Subject: Sparky Sex Sparky sex. The following is a true account of me getting off with two guys one of who worked for my Dad just before I turned 16. Comments gratefully received at Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. My Dad has built a successful building and property maintenance company which not only provided enough money to put my sister and myself through public school it also built our large impressive house. Unbeknown to my Dad it also provided me with some hot gay sexual encounters. Read prior posted Rogered by the lodger, Lodger’s house warm orgy parts 1 & 2 and Learning a trade which are just some of the encounters that stemmed from guys my Dad has employed over the years. This encounter is about the first time I had sex with one of my Dad’s employees. At the time I was a month shy of turning 16 years old. Despite my tender age I was already a promiscuous and precocious little slut since losing my virginity to two 16 year old French boys on a nudist holiday when I was 13 and a half. All my family knew I was bi-sexual leaning towards gay and I had been outted at school after I got caught sucking off an older black lad at a party. Luckily as the school rugby and cricket captain, grade A student status, sports fit body and scything humour I never got any grief over my sexuality especially as I went to an all boys school. Instead I led a varied sex life to rival if not exceed that of some men twice my age. This was helped by my angelically cute schoolboy looks. My straw blond hair was parted in curtains and framed a face that was sweet innocent, boy next door cute but hid the dirty little slut beneath. My face was deeply tanned with flawless skin which contrasted with my bright blue eyes and lush red cock sucker’s lips. All the rugby, cricket, swimming, cycling and skateboarding I did had given me a body as sexily toned as the British Diver Tom Daley when he was 16. Being brought up as a nudist meant my deep tan went all over. A combination of sports and sex had given me a firm pert, perfect bubble butt arse with cute dimples in each tanned cheek. It was naturally hairless except for a few wispy hairs in the crack. Around the front I was also blessed with a big cock that was a thick 4 inches limp chubbing up to a fat 8.5 inches when hard. All that coupled with the confidence in my sexuality and flirtatious nature meant I’d already had more than my fair share of sex. The day this encounter happened I was home alone nude sunbathing on the back garden by the pool and watching England play Sri Lanka on a portable TV. My Dad had organised one of his employees to come around and install a joint smoke alarm and security system. We had a doorbell buzzer in the house and on the external wall out back. When I heard it go I pulled on a pair of black Speedos to answer the door. When I opened the front door I was greeted by a vision of pure rugged sexiness. My words can’t do justice to the rough rugged beauty before me but I’ll try. He had short black hair that was spiked up at the front. His face was oval and perfectly proportioned with lightly tanned flawless skin. Black eyebrows contrasted with his dreamy bluish grey eyes. He had a day’s growth of black facial stubble above his top lip and along his jaw line giving him a rugged cheeky chav look. It was a face that was so stunningly sexy it attracted attention regardless of gender and hinted at Irish root somewhere down the line. Sexy as it was it became even more so when it broke out into a cheeky smile when he saw me stood on the doorstep in nothing but a pair of Speedos. His face alone was enough to make you cream your pants but he had a hot body too. It was gym buff and he was happy to flaunt it. He was wearing a tight fitting burgundy muscle top which clung to his well sculpted chest. His lightly tanned muscular arms were on display with defined deltoids, big bulging biceps and toned forearms dusted with black hairs. Below he was wearing tight fitting black cotton tracksuit bottoms with a nice lump in the front. “Hi you must be John.” The vision of muscular, rugged manly beauty said in a thick East London accent as he held out his hand. “Yes.” I replied as I shook his big rough right hand. “I’m Patrick.” He said with a cheeky chap smile on his incredibly sexy face. Little did I know that whilst my eyes were scanning his truly gorgeous face and gym buff body he was eyeing up the scantily clad almost 16 year old boy before him. Realising he was the electrician Dad had sent around I let Patrick in. After closing the front door I saw him from behind and my cock couldn’t help but twitch when I saw his perfect rock hard round arse. He was pure alpha male and it was all I could do not to beg him to roger me then and there in the hallway. Instead I acted all English and proper and offered him a cup of tea. “That’d be pukka.” Patrick said in his thick East London accent still with a cheeky chappy grin on his gorgeous face. “Where’s the fuse box?” He added. After showing him the fuse box under the stairs I brewed up. As I waited for the kettle to boil I had the fight my cock’s urge to bone up. Patrick was so dam sexy he could turn the staunchest homophobe queer. He looked about 24 years old with an unbelievably sexy rugged face and gym fit body the perfect lure for a young slutty bitch boy like me. However I thought it would have to remain fantasy as there was nothing about him to suggest he was gay or even bi-sexual. Once the tea was ready I took him a cup. “If you need anything that uses electricity do it now as I need to kill the power.” He said as he set down his cuppa. “Okay let me get my portable radio as I’m watching the cricket.” I said as I took the opportunity to admire his dam sexy face and gym buff body again. When I returned Patrick was bent at the waist with his head stuck in the cupboard under the stairs. His black cotton tracksuit bottoms clung to his rock hard, very sexy, shapely round arse and it was a real struggle not to grope it. It was a highly erotic sight and my cock couldn’t help but start chubbing up. Grabbing my cup of tea on the way through the kitchen I headed back into the garden. After turning the TV off I switched the radio to the cricket and set down my cup of tea. My black Speedos were struggling to contain my rapidly growing cock that I knew needed taking care of. By the pool we had a wooden sauna cabin, steam room and adjoining changing room which I went into. Shielded from Patrick’s view I pulled my Speedos down releasing my now fully hard, thick 8.5 inch teen boy cock. After sitting on a bench I bent double and took my big bulbous knob into my mouth which I started