Sperm storage with mom help part 1


Sperm storage with mom help part 1It all started when i was a teen. I was living with my mom and my older sister in a quiet small town. My dad was dead for a year now. I discovered masturbation a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it a lot like any boy. I had one girlfriend but it did not last very long. My only concern at this time was girls and women. I was having erection 5 times a day without any stimulation and I was jerking 2 or 3 time per day. We lived in a small house but very decent. I and mom got separate room on the 2nd floor and my sister had her room in the basement. We had a pool outside the house in the backyard and it was very private with all the trees around it. I was jerking off to porn on my computer in my room most of the time. I was trying to stay quiet to make sure mom and s*s don’t hear me or suspect anything. But my mom knew I was always excited and that I jerked a lot but I did not knew it at this time.Sometime I was peeking at my mom while she got dressed in the morning. Mom got 36 D boobs a small waist and large hips. She was working out often and she always took care of herself. She was very hot and mans was looking at her when we were at the grocery or in any public place. She was not dressing very provocative but I know she liked the fact that man where looking at her. Often she worked out at home and she wears those yoga pants. When she stretch I was around to look at her firm ass, she used a step machine to train and I could not keep my eye off her when she was on it. I was doing my best not to get caught at any time; the urge of looking at her was so strong. Normally after looking at mom for 4 or 5 minutes I got a big hard on and went back to my room to empty my balls. After a little while I got enough of ejaculating in a tissue and I started to shoot my loads in a plastic recipient with a lead. It was a game for me to see how much cum I can shoot every day in that recipient and I cleaned it at before I go to bed. The smell was quite strong when I emptied the plastic bowl but I managed not to get caught by mom or s*s. One day I was walking from my room to the water closet with my cum recipient in my hand mommy saw me. She silently followed me and looked through the door crack to see what I was doing. She saw me cleaning the bowl and drying it, she hide while I was going back to my room with my cleaned cum recipient. The next day was a Saturday, my sister left the house early and I was alone with mom in the house. I went down to the kitchen and found mom dressed with her sexy dressing gown, I was quite surprise since I never see mom with this dress in years, she was very sexy. I was coming down ümraniye escort slowly and I saw that the dressing gown was a little loose on her but I tried no to pay attention to it. Mom: good morning young manMe: good morning mom.Mom: I have cooked some egg and bacon for you, there is bread and orange juice on the table if you wish.Me: thanks mom, you look very good this morning, I don’t see you with this dress very often?Mom: My other dressing gowns are not cleaned yet so It is the only I have for now. I did not wear that for a long time. Do you like?Me: yes, it suits you well.I sat down at the table and did my best to hide my morning bone under the table. I was kind of weird because I think I saw mom looking at my boxer a couple of time. Mom was cooking and I was drinking my orange juice and enjoying the sight of her in that sexy dress. I could see the end of her ass cheeks since the dress was very small, I was wondering if she wear any underwear. She turned at me.Mom: your eggs are almost ready darling.At the very moment she turned to me the dressing grown opened up just enough for me to see her tits coming out. I could not believe my eye, her nipple was pink and hard, the shape of her breast was awesome and she did not look her age at all. I could not leave my eye from her wonderful figure. She noticed it and smiled.Mom: I’m sorry boy; this dress is not covering much. Do you want me to change?Me: no mom it’s alright I really don’t mind.Normally my morning boner was gone 5 minutes I was up but after 20 minutes I was still hard. She bent over to pick up something in the bottom drawer and I could see that she wear no panty and she shave her vagina. At this point I understood she was trying to turn me on, and it worked. She finally sat down with me and we had breakfast. I could not stop looking at her all the time and she knew it, she was acting like a slut in front of me and I understood she planned all that. She just smiled at me and seems very comfortable with me looking at her in that way. She even opens her top so I can see better but in a very discreet way. Once we were done she asked.Mom: Honey I wonder how you are doing lately?Me: I’m doing great.Mom: I understand that you are a growing man and that you are experiencing things.Me: okMom: I have seen some change in your behaving lately and I want to make sure you have all you need in your life.Me: you are a great mom don’t worries about it.Mom: honey I know you look at me when I dress, when I work out when I am in the pool. You like your mommy body don’t you?Me: ….