St. Paddy’s Day

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It always has a very festive carnival atmosphere. A wild anxious crowd lets their hair down for the first time since New Years. Starting the fun is the crowning of St Urho the night before St. Paddy’s Day. The next day, St. Patrick’s Day, the late morning parade starts the official kick off of the party. People travel from miles around to be a part of the festivities. It’s a great time to see friends from far and near.

The day was warm and sunny almost a spring day for a change. Seems like St. Patrick’s Day for what ever reason can be the windiest, rainiest, coldest day. Those cold rainy days would force every one except the very hardiest into the numerous bars located in the business district where the parade route wound up one street and down the next, closing traffic from late morning till the bars closed late at night. Being cold and crowding into the bars isn’t all bad. It’s virtually wall to wall people. Above all the talking and loud music it’s common to hear,”Oh he pinched me” or “if you grope me one more time I’ll slap you”. Not as common but often heard is, “Ohhhhh that felt good, I’ll give you a half hour to stop” or “you felt mine I get to feel yours”.

I was stuck working. For the first time in years I couldn’t get to the parade to see the crowd and enjoy the street vendor’s offerings of corned beef and cabbage, green beer and cheap Irish whiskey. I definitely had spring fever. The day seemed like it was never going to end. It was one thing after another and about the time I was ready to leave I got another call and one more thing to take care of. I finally got finished about 7 and thought to hell with it by this time everyone’s had too much to drink and who likes playing catch up to tolerated them. So I headed home.

I was relaxing with a drink and when my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but went ahead and answered it. “Hey Man where the hell are you?” the voice boomed into my ear. The noise in the background told me where the call was coming from. “Hey you better get up here to O’Malley’s its great and you’re missing all the fun!” I replied,” Hey I just got home and don’t feel like playing catch up now.” “Hey we’re all good no need to have to catch”, John explained. I reluctantly agreed to venture out.

In a few minutes I walked through the door at O’Malley’s. The place was full but not overly crowded. Since it was so nice many people were still outside in the streets drinking, visiting and just having a good time. I see John wave at the far end of the bar. I start making my way that way. As I make my way through the crowd I see Carol, with her long curly red hair, green eyes and a bright smile and she sees me. We have a big old St. Paddy’s Day hug with her pressing her curvy voluptuous body against me. My hand slides over her butt. I kiss her cheek and she smiles warmly. We exchange a few words about the day and I move on.

Now Carol and I go back a while. Over the years we ran into each other a few times. She is a little younger and enjoys a younger crowd. Not that neither of us are old by any means. She was between partners güvenilir bahis and so was I. During our brief meeting in the past we petted some, enough to know that if the opportunity ever came up we’d love taking advantage of it.

Still making my way down the bar and I see Kathy. A warm hug and smiles are easily exchanged. She’s tall, thin, long dark hair and dark eyes. Kathy and her husband bought a house I was selling a few years ago and for some reason we ran into each other enough to become social friends. She lost her husband and hasn’t remarried. We talk a few minutes; I kiss her cheek and moved on.

Its now past nine o’clock and the place is rocking. The music is loud and the gals have cleared enough of an area in the back to dance. The dance floor is over crowded and very hard to dance at all. John’s wife, Lynn shows up with her girlfriends, all of which have had more than enough to drink. My other friend Bill is now very interested in Lynn’s friends and is hitting it off real well. Feeling like the third wheel I excuse myself and move down the bar to see Kathy.

I find Kathy near the front door. We try to talk over the noise in the bar and it’s all but impossible. I ask her if she’d like to go somewhere else so we can talk. Her reply as she placed her hand high on my thigh, “I’d love too but there are three of us ladies together tonight and we promised each other that we’d stay together.” Disappointed I tell her I understand as I move her hand over my slacks pressing it against my semi hard member, she smiles and whispers in my ear,” Call me sometime.”

Well that little adventure didn’t work out like I hoped it would. I looked for Carol without success so I decided to leave. On the way home I stopped for a night cap at a neighborhood bar. It’s a quieter scene a good place to relax before going home. I ordered a drink from the bar and sat at a table. Out of no where appeared Carol. She was with another gal that I had met long ago. When I caught her eye, she and her friend came over. I ordered them drinks and we talked about the partying going on uptown. They had been out for most of the day and ready to call it a night. I explained that I was too but wanted to stop for a minute before I went home. Carol told me she was happy I did her green eyes dancing as she talked. Her friend explained she had to work early, excused herself and left. There we were together, Carol and I.

We talked for about half and hour catching up on this and that, family events and so on. Her hand in mine and our eyes meeting, I was reminded of the fun we had a few years ago. We talked about those times, the kissing, the touching, and the teasing. I accused her of being a tease and she laughed and said no it was me. I remembered her well placed touches against my groin leading to long wet kisses, her large breasts and nipples so erect and available. My flirting stares and sneaky brushes over those large full breasts so tightly held in her bra. Yes we were both guilty teasers.

I pulled her close kissing her thin lips. Our lips lingering I tasted the sweetness of her lips türkçe bahis I brushed my tongue slowly over her lips, I felt them part slightly an invitation for more. I pressed my tongue through her parted lips and felt the tip of her tongue. I moved slowly over the tip then pushed deeper. She sighed as I slide my tongue back and broke our kiss.