strongly sucking and swiping with my tongue as I furiously wanked the thick meaty base. It normally takes me ages to cum but Patrick had got me so hot and horny within 10 minutes I was blasting a massive load of really thick tasty teen cum into my mouth whose flavour was all too familiar to me. Drained and slatted I sat back to savour my orgasmic high. As I did so I wondered if I should flirt with Patrick but I decided it would be pointless as he looked so stereotypically straight. He seemed the kind of guy who pulled a different girl every time he went clubbing. Once I’d recovered from my intense and copious orgasm I pulled up my Speedos and headed out to resume sunbathing and listening to the cricket. Being addicted to tea within an hour I was ready for another brew. In the kitchen I put a kettle on the gas cooker rather than use the electric one and went to look for Patrick. When I found him he was drilling a hole in a wall. His big right bicep bulged as it applied pressure to the drill and his tight muscle top clung to his tensed chest. He took me up on my offer of a cup of tea. When I returned with it I took opportunity to admire his rough rugged handsomeness. Shit he was really turning me on big time, so much so I had to go straight back out and fire another one off in the changing room. This time I squirted my load into the cupped palm of my right hand before hoovering it up with my mouth as I fantasised it was Patrick’s cum. Patrick sent my already raging teenage hormones racing even further at lunchtime. “Any chance of another brew?” He asked in his cockney accent with his trademark cheeky grin on his very sexy face as he came out into the garden. “Sure.” I replied taking another opportunity to scan his sexy face and gym fit body before going into the kitchen. When I returned with our cups of tea I almost creamed my Speedos. Patrick was sat on a sun lounger eating a sandwich with his top off. Fuck did he have a fit sexy body. Shapely shoulders led to defined deltoids, big bulging biceps and toned forearms dusted with black hairs. His chest was nicely sculpted and he had washboard abs. His upper body was lightly tanned with a smattering of black hairs on his chest and stomach. It was so sexy my eyes were transfixed taking in every little detail to play back during my next wank which would be the moment he returned to work. After setting our teas down I sat on my sun lounger and pretended to read my book but I kept sneaking peeks at Patrick. Whenever I looked his way he seemed to be looking at me. He had been sat up eating his sandwiches but once he’d finished them he reclined on the sun lounger. He put his hands behind his head which made his big biceps bulge even more and exposed his armpits whose black hairs were matted with sweat. As if that sight wasn’t erotic enough the tented bulge in the front of his tracksuit bottoms was. Not only was Patrick stunningly sexy with a fit gym buff body he was fully hard with his cock twitching in his trackies. When my surprised eyes returned to his sexy face it had his trademark cheeky grin. “You so fancy me, you can’t keep your eyes off me.” Patrick said with a knowing grin on his face. My face blushed bright red at being caught out perving on one of my Dad’s employees. “I know you’re a fag I’ve seen the posters in your bedroom.” He added without malice. My room was stereotypical for a teenage boy but instead of posters of scantily clad women it was posters of scantily clad men dotted in-between the ones of bands and cars. “I bet you’re gagging to suck my cock.” He said rubbing the obvious lump in his tracksuit bottoms Was he gay or bi and coming onto me or was he straight and cruelly teasing me? He wouldn’t be the first or last straight guy to tease me with out of bounds fruits when they learned my sexuality. “A guy’s mouth is as good as a girl’s so knock yourself out.” He said with a sly grin on his dam sexy face. My ears couldn’t believe themselves. Was this stunningly sexy guy offering me the opportunity to suck him off? There was only one way to find out and quickly before he changed his mind. It didn’t matter if he was straight and horny enough to let a boy blow him off or if he was gay or bi I needed to get my mouth on his cock. As I stood up my cock started to swell at the sight of Patrick and the thrill of just about to suck him off. He His exposed armpits, whose tufts of black hair were matted with sweat, caused me to groan at the erotic sight of them. All thoughts of his cock got pushed to the back of mind as the urge to lick out his sweaty armpits overrode it. After I sat on his lap I leaned forward and started licking out his left armpit. Its pungent musky manly sweaty aroma was overpoweringly erotic and just intensified my lust for this hunky cockney chav. As I licked out his sweaty pit I savoured the salty taste and the tickle of his hairs on my tongue. My hard cock, painfully encased in my Speedos, throbbed against his washboard abs as his cock throbbed against my pert arse. “You dirty little fucker.” Patrick moaned with pleasure in his thick East London accent. Once I had licked it clean of deliciously salty sweat my tongue licked over his gym toned chest to his right armpit which I also licked clean of tasty sweat. Once I’d licked his right armpit clean I licked to between his toned pecs and then down the trail of hairs in the central cleft of his washboard abs. When my head reached the impressive throbbing bulge in his tracksuit bottoms the heat of his cock radiated through the fabric. After hooking my fingers under the waist band of his trackies and boxers I pulled them both down at the same time with Patrick lifting up his arse to assist me. A gasp of pleasant surprise escaped my lips when I exposed his prominent ridged big bulbous pinky purple circumcised knob. Then his pale really thick veiny cock shaft came into view followed by big balls in a tight black pubed sack. His cock was about 8 inches long and looked like the end of a baseball bat with a thick shaft and even bigger bulbous knob on the end. The sight of it made my mouth water, my cock throb and my arse quiver. After pausing to admire his big thick circumcised cock I carried on pulling his trackie bottoms down to his ankles exposing lightly tanned, gym toned sexy legs covered with black hair. With a hand on each of his legs I pushed them up savouring the tickles of his hairs and firmness of his muscles under my palms. When my face was back at his now exposed groin I deeply drank in its sweaty, pungent horny aroused manly aroma. “Lick my sweaty balls faggot.” Patrick commanded kocaeli escort bayan and I eagerly obeyed. The fact