South of the border


South of the borderI was new to the army and new to El Paso, New to Juarez Mexico. As I strolled down the main street of Juarez there was a lot to take in everywhere with cabbies on every corner trying to take you off to the promised land. I had decided to come over during the daytime just to get a good look around before the clubs that I had heard about opened. The more I walked the more I knew this was like no other place I’d ever been. I was standing on a corner waiting for a light to change when I was approached by a young Mexican guy who offered to show me around saying that there were places that I shouldn’t go. I asked him what he would charge and he said nothing except maybe a drink later or something to eat. I said fair enough let’s do it, off we went with him providing a great tour of places to shop and dine. Then he turned to face me asking if I wanted to see the places to find girls? I said that would be nice however I couldn’t afford their favors that I had only brought very little money on this trip. He smiled said that he understood and he would anyway show me the locations for maybe my next trip. Off we went through the bars and cat houses when I realized that it was getting dark I mentioned to him that I told him I would buy us a meal and said it’s getting dark. He said he bakırköy escort got so interested in showing me around that he hadn’t thought about food and to follow him. We went in and out of a lot of sides streets till we arrived at a place with no door just a blanket over the entrance, he pulled back the blanket for me to see a room with the basics and a mattress with blankets in the middle. He said that this was his place to rest to make my self at home and he would be off to get us something to eat and drink. I gave him money for our meals and drinks off he went. I wondered if I would ever see him again if this was a setup to get my money? I looked around a little looking for something to read or look at while I waited. There was a stack of magazines in the corner I glanced over selected one to look at even though I couldn’t read Spanish I thought oh well look at the pictures. I lay back began to browse through the magazine dozed off when I was awakened being gently shaken and the smell of food. He was smiling holding out a drink saying room service. I took the drink from his hand as he sat the food on the table saying come and get it while it’s hot. Drank a little of the drink got up to try the food that smelled so good. He picked up the magazine before beşiktaş escort sitting down. As we ate and drank I told him that after we finished I would have to leave, he pushed the magazine over to me saying for me to enjoy it with my meal. I opened it took another swallow when I began to feel a little funny. I thought it was from all the walking took another sip of my drink began looking through the magazine again I realized that the pictures were all men in various poses, he asked what I thought of the magazine. I continued to browse through to realize that towards the back pages they were nude some with very big dicks. Then I realized a hand on my thigh as he was saying you are looking very tired why don’t you take a nap before you leave. He had to help me over to the mattress as I was really feeling woozy. He said can I lay beside you and look at the magazine too, as he slid beside me taking control of the magazine pointing out the various photo’s then back to rubbing my thigh. He asked if I had ever had a massage before, the next thing I knew my clothes were off and his hands were feeling great on my lower legs. then I realized he was moving me and I had no control of my movements. He asked how he was doing “I said great” and he was it was relieving beylikdüzü escort the stress of the day. I couldn’t imagine why I was so relaxed that I couldn’t move on my own power as he moved up to massaging my upper thighs, he said you have a very nice cock as he began to move his hands up to my upper thighs. as he leaned over to kiss my thighs. This was getting stranger all the time but was also beginning to feel good in a weird sort of way. He slid up whispered in my ear ” do you like what I’m doing” I managed to say yes, he said this feeling will begin to wear off soon just relax let me kiss you all over. His hand was now on my cock playing stroking feeling good. I could feel it beginning to grow as my feelings began to return. He got another magazine placing it before me and said I want to show you my favorites. He opened it to a page with pictures of all kinds of big cocks being sucked. Then as my feelings returned he placed the magazine in my hands went down to get my cock in one hand as he started licking the growing head. He sucked and slurped his new play toy stopping only to milk up some precum to feast on. Every time I looked down he sucked me with more control as if he was afraid I was going to take it away from him. My cock was in control of my life now I couldn’t have taken it out of his sucking mouth if I had too. I began to unload down his waiting throat. He milked my balls for what seemed like forever as he got the last drops I was beginning to slid off to sleepy land again. I think I found me a cock sucker for the times when pussy doesn’t want to give it up.

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