Spider and the Fly – Part 2


Spider and the Fly – Part 2How large must a web be to catch the fly, only the spider knows.Recap: Robert and Jean, two risk takers have had their first swinging experience, during which he got to watch his wife engaged in interracial sex. Since he tends to be a voyeur and she tends to be an exhibitionist they both got off on what had taken place. It was great sex but her black partner mentioned it would have been so much better if he didn’t have to use a condom. Since her husband had a vasectomy she hasn’t used any kind of birth control.Now a couple of days later Jean is having coffee with her friend Barb, the one who had first told jean about her own BBC experience.“How was it?” Barb asked.Jean took a deep breath, let it out and replied, “It was fantastic, I never knew it could be so good. Later, after he left Robert and I fucked and my orgasm almost curled my hair.”Both women had a good laugh over that.“The guy also suggested that it would be better if we did it bareback so he could cum inside of me. Actually I‘ve always like that feeling but you know I’m not on any kind of birth control,” Jean said. The Barb looked her in the eye and said, “And?”“We’re talking about it but this Saturday puts me nine days into my cycle.”“Hmm, I know how exciting you find risks so I’ll bet you’ll take this one.”Then Jean replied, “You might be right but the consequences would be long lasting if I do decide to fly too close to this web.”Ah yes, the spider and the fly, I guess you’ll both have to decide how big a risk you want to take,” Barb said.Chapter 2:Once again it’s late Saturday afternoon and my wife is just a bundle of nerves, if it gets any worse she’ll probably throw up. I can see the wheels in her head are spinning at warp speed.“Say babe, if this is too great a strain then you can just walk away even though I know how much you like taking risks,” I said. “No matter what you decide I’ll support you but in the end it’s up to you.”Decisions, illegal bahis decisions, that’s the rub; Play it safe or enjoy the thrilling ride.Needless to say when we arrived at the party she was full of sexual tension. That would be an understatement because when I put my hand on her leg I thought Jean was going to hit her head on the car’s roof she jumped so much.Finally we got out of the car and I took her in my arms, giving her a long, slow kiss and let her know no matter what happened I still loved her. She took a deep breath and we headed for the door.Once again Barb and Jack greeted us at the door. We all went in, claimed a table and had a couple of drinks, something that Jean was in real need of by that point.Not seeing Winston around she kind of relaxed as we all made small talk then the women began to talk of girl things. Jack and I just relaxed and let the evening progress as there was a nice band playing in the corner of the room.We also danced with our wives and then switched wives. They also danced a bit with several other unattached guys, both black and white.Everyone was relaxed until Barb’s favorite black stud showed up along with Winston.Now the real fun began.Chapter 3:Jack and I got up and let the two black guys sit by our wives in the booth. After some light hearted talk we noticed their hands going up our wives legs and wrapping their other arms around the wife of their choice.Jean still had that sort of dazed look, like a deer caught in a head lights, but the drinks kind of settled her down. Finally Barb, Jack and their guy took off for a private room. Then Winston got up, offered his hand to my wife and the three of us headed for the private rooms.Up a short flight of stairs and down the hall to an empty bedroom then we went inside. Once there I settled into a chair across from the bed and watched the slow mating dance begin. First he massaged her arms while unbuttoning and slipping off illegal bahis siteleri her blouse. Then he moved in, kissed her lips and neck after that got her to stand up while he pulled down the pants she was wearing.After that the shoes came off. Winston like me, prefers having sex with bare footed naked women.Finally they were both lying on the bed caressing each other while his fingers then his tongue worked their black magic. Jean for her part was returning the favor, even sucking his dick for a while.As this was going on her breathing had changed and she was moaning or giving off those delightful little squeaks I enjoy hearing so much.Eventually he slid on top of her then headed south for some tongue action with her pussy. This really got her going as she spread her legs and rolled her hips to help him.Finally came the moment came, yes there was a condom ready just in case. Then she looked at me, I smiled, nodded yes and gave her a thumbs up.Jean took a long, deep breath and reached down for his dick. Once she found it her hips rotated a bit and the head was guided into her pussy, it was time for bareback sex. She’s usually uncomfortable at first so as I expected her body would be tense and she was almost a hissing as Winston started sliding into her. After a few moments things relaxed and he began to give her full strokes into her now very wet pussy.On and on it went, slow sliding back by him, her rotating her hips just a bit with every stroke and that lovely sight of his dark ass going up and down between her strong white legs.Finally he began to speed up and tighten his grip on her. She responded by crossing her legs over him and locking her ankles while pulling his ass into her as deeply as she possibly could with each of his downward strokes.As the intensity of their fucking increased both had their eyes closed as they almost became one. Finally he tightened his grip on her shoulders, grunted and pushed canlı bahis siteleri himself as far as he could go inside of her and held himself there .Jean started gasping and holding him even tighter as she enjoyed her orgasm, which was highlighted by feeling him twitching inside of her and feeling the warmth of his black baby seed deep inside her pussy.This time they both remained locked together as they relaxed and breathed deeply as one.Finally he opened his eyes, looked into hers and asked if he could go again. She eagerly nodded yes as he was starting to get hard again so he could resume his fucking.After the second deposit inside of her they both rolled apart but held on to each other.Then I got up, went over and kissed my wife. I told her that scene was hot as hell to watch, to which she smiled and give me another kiss back.After a quick trip to the bathroom to let some of his cum drain out of her I knew it was time to head back home.Winston thanked me again as we shook hands and suggested if she ever wanted to try this again he might bring along another black friend. I thought for a second and said if she agreed to doing this again that it would be okay with me. I just hoped my heart could stand all the excitement if she agreed.Finally Jean came out of the bathroom, put on her clothes and we headed back home.This time the sex was easier as there was still some of Winston’s black cum inside of her. No matter as her orgasm this time was as intense as it ever could be.After we finished the both of us just laid on our bed and cuddled. After she took are of all the cum leaking out of her, I took a piss and we got back in bed.This time she was buzzing and said that Winston was right about it being so much better bare back. Then I mentioned the comment he’d made about his bringing a friend to join in the fun if she wanted to have sex with him again.I got no response to that comment as she grew closer and went fast to sleep.Now the waiting begins to see if she will have her period.If so, things might settle down but I doubt it. If not then I guess we’ll start preparing to be parents.In the shadows the spider is wondering if the web needs to be just a bit larger.

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