Sophie’s Chronicals Pt. 02

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2. Further Modelling adventures.

I have previously posted my first chronicle which is called ‘Sophie – My Chronicles’ this one details my further adventures in being new to modelling.

I called Sara, “I’m emailing you something, have a look and give me your honest opinion” I went silent and I could hear her tapping on her keyboard, a long pause then “you look stunning, provocative and… oh what’s this” I heard her say. She had clicked on the link that showed me with Mark the last time I was modelling.

After what seemed like ages she started to talk “did you enjoy it? would you do it again? how do you feel now?” Yes, yes and surprisingly good was my reply, “good, if you enjoyed and you’re ok I’m pleased for you” I knew she would be supportive. “Mmm God I wouldn’t mind either” I also heard.

Around a month passed and nobody had emailed me or contacted me, hmm I thought, that the was short lived. I was no longer wanted. I can be a glass half empty person occasionally.

I checked my email and there was one from Simon, finally I thought! He asked if I was ok and other usual pleasantries and then he went on to say “it appears I maybe your manager, of sorts.”

“oh” I laughed back “why?”

“Aaron is asking if you would be prepared to spend another afternoon with him, I can’t put this differently, but would you be prepared to done more erotic filming?”

I told him I would think about it, should I do it I thought? I did enjoy the other occasions and the money was good.

I emailed him a reply: “Simon there is a possibility I would, but how do I know who would be there and of course what is the definition of erotic and finally where would it all end up?”

A day later the reply came “it may well be sold if there was a buyer so it could be public, so to speak. Yes I would be informed of who was there, and more of what happened last time. There is a link to some possible people who would be available. The people in the link have all seen pictures of you, thanks.”

I have to admit I eagerly looked at the link to see who could be there, from what I took from the email if they had seen me they all must of liked me. Once the link had opened I saw pictures of some very nice guys, wow I fancied each and every one! That’s greedy.

I replied in the positive to Simon a fee was agreed and even a portion of it was put into my PayPal account straight away. No backing out now than I thought.

On the arranged day, I arrived at Aaron’s clutching a bag with my chosen outfit in apart from him and a make up lady no one else was there, wrong day I thought? “hi Sophie pleased you could make it, water is laid on for you, you remember where to get changed? Off you go and get ready.” Though smiling he was in a ‘let’s get this moving’ frame of mind.

I had my make up applied, I could get used to a make up lady I thought, I then put on my chosen outfit. It was a black dress, backless, plunging neckline and short in length. It was figure hugging from waist up but slightly flared from hips down. It has to be worn braless and today I had a little ‘string’ on to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri complement it. I have worn it a few times when out and the comments received were always nothing less than complimentary.

Aaron shouted if I was ready and I walked out and towards the filming area, a beautiful lacey king size bed was in what was supposed to be a bedroom, ” my god, you look stunning” he said “thank you” I beamed back.

It was still just me and them and I began to wonder if I had misunderstood the email correspondence. Aaron started taking pictures of me, various seductive poses taken, a break was then in order. While I was sipping water trying not to ruin the make up, Aaron was setting up more filming equipment, I was aware that another person was now in the room, a tall handsome guy in a suit, wow he was gorgeous.

Desperately I was trying to recall the link of the men who had seen me but my mind was all over. “Hi I’m Nick, may I say you look even better in person” melted instantly. I still couldn’t recall his picture on the link they supplied but no matter he was heavenly! “Hello, I’m Sophie” I said then thought he already knows that..

“Ok Sophie” I heard from Aaron, I walked to the bed and was followed by Nick, the bed area was surrounded by cameras and I thought if I would be put off. “Ah you have met” Aaron said, “yes” Nick replied. “you didn’t tell me she was this beautiful Aaron” He knew what to say to make me feel wonderful.

Nick’s complimentary remarks where getting more direct, within a short while he was stood in front of me preparing to kiss me. He leant forward and moved his arms around my shoulder, and we kissed, passionate, electric! Any of the descriptive words you could think of applied.

We sat on the bed edge Nick to my left, I turned and we kissed again, all the time my left leg was being stroked and moved towards him. The hem of my dress was getting higher and higher as was his hand until it reached the edge of the G String, oh my…

I was getting so aroused, I had to get the dress off I stood up turned towards Nick and pulled the dress over my head, he looked me over very slowly and stood up. Standing with only my G String on we kissed, I started to remove his suit jacket and undo his shirt, his upper body was firm and the outline of his abs was amazing, as we kissed I ran my hand down his chest onto his stomach, I let my fingers run under the top of his trousers. I knew what I wanted to do and recalled the previous session where I was told to just do what comes naturally.

I dropped my hand onto the belt and slowly undid it, then the button followed by the zip. I pulled away from him and put each hand on his hip and on the top of his trousers and as I bent my knees I pulled his trousers and pants down lifting them away from the bulge as I did so. There it stood a most magnificent erection, I heard Aaron say “keep you face near it and play, do what you wish but it’s all about him and your face.”