he’d called me faggot again didn’t upset me as he was saying it without malice. It also added to his Alpha maleness contrasting with slutty submissive nature. For a couple of minutes I licked and sucked his balls clean of delicious crotch sweat which tastes different to armpit sweat. Then holding his gaze I licked up the underside of his thick throbbing 8 inch cock until I reached the point where his foreskin would have joined if he wasn’t cut. Then I gripped his really thick cock in my left hand and lifted it to the vertical. Still holding his gaze I swarmed my tongue all over his big bulbous knob savouring the taste of pre-cum. After giving his knob a good spit polish I took it into my mouth. It was so bulbous I really had to watch my teeth when it popped in. Still holding his gaze I began strongly sucking his swollen knob as I swarmed my tongue all over it. As the same time I wanked the base of his really thick throbbing cock. Patrick was a real leaker and was practically oozing pre-cum onto my tongue whose taste buds tingled at its delicious flavour. His pungent sweaty horny manly aroused aroma drove me wild with lust. He was such a hot hunky chav that I wanted him to ravish me in every possible way. His stunningly sexy rugged face had a cheeky leer knowing full well how hungry I was for his big cock. Then I started bobbing my mouth up and down his cock but due to the bulbous nature of his knob and thickness of his shaft I could only work the top few inches. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked the thick throbbing shaft of his cock as my tongue tickled the underside. When just his big bulbous knob was in my mouth I would strongly suck it and swarm my tongue all over of lash the spot where his foreskin would have joined. My left hand was rapidly wanking the base of his thick throbbing 8 inch cock as my right hand stroked his muscular hairy left thigh or caressed his furry washboard abs. All the time I was holding his gaze as much as possible not only to admire his rugged buff sexiness but also to give him my best sulty sultry cock sucker’s look that was at odds to the sweet innocent appearance of my cute face. For a blissful age I sucked Patrick’s cock seriously expecting myself to wake up a sticky mess and finding this was all but a wet dream. Everything about it was just so perfect. His gym buff manly body compared to my lean sports toned teen one and our 8 year age difference made me feel so slutty and submissive. His rugged cheeky chav appearance really pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. My eyes gorged themselves on the sexiness of his face and fitness of his buff body. My nose drank in his pungent sweaty manly horny aroused aroma as if I was breathing in the scent of a freshly baked apple pie. My left hand savoured the feel of his really thick throbbing veiny cock shaft in it as I rapidly wanked up and down. At the same time my right hand savoured the hard firmness of his thigh and the tickle of its hairs or was busy caressing his fuzzy washboard abs. The fact we were doing it al fresco and he worked for my Dad also added a kinky thrill to the already highly erotic situation. All through the blow job Patrick had his hands behind his head but then he reached down, tightly gripped the sides of my head and began vigorously bouncing my hot wet sucking mouth up and down the top half of his cock. “Work that cock you dirty little faggot.” Patrick moaned as he continued to fuck my mouth onto his cock. “You want my cum cock sucker?” He groaned as I felt the sexual tension building in his buff body. As my mouth was stuffed full of his big thick cock I could only muffle an affirmative. “My missus won’t let me jizz in her mouth but you’re going to swallow every fucking drop aren’t you?” He growled in his thick East London cockney accent. Again I could only muffle an affirmative but I was thrilled to find out he was bi-sexual. “Here it comes faggot.” Patrick moaned as I felt his body lock solid. My lips felt his really thick cock shaft swell that little bit more just before my tongue felt his bulbous also swell as the first jet of really strong tasting, very thick cum exploded into my mouth. Patrick’s gym fit body began to violent shudder and shake at the intensity of his powerful orgasm. He cried out “Fuck!” with each of the 10 long bolts of thick creamy salty cum he fired into my mouth which he was still bouncing on his cock. Every part of sucking cock is good but the orgasm is definitely the best bit, feeling their cock twitching in your mouth, that rush of warm thick gloopy cum splashing on your tongue and its wonderful salty taste letting you know you’ve given good head. Patrick spunked a massive load into my mouth which I let pool there so my taste buds could savour it. When Patrick shot the last of his load into my mouth his body and cock had a few aftershock convulsions. At the same time I continued to suck his bulbous knob and flick the underside with my tongue to prolong Patrick’s orgasmic buzz until he pushed me off when his knob became too post-orgasm sensitive. His sexy rugged chav face was flushed red from orgasm but its trademark cheeky chappy grin had returned. “Shit kid you sure know how to nosh knob.” Patrick said as he watched me swilling and savouring his thick salty cum in my mouth before swallowing it. “You’re welcome anytime. You are so fucking sexy with a big cock and well tasty cum.” I said with its delicious taste still lingering on my tongue as I get up to kiss him. “Woo there I’m straight mate.” Patrick said putting his hand out to stop me as a panicked look spread across his stunningly sexy face . “But you just let me suck your cock.” I said puzzled. “Letting a guy suck you off ain’t gay and fucking a guy’s arse feels the same as doing a girl up the shitter but I ain’t going to kiss you or blow you and sure as hell ain’t going to let you fuck me, my arse is strictly no entry.” His logic held water as I had sucked off numerous straight boys in the school bogs at lunchtimes. Why wank one out when you can have it sucked out? If it bothers you it is another boy you just close your eyes and imagine it’s a girl doing it just as you would if you were having a wank. “Sorry.” I replied totally dejected. My euphoria at thinking he was bi-sexual evaporated in an instant. It looked like this was to be a one off and he would just join the scores of other straight guys who’d been horny enough to let a guy suck them off. The look of panic on his face became replaced with his trademark cheeky grin as he saw my sorrowful look. “If you’re lucky I might be horny enough to do you up the arse latter.” He said as he