Spending Easter with Sister: Day 02


All characters engaging in sexual acts are over 18. This story is based on actual events.


Sarah’s mood improved rapidly as we ate the lamb stew she’d reheated for us. She’d initiated mutual masturbation which led to each using their mouth to give the other pleasure. We’d ended up fucking in the shower, then she had cried. Not because of incest, but because she’d gone completely gutter-mouth during sex and was ashamed. I’d reassured her that it was part of the fun, but now an hour later I thought better of making another sexual overture despite the constant boner under my dressing gown. If the dirty-talk made her ashamed, had she yet processed the fact that she’d sucked and fucked her brother?

We chatted about family, mutual acquaintances, work stuff until it was getting late. The signs were that we were both ready to sleep.

“Oh shit, Dave. Look outside.”

“What? What’s out there?”

“The clothes line. Those are the only set of sheets I have for the single bed. They’ve been out there all night in the rain.”

That was awkward. Considering my fear Sarah was bottling up her feelings about our sexual acts, I proposed a solution:

“No problem. The couch is huge, blankets and a pillow will do.”

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll sort it out tomorrow. Dave, um, don’t be upset that I’m not offering to share my bed. It’s just…”

“Nah, no problem. I’m pretty tired – I’ll be asleep in minutes.”


She got the stuff, I made a bed while she did the things girls do before bed. She kissed me on the cheek, we hugged, then separated for the night.

I slept soundly for a while, then woke up. Despite my exhaustion I remained restless into the early hours of Saturday. I stood to go to the bathroom, dressed only in underwear. I passed my sister’s bedroom door, slightly open, but did not look inside but on the way back the crack in the door allowed me a glance.

Sarah was asleep, the moonlight playing over her resting form. I looked a while. Her blankets were over her lower half, but the pink nighty was visible above them. She lay on her side, facing me, so I could only see her silhouette. I could not resist. I opened the door wider, crept into the room and stood beside my sleeping sister.

Closer now, I saw the cleavage between her lovely breasts, offered to my gaze by the deep vee in the nighty. But her peaceful, beautiful face transfixed me. I saw only peaceful sleep there, not a girl wrestling with her conscience. With a pang of love and another of conscience, I crept back out of the room and went back to my makeshift bed.

I drifted back into a restless sleep, then woke to the sound of breakfast preparations in the kitchen next to the room I was in.

It was warm in there, Sarah had already turned the heater on, so I pulled my jeans on and went to start the day with her.

“Oh, sorry. Did I wake you? I was trying to be quiet.”

“Oh I wasn’t really asleep. What you making?”

“What’s your favourite?”

“You know it – pancakes.”

“Yep, pancakes. Strawberry puree, blueberries, honey and maple syrup to choose from. OK?”

“More than OK! Thanks, Sair.”

We chatted small-talk over a fabulous breakfast of pancakes, fresh coffee, fruit yoghurt and muesli. At the end of it I was a spoilt man, leaning back on my chair with legs outstretched. I looked out of the window. The sky was darkening.

“Looks like more rain Sair. I doubt if the festival will be on today.”

“Nah, probably not. Hey, do you remember the first time you met Brian Washington, my boyfriend at the time, at the same place?”

“How could I forget? You shut me out for weeks after that! It was a mistake, OK?”

She laughed. “Mmm. The band was playing even in the drizzle, Brian got frisky because I was wet and braless, and he was fondling me next to the banyan tree. Then you, little brother, thought a stranger was groping me and went berserk. What was it you said? ‘Back off assface’ was it?”

“Best I could think of at the time!”

Sarah came over and sat on my lap. “My brave little brother. Brian gets a split lip and a bent nose, and you stood between me and those two dickhead mates of his thinking they were gonna have a go at me as well. I saw Brian the other day, first time in years. He still has a scar, you know. And by the way, he is an assface. He told those two morons he’d already had sex with me that day and was trying to get rid of me. So thanks, little bro.”

She kissed me briefly on the lips, then just like the night before it was as if someone switched us from ‘tender’ to ‘lust’. Our mouths pressed together sweetly. Lips nibbled lips, tongues explored, and hands became restless for contact.

I was bare-chested, Sarah stroked my hairs and nipples. It was clear that last night was not going to be a one-off. I stroked my sister’s breasts through the pink nighty. Just like last night she rose briefly, pulled it off over her head, and sat back down on my lap. buca escort bayan Not wanting to feel overdressed, I patted her thigh, so she stood again. I undid my jeans and pushed them to my ankles, before puling my sister back down in my lap.

