Spencer’s Dream


Kristen let out a sigh as the alarm clock chimed. She rolled over and saw that it was 9:30, time for her to roll out and get ready for her midnight shift at the nursing home. For a brief moment, she had a knot of tension creep into her gut. Could she really go through with it? She tightened up her resolve…tonight was going to be different. She assured herself, and slid her legs out of the smooth, comfortable cocoon.

As she stood, she became aware of her body. Her sleek, transparent gown hid nothing. She moved her hands across her breasts, feeling the tingle as she crossed her nipples. They responded by straining toward the lingering touch, only to be left aching once her fingers departed. Moving across her stomach, she felt her belly button. Her fingers slowly circled, and ever so slowly probed inside. By the time she reached the waistband of her panties, she was nearly panting. With her fingernails, she lightly, oh so lightly, ticked the edges of her panties. She continued on until her fingertips reached the warm triangle between her legs. Slightly parting her legs, she allowed just one finger to trail down and touch herself…

Not yet! She made herself move her hands. She could still feel the sweet moistness in the folds of her lips. She could feel the aching, the burning, and the need for just a few more minutes of touching. The vibrator in the nightstand beckoned her. Her mouth went dry in anticipation, and certainly partly due to the heavy breathing that she was doing. She looked in the mirror, gave herself a smile, patted herself on the crotch of her panties.

“Later, my dear. Later, I promise.”

The shower was invigorating. As the warm water flowed over her body, she let her thoughts move to the thrill events of the coming evening. She quickly washed herself, as she was completely uncertain whether or not she could maintain control again if she allowed her hands to linger. Drying off, she appraised herself in the mirror. At twenty-seven, her C cup breasts were only slightly beginning to slip toward the ground. Her perfectly round, dark nipples were a wonderful contrast against the smooth, white skin of her breasts. She allowed herself to get a tan, but made sure to contrast the effects of the sun with at least a skimpy bikini. Looking further down, she liked the way that her trim bush was surrounded by the outlines of the bikini that she had bought this summer. She kept her lips shaved smooth, leaving a section of pubic hair perched atop her mound like a tropical island standing alone in the ocean. She had considered shaving in the past. Her ex had begged and pleaded until she was sick and tired of listening to him.

“Great, I could have gone all year without thinking of him.” Kristen grumbled as she slid on her see-through white panties, and snapped her matching bra.

Kristen had been married. Once. Once had been enough. What in the world had possessed her, she’d never figure out. Sure, sure, she thought she was in love. When she met John Daniels at the freshman dance at college, he had seemed to have everything she would ever need. He would hold her in his arms at night whispering promises of faithfulness, protection, and prosperity. His dreams of becoming a doctor, and hers’ of becoming a nurse allowed them the knowledge that they would never want for money. Anyway, that’s what everyone split up for, money problems. Oh, how she believed that they could live on their love forever. They dated for nearly two years. Slowly, she allowed him to have his way with her. For months, all she would let him do was touch her with his hands and mouth. She loved the way he caressed her as he was sliding her panties off. He would kiss the small of her back as he massaged her legs and butt. When he lowered his mouth to her clit, she screamed with desire. She would beg to allow him to return the favor. Hour after hour she spent kissing him on the neck while she was unbuttoning his shirt. She would swirl her tongue around his nipples, nibbling them as they stiffened in arousal. As she would unbutton his pants, she loved the way that his hips would instinctively thrust forward in response. He would finger her as she made sweet love to his shaft with her mouth and hands. His butt cheeks would stiffen, and she could feel the head of his manhood swell inside her mouth. She wouldn’t stop. As she swallowed, she could feel their love melting together into a union that could not be undone.

As their relationship büyükçekmece escort grew into more intimate stages, she knew that this was the man for the rest of her life. She gave him her virginity in her sophomore year. What a sweet release for her. Their lovemaking was passionate, romantic, and extremely intense. Long weekends in the mountains would leave her sore, but aching for more. Driving down the road became precarious, as she would lower her head to his lap, unzip his pants to release his cock, and suck on him with every ounce of her lust. There wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do for him, or to him, or allow him to do to her.

Then, they were married. Moving into the apartment was a thrill. They made love every night for a month on the living room floor. He carried her to the utility room, plopped her down on the washer, and fucked her until the cycle ended, then laid her in the floor and finished. They would sneak outside late at night on the back porch and make love quietly so as to not awaken the neighbors. This carried on for nearly two years. By the time she graduated, she was sick and disgusted of working part-time jobs to help pay for the rent, groceries, car payments, and assorted other shit that clutter people’s lives. She would go to school from morning until afternoon, then work as a cashier until after nine o’clock. He was taking five classes in pre-med., and couldn’t work at night. He would be full of energy, and immediately start groping her as soon as she changed into her nightclothes.

“Please don’t start on me again tonight.” she would say.

“If you don’t want to be touched, then don’t go in there and put on thong panties and lacy tops to parade around in front of me. I can’t help it if you still turn me on. You should be happy that I admire your body so much that I can’t resist you.”

