St Paddy’s School for the Scandal – The

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St Paddy’s School for the Scandal – TheSt Paddy’s School for the Scandal – The Head Girl does her Oral ExaminationFirst – this is a naughty schoolgirl bondage fantasy for adults – it is not intended to imply any u******e or other practices!! Think St Trinians! In the wilds of the countryside there exists a School. It has large lush grounds, playing fields and woods. The main school building is probably Victorian in era. One can never be quite certain about these things, but it is a large gray stone building with fake Gothic arches and spires and it has ivy growing over it. The main building houses the teacher’s offices and the dormitories for the resident students, the day students come and go. The side buildings house classrooms for all the usual classes.The school is St Patrick’s School for the Scandal. Known as St Paddy s….It is run in the English style. It has a Head Master whose Study (office) is on the ground floor of the main building with a large bay window overlooking wide green lawns. The other staff, the Masters and Mistresses, have a Common Room nearby. The senior students are Head Boy and Head Girl who lead the student body but are students themselves.The Head Girl of the School was Miss Creamella Tease, Miss Tease to the Masters and Cream to her friends. She was a member of the Upher Sixth form. On this particular morning, the Head Girl of St Patricks School for the Scandalous received a message from the Head Master, she opened it and it read.=============================================To: Tease, Miss C – Head Girl Upher SixthFrom: The Head MasterIt has come to my attention that certain aspects of your behavior do not suit your role as Head Girl of this illustrious establishment. It has been reported to me that:When the First XV went into the showers after the game against the Boyd Donnelly School of Music team, you followed them in to lend moral support. You emerged an hour later looking very disheveled and the First XV did not emerge for another two hours and they were more tired than after the game had just finished.You have been seen behind the sheds at the back of the school in the company of the Head Boy and other prefects. The queue had been growing and was visible from the Staff Common Room.As part of your Business Studies field project apparently you set up a business in town. The local brothel madam has complained to me that since you and other girls of the Upher Sixth began business her profits have dropped by 35%.You have volunteered for ALL the sex education classes. This is good and I expect that from the leaders of the School but I am told you volunteered as the demonstrator.You were seen out of uniform with the Manual Arts Master and he has complained that you were far too rushed with him.I want you to report to me in proper uniform and ready to explain yourself. Tomorrow morning in my Study. There may be other senior staff members present to examine this matter.I would remind your our Uniform includes white shirt with cuffs, skirt short, thigh high stockings and shoes. Please note that proper school uniform does include underwear!The Head Master========================================Miss Tease, the Head Girl, closed the note, it was true she had been playing up a bit, but wasn’t that her role to set an example and she was getting good grades from all the Masters. Her O (oral) levels were all superb and she was practicing her A levels regularly.She thought through what the Head Master had asked…The Captain of the rugby team was just so hot and all the other guys were all playing in the Under 19s. They were hot and hard and they could keep going like steam trains. She had been lost staring at them, she followed them into the change room, they did not mind! They stripped off, she stripped off just chatting away, they got into the showers, she got in the showers with them. Well their thighs and their lean muscular bodies did make her hot and bothered, she just lost her way! They did need someone to scrub the mud off their backs, and all fifteen of them wanted to repay her by massaging her by massaging her body, and cleaning all her private places who was she to object! She was SOOOO distracted! Their cocks were just another muscle that needed exercising…and they needed full relief. She could practice her O levels for all of them and if the cum was all over her she did not mind at all!The line up behind the Sheds was very innocent, she had had a bet with Sheila that she could fuck more prefects that Sheila could in 10 minutes and the Head Boy had been the prize. So they arranged it for Thursday lunchtime. Well they had stood against the shed facing it, their arms pressed against the wall, their legs spread wide and then the prefects had fucked them around their panties. Mmmmmm. Unfortunately they had stood round afterward watching the competition. After Sheila had been fucked by five and she had fucked six, she then got the Head Boy to fuck her on all fours. God he had a good cock! She played nice, she let Sheila clean his cock when they were finished…And the brothel madam was just jealous! Her girls were all professionals and the girls of the Upher Sixth were only amateurs. Their project was a massage parlour. They could not help it that all the boys wanted full body massage with a happy ending. Chen from Asia had shown the girls how they did it in Thailand and they did not know that stripping off and rubbing their bodies up and down the naked customers was wrong. The happy endings where they jerked the guys cocks until