Stacy Stalks Her Neighbor Ch. 01

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A story told by the girl next door…or across the street. You’ve probably seen a cutie like her, since she thrives in most American towns and trailer parks.

My name is Stacy and I’m so excited! I just turned 18, but everybody thinks I’m younger. I’m in the twelfth grade at a Catholic school for girls, and my favorite subject is gymnastics. I live with my grandparents ‘cuz the Judge ordered my mother into another drug rehab program. Bummer!

Anyway, about six months ago a new guy moved in across the street. He’s in his late twenties and, like, divorced, my mom said, ‘cuz she got to know him one afternoon, before she entered the clinic the last time. Then, I saw him an’ she was right. He’s totally awesome! After that, Mom couldn’t stop talkin’ about him. Erik this, Erik that. It was the same old story. Whenever she meets a new dude he’s Prince Charming. Since I was real young I’ve watched her suck and fuck her Prince Charmings on the living room couch. I can’t believe my grandparents never heard her grunts and groans. O’ course they’re almost deaf, but they’re pretty together for old people. Grampa put me on the pill after my 14th birthday, when my titties started to grow…just in time as it turned out.

Mmm, anyway, last Halloween my best school friend, Maria, and I knocked on Erik’s door for trick-or-treat. I was real excited and nervous, ‘cuz he’s so jacked lookin’. I was dressed as a harem dancer, with my brown hair in a gymnast’s bun like I always wear it – wearin’ a mask – and puttin’ on some sexy moves, but he knew who I was, and asked, “How ya’ doin’, neighbor kid?” I was so embarrassed…and pissed, ‘cuz I thought I looked really hot! Maria and I ran home and talked about how to get back at him. We came up with a lotta ideas, but I couldn’t, like, decide what to do. Sooner or later, though, I knew I’d show his smart ass! Lemme tell ya’ about it.

Every day for weeks I’ve been hangin’ out in the front yard to wave to Erik when he comes home. Since my birthday I’ve just been waitin’ for the right moment to…like, get close to him. He’s a photographer or something; tall, buff, with wavy blond hair, an’ I want him to take my picture…an’ I hope do some other things. When he smiles at me my knees get weak and I get all wet. I always dress in skirts and tight tops. If it’s my school uniform, I roll the waist up so the pleated plaid skirt barely covers my crotch. On weekends I wear tight micro-miniskirts to show off my muscular gymnast’s legs. I like to wear snug halter tops an’ tube tops, too, ‘cuz my tits are now a full B-cup, and growing! I also like to lie on the lawn with my boom box and do homework. Sometimes I face toward my house and spread my legs with my feet, like, in the air, so Erik can see my panties…if he looks. An’ hedoes look, I know, ‘cuz when I’m, like, facin’ toward him he gives me that big smile and waves before he goes inside! Then I have to go to my room and play with myself.

So, it’s Saturday, my grandparents are gone, and Erik’s mowin’ his front lawn. It’s, like, real hot and he takes off his shirt. His jeans are ridin’ low and I almost die! He’s got muscles on his muscles he’s so jacked! And he’s so tan!…an’ sweaty! His hair, like, droops over his forehead and I wanna touch him all over! I really want his body! I call Maria on my cell phone and she says, “I’m down with it, Stacy! Put on your bikini! I’ll wear mine an’ we’ll run through the sprinkler on your lawn! See ya’ in a few minutes!”

Maria’s mom drops her off and we start runnin’ through the sprinkler, squealing and giggling. Her awesome little Mexican body is even hotter than mine. Erik’s finished mowin’ his lawn and looks across the street at us. “Hiii, Eriiiiik!” I call out, as sexy as I can. He waves and actually blows a kiss to me…then goes inside. My heart beats like crazy I’m so excited, but I crash real quick when his door closes. I’m so disappointed! I sit on my front step and almost burst into tears as I get an awful nagging ache in my tummy.

