SpitI led her into the room by a short chain leash, which was attached to a thin metal collar clasped tightly around her throat. She was already on her hands and knees, crawling, wearing only my the lingerie I picked out for her earlier in the morning: matching black lace bra and thong. I pulled her over to the bed, where I sat on the edge. She sat back on her heels, kneels on the floor, looking up at me eagerly. Her big, beautiful eyes widened as I wrapped my hand around her soft, sensitive throat and tilted her head back. I bent down and kissed her deeply, swirling our tongues around, tasting her lips. I sat back on the bed and grinned as she slowly undid my belt, unfastened the button on my jeans, lowered the zipper, then pulled them off in one motion. I stepped out of my pants and boxers as they fell to the floor. My kitten smiled innocently as she started to fondle me, running her fingers over my swelling member, wrapping her hand around it and starting to stroke. I was growing harder and harder in her hand. I grabbed the leash where it attached to the halkalı escort collar, and used it to pull her face down into my crotch, taking my hard cock into her warm, wet mouth.She ran her tongue over my dick, focusing on the head, using it to make circles around the sensitive tip. She slowly began to take more and more of my cock into her mouth, bobbing her mouth up and down on my throbbing meat. She would occasionally pull my cock from her mouth, letting a long string of drool run from her tongue to the tip of my cock. She’d spit onto it, using her small hands to lube up my shaft and continue to please me with her hands. I moaned as she finally took my entire cock into her mouth, forcing it into her throat. My heavy, cum-filled balls were resting on her chin as her thick full lips were wrapped tightly around my cock. I was in bliss as she began to gag on it, forcing it into her throat with each downward movement. She was choking on my hard cock, and she was loving every second taksim escort of it. “Good girl,” I’d murmur, as my cock disappeared into her eager mouth. I roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, leaned down, and spit into her mouth. She purred as she tasted it, swirling it in her mouth, mixing it with hers, then using it all to continue her sloppy, wet blowjob.I stood up and pushed her back a bit so that her head was tilted back, then roughly shoved myself into her mouth and began to facefuck her in earnest. I had both hands wrapped tightly in her hair, using it to steady her head as I thrust into her mouth. My cock was hitting the back of her throat, making her choke, gag, and gasp. Her eyes began to water, the tears sliding down her cheeks. Drool was running out of her mouth heavily now, dripping onto her breasts, soaking her bra, and slowly dripping down toward her tummy. It was messy, it was rough, but my little pet never complained. Every now and then, when I rewarded her with a break to catch her breath, I’d şişli escort reach down and play with her wet, slick breasts. I pulled her bra down to reveal her hard nipples and large, gorgeous areolas. I would spit on them as well, adding to the mess and the wetness. Letting her feel the warmth of my saliva on her tits, rubbing it on them, pinching her nipples.Our fluids mixed on her body, and in her mouth, and I knew I had one more to give her. I began to thrust harder, fucking her face faster, feeling my cock totally engulfed in her warm mouth. She was choking as I held her face down on my dick, my balls aching, so ready for release. I started to cum, shooting the first few ropes of hot, sticky cum down her throat. I quickly pulled out, so that the rest of my jizz landed on her lips, chest, and breasts. I watched in bliss as she licked the cum off her lips, tasting me, smiling. She ran her hands all over her chest, rubbing my cum into her skin, then licked her palms and fingers, getting more of my sticky load into her mouth. She was purring with delight as she tasted the result of her work. I looked down at my little kitten, a beautiful mess, completely covered in spit and cum. She still said nothing as I led her out of the bedroom, still on her hands and knees, and towards the bathroom to get her cleaned up. She knew that it was her turn for pleasure later in the evening.

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