they came just ensured they got a FULL massage, what was wrong with that???The fact that all the guys wanted to have a full body rub with nubile big breasted younger girls rather than the older women in the brothel, well didn’t that prove that a superior product would always be more profitable. She had written that up in the project report!The Sex education classes were a problem though. She knew that in the past the demonstrations had not been very good, the dummies in black lycra with no naughty bits just had no conveyed the right message. How could you demonstrate how to properly suck a cock if it was just a mound staring at you? How could the guys know how satisfy her pussy if all they could see was lycra? They might never remove her panties if they thought that’s what she looked like and needed. She loved nice hard cocks in her pussy. She loved the hard feel, the fullness… So she had volunteered and suddenly the guys volunteered too, she had been sacrificial, the other girls had offered but she was going to show them how to do it. She was being a good leader! Sacrificing herself for the cause. Ensuring the right techniques were taught and often.The Manual Arts teacher had been a mistake. She had been finishing up in his classroom on her term project, building a lovely acrylic dildo. You know the ones she could buy were just not big enough and so she had been using the machines to make a bigger one. All the others pendik escort were doing things for their recreational purposes, building kayaks, building chess boards, making tents. So she was making something recreational – an acrylic dildo – mmmm and it was good too, lots of nicely placed ribs. When the Manual Arts teacher had asked her what it was she had told him. Then he had asked her if she needed to see a real model – as if! However, he had said if she wanted to take it with her, she would have to sign it out in his office. In the office, he had put the sign-out sheet on the bench and she had bent over to sign it. She had bent over, her skirt riding up, her panties pulling tight up between the cheeks of her ass. She loved that look.He had then wanted to check if it was operating properly. So as she was bent over he played it in and out of her wet pussy. She didn’t mind that that much, but when he replaced it with his cock, he was SOOOO much smaller than her dildo. She felt so sorry for him so she turned round and gave him a hand job and blow job to make up for it. He was so excited he came so fast and hard, she loved the cum necklace all over her….she could have done so much better, she might get marked down for that!!!She was sooooo innocent – what could the Head Master be worried about? Well she would have to go to his Study to find out.She got up the next morning and she prepared herself according to the School Rules. She showered, cleaning herself thoroughly and shaved her pussy. She then dressed in her School Uniform. Her black lacy bra, her black satin French knickers, she did like the breeze gently over her freshly shaved pussy, so nice! Long thigh high stockings, high heel shoes! Then her freshly ironed crisp white translucent shirt, her short black skirt, just long enough to cover the tops of her stockings. Did her makeup, then a little bright red lipstick, perfume and she was ready. She checked herself in the full length mirror and thought – that’s how a Paddy’s girl should look!She went from the Upher Sixth dormitory down the stairs to the Head Masters suite. She walked past the Secretary Miss Prim, an old girl of the school who loved leather skirts, tight blouses and seemed to have a lot of horse training equipment but Tease had never seen her with a horse…Miss Prim stood up and said, Girl wait a minute, he is not ready yet, sit over there. So Tease sat down in one of the stiff wooden high backed chairs opposite Miss Prim. As she had been taught she sat with her legs crossed so her stocking accentuated her long legs. Miss Prim pressed the intercum button, she said “Head Master – Tease, the Head Girl is here for her appointment!”The Head Master replied “Good have her wait for a few minutes I am just settling some matters! Oh and while she is waiting give her some warming will you!”Tease heard this and jumped, she knew what Miss Prim did for “warming!” and she loved it!Miss Prim stand up and come over here Tease, bend over and hold your ankles. Miss Prim turned round and reached into the filing cabinet bottom drawer which funnily enough was marked “Bottom”. She looked in the drawer which was filled with crops and floggers and paddles. She hummed and hawed, which was suitable for warming the Head Girl! Ahhh yes the long leather paddle with the heart cut out in it. She picked it up and stood up, her short leather skirt accentuating her tight figure. Her stockinged legs just showing her lace tops. Her tight white blouse showing her erect nipples through it, she enjoyed this role.Dear reader – you should know that Tease told me the next drawer up was labeled “Studs”, it contained ball stretchers and cock rings and the one above was labeled “Top” and it contained nipple clamps and breast ropes. Tease was standing there holding her ankles, her ass proudly displayed, the satin of her French knickers pulled tightly between the cheeks of her ass. The creamy white flesh between her knickers and her stocking glistening in the sunlight. Miss Prim walked up behind her and said “Tease we haven’t done this for a while, you have been baaad this time haven’t you?”