ruffled my blond hair. Wow the torch of hope had been rekindled and my arse involuntarily spasmed at the thought of being buggered by Patrick’s thick cock and bulbous knob. “Well I’d better get back to work.” He said nonchalantly as if I hadn’t just been sucking him off. He stood up and pulled up his trackies hiding his deflating cock from view. When Patrick returned to the house and I went into the changing room for my third wank over Patrick and my fourth of the day. Sucking him off had made me so hyper horny I was spunking up in less than 5 minutes. As I wanted to keep the lingering taste of Patrick’s cum in my mouth for as long as possible I squirted my jizz onto the fingers of my right hand as lube to finger fuck my arse. Sexually slated I returned to the garden and stripped out of my Speedos. Well why not as I had seen him in the buff and hopeful he’ll be seeing me naked later anyway if he fucks me. About 20 minutes later the door bell rang and I went to answer it making sure I put my Speedos back on. When I answered the door there was a good looking muscular black guy in his early 20’s stood on the step. He had buzz cut short black hair and an oval face that was pretty sexy but nowhere near Patrick’s league. He had big ears, a broad flat nose, thick pinkish brown lips and eyes so brown they were almost black. His thick lips turned up into a smile exposing the top row of his pearly white teeth which I just took as him realising he’d gotten a response. He was wearing a white tee shirt with a black and white photo print of what looked like a wooden slatted house the kind you get in America. His tee shirt did nothing to hide just how muscular he was. He wasn’t body builder bulky but he was muscular from hours down the gym. He had big bulging biceps, very toned forearms and his muscular chest showed through the material of his tee shirt. Below his dark blue jeans hugged tree trunk legs. All this my eye scanned in an instant as I was well practiced in getting in sneaky pervs of fit guys. But whilst otherwise occupied my eyes failed to see his do the same as they scanned a blond boy just shy of turning 16 stood naked before him except for a pair of black Speedos. My Tom Daley-esque tanned and toned body was on full view as my tight fitting Speedos obviously suggested at what little part of me that wasn’t naked. Why he was there I didn’t know as he was in casual clothes so he wasn’t a salesman, he had no clipboard so he wasn’t doing a survey and he had no charity collection bucket. “Hi I’m Mike a friend of Patrick’s.” He said which explained his presence or so I thought. “Oh he’s upstairs, come in.” I said as I let him in. “I’m John by the way.” I said closing the door behind him. “Patrick your friend Mike is here.” I shouted up from the bottom of the stairs. “It’s not Patrick I’m here to see.” Mike said with a devious grin on his face when he spun me around, pushed me to my knees and mashed my face into the crotch of his jeans. Immediately I felt he was hard and fully boned underneath. “Ahh I see you two are already getting acquainted.” Patrick chuckled from the top of the stairs. “Mike’s a woufter too so he can pay you back my blow job.” He added before returning to work. There was no malice or intent with the derogatory terms for gays Patrick was using and I certainly wasn’t taking offence at them. Beside I was too engrossed in having my face mashed into the jean covered crotch of a very fit black man. Now surely it was time to wake from my wet dream as could this really be happening? No total fiction I hear you all say but if I had the imagination to make this shit up why post it to Nifty for free when I could turn it to fiction and become a stinking rich novelist instead? Believe me or not it really happened although I was doubting my own sanity at the time as well. It transpired that after I sucked Patrick off he had phoned Mike and invited him over. Mike rubbed my face in his covered crotch for a minute or so before releasing me. He didn’t want to force me especially as I was jail bait not to mention the son of his mate’s boss. He needn’t have worried as I was as hungry for him as I was for Patrick. Sure Patrick was sexier but Mike was more muscular and gay so it could be more than a one way street. The ball was totally in my court. If I protested Mike could leave and say it was a joke and as I had already sucked off Patrick I couldn’t really complain to anyone or alternatively I dive right in, which is what I did wholeheartedly. As I held his gaze with an eager grin on my cute face I began undoing his jeans. Once they were undone I pulled them and his boxers down at the same time releasing a beautiful big black cock. Mike had no treasure trail just a naturally small bush of tightly curled short black pubes. His dark brown cock was a good 8 inches long and of a similarly impressive thickness as Patrick’s and my own being about 6 inches in diameter. His big black cock hung down due to its meaty girth with the shaft nicely veined. He was circumcised with large but neat scar of a slightly lighter shade of brown than the shaft and knob. He had a nice shaped knob but it wasn’t bulbous like Patrick’s being of the same diameter as the shaft but it did have a nice prominent ridge. Pulling his jean and boxers down to his ankles revealed his very sexy muscular dark brown legs that were naturally hairless. As the same time he pulled off his tee shirt exposing his muscular upper body that was so fit and sexy I almost spunked up. It was gym bunny fit rather than body builder bulky. He had shapely shoulders, deltoids like half a football, big bulging biceps with a prominent vein running down the front of each one and toned forearms. He had a tight well sculpted, naturally smooth chest that was perfect for clinging onto whilst being fucked. His even darker brown nipples were already bullet hard and he had hot hairless washboard abs. “Wow you are so fucking sexy.” I said in lust and admiration in equal measure. This caused his grin to grow even wider. “Thanks kid and you are as cute as a button.” Mike said as he hoisted me up and spun me around to admire my sports toned teenage scantily clad body from all angles. “Let’s go to the garden.” I said eager to get down and dirty with this fit young black man as soon as possible. Mike took off his trainers, stepped out of his jeans and boxers before collecting his clothes and following me into the garden. Once in the garden I told him to lie on a sun lounger. As he took up position I pulled down my Speedos releasing my now fully hard 8.5 inch teen boy cock. “Shit kid you are packing meat.” Mike said with izmit sınırsız escort