“You could at least respect that I don’t care about sex as much as you do. I’m starting to feel like all you want from me is my pussy.”

“You obviously don’t care about it any more. We used to fuck almost every night, and now you wouldn’t even touch my dick to pull it out of a fire. I’d like to know what your problem is!”

Her problem, as she discovered after four years of marriage, was that she didn’t like being married to John. She pulled out and left him after she found a job nearly two hundred miles away. She didn’t even tell him that she was leaving. He had left on a hunting trip with two of his friends, and she packed her belongings and left without a note.

Kristen closed the door behind her, and slid into her Honda. Not exactly the Jaguar that she had always envisioned herself driving, but it would do. The nursing profession had been good to her. She had worked in the emergency room at University Hospital until the personnel cuts had caught her up. One year ago, Lakeview Long-Care Living Center had offered her a good job working nights. She found good people to work with, the pace was slow, and she had one other item of interest. Spencer Windrow.

Spencer, the son of wealthy businessman, Phillip Windrow, had unfortunately driven his Porsche into the side of a water tower after a party with his college roommates. His body, virtually uninjured, was a captive of the brain swelling that followed. He had not uttered a word, his eyes rarely opened, and he never appeared to acknowledge that anyone was talking to him. His parents came to see him every night. They would bathe him, dress him in pajamas, and talk to him until 10:30. Every night when Kristen would come to work, she would talk to Phillip and Judy before she started her shift. After they would leave she would go back in to Spencer’s side, remove his pajamas, put him in his adult diaper, and place his gown on him.

On several occasions, he had already wet himself before she came to see him. She would undress him, bring in a warm washcloth and soap, and bathe him. Many times, as she would wash around his shaft and testicles, he would become aroused. She wasn’t sure how, but she sensed that he had some touch with the real world, but that he just couldn’t voice it. The first few times, she left him erect, and went on about her rounds. Later however, she would feel bad for him, and would go and sit by the side of his bed.

“Spencer, I’m sorry that you can’t talk to me. I guess I’ll just have to talk to you for a while, if you don’t mind.”

She fatih escort would tell her problems to him, and he would just lie there, silently listening. She began letting her fingers linger on his hard rod when he would become erect. It felt so warm. She knew what to do. In the pocket of her blouse, she removed a bottle of hand lotion. She’d brought it to help her hands from becoming so dry from the gloves, but it would serve a much more useful purpose now.

“Spencer,” Kristen would whisper “you just lay back and enjoy a treat that I have for you tonight.”

As one hand glided smoothly up and down the erect shaft, Kristen would manipulate the folds of her pussy lips through her panties with the other. Spencer would begin spurting cum all over her hand and his stomach, while she would be caught in the throes of her own orgasm. Spencer was the only patient who got these special treats from her. She thought that Cynthia; the other night shift nurse had a favorite, but never breached the subject.

Tonight, Kristen was going to move one step further. She had the perfect relationship. She had a man that listened to her. She didn’t have to cook for him, clean up after him, or tolerate him staying gone on ridiculous hunting trips or softball games. She had to clean up a dirty diaper every now and then, but that wasn’t too bad. She was getting tired of her vibrator. She needed a little spice in her life. She could have kicked herself when she realized that she had a hard cock right in front of her, and wasn’t even making use of it.

Phillip and Judy were in the hallway when Kristen arrived to start her shift. They gave her a smile, and told her how happy they were.

“I know that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I could’ve sworn that I saw him try to smile when we came in the room tonight.” Judy said

“You never know what can happen. Comas are mysterious, and sometimes people do make miraculous recoveries. Besides, I seem to have been getting a little more response out of him myself lately.” Kristen replied

“Little Lady, whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.” Phillip pleaded. “Judy and I would love to have our son back, and if you’re helping him with his rehab, we certainly appreciate it.”

“I’m sure that the biggest factor helping Spencer right now is having loving parents to be by his side.”

“Well, thank you. That was so nice of you to say. By the way, we changed Spencer, but we got here a little late, and couldn’t give him the bath he needed.”

“I’ll take care of it for you. Go ahead and go on home. I’ll talk to you tomorrow night.”

Phillip and Judy headed out the door.

Cynthia was at the desk when Kristen came up. “Did you hear about our new Director of Nursing? He’s a doctor. He’ll be providing us with our own in-house physician. Isn’t that neat?”

“Yeah, I guess. When do we meet him?”

“Tomorrow.” Cynthia gushed.

“Well, I’d better spend some time cleaning up tonight, so that he won’t think we’re pigs.” Kristen wanted to be away from Cynthia so that she could go see Spencer.

As she eased open the door, she began talking to him.

“Spencer, it’s just me. I’m going to leave the lights out so that Cynthia won’t aggravate us. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

Kristen eased up beside Spencer’s bed. She reached out and touched his leg. There he was just as she expected him, in his pajamas.