Maria joins me and tries to cheer me up. She just turned 18, too, by the way. She says, “Hey, Chica” – which she calls me all the time – “let’s go inside and play with each other…jus’ to make nice, okay?” I get up to turn off the water and Erik comes out his door again. He’s changed into shorts, and my heart leaps into my throat! In a minute Maria and I are runnin’ through the sprinkler again, screeching, and squirtin’ each other with another hose ’til we’re so soaked you can see through our bikinis. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Erik, like, edging his lawn, pickin’ a few weeds, and then he starts usin’ a fertilizer spreader. Oooh, good, I think, he’ll be outside for a while. Maria and I then sit down and watch him work, talkin’ quiet to ourselves an lookin’ at his legs, broad back and shoulders flex in the midday sun. He’s so awesome! I’m so turned on I almost faint! And my pussy is drippin’ for him.

Then sumpn’ weird happens. Three guys we know ride up on their bicycles: Billy, Jose and Tyrone. I’m so embarrassed for Erik to see me with them. They hang out for a while, since my Grampa would run ’em off if he was home, and they start ataşehir escort talkin’ some smack about us jackin’ ’em off or – better yet – givin’ ’em each a blow job. God! They’re so lame! Billy was my first lay a long time ago and it took him, like, two minutes to cum. Since then I’ve been with other guys, but I’ve only given these three dudes hand jobs or an occasional knob – usually in the back row of the multiplex downtown on Friday nights – sometimes in the bushes in the park on the way home from the mall. Maria checks me out to see if I’m down with fuckin’ around with ’em, but my sights are set on the new guy…Erik, my dream man across the street. “Nooo,” I say, “I’m gonna’ get dressed an’ stuff. Go ahead, Maria, but do it in the backyard, behind the hedge, in case my grandparents come back.” She and the boys go around back so she can play with their little dicks. I change into my micro-mini and a pink halter top, showin’ lottsa’ shoulder, back and midriff, and come out again to the front porch, just itchin’ to see Erik.

He’s, like, inside his garage, with the big door open, and cuttin’ some wood on a table saw. Gettin’ up all the courage I can after months of fantasies about him, I walk across the street and go into his garage. He sees me and switches off the saw. “Well, hi, neighbor kid,” he says, his deep voice rumblin’ up from his lungs. “Your friends leave?”

“Uhn…no,” I gasp, the words barely escaping my lips. “They’re in my back yard.” Then I go, “I thought I’d introduce myself, uuh…ya know…formal, ‘cuz we’re, like, neighbors. I’m Stacy.”

“And I’m Erik, Stacy,” he says, holding out his hand for me to shake it…like I was an adult. I feel so…like, honored that he treats me this way. When his big hand wraps around mine, my pussy flutters and I get all wet again. I can hear the blood pound in my ears ‘cuz my heart is hammerin’ so hard! His eyes scan over my bare shoulders and down over my tits…then down my tummy to my gymnast’s legs. I get all hot when he does it, an’ I know I blush. I step next to a ladder that leads upstairs into…like, his attic, with furniture an’ stuff stored there.

“Whatcha’ makin’?” I ask, climbing up one step on the ladder and swinging my right leg forward and back to loosen a tense hamstring.

“A bookcase,” he answers. His sweaty shoulders and chest are covered with flecks of sawdust that have flown there. I can hardly keep from, like, reachin’ over and brushin’ ’em off. “So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll finish these cuts,” he says, switching the saw back on and going back to his work.

Not much of a talker, I think, as he does his thing. I turn my back, still on the ladder, to loosen up my other leg…and give Erik a good long look at my tight ass, just in case he’s watching. I do some knee lifts and turn around, just in time for him to turn off the saw. “Got a lotta’ books?” I ask, tryin’ to make conversation.

“Yeah,” he says, “how ’bout you? Or, are you an athlete?” His eyes glint as he asks the question.