a surprised expression on his face and eyes glued to my big boyhood. A wave of smug satisfaction ran through me knowing that even thought they were eight years my senior my cock was of equal thickness to theirs but beat them in length by half an inch. With an expression of sexual mischief on my otherwise sweet innocent looking face I straddled the sun lounger and sat on his lap with his hot hard, thick cock throbbing in my arse crack with my big hard cock sandwiched between our smooth hard abs. Gently cupping the sides of his sexy face I bent forward and started kissing him. It started off gentle but soon became a rough passionate snog fest with our lush lips mashing together and tongues battling. We had only just met so the passion of our kissing was purely down to animal lust and instant sexual chemistry. As we kissed I groped his muscular smooth hairless chest or stroked his muscular arms whilst he kneaded my smooth firm pert bubble butt arse. For a few minutes we passionately kissed and groped each other with our big thick cocks wildly throbbing. Then Mike put his hands behind his head which made his big biceps bulge even more and exposed his armpits whose black hairs were matted with sweat. “Patrick told me not to put on deodorant.” Mike said with a cheeky grin on his sexy face. Like a shot my face was buried in his left armpit drinking in it pungent sweaty aroma as my tongue lapped away at it savouring it salty taste. The smell and taste of fresh sweat so turns me on and Mike’s pits stank in a good way and tasted delicious. “Your sure dig sweat.” Mike chuckled as I lapped away at his sweaty pit like a thirsty dog at the water bowl. My tongue savoured the salty taste and tickle of his arms as my nose drank in its sweaty aroma all of which made my cock throb even harder and paint his abs with pre-cum. “It’s only beaten by the taste of cum.” I said taking a brief break before diving back in. “I think I can help you out there too.” Mike added. “Cool you are so fucking hot I want you to feed it to me at both ends.” I said before licking over the muscular mounds of his smooth chest pausing to lick and nibble each bullet hard nipple on the way to his right armpit. Mike just groaned at the pleasurable prospect of fucking a schoolboy as I would later find out for the very first time too. When I had licked his right armpit clean of tasty sweat I licked to between the muscular mounds of his chest before licking down the central cleft of his hairless washboard abs. Soon my face was above his big black hard throbbing cock. “Mmm such a big sexy cock.” I appreciatively purred as I smeared its swollen circumcised knob over the smooth skin of my cute teen bo face. The fingers of my left hand could only just about wrap around its meaty girth and I felt its heat and throbbing pulse. My tongue snaked out and licked up the clear pearl of pre-cum which tasted salty and spicy at the same time. The pungent highly erotic, manly aroused aroma of his crotch sweat also had a spicy tint. Then I started swarming my tongue all over his swollen sensitive knob giving him a slutty sultry look which was at odds to the cute schoolboy appearance of my face. An expression of sexual bliss spread across his very sexy face as he looked down to watch an underage blond haired, blue eyed schoolboy licking the end of his big brown cock. It must have been a highly erotic sight for him. His dark brown gym buff body, exposed armpits and sexy face were certainly an erotic sight for me making my cock achingly hard. The fact he was Black to my Caucasian, about 8 years older than me and with such a muscular body he could do whatever he wanted to me whether I wanted it or not seriously turned me on and pandered to my pussy boy nature. Even if Patrick didn’t become horny enough to fuck me later on I was going to make sure Mike buggered me every which way until he ran out of cum and couldn’t fuck any more. After giving his circumcised swollen knob a good licking I decided to show him what I could do. Mike gasped with surprise and pleasure in equal measure when I impaled my mouth on his big black cock. Due to its meaty girth I could only swallow just over half of it before my lips and jaw were stretched to the max but as I would find that was more than most had managed. Then I launched into a vigour blow job. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked the thick throbbing, veiny shaft of his 8 inch cock as my tongue lashed away at the sensitive underside. When just his swollen sensitive knob was in my mouth I strongly sucked it and swiped it with my tongue. “Shit kid you sure know how to suck cock.” Purred at the sexual pleasure my young but experienced mouth was lavishing on his big dark brown cock. “Plenty of practice as I spend most lunchtimes in the school bogs giving blow jobs.” I said taking a brief break to swallow saliva. “Are there many gay boys at your school?” Mike asked before I had a chance to get my mouth back on his cock. “There are a few gay and bi boys but most of the ones I suck are straight. I go to a boy only school so they’d rather take a blow job from me than toss themselves off. Most just shut their eyes and imagine it is a girl doing it to them. A few of the straight boys get horny enough to fuck me up the arse but that’s more done by the other gay and bi boys.” “Shit I wish I had sex at school especially as I used to wank myself silly over the cuties like you but I was too scared about being found as gay.” “When did you first have sex then?” I asked stroking his cock to keep him hard. “I shagged girls from the age of 15 but that was just cover to hide my homosexuality. First gay sex was 19 in my first year at uni.” My intention had been to suck him off and then have him fuck me but when I learned he’d never had sex with a schoolboy before my priorities changed. Besides if I got him to fuck me a couple of times there would be even more flavour to his cock when I sucked him off. Holding his gaze to distract him I resumed sucking on the end of his cock as I grabbed my suntan oil and squirted some into my hand. Then I used it to lube up his cock and my slutty schoolboy arse. You should have seen the expression on his face, in part eagerness, part shocked surprise and part worry he could get sent to prison for quite awhile. With his cock lubed up I straddled his hips and brutally impaled my tight young arse on his thick meaty 8 inch cock. Mike gasped with pleasure as his naked big black cock sank into the steamy hot, wet tight, velvety soft confines of a schoolboy’s arse. As for me I gasped at the stinging yet pleasurable burn of having my arse harshly penetrated by such a big