“I’m going to give you a bath, and then I’m going to give us both a night we won’t forget for a while. Sound good to you?”

She moved in the dark to the restroom, filled a pan with warm water, and returned to Spencer’s side. Judy had pulled the sheet up under his neck and Kristen pulled it back down to his ankles. She decided to leave his top on, and began easing his pajama trunks down. As her hand brushed his cock, she felt that it was already nearly hard. Hey, maybe he could understand what was going on. She slid his bottoms completely off, and reached for his underwear. As the waistband slid down, Spencer’s hips ever so slightly raised. She thought that she felt him tremble when she slid his underwear over his feet.

Kristen wet the washcloth, rubbed soap in it, and began to wash Spencer. She could tell that he was already clean and dry, but she wanted to be certain. He smelled so good. Judy must have sprayed some cologne on him when she dressed him for bed. She dried esenyurt escort him off and left him laying half-naked in the dark.

Placing one hand on his cock, she could feel the heat rising in her loins. There was no backing out now. She picked up his cock and lowered her head to it. She could have sworn that she heard a low moan when she placed her lips around the head of his shaft, and began slowly stroking him.

“Easy, Spencer. Just enjoy this. I have a lot more I want to do.”

She began moving her head up and down on his shaft. Oh, the sensations were wonderful. She’d forgotten how good it felt to suck a beautiful hard cock. She reached down between her legs and began rubbing her clitoris through her panties. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she stood up and removed her panties completely, placing them in her skirt pocket. She fingered herself and she sucked Spencer. Low moans were coming from deep in her throat. Her fingering was becoming frenzied. She wanted to taste his cum. She longed for Spencer to shoot into her mouth. She ached for it. But, she ached for something else worse.

Reluctantly, she removed Spencer’s hard cock from her mouth. She eased herself up onto his bed, bunching her skirts up around her waist. She slid forward over him until she could feel his cock between her legs.

“Oh, baby. You’re going to like this.”

Reaching between her legs from behind, she lifted his cock until the head found her soaking entrance. She began easing down. Fireworks filled her as the cock found places that had not been touched by a man in over a year. Kristen allowed herself to completely impale herself on Spencer. Then she began slowly moving up and down. There was no friction. She could feel her moistness running out of her, and down her legs. Each time that she lowered herself, she could feel Spencer’s pubic hairs tickling here bald cunt lips. Biting her lip to keep silent, she came, nearly falling onto Spencer as she did. The world ceased to exist. She could feel nothing except that wonderful, hard cock pushing into her. She reached between her legs to rub her clit; the sensations sent her crashing into another orgasm.

Kristen became conscious of the amount of time that she had spent in Spencer’s room, and became afraid that Cynthia might become suspicious.

“Honey, I want you to come for me. I’m going to stay on top of you until you come in me. Anytime that you’re ready, I’m ready for you.”

Kristen sped up her pace, keeping it just below the point where the bed squeaked. She leaned down close to Spencer in the dark, urging him on. It wasn’t long before she could feel him swell up inside her, and felt his hips lift off the bed slightly.

“Cum, baby. Cum.”

She felt him pulse inside of her, not slowing her pace until she felt him ease back onto the bed. Pulling off of Spencer and sliding off the bed, Kristen could hardly stand up. She felt the slickness of his sperm pushing out of her lips, and sliding down her legs.

“That was awesome baby. I loved it. We’ll do that again.”

Kristen replaced her panties, wiped up the mess on Spencer, and dressed him for bed. She heard a noise down the hallway, and eased out the door before Cynthia came looking for her.

The rest of the shift went fairly uneventfully. As 7:00 a.m. approached, the day shift began arriving. Janice, the day shift supervisor, came in to check that the area was ready for the new Director.

“He’ll be here around seven.” She told the girls.

“We’re ready. Everything’s cleaned up.” They replied

“Kristen, how is Spencer liking his new room?” asked Janice.

“New room. What do you mean?” asked a confused Kristen.

“We moved him out of 105, and into 143. His new room has a window, and Doctor Daniels thought that a room with a view might benefit him.”

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Dr. Daniels? What a coincidence. Kristen was about to panic. Who had she fucked, if it wasn’t Spencer?

“Who…Who was in room 105 last night.” Kristen timidly asked.

“Girl, don’t you read your notes? Dr. Daniels was in there last night, and he’ll be there for a few weeks until he finds a house nearby. You might like him. He’s about your age, good looking, and drives a beautiful black Jaguar.”

“Oh, God. Please tell me I didn’t…”

At that moment, Dr. John Daniels walked in the room.

“Hello, ladies”

Kristen could have died. Her ex-husband. She had never told any of the other girls her ex’s name. She decided to keep quiet. When Janice got to Kristen’s introduction, the doctor looked at her and grinned.

“You probably didn’t know I was here last night, but I did get to witness some of your work. You keep it up like you did last night, and we won’t have any problems. I look forward to my stay here at Lakeview.”

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