We kissed some more, this time more passionately. Sarah teased me: “Did you eat up all the stew last night like a good little boy?”

“Yes. Yes I did.”

“Do you remember what I said if you ate it all?”

“I think so. Remind me?”

“I said if you ate it all up I’d let my little brother put his cock in his sister’s cunt again. Remember?”

“Oh yes, I remember now.”

“So what are you waiting for?”

I lifted her up, laid her back on the dining table pushing the remains of breakfast aside, tested her vagina with my fingers and, finding the wetness there, I simply aimed and pushed.

My cock slid in easily. Sarah hissed and moaned as it plundered her insides. It was morning, so I was not going to last long. It really is true about guys in the morning.

I thrust long and gently, Sarah raising her thighs in unison. She closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts while my hands gripped her thighs for better leverage. Perhaps she sensed I was trying to fuck without cumming, and that it was a losing battle. She opened her eyes, locked mine in lust, and just said one word: “Cum.”

I never took my eyes off hers as I thrust eagerly at her. A minute later, my balls clenched at the base of my cock and the semen started its journey. The heat in my cockhead matched the heat in my sister, then I spurted my ropes inside her, gasping with the drumbeat in my chest, five or six times until I was done.

At the last moment my eyes closed but when I opened them there was my gorgeous sister still holding her gaze of love and lust for me. My heart cracked. I think I was falling in love with my own sister.

I stood still for a few minutes, my cock still jerking and twitching as if it had forgotten to stop now that there was nothing left to expel. Still Sarah held my eyes with hers. Then she smiled and said, “Dave. I’m glad it’s gonna rain. Do you think we can stay home and fuck all day?”

“Probably not, but I’m up for the challenge!”

As she giggled her inner muscles pushed my flagging cock out and pulled my creampie with it. Sarah made a sexy show of holding her hand there, then she brought her hand to her lips and licked it.

“Never tasted cum before. It’s not crème brulee but it’s not awful. Noted for later!”

How hot was she? How lucky was I?

We showered separately. I tidied the kitchen and washed up while she fussed (unnecessarily I thought) to pretty herself up. I was in clean T-shirt and jeans, then my apparition arrived. Sarah had dressed in a cotton dress, black with orange and yellow flowers on it. I recognised it instantly, and she saw that I had: “Oh you remember this dress, do you?”

“Hell yes. It’s burned into my memory.”

It was the one she wore at my party when she’d jerked me off for a pity-wank. She chided me: “Yeah, this is the one. Only got the friggin cum stains out of it last week!”

We laughed together. I told her I couldn’t guarantee she wouldn’t have to clean it again.

I was beginning to realise my sister had become more forthright, less reserved as she had matured in the last couple of years. She was only ten months older than me, so I was her ‘little’ brother but since I was always taller, she was always ‘little’ sister.



“I wanna fuck you in that dress.”

“Do you now? No. Not yet at least. OK look. Let’s deal with something first. I am OK with this. You are too right?” I nodded. “Cool. But let’s face the reality. We’re brother and sister and we’ve been fucking. It’s incest. I don’t give a rat’s ass that it’s illegal, but it’s not something you want the local paper to know, right?”

“With you so far. What’s the punch line?”

“Just that there’s lots of people who know us both around here. And you live four hours’ ride away. So that makes me think an occasional get-together is fine but we’re not gonna be, like, a couple.”

“Er, right. Sarah?”


“Serious stuff dealt with. I recall something about ‘all day’ and you’re wearing that dress. Go lay down on your bed so I can lick your pussy.”

Her face melted into girly giggles. She swished one way then the other, the dress billowing as she did so, and gave me a glimpse of bare ass. No panties.

Lifting he hem to make sure I saw her tight round butt, she wriggled off with me three paces behind her trying to undress as I walked.

My sister lay on the side of her bed, pulled the hem of the dress out of the way, held herself behind the knees and said: “Get to work little brother.”

First, I had to take in the sight. My sister, in the floral dress the memory of which alone could get me hard, lay on her bed with her thighs wide apart offering me her shiny pussy. escort buca Again I thought how perfect its shape was. Just the hint of outer lips, those thin inner ones gaping now so I saw the pink insides and the hole between, topped by my target- her tiny clitoris nestled in its protective hood.