thick cock. His prominent ridged circumcised knob punched open my tight sphincter making it sting pleasurably which intensified as it slid down his thick veiny 8 inch cock shaft. At the same time his swollen knob rammed open the soft and very receptive walls of my tight young arse. My own big thick cock gave a twitch and dribbled some clear pre-cum onto the smooth dark brown skin of Mike’s washboard abs when his knob boxed my prostate. When my sports toned, pert buttocks connected with Mike’s groin I held myself there. Even though it was the same body temperature as my arse Mike’s really thick 8 inch cock felt like a red hot bar of iron up my arse but in that pleasurable way. Feeling his hot hard cock throbbing in my arse, as my eyes took in the sight of his muscular gym fit body and gorgeous face with its look of surprised sexual pleasure, made me become overridden with lust, passion and slutty abandonment. My hands clamped onto the smooth muscular mounds of his chest like limpet mines as I began to vigorously bouncing my arse on his big black cock like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco that had been feed speed. To start with Mike was so stunned all he could do was be a passive top. His hands were limp by his sides and his facial expressions were a mix of sexual pleasure, surprise and disbelief of having an almost 16 year old schoolboy riding his naked manhood with slutty abandonment. Even though I was the one taking it up the arse it was I who had the domineering rush. Mike was a hell of a lot stronger than me and being 23 he was seven years older as well but my wily slutty schoolboy charms and cock hungry arse had him totally under my spell and we both knew it. My face might have looked sweet innocent boy next door cute but it had very adult expressions of slutty abandonment, lust and sexual hunger for the hunky black man beneath me whose steely hard, very thick 8 inch cock I was brutally and repeatedly impaling my boy cunt on. As I did so I flexed and squeezed my arse muscles on his big black cock making him moan with sexual pleasure. My hands were busy groping the hairless mounds of his muscular chest, tweaking his bullet hard nipples or caressing his bulging biceps. My pert buttocks began to pleasurably tingle from repeatedly slapping against Mike’s groin. My widely stretched sphincter burned with pleasurable friction. The walls of my tight young arse throbbed from the brutal yet highly enjoyable battering they were taking. My prostate pulsed as if electrocuted every time his swollen knob boxed it and his dark brown washboard abs were soon a sticky mess from my constantly oozing pre-cum. On top of the physical pleasure there was the heady and erotic aroma of man on teen boy gay sex mingling with the scent of a warm summer’s day. My eyes also gorged themselves on his hot gym fit upper body and gorgeous face with its expression of sexual pleasure. The fact we were fucking al fresco was the icing on the cake. We both felt as if in a dream. Could I really have met two such dam sexy hunky guys in one day? Whereas Mike couldn’t believe he had an underage schoolboy riding his big black cock for all he was worth. The fact our fuck was interracial, illicitly cross-generational and al fresco added that kinky edge to an already steamy hot sex session. Normally it takes me ages to cum and despite the number of loads I’d already fired off that day I was ready to blow another load within 20 minutes as it was all so intensely pleasurable. There was the heady erotic aroma of man on teen boy gay sex as my eyes feasted themselves on the dam sexy hunky young black guy beneath me. My hands savoured the smooth sweaty hardness of his muscular upper body. My tight young arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure as my widely stretched sphincter burned with friction. The brutal battering my prostate was taking had the cum boiling in my balls. Realising I was close to orgasm I began bouncing my arse on his big black cock even faster and harder despite the fact my thighs were burning and aching from the physicality of powering our fuck. Then his swollen knob punched my pulsing prostate one time too many. A long rope of thick teen boy jizz exploded out of my cock like a rocket, arched through the air and splattered on his stunned face. Nine more large ropes of my spunk then splattered on his dark brown muscular chest and washboard abs. Despite intense waves of sexual pleasure coursing through me instinct kept me vigorously bouncing my arse on his big thick cock until I fired the last jet. Drained of cum and on an intense sexual high I fully impaled my battered but satisfied arse onto his cock. As I flexed and squeezed my arse muscles on his hot hard, thick throbbing cock I used my tongue to steer my rope of schoolboy spunk on his face into his mouth. Then I licked up the upper most jet of cum from his chest and feed him that too. To reach the others I had to pull off his cock and my arse began to miss it immediately. After licking up all my cum and feeding it to him I resumed sucking his cock that tasted of coconut suntan oil, my arse and his pre-cum. “Yeah suck that dirty cock bitch.” Mike moaned with the pleasure of my hot wet mouth expertly sucking his cock. He let me do it for a couple of minutes before in one fluid movement he pushed me backwards and got into the push up position above me. He gave me a quick passionate kiss to taste my arse on my own lips and tongue. “Now it’s time to show you what I can do.” Mike gruffly said with a domineering leer on his sexy face. As if a switch had been flicked I went from dominant power bottom to submissive pussy boy. “Yeah rape my white pussy boy arse with your big black cock!” I screamed when he brutally slammed his really thick 8 inch cock ball deep into my arse. My sex swollen sphincter stung but in a pleasurable, if slightly sore way when his circumcised knob punched it open. His knob then rammed open the throbbing walls of my sore but satisfied arse and boxed me prostate. My pert upturned buttocks tingled when his groin harshly slapped against them. Mike briefly held his cock deep inside me before taking me at my word and started raping my arse. He used all his muscled might to launch into a brutally harsh but intensely pleasurable fuck using the full length of his thick 8 inch cock. My arse was on fire but it was a pleasurable pain and I wanted more. As he was pulling all the way out, before brutally slamming back in, the thick ridge of his circumcised knob really worked over my sore sex swollen sphincter. Then there was the pleasurable friction of his long thick veiny cock shaft rapidly sawing