“Now tell me that wasn’t teasing,” she smiled.

“Who said it was teasing?” I replied.

“Well what was it then?” she coyly asked.

Taking a big chance I smiled while placing my hand on her lap, “The beginning”.

Holding my hand tightly against her thigh, she flirtingly asked,” If that is the beginning how will it end?”

Smiling I replied, “How would you like it to end?”

“I’d love to show you,” she said as she pulled my hand higher.

Feeling her warmth through her jeans I told her, “Let’s not just talk about it this time Ms Teaser?” I winked as I spoke.

“Ms Teaser huh?” she laughed. “I have my car follow me.”

It was a short drive across town to her apartment. I met her at the front of the building. Like two teens we kissed passionately before she unlocked the door. She lived on the second floor I walked behind her admiring her lovely large ass as she climbed the stairs. Almost involuntarily I reached up fondling her round ass as we went up the stairs. We were safe no one was in the stair well. We reached her door she opened it, I followed her in. She sat me at a stool at the counter and told me to wait! She disappeared into the other room.

I could hear her doing this and that. I heard music begin to play and doors opened and closed. She reappeared and led me to the living room. We sat for a very few minutes making out and exploring.

“Shall we get more comfortable?” she whispered.

“I’d love too” I replied

She took me to her candle light bedroom. I started undressing her as she was busy unbuttoning my shirt and removing it. I pulled her sweater off reveling a black lace bra and her lovely large breasts. She was unbuttoning my slacks as I removed her jeans. My excitement was very obvious and she purposely touched me through my boxers as she took my slacks off. She stepped out of her jeans as I stepped out of my slacks. I pulled her close bending down kissing her deeply as we pressed our partially clothed bodies against each other. I unclasp her bra as we kissed, she slides my boxers down and I felt her soft small hand against my manhood. I moaned as we broke the kiss. Her bra fell to the floor and I admired her large full breast. Her areolas were large and pink with firm small nipples already stiff. I rolled them in my fingers as she stroked my stiffing cock.

“Mmmmm,” she smiled “I love to suck” She lay me on the bed and moved down to my now rock hard member. Her tits and ass were very available for my fondling. She licked the head of my cock tasting my precum then swirling her tongue over the head adding to the glisten. She kissed down to my full balls then licked up each side of my now fully erect cock. Taking it her mouth I watched it disappear. Her mouth was smooth güvenilir bahis siteleri and wet as she took my length then gently raked her teeth back up pressing firmer on the ridge around the crown. I fucked her face slowly then speeded up then slowed down. The entire time she fondled my balls. After several minutes of this I was so close. Now I wanted my turn.

“I love to lick and now it’s my turn I told her,” as I pulled her off my swollen cock. She let out a little giggle and told me that she hoped I would. She lay back against a pile of pillows spreading her lovely legs. I moved between her legs and kissed her lips leaving my wetness upon them. I kissed her neck, her ear then moved down to her large full breasts. I sucked one then the other while fondling the opposite. She moaned and moved her hips into me as I cupped my hand on her mound. I felt her soft full bush and not being able to resist placed a finger in her slit. I teased her nipples one then the other. My finger moved slowly up and down her wet wanting pussy. I kissed my way down her stomach leaving a wet shinning trial in the candle light. The smell of her sex was intoxicating. I slide my finger deep into her wetness as I kissed and licked her labia. Probing deeper into her slit I ran my tongue over her swollen clit. “Oh fuck you know the spot,” she moaned as her hips bucked. I flicked then swirled my tongue over and around her clit. The faster I licked, sucked and flicked the wetter she got and the harder she bucked and thrust. I knew she was close. Sending a second finger into her soaked pussy drove her over the edge as she clamped my head between her thighs and came. Trembling and moaning she had had a wonderful orgasm. “Oh I want you in me,” she pleaded.

I slowly moved away from her wet cum soaked pussy. I kissed my way up her tummy to her breasts. I sucked one then the other letting the tip of my cock slide up and down her wet slit. She bucked and tried to force my cock into her. I slowly started in, first the crown then I stopped. She moaned,” I want it all”. As I went deeper she raised her pussy encouraging my penetration. My length now filling her love tunnel she moaned and I felt her pussy grip my shaft as she came a second time. Slowly and purposefully I began sliding out then into her wetness. Each stroke brought us closer to a climax. I pressed hard into her and stopped trying to regain my composure. She begged,” Don’t stop, fuck me please fuck me”. I started again this time without abandon. I made long fast hard stokes all the way in, feeling my balls slap her ass, then completely out. Sliding in hard and fast. Our breathing quickened, our bodies beginning to perspire as I fucked her wet pussy harder and harder. She screamed, “Oh fuck, yes fuck me don’t stop I’m cumming” and I did. I fucked her harder and faster and as her pussy griped my cock I could no longer wait and flooded her with my cum. Several long hot squirts filled her pussy as she moaned and rocked beneath me. What I thought couldn’t get wetter or silkier got even smoother and warmer as our cum mixed. As my last squirts drained from my cock we collapsed holding each other tightly, our breathing slowed and I felt her pussy relax, my softening cock sliding out of her warm wet tunnel.

As she fell asleep she softly whispered, “That was great, next time fuck my ass”

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