“Yes Miss Prim,” answered Tease, a smile of anticipation on her face. “Very well,” said Miss Prim and she raised her arm, she brought the paddle down on Tease’ ass cheeks, a red welt rose on the skin as she lift the paddle. Except for the mark of a heart still in white flesh. Tease gasped, Miss Prim said “Stand still Tease – you do need practice at this don’t you!”“Yes Miss Prim, thank you Miss Prim,” Tease said.Miss Prim raised her hand again and came down on the other cheek, Again a red welt with heart in white. Again on the first cheek, then she rubbed her hand over Teases warming ass. Then another swat on her ass – there were now four white hearts on Teases lovely cream ass. Miss Prim rubbed her hands over Teases ass again, her fingers sliding between the cheeks and down to her satin covered pussy. The material of the knickers was soaking wet. Miss Prim said “I think you have been warmed up! You are probably ready for the Head Master now.”Tease slowly stood up straight, rubbing her ass lightly as Miss Prim walked across the room to the door to the Head Masters office. Tease straightened her clothing. Miss Prim knocked on the door and opened it. She looked past the door and said “Miss Tease, Head Master.”A male voice said “Send her in.”Tease walked towards the door and entered the Head Masters Study. The room was large. In the far corner sat the Head Master at his desk. A big dark timber wooden desk covered in leather and had an open front. Around the walls of the room there are large book cases, full of leather bound books. On one wall a large bay window opens out on the gardens, big heavy curtain farming the window. A chesterfield coach sits in the corner opposite the Head Masters desk and two single deep leather seats around the walls under the window, making a semi circle around a stiff backed wooden chair in the middle of the room. There was another door covered in red leather next to the door that she had just entered.The Head Master sat at his desk, the French Mistress sat on the coach next to her the Games Master. The Manual Arts Master sat in one of the single leather chairs.The Head Master indicated to Tease to sit on the wooden chair in the middle of the room. Tease sat, despite the warming of her ass Tease felt exposed and slightly worried. The Head Master turned to Tease and said, “Miss Tease, as the Head Girl of St Paddy’s you are expected to uphold certain standards. I am really worried that your recent exploits are not up to the standards expected of you. So I have decided that we shall conduct some scientific tests.“To help me in this endeavour I summoned a few members of the senior Teaching staff and we shall see if the lessons are getting through.”Tease thought to herself. So why test me what have I done wrong? Does this mean I am going to have to perform in some way? Although I wouldn’t mind escort pendik performing with the Games Master he is quite cute. She gave the Games Master a sly look, 6 foot 2 inches, lovely muscular shoulders, thin waist, had played lots of sport and the senior girls were all competing to see who could “play” with him first. The French Mistress was a different matter, she was older but in addition to ‘French’ she taught them the French language too. She was fun, flirty an old girl of the school. She had a reputation of being able to suck three cocks at once, although Tease had never seen her with THAT many! The Manual Arts Master was huge, not only did he have big broad shoulders, lovely big muscular legs, he had lovely hands, he could manipulate your tits and ass and pussy sooooo well! His cock was lovely and thick, she had sampled that mmmmmmmmmmm!And the Head, OMG he was just old but he had this air of authority! When he walked around holding his cane it just made her so wet. She wanted to bend over holding her ankles or over the nearest bench and just say “Please Sir!!!” Some of the bad girls said that his six of the best really came with a six pack of the best mmmmm!“Miss Tease?” the Head Masters question interrupted her reverie.“Yes Head Master, I would be glad to help!” Tease said batting her eyelids as if she did not know what he meant.“Very well, The French Mistress will set the first test and she will mark it, the rest of us will observe.”“Head Master?” asked Tease.“Yes Tease.”“Will you be closing the curtains?”, referring to the big French windows opening out on the lawns.“Oh no, as we teach here, one always must be willing to display ones talents in public.” The Head Master replied.Tease smiled, she was an exhibitionist and loved an audience.The French Mistress stood up and said “First lets address the issue raised by the Manual Arts Master, he reported that your were awfully hurried when you performed for him the other week. I would like you to see what you can do now?”The Manual Arts Master was sitting in a big leather chair just ten feet from Tease, Tease nodded to the French Mistress and turned to face the Manual Arts Master.She slid down off the wooden chair on which she was sitting, the look on her face like a big cat on the prowl, lust in her eyes, her prey obvious. She licked her lips. She went onto all fours and crawled on her hands and knees slowly towards the Master. His eyes regarded her with awe. He had never seen Tease in such a lustful mood. She reached him in a few crawling strides, and started to crawl around his chair. She lifted herself onto the armrest so she could look down at her prey. She lent over and breathed hot breath on him, he was watching her smiling. She reached over to his face and neck and licked him, tasting him! He closed his eyes. He was enjoying being the centre of attention of such a sexy b**st.He opened his eyes and looked down. She crawled around until she was between