against it. His izmit anal yapan escort big black cock and harsh fucking style was pulverising my insides. The pounding my prostate was taking made it feel like it was about to explode. His groin rapidly slapping against my pert upturned buttocks made them feel like they were taking a spanking. My fingers were sunk in Mike’s muscular chest like talons into prey. His sexy face had a domineering leer that said I’m going to fuck the hell out of you which my cute boyish face returned with I can take whatever you’ve got. For the first few minutes I passively took the harsh fucking Mike was giving me as I was too lost in the intensely pleasurable if slightly painful sensations radiating out from my arse, plus I was still on the tail end of my orgasmic high. But then I started to become an active bottom and began flexing and squeezing my arse muscles on his big thick cock. “How do you like fucking your first underage schoolboy?” I asked as I gave him a sultry look and mischievous smile. “Oh wow… your arse is… the tightest ever… and talented. I’ve fucked a fair… few guys but… not many work…their arse on my cock…like you are.” Mike grunted, his sentence broken due to the vigour of the fuck he was giving me. “Well you can fuck it anytime you want. And I’ve got a few mates who’ll be up for it too. Just imagine you’ll have your own harem of willing slutty little schoolboys hungry for your hunky body, big black cock and baby batter.” I said knowing full well my words were turning him on just as much as my flexing arse was. “We could role play you are our teacher and we gang up on you, strip you naked, bend you over the desk and gang rape you at both ends.” The seductive, highly suggestive words sounding strange in my teen boy voice. “Fuck.” Mike groaned at the thought of a handful of teenage schoolboys using him as a cum dump. “Or you give us a spanking in detention but you can’t help but play fuck roulette when you see our red raw naked arses.” I added as my mind cooked numerous sex scenarios. “What’s that?” Mike grunted as he continued to brutally fuck the hell out of my arse. “You’ve never played it?” I asked surprised. “It where you fuck a row of guys but you’re limited to five minute each one until you cum in one of them.” I explained causing him to groan at the erotic thought of it. Mike and I then thought up numerous other scenarios all of which we would play out in our time together. As I had already ridden his cock for quite a while him taking over the fuck last just over 20 minutes. As we’d run out of possible scenarios for future role plays our dirty talk turned to each other. Mike told me he couldn’t believe he was fucking a boy as young and cute as me, or how hot, tight and talented my arse felt on his cock. He called me names like batty boy, bitch boy, pussy boy, cock whore and slut all of which turned me on. As for me I told how hot and hunky he was and what a great fucker and how good his big black cock was making my arse feel. As Mike was already fucking me with everything he had he didn’t slip into a pre-orgasm fuck frenzy but I sensed the sexual tension rising in him and saw the battle against impending orgasm playing across his sexy face. “Yeah cum in my arse, pump me full of cum.” I lustfully begged as I increased the tempo of flexing and squeezing my arse on his rapidly pounding cock. Mike still kept on fucking me. “Just think of all those schoolgirls you spunked in secretly wishing they were boys well now’s your chance.” I said giving him my best slutty sultry look at odds with the innocent appearance of my face. “Fuck!” Mike screamed as he brutally slammed his big thick black cock ball deep into my arse one last time. His thick cock swelled even wider a nanosecond before I felt the first bolt of cum exploded from his cock and splatter against the pleasurably sore throbbing walls of my battered boy cunt. Mike loudly cried out “Fuck” with each of the 12 big ejaculation he fire into my arse which is so receptive it felt each and every one. As he orgasmed he fucked me with short, deep hard thrusts of his thick 8 inch cock “Yeah breed my bitch boy arse.” I purred as I savoured feeling his warm cum flood into me, it acting like a soothing balm on the battered walls of my boy cunt. When Mike’s intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a heaving sweaty heap pinning me against the concrete paving slabs by the pool. The minor discomfort was more than worth it as my arse had that intensely pleasurable ache that let you know it had taken one harsh very enjoyable fuck. The walls of my battered boy cunt throbbed like the pulsing vein of an angry guy about to blow his top. My prostate felt like it had been in a fight with Mike Tyson and my highly productive teenage balls had already brew up yet another load of cum from the beating my male G spot had taken. My sphincter felt so sore and swollen but in a nice way. My hard 8.5 inch cock throbbed like mad sandwiched between our sweat slick stomachs. The stench of his manly sweat filled my nostrils and acted between than any aphrodisiac. My subtly sculpted chest felt his heart thumbing in his chest as his spent cock twitched in my spunk splattered arse to a matching beat. My hands caressed his sweaty back as I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his cock to prolong his orgasmic high. When he finally recovered he lifted his head up and looked down at me. His dark brown face had an orgasmic flushed red tinge too it and his almost black eyes had that orgasmic glaze to them. “Thanks, that was a hot fuck.” I purred as I savoured the hard fucked pleasure radiating out from my battered boy cunt. “I should be thanking you, making me dream to fuck a schoolboy come true.” Mike said after chuckling at what I said. “Well soon you’ll be screwing more.” I said before giving him a quick kiss. “Now suck my boy cock bitch.” I commanded as the urge to cum was intense after taking such a long hard fuck. The tables had been turned yet again and now I was in control and he was my willing sex slave. Mike crawled down my sports toned teen body before his mouth began attacking my really thick, 8.5 inch uncut cock with relish. Mike’s gay sex life had mainly been as a top but he was certainly a cock sucking pro. My cock was buzzing from the pleasure his mouth was lavishing on it. He was sucking my cock as hard as if I had stuck my knob in a Hoover attachment, not that I have tried it but you know what I mean. His tongue was like an electric eel dancing around my big throbbing boyhood. It felt like he was coaxing out enough pre-cum to fill a goldfish bowl. His thick reddish brown lips were wanking the really