“Fuck little sis. If I die now I’ll take this vision to heaven.”

“Hell, remember. Not heaven. So we can still fuck.”

I knelt and kissed her pussy tenderly. She giggled briefly but it was cut off when I poked my tongue inside her vagina, tasting the salty cream there, trying to drink it in.

“Ooooh, nice bro. Take your time. We’ve got all day remember.”

That gave me an idea. I was going to learn how to edge her to the brink then let her fall away, if I could. Maybe I’d even tie her up, so she couldn’t bring herself off. My dick twitched to signal he thought it was a great idea.

Licking along my sister’s slit, I left her clit alone at first. I didn’t even probe her wetness with my fingers. I was trying for a slow build-up. Obviously, Sarah wasn’t going to be able to hold her thighs apart with her hands for long, so I put her legs over my shoulders and went back to lapping gently at her pussy for some minutes. Her breathing was deep, but not rushed, so I thought I was on track. Her head was to one side, eyes closed, and her breasts rose and fell in the confines of her, no my, dress. That dress was forever going to be mine.

To keep a bit of variety, I stopped licking her slit for a while and parted those precious little petals of hers with a finger and thumb of one hand while I dipped just the tip of the middle finger of the other hand inside her slippery cunt. Little thrusts of her hips told me I was doing fine – she was building but not quickly.

Patiently pleasuring my sister, from that vantage I looked closely for the first time at her tiny little asshole. It was like a child had sucked a lemon – a little dark spot surrounded by tight muscular lips. She’d showered recently so I tried something new. I licked her asshole just once to taste it. She flinched, I watched it twitch briefly. The taste was of salty sweat, and not the thing I feared. I didn’t love it, but it would come in handy later…

Back to her pussy. I reached up and grabbed a pillow, partly to raise her hips for better access and partly because it had a dry towel on it. The pussy-juice was glistening all around her opening as I resumed my little finger-invasion – I got the towel under her just in time for the first clear droplets to coalesce into a rivulet and head south. I watched in fascination, like a boy watches raindrops on a window pane, as it traced a path beside her asshole and slowed to form a drip on her buttock before falling the last centimetre onto the towel.

I traced the path back upwards with my tongue, turning the little rivulet into a slick wet line. This time I licked all the way to just above her clit, around the hood, and back down to stick my tongue inside her again. Sarah arched her hips up, trying to get contact with her clit, moaning as she did.

“Fuck Dave. Are you trying to tease me?”

“Hell yes.” My answer was muffled because I hadn’t taken my mouth right off her pussy.

“OK then.”

My face was wet. My next idea took shape. With just a fingertip inside my sister, I poked my tongue into her belly-button then rose up to kiss her on the lips. She must have been fully aware that she was going to taste her own pussy but she didn’t hesitate. I practically wiped my face on hers as I tongue-kissed her. In that position I grabbed my cock, pushed it inside her to the hilt, held it for three or four seconds while she bucked at it, then took it out. She giggled: “Bastard!”

Kneeling again with her legs over my shoulders, I kissed and nibbled those thin little crinkles of pink flesh again. But now I pushed my index finger to the third knuckle inside and felt her insides clamp around it. Her hips tried to fuck my finger. She mewed and moaned, her breathing hastened into panting. I spoke and told her my rules:

“I’m going to tease you until you can’t take any more, then I’m going to stop. You will hold the headboard of the bed. If you try to get yourself off, I will stop you and not touch you until you’re holding the headboard again. Remember, you cannot let go of the bed. Clear?”

“Yes sir!”


She grasped the headboard and I went back to work.

This time I put two fingers inside her and frigged her quickly until her thighs trembled, then took them out. She was panting, but I didn’t touch her for a minute. Her tits heaved a little, I could see her hardened nipples straining against the fabric. Just like they did when I blew a wad on them in my fondest memory.

Leaning in I buried my face between her thighs and licked inside her, to be rewarded with a low moan and some thigh-bucking as a quick flush of juice escaped her pussy. I drank it in and licked some more. Sarah’s buca escort hand came to the back of my head but I leaned back to stop all body contact except her legs on my shoulders: “Your hand.”

She put it back where I had commanded her. So I rewarded her with the two fingers again.