I knew what he meant and turned my head so the erection was between me and some of the cameras, I looked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at it standing there and ran my right hand up it, what a rigid cock ” that’s great” Aaron said “the viewers like to see girls like you playing with a man.” Still with it between me and cameras I licked up the pole, and placed my hand under it cupping his warm balls. I ran my tongue around the top and then took him in my mouth, god this was heaven. “Sophie can you make him cum by doing that and move away just as he does so it’s caught on camera?”

Indeed I could!

I proceeded to suck him and alternated from squeezing his warm tight balls to wrapping fingers around the base of his hard cock. Not many minutes of doing this and I could hear Nick moaning and I knew he was close, I took my mouth off it and put my tongue at the base of the shaft and in one long swoop I licked it bottom to top and then quickly jerked on it with my hand. He spurted onto my face and it ran onto my chin and down onto my chest ” would you suck him now? ” I was asked, my mouth went back over the wet cock and I quickly moved my head up and down. I did this until I could feel him relax, I still had his juice over me and Aaron took several pictures before I was greeted with a robe and asked to clean myself up.

So this is porn I thought. A rest was needed by Nick and this gave Aaron time to rearrange cameras. I sat in the robe and Nick came over in his robe and we chatted “may I say that you are fantastic looking and move in such a sexy way, I can’t recall when that has happened so quickly.”

I nearly blushed, but thanked him and enquired what was next? “When I’ve recovered I expect that we will move onto the bed if that’s ok?” Was it ok I thought? Of course it was ok! I was looking forward to it!

A sip of water and it was declared that it was time to move on, Nick and I moved to the bed I naively asked do we start where we left off “no it’s ok to start on the bed” said Aaron. I removed my robe and climb onto the bed still with my string on, Nick did similar but was completely naked.

What a well toned body he had, obviously works out a lot, he was gorgeous and here I was laying with him. He leant over and kissed me and I felt his hand on my left breast, I didn’t take to long to respond as I was still unfulfilled from earlier. His hand moved down over my stomach and down onto the G string, I flinched with excitement as I felt his hand rub me through the material. Kissing each other I could feel him pulling on the top of the string, raising my bottom slightly I allowed him to remove it.

His hand came back up the inside my leg, still kissing I opened my legs and he brought his hand up to my vagina, I started to murmur slightly as I was slipping into erotic heaven. Still kissing I felt his fingers enter me, the further I felt his fingers in me the wider I opened my legs, oh wow this was good.

I moved my own fingers down and tried to open myself more as I did Nick moved and went to my legs, oh god is he…? While I had my fingers trying to hold myself open I felt his tongue güvenilir bahis şirketleri starting to explore inside me “fuck fuck that’s good” I exclaimed.

He raised his hand and while still allowing his tongue to explore me he grasped my breast. My hands had gone on his head, holding his hair “yeah oh fuck yeah” I (predictably ) shouted, my back was off the bed I knew I was very shortly going to gush ” M M M yeah oh god OH GOD” eyes rolling breathing erratic my orgasam was monumental, all the time his tongue moved in me.

It seemed like hours but actually only a minute at most, my back had stopped arching and my breathing back to normal. Nick had moved and was now kneeling between my legs his cock proud again, moving upwards he positioned himself, oh my god I’m going to fuck with him. I could feel the head of his erect penis pushing into me, not harshly but a steady positive push.

He started to move in and out yeah it was good, very good. He was moving easily now and I was feeling every push and withdrawal moaning each time his cock was fully in, I could see his hips moving and moved to wrap my legs around them.

We moved like this for ages, I was aware for the first time of cameras focusing on us, I didn’t feel overly conscious of them just aware they were there.

Nick moved away and rolled me on my left side and moved behind me, he started to lift my upper leg and position himself, I could feel his cock go straight in me, I turned my head and looked back so we could kiss, his hand now on my breast.

His movements were getting more urgent, his grasp on my breast firmer “does it feel good Sophie, how good?” he said as he really thrusted himself into me.”

“oh Nick, fuck me Nick fuck me, your hard cock feels so good, come on Nick you can do better COME ON”

“Sophie, you like me doing this?” I was starting writhe with pleasure, his hand on my breast pulling me to him, his hard cock really moving in and out of me, I could feel myself falling into sexual ecstasy. I looked back again our mouths met and I could feel him emptying himself in me just as I let my Juices flow out. To his credit Nick kept moving in and out I could feel our combined fluids running out of me, he pulled himself out and moved to my mouth I gladly held his wet cock which I licked and sucked..

As before it was time to rest, cleaning up was done and we sat while Nick recovered his energy, I have to say I didn’t particularly need the rest but I guess I wasn’t in a position to alter things.

Aaron came over and described what was to happen next which was also to be last, not much for me to do except enjoy the view it would seem. I was required to pose in various positions with Nick no ‘action’ just poses including, holding his cock, licking and sucking and at the end pictures of semen over me.

Once Aaron was happy it was “thanks to you all, see you soon” and the now customary anti climax to the day happened. I was however escorted to my car by Nick “your car?” Yes I said “A7 black edition, bloody hell you like your cars” I was slightly embarrassed as it is a nice car and I realise many would like it but even so it is extravagant in the extreme. “How the hell do you afford this, husband? Sugar daddy?” He said smiling. Whenever asked about it I usually just smile and laugh I rarely answer. This was no different. “Bye Nick, lovely to have spent the day with you” and I drove off.

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