(I am so surprised, this can’t be my mom talking to me)Mom: it okay baby. At your age it is normal kadıköy escort to have sexual desire and needs. I know you like jerking your cock a lot, like any boy your age. The problem for mommy is that I don’t find any tissue anymore under your bed and I wonder why?Me: I pick them up and put it to trash mom,Mom: I know you don’t… one thing you need to know is that mommy does not have sex very often. And mommy love sperm.Me: don’t you think things are getting a little fucked up mom?Mom: get over it! I am not only your mother but I am also a woman with sexual need. Since you started to cum in those tissues a couples of years ago it was a daily pleasure for me to pick them up and smell them, even taste them sometime. I use your tissue full of cum to masturbate. The smells of your sperm turn me on but I don’t find your tissues anymore.At this point my dick was leaking a lot of pre cum, and it start to feel a little uncomfortable in my boxers. I know she noticed it but she was in control of the situation and act like nothing is wrong.Me: mom I am not sure where this conversation is going?Mom: okay I make it clear. I saw you emptying a plastic container in the bathroom. Why do you clean that every day before bed?Me: ehhh… Mom: come on young man tell me the truth.Me: I cum in the plastic recipient during the day I wash it before bed. That way I can see how much cum I can extract from my balls.Mom: so that why I don’t have cum anymore for myself. Mommy is happy that you told her the truth. I will reward you for this. She stand up and walk to the kitchen, open the bottom drawer again but this time when she bent over she spread her leg so I can see her holes. She stood there more than necessary to provoke me.She came back with a 500 ml plastic container and a large shooter glass.Mom: here is what we will do. We will collect your sperm in that plastic recipient and put it to the freezer. It is very important that you keep your cum in freezer to keep it fresh. Use the glass shot every time you cum and transfer your cum in the bigger container. Do you understand?Me: okay mom, but what will you do with it?Mom: I just love cum and I have many ideas, don’t worries I will tell you when I use the sperm. You will know what happen with it. But for now get you boxer off. Mother is going to empty your balls. I wish to make sure you know how we manage this. Stand in front of the table now.I stood up, she removed my boxer.Mom: ohh my son you have a pretty penis. 7 inches and this pre cum… o my. Let me taste the pre cum.She got on here knew and with her tong lick the tip on my cock. She stick her tong in my pee hole.Mom: it taste so good son. tuzla escort Me: mom you are such a whore.She looked at me with this face that says you did something bad. I was thinking: crap I just ruined all this with a trash word. She smiled.Mom: I guess you are right… but don’t call me name like this when other people around, this is our secret. She removed her dress, we were both naked, and she place the plastic bowl in front of my cock. She placed one hand on my balls and one hand on my penis. She looked at me with a smile and start jerking off.Mom: okay baby try to build up that orgasm to make sure we have as much cum as possible out of this balls. You can touch mommy as much as you wish and call me any name too.I was in trance, I forgot she was my mother, now she was just a slut who will empty my balls. Her only purpose at this moment was to extract the sperm from my balls. I put one finger in her vagina while she stroked my cock on my side.Me: your cunt is all wet.Mom: yes my boy, mommy is completely turned on by sperm. Mommy will make sure that you are empty all the time. How many times a day do you cum?Me: 3 times sometimes. Mom: okay this will be our minimum. Then in 2 month from now we will have a great amount of your cum. From now on son your mother is your personal prostitute. I could not hold any longer. Me: I’m going to shoot!!!She aimed my dick to the plastic container and all the cum went in. I shot like never before. She could not believe how much cum I just shot. The bottom of the plastic bowl was white sticky warm smelly cum.Mom: o boy that a lot of cum baby! It smells so good! She then took my cock and put her lips around the tip, she looked at me in the eye and blow really hard to make sure my dick was empty of cum. She stroked it a little more and made sure I was all cleaned.She then stand up took the bowl, closed the lid and walk to the freezer.Mom: here boy. If mommy is not here and you need to ejaculate, the recipient is just here in the freezer. First cum in the glass shooter and then put it in the plastic bowl without putting it out of the freezer. The freshness of the cum is critical.Me: and if sister find it?Mom: I don’t care, she don’t need to know all I do. I need you to tell me if you need help with masturbation, you can ask for it at any time. Also come inside my room when you wish to see me naked in the morning or at night. Don’t be shy. When I work out you can stay in the room with me also and look at my body. Son this is our secret don’t reveal it to anyone. Your sister must stay out of this.Me: okay mom, do you know I will come to you often to help me with ejaculation?Mom: yes I know baby.On that day mom jerked my cock 5 times and collect all the sperm. I was wondering what is next and why she collected the cum. I keep the glass shooter in my room all the time and I always think about ejaculating for my mother.End of part 1.

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