thick shaft of my throbbing cock as good as any hand job. The sight of a really sexy 23 year old black guy sucking on my big tanned teenage cock was highly erotic. Then he started finger fucking my arse. First with his middle finger but when it located my swollen prostate he added a second and then third keeping up the assault on my G spot that his swollen knob had started. Mike had already fucked me almost to orgasm so there was no way I could hold out against the dual pleasure of his expert blow job and rough finger fucking for long. His hot wet, strongly sucking mouth and dancing tongue made my cock buzz with pleasure and throb like mad. Each time his three fingers jabbed my swollen prostate the tightness in my balls intensified. On top of that physical pleasure there was the highly erotic sight of a dam sexy 23 year old black guy sucking my tanned teenage cock. “Get ready for my schoolboy spunk.” I moaned as the pre-orgasm warning tingle in my cock intensified. “Soon you’ll be getting lots more when my mates and I circle jerk into your mouth and feed you lots of tasty schoolboy spunk. You’re going to be our new cum dump.” I added as a domineering rush coursed through me. Mike muffled a moan of pleasure at the thought of being at the sexual mercy of a gang of horny teenage schoolboys. Mike was more top but he would end up gladly switching roles just to get off with more boys. Then his fingers jabbed my prostate at the same moment his tongue flicked the sensitive underside of my knob where my foreskin joined pushing me over the edge. “Cumming.” I moaned as the first bolt of cum raced down my cock and exploded into his strongly sucking mouth. Mike Pulled up and just sucked and licked my swollen sensitive knob as it powerfully spunked up into his mouth. He muffled moans of pleasure at the taste of my teenage cum coating his tongue. My sports toned body shuddered at the intensity of my orgasm which despite the number I already had that day was still a voluminous one, powerfully pumping 8 big long thick rope of schoolboy spunk into his mouth. When my orgasm ended Mike pulled his mouth off my cock and swilled and savoured my schoolboy spunk before swallowing it. As I was lost in an orgasmic daze and he was so strong he hoisted me up and flung me over a sun lounger as if I was a rag doll. Before what was happening registered he’d already slammed his thick 8 inch dark brown cock up my sore cum splattered arse. The tables had been turned yet again and now I was under his domineering control. He launched into a long brutally hard, intensely pleasurable fuck. He used the full length of his 8 inch cock so if the prominent ridge of his circumcised knob wasn’t pounding the hell out of my sex swollen sphincter the thick meaty girth of his veiny cock shaft was stretching it to the max and making it burn with pleasurable friction. The sore walls of my arse throbbed pleasurably form the harsh pounding Mike’s big black cock was giving them. Every time he bottomed out I felt his cum from our previous fuck bubble around his thick ridged circumcised cock head. As I was still in my post-orgasm daze I passively took the harsh fucking he was giving me. However once I had recovered I became my usual power bottom self. “Spank my white bitch boy arse as you fuck it with your big black cock.” I lustfully begged looking at him over my right shoulder. His facial expression of determined physical exertion and sexual pleasure was replaced with a domineering grin. As he continued to brutally fuck my tight teen arse he started harshly slapping each buttock alternatively until they were soon stinging like mad and red raw. It takes Mike ages to cum even more so the second time around so he pounded away at my arse for ages. Even though my arse was sore the intense hard fucked pleasure radiating out from it far outweighed the mild discomfort. My pert spanked buttocks enjoyed the stinging burn in them as my widely stretched sphincter threatened to catch fire from the pleasurable friction of his rapidly thrusting big thick cock sawing against it. The walls of my arse pulsed from the brutal pummelling they were taking and my cock had not lost its hardness despite my orgasm. As he fucked me I flexed and squeezed my arse muscles on his big black cock intensifying the pleasure for both of us. Mike only has one fuck speed and that is full tilt. Therefore he didn’t slip into a pre-orgasm fuck frenzy but I sensed the sexual tension rising in him so I upped the tempo of flexing and squeezing my arse on his cock. “Yeah Mike cum in me again.” I begged eager to feel him squirting his black baby batter into my battered boy cunt. To help him along the way I gave him my best slutty lustful look over my right shoulder. That and my flexing arse pushed him over the edge. With a loud grunt from both of us mike brutally slammed his thick 8 inch black cock ball deep into my battered white boy cunt one last time. My arse is so receptive it felt his big cock swell, throb and twitch in my arse as it powerfully blasted another load of cum deep into it. “Take my cum batty boy.” Mike loudly groaned as he squirted the first bolt into me and loudly grunted with sexual ecstasy and release with the remaining eight. My quivering sore young arse felt all nine jets pump into me to mingle with the load he had already fired up there. As he spunked up in me I continued to hold his gaze watching his dark brown face twitch with his orgasm as I gave him my slutty sultry look. At the same time I carried on flexing and squeezing my arse on his cock to milk him dry. Even after his orgasm ended I carried on until he recovered and pulled his spent cock from my battered arse. Free from his cock I spun around and began greedily sucking and licking it clean of the delicious sex slime of my arse juice and his creamy cum. Mike looked down to watch a choirboy cute almost 16 year old blond boy licking and sucking his big brown cock not believing his luck. Once it was clean I gave him a passionate kiss with him savouring the taste of the sex slime on my lips and tongue. “I’m going to try and tempt Patrick into fucking me but don’t go as we may have time to squeeze in another fuck before my parents come home.” I said. The grin that appeared on his face at the prospect of another fuck threatened to split it. “I’ll be here.” He replied. After giving Mike a quick peck on his lush reddish brown lips I headed indoors to find sexy hunky straight Patrick and try and seduce him with my wily boyish charms and slutty nature. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquilliam under prolific authors

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