his legs and then up between then. With her teeth she slowly pulled the end of his belt loose, suggestively she took the end of his belt between her open lips, sliding them up and down. Her hands now massaging his cock through his trousers, then they moved up and slowly undid his trousers.The French Mistress was standing over her shoulders observing – she whispered – “Mmmm nice work!” Licking her own lips. Tease knew, that from the point of view of the Head Master and the Games Master they could see her working her way up his lap. Her short skirt had ridden up at the back showing her lovely cream ass, with her panties driven up between the cleft. As she crawled she made sure her pussy mound was visible, though they could probably not see the growing wetness in her pussy. -Tease felt the Masters cock under his trousers, she wanted it. Nice and big and thick. Her hands reached in and pulled it out gently. His large instrument and she was going to solo on it. She breathed on it. He groaned. She kissed the tip. She rolled back the foreskin and slowly kissed the tip more, slowly languishing the tip of her tongue on the tips of his cock. Running her tongue around the base of the cock head, slowly, slowly. His cock growing rigid in her masterful hands. She slowly moved her hands up and down his shaft. Then ran her tongue expertly down the length of the shaft tasting the ridges. Slowly, slowly.She brought her head up, looking him in the eyes. His eyes were glazed over in surrender. She then placed both of her lips over the head of his cock and slowly sank down, with his cock full in her mouth. He groaned.The French Mistress turned to the Head Master –“She is superb at this, Head Master.” He nodded. The Games Master’ eyes were fixed upon the performance. It was obvious from the position of his hands he agreed fully. The French Mistress gave him a raised eyebrow as if to say “Not yet!”Tease guessed what effect she was having behind her. She knew her ass was facing the Games Master, hadn’t she planned it that way. She made sure that she was on her knees, her ass facing directly at him. She snuck a hand down between her legs as she continued playing with the cock. Her fingers ran done the front of the satin knickers and then a finger snuck between her legs, so that it could be seen from behind as she started to massage the satin of the knickers into her pussy. She shifted her legs slightly so that attention would be drawn to the movement.The French Mistress noticed and with a lascivious smile on her lips looked over at the Games Master, who was now massaging his groin gently. Tease scored some more points for that one!Tease resumed her working of the Masters cock, slowly sucking him. Working her hand up and down his shaft. She was making soft slurping noises on the cock. Her other hand massaging her pussy, causing soft mewling sounds to also escape her mouth as she built her own intensity. She worked the rigid phallus in front of her in her mouth. Enjoying the prey item she had captured. Slowly was working it to a fever pitch, then letting it subside. The Masters eyes closed, he was biting his lip. He was breathing heavily. His hips moving to meet her ministrations. She worked his cock with her hand. Running her tongue up and down the shaft and then diving down over the cock, slowly grasping the head in her mouth as she licked it. Flicking it with her tongue. Then with a groan he came. His hot jism spurting out the top of his cock, Tease milked him for all she was worth. Her hand moving up and down the shaft, lubricated by the cum. She went down on it one more time taking the cum into her mouth and running it up and down the shaft. She sat back and licked her lips. He groaned and looked up. “Oh that was an A plus Tease. Fabulous!” Tease looked up at the French Mistress who gave her a wicked wink of approval in reply. The French Mistress crooked her finger and said “Here come and try that on me.” The French Mistress turned and leaned back against the armrest of the leather pendik escort bayan chair and beckoned Tease towards her. Tease did not need a second invitation. She moved round to her. Tease pushed up her short skirt and found her white panties underneath, they were sodden. Tease heard movement behind her, the Games Master had quietly gotten off the coach and was behind her. Tease ran her fingers up the French Mistress thighs, until she found the top of her panties. She snuck her fingers into the top edge and slid them down her creamy thighs. Just low enough so that her lovely shaven pussy with a little flame shaped red fuzz above it was evident. Tease moved towards her pussy, her fingers slowly traced the lips of he French Mistresses pussy. They ran gently down the line of her lips. Then she blew gently on them. The French Mistress sank slightly, and caused Teases fingers to enter her. She was already wet. Tease pressed her fingers and the Mistress moaned and bit her lip. Tease could see the moistness on the edges of her lip and with her fingers she split then apart. Her pearl was clearly visible. Tease breathed on it, then touched it with the tip of her tongue.The French Mistress moaned. Tease took it in her mouth and sucked on it gently, her fingers slowly sinking into the pussy. She sucked and licked the clit, slowly extracting more and more moans from the Mistress. Tease had forgotten about the Games Master behind her. Not for long, as she was focused on the pussy, he came up behind her and ran his hands around her ass grasping her satin knickers and pushing them down around her legs. He then stuck his fingers into her sopping pussy. She started and moaned herself, closing her eyes.