Spa Meeting


Spa MeetingAfter a few exchanges with emails and texts, we decided to meet for the first time with feelings of uncertainty. We had planned to meet in an open public place to size each other up socially. As you stand by the Starbucks counter you see me approach and feelings of both anxiety and pleasure rush over you, as I notice a man smirk and walk away from you. My hand lightly embraces your arm and I lean in gently kissing your cheek and smile not wanting to be too forward; a slight rush warms you making your face slightly flushed. We exchange a few pleasantries and I ask you if that man was your husband? You smile and nod “yes”, mentioning he is going to be working late and that perhaps we could have a glass of wine when you drop me off. Your hubby sounds nice, as he knows what my plans were for the evening to get to know each other and he swore me to secrecy until I show you… With that you simply grinned and had a devilish look in your eye.As we walk, you inquire about the surprise we had talked about for you and that you had to accept without knowing fully and would have to go along with it. Intrigued you so that you accepted with a smile and giggle. I take you by the hand and bring you to my car and open the door for you. You notice a blindfold on the front seat. Adjusting yourself in the seat, the blindfold then goes on.We drive for a few minutes when you feel my hand rest on your upper thigh adding slight pressure and light rubbing. u*********sly you part your legs slightly and an ever so slight moan escapes. I can feel the heat coming from between your thighs as my hand moves across your entre inner thigh. You feel the car stop and curious to know where you are, you tense up a little. As I take your blind fold off and you see yourself in front of a spa. We walk in and brought into a room where two tables are set up. I look at you as you have a stunned expression on and your mouth slightly open, eyes filled with surprise and delight. I get closer and kiss you passionately for the first time, your mouth meeting mine, our eyes closing enjoying the moment. Still holding you, I whisper we should get ready… You back away and slowly get undressed watching as I do the same. As we stair at our naked bodies, we can’t help but feel the arousal as we walk to the tables lay down and cover ourselves nevşehir escort with a light sheet and await our side by side massage ever thinking of what next may happen.The technicians enter and what seems to be a blink of an eye one hour passes by, looking at each other as they leave the room allowing some privacy for us, we both feel refreshed and limb from the release of tension. A sexy smile still on our faces we slowly roll off the tables our body shimmering in massage oil. In the shower area, as we embrace, the slippery oil adds some dynamic as we hold onto one another and our hands explore a little more. We kiss again and again and you feel my erect manhood easily slip between your partially parted thighs as we stand in the corner. Your moist pussy lips caress almost kissing my hard cock as it slides along between your lips rubbing your clit. On fire you wrap your arms around my neck and lift yourself slightly allowing me to enter your steaming pussy making us both gasp. Within a few quick strokes your eyes fix on mine as rumblings build up in you and orgasmic spasms clamp down sending me into ecstasy as well. As we both are still flushed from the sudden wave of delight, I suggest we quickly go back your house where I can finish this massage. A short drive and we pull into my hotel parking lot, and nervously enter and find a dimly light room as you see some rose petals on the floor trailing a path to the bed with wine being chilled – you turn to me smile and simply say “I was hoping we would hit it off”. Without hesitation I stand behind you and help disrobe you from behind feeling your breasts, the small of your back, that perfectly round ass just waiting to be touched and kissed, your hips and that fiery mound just below your navel. Reaching behind, your caress my hips and find I am already naked caressing you, exploring your body, slowly rubbing, stroking, touching you. I bring you to the bed and you slid yourself onto it and lay on your back not sure what to expect. You part your legs exposing yourself to me still swollen from the from your arousal as you see me lowering myself and start licking you puffy lips still juicy from our first session a few minutes ago our fluids mixed and filling the room with a sexual aroma driving us to new heights. niğde escort Still licking your lips and lightly suckling your clit I reach up to play with your nipple only to find your hand already cupping your breasts and pinching your erect nipples. My other hand easily inserts a finger into your love hole as more juices are now flowing making it easy for me to play with your awaiting anus. A moan escapes as you start to buck another orgasm is close.You grab my head and pull it gently up so I may lay next to you. Eagerly you kiss and lick my lips. In a raspy voice barely audible you say “your turn”. Now on your back, you swing your leg over my head so you can suck my cock while I continue with your swollen pussy lips in a slow unrushed 69. Satisfied with how hard you made me, you reposition yourself and reach down and place the head of my cock to your pussy lips and lower yourself onto me. My hands cup and massage your ass spreading your cheeks apart with every stroke. You raise yourself and turn around in a reverse cowgirl allowing me to slip a finger in your perfect ass as your ride me adding to the pleasure until you reposition yourself and allow me to enter your ass stretching yourself and adding a new sensation. My hands now massaging the whole of your back, from the top of shoulders to the base of your cheeks. Reaching around you I find your beautiful breasts swaying your nipples getting more sensitive with every touch. I notice you are watching yourself almost as in a dream in the mirror as two people explore each other with no taboos or judgment. My eyes transfixed on yours in the mirror, I see your hand rubbing your lips and clit and then move down to my balls. As our pace quickens, you move off me and lay on your back spreading your legs for me to enter you once more telling me to cum hard but not in you this time. As our rhythm builds once more, I get closer to exploding. Kneeling holding my cock stroking it you move down and accept my hot load on your tongue ensuring every drop is taken collapsing on the bed next to you. Spent I relax a little and you roll over facing me on the bed and we kiss passionately forcing me to share my hot cum with you before collapsing on the bed together and reaching for the chilled wine to share, we hear a voice familiar voice ordu escort to you say “I’m next…” a slight shiver of panic rushes through our already aroused state a figure appears from the shadows naked and stroking a nice hard on. You smile in delight as you introduce me to your husband who had let himself in during or before our session and hid. He approaches and is eager to join and take you as he slips in between us on his knees. His cock so close to your mouth you turn and kiss me and tell me to help you lick and suck his cock. We cover him in our hot breath and wrap our tongues around his shaft still trying to kiss each other. I can feel his hand playing with my cock getting it hard once more as I reach for your pussy and feel his other hand fingers deep inside you. I taste pre-cum oozing from his hard cock and he moves down and easily enters you, giving me access to creep up and get both of you to suck my now hard cock. You tell your husband to lay on his back as your straddle him ramming yourself onto his hard cock making a gushing noise. You look at me and lean forward telling me that you want two cocks in you. I find you ass and enter you slowly the feeling exhilarating. A little bit longer and you say “stick it in my pussy – I want you both in my pussy” I slowly enter your very wet and now extremely tight pussy feeling his cock next to mine. The feeling of his hard cock next to mine as we slowly moved ourselves in and out at opposite times it seemed was overwhelmingly surreal. The additional friction coupled with your tight pussy surrounding both us in you was too much. A few strokes was all it took for all of us to orgasm with a thunderous explosions filling your tight pussy with successions of creamy mess as all our fluids mixed into one deliciously sloppy mess covering us all and as I pulled out seeing your pussy still stretched and oozing our evidence onto your husbands shrinking cock and down to his balls. Now spent, we all roll off of each other glistening in the moonlight. Aching for more and not sure what our next move will be. I sit up and lean down to lightly suck on his cock to clean it up and see it come back to life. He leans down himself and is now licking my cock and pushing me down on my back. He grins and tells you to straddle my face for a 69. As I start licking those still puffy lips, droplets of cum hanging by a thread are still visible and start getting heavier as more cum slowly trickles out, as I see his cock head easily part your lips easily entering you from behind for more fun.What a glorious new friendship we have found.

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