavily embossed on the cover. I noticed there was a marker in the book. She flipped open the page to reveal a painting of a naked young woman chained to a rock and being rescued by a young man with a lance. I had seen it once or twice before, but now it was to have greater significance for me.

“This is called ‘Roger Freeing Angelica’. Ingres painted it in 1819 and it’s based on a poem by the Italian poet Ariosto. I saw the original when I went to Paris last year and visited the Louvre. It was absolutely stunning! I was rooted to the spot for some 20 minutes before I could move. What do you think of it Sophie?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“Notice how her naked body is turned around to face us and her arms stretchd sideways chained to the rock? Her beauty is there for us all to see. She is naked and helpless. See how her head is strained back and her eyes rolling to try to get a glimpse of her rescuer? This is the work of a genius.”

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