“Enough”, said the Head Master “bring her here. I think we can do more testing on the desk.” All three of them stood up the French Mistress giving Tease a quick kiss on the lips, tasting herself. They all walked over to the desk. Tease seductively removed her blouse, skirt, bra and knickers and climbed onto the solid desk. She rolled onto her back, her legs positioned with her ass just on the edge of the desk. Her head along the desk. The French Mistress had also undressed leaving her stockings only. The French Mistress climbed on the desk and straddled her pussy across Teases face, giving Tease a full view of her lovely pussy. Slowly she lowered her pussy to Teases eager waiting mouth, Tease needed no encouragement, slowly taking all the folds of the pussy into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. The French Mistress moaned again, she squirmed her pussy down onto Teases face. Tease wrapped her arms around her thighs holding her there.The Games Master had also stripped off. His cock now rigid sticking out from his hard muscular body. He stood between Teases’ legs, his arms lifting her legs. Slowly sliding his hands down the stockinged legs. His fingers, seeking, finding then slowly exploring her sopping wet pussy. He moved closer the tip of his cock parting the lips of her pussy.The Head Master sat there implacable watching the scene unfold in front of him, his fingers on the desk. He sat forward intensely focusing on the girl on his desk. The Manual Arts Master sat watching in his chair, forgotten momentarily, slowly stroking his cock, warming it up again. Thinking about the available places he might get to use it in.The French Mistress leaned forward, giving Tease full access to her soft pussy and clit. She leaned down watching the Games Master sliding his cock slowly into her hot pussy. Slowly parting her lips, filling her with his cock. The French Mistress felt Tease eating her pussy, lovely long slowly licks, sucking, slurping up her juices, chewing gently on her clit. The pussy being pressed into her face softly, a sensual embrace between the two of them. The Head Master surmised that they had done this before! The Games Master drove his cock deep into Tease. She groaned even though her mouth was full of pussy.The French Mistress giggled and the feeling growing in the pit of her stomach she knew was her rising orgasm. She lent right down and licked the top of the Games Masters cock, breaking Teases lip lock on her pussy. She licked upwards tasting Teases clit, Tease moaned. The French Mistress turned her head saying gently “Fair go baby, you are lip locking mine!” and they both smiled.The French Mistress sat up letting Tease have full access to her pussy again. Tease took to her pussy with gusto. The French Mistress rode her face; Tease ate her pussy, ministering expertly to her pussy and clit. The French Mistress moaned and put her hands to her own breasts fondling them. She froze momentarily and then she started to cum. Tease wrapped her arms tightly around her thighs, holding that pussy tight to her face while she came and came. The French Mistress collapsed across Teases body laughing, “Enough” she said “you win this time!” and climbed down from the desk.Tease could not concentrate much more as she was also being ploughed by the large rigid cock of the Games Master, he said “Well the members of the First XV rave about you, so I wanted to try you out for myself. I am so glad the Head Master allowed me to participate in your tests.”The Head Master just laughed “Yes well get on with it then, she has done such a good job on her O levels lets give her the honors section”Tease closed her eyes and I don’t think she was thinking of England, the Games Master started to plough her pussy with great gusto, his thighs and ass driving his cock hard and deep into her. Fucking her harder and harder. Grabbing her legs dragging her onto his cock. She was moaning with the pleasure of this rigid cock deep inside her. It didn’t take long before the Games Master started to breathe deeply, his body bracing for his orgasm. He fucked her hard er and faster, hard as Tease deserved. He withdrew and shot his load of hot cum all over her stomach. Creating a pool of cum that she ran her fingers through smearing it over herself. Tease smiled at him with a butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth look on her face and said. “Well sir was that pass?” The Games Master, soaked in sweat, replied “Yes, but see me later I may have some coaching work for you with the team…”Tease grinned and cooed “Yes Sir!”The Head Master regained his composure, stood up and said “I am satisfied with examples I have seen here this morning. I have my next appointment in here in ten minutes. Tease, from my observations this morning I think the issues are groundless but we will continue to investigate them to make sure. “Everyone started re-dressing. The Head Master continued “Masters, I want you to ferret out who might be complaining about our exemplary Head Girl. Now, all of you off to your next lessons and lets get about the Schools business.”Tease was the last out of the door of the Study, her knickers and stockings in her hands. Her ass just visible below her skirt which she had put back on quite quickly. The Head Master was watching her little cream ass and spoke again “Tease, I will still be watching you, and next time you cum in here I hope it will be a circumstance where you need to get six of the best.”Tease turned and smiled coyly “Yes Head Master!”

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