I think I may have frigged her a couple of seconds too long. Still holding the headboard, my sister shook and trembled while panting hard, her upper thighs bathed in slick juice. The shudders lasted maybe five seconds without me touching her pussy so I thought maybe she’d climaxed. The tremors settled, I stroked around her pussy with both hands, then a minute later I put both thumbs inside her pussy from the sides and opened her up quite hard.

“Jesus Dave if you don’t let me cum now I’ll die.”

“Not yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.”


With both my thumbs folded in her up to the palms, I wriggled them about. The soft folds of her tunnel squished around them, and she moaned rhythmically. I relented. Leaning to her, I spread her open and put my flat tongue directly onto her aching clit, licking upwards while I double-thumb-fucked her. She squealed and grabbed my head, fucking my face, as she blasted into a long, squelching, trembling orgasm in which her thighs nearly crushed my head. After a few seconds the shuddering subsided. Copious fluids now wetted her thighs, I licked at it, at her asshole, inside her tunnel, over her cuntlips. She came again, swearing all the time: “Oh fuck. F-fuck. Mnngh. My cunt. My pussy is on fire. Lick… Ooh oh. Oh fuck…”

A little roughly, she pulled my hair to force me up and away from her enraged clit, up until I was on top of her. In her eyes was urgent lust. She just said, “Gimme your cock.”

I plunged it into her, laying on top, her nipples poking at me through the dress I loved so much. Her hands went to my ass and she pulled me in against her upward-thrusting hips. And she came a third time, little shivers and shakes which translated into pulses on my cock. She was way up there in the clouds and I wanted to fly there with her too. So I fucked her hard and fast, my little sister, my cock a blur in her molten cunt. We began to pant. I kissed her open-mouthed, and we panted into each other. My orgasm boiled quickly, my ass puckered, and I jetted gobs of pure white incest into my sister’s womb.

Maybe it took ten seconds, maybe it took ten minutes, but that ejaculation pulled my very being out through the end of my cock and deposited it in my sister’s cunt. It felt like gallons. I thought I could hear it: jsst jsst jssssttt…

Did we lose consciousness? I don’t know. I recall the feeling that my mind slowly reconnected with the world after there being nothing in it but my jetting cock and her wet lava cunt. I heard a bird sing, a car some miles away. Then my sister bit my ear gently: “Some reward for eating all your supper, little bro! Do you like your sister’s cunt?”

“Oh god Sair. Why did we have to be brother and sister? I wish we could be together all the time.”

“Me too Dave. Me too. But maybe this is better, eh? No mortgages and going out together and anniversaries and shit. Just mind-blowing sex. Yeah, this is better.”

It was late morning. I lay beside my sister on her bed, she with her head on my chest idly playing with my chest hairs. We lay like that for hours. I was naked, she still had that favourite dress on. It was getting warm; the heater was still on. She hopped up to go turn it off, then reappeared fully naked next to me.

We’d given up trying to protect the sheets from our juices. Sarah had gushed a fountain’s-worth and it had mixed with my jizz and oozed out of her. Gross it may have been, but we didn’t care.

This time Sarah began lazily stroking my cock. It had only been an hour since I’d cum inside her, so I wasn’t expecting any imminent action. Sure it hardened, but not fully. Sarah was fascinated by it, not erect but not flaccid.

She scooted down my stomach so she was crouched on her side, head on my lower belly, and popped the end into her mouth. She simply held it there, tongue-teasing it, while she wanked my shaft. It was heavenly, but my thing chose not to get fully erect.

It took my sister five or six minutes of mouthplay before I was properly hard. She kept up on my shaft with her hand while licking and sucking the end. I just lay there in raptures. We were in no hurry.

She stepped it up a notch. For maybe ten minutes she’d had her head sideways on my stomach while playing with my cock in her mouth. Now she angled further down and started bobbing her head quite fast on me. I don’t know how she did it, but in seconds I’d gone from ‘Hmmm this is sooo good’ to “Fuck Sair. I’m gonna cum!”

And I did, straight into her throat. My sister licked and gulped while she milked my cum into her mouth, my thighs tensing as the pulses rocked me. So much for a slow all-day fucking, I thought. My sister is just too fucking good with her mouth.

My cock subsided rapidly, and Sarah took her mouth off it with a slurp to make sure she hadn’t missed any of my jizz. She smiled up at me. “Yeah, not a bad taste. I could put up with it!”

I told her jokingly: “Yeah, OK but I really don’t like getting sucked off…”

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