“Bingo!” I say confidently. “St. Elizabeth’s gymnastics team. How’dja know?” as I suck in my tummy to show its tightness, and thrust out my tits.

“Pretty obvious,” he says, grinning and walking toward a workbench. I get the feeling that he can see right through me.

“An’ ya’ know what? I’m a Junior Raiderette!” I say. I’m so lucky to be in line to maybe be a cheerleader for the pro football team in a few months.

“Mmm, that’s an enviable career path,” he says. I don’t really know what he means.

“What’s up there?” I ask, gesturing upstairs where the ladder leads.

“Just storage,” he says. “Old furniture and a trunk with picture albums and stuff.”

“Really?! Can I go up an’ look?” I ask, wantin’ to see his pictures.

“It’s awfully hot up there, Stacy,” he says, “but go ahead if you want.”

I’m up there in a flash, and spy a battered old footlocker. Opening it, there are several albums that I pull out. Spreading an old blanket on the trunk, I sit on it and leaf through the pages of pictures, mostly of Erik when he was younger and a lotta people who look like his family. I hear him, like, drilling and hammering downstairs and continue my snoopin’. Finally I find several snapshots of him playing football. The attic is really hot, and I’m thirsty – and horny – but I don’t want to bother him. After staring at his handsome face and ripped build in dozens of pictures, I can’t stand it anymore and lay the album on the floor. I lean back on one hand, spread my legs, and stick my other hand under my skirt and down my bikini panties to touch myself. Ooh, I’m so wet! and I groan when my fingers stroke my clittie, all the time I’m staring at his smiling face lookin’ up at me from his album. I diddle myself for a few minutes and the heat…his smile…the thought of him holdin’ me…and, like, fucking me…drives me to an awesome climax. My heels bang on the floor planks as my juice gushes from me and I cover my mouth with my other hand, hopin’ he hasn’t heard my moaning.

He calls out to me, “How’re things going up there?”

“Uuunh…uuunh…fine!” I squeak, shrill but weak, and stand up on my kadıköy escort rubbery legs to walk to the opening in the attic floor that leads downstairs. I’m still breathin’ heavily, and my tits are heaving as I look down at him, starin’ up at me from the floor below. I know that he’s lookin’ right up my skirt. I also know that there’s a big spot of my juice soakin’ the crotch of my panties, but I don’t care. I just look down at him, right into his eyes, and spread my legs a little bit more, makin’ sure he knows that I know what he’s looking at. I then lean over and put my hands on the top of the ladder’s vertical rails and squat down with my knees wide apart. I’m hopin’ the squishy crotch of my panties has pulled aside so he can see my pussy…or at least some o’ my hair between my legs.

He clears his throat and looks from my crotch into my eyes. “Want some lemonade?” he asks. I nod, and he says, “I’ll get some for you. Go back to your treasure hunt.”

I return to the trunk and pick the album off the floor, then pull aside my panties’ crotch. Sitting down again, I spread my legs wide. When he comes up with my drink, he won’t be able to miss seein’ my wet, open cunnie. Then I’ll have him, I tell myself. I’m now incredibly horny and really want him to fuck me. The moment is here! The moment I’ve waited for, it seems like, for months!

I hear him climbin’ the ladder and my heart races. First I see his blond head, and he stops to look at me…between my legs…at my pussy. Then I see his broad, tan shoulders, then his ripped chest and tummy, then his muscled legs…walkin’ toward me with some lemonade. “Here ya’ go,” he says, handin’ me the frosty glass. I thank him and drink half of it down, gasping as the cold hits my stomach. “Now, I’m gonna’ close the garage and go inside. You’d better go. Maybe we can talk again tomorrow.”

All my plans have gone wrong! I think. I know he saw me…my pussy…just now as he came upstairs. What’s wrong with this dude? Worse yet, what’s wrong with me? He tells me to leave the albums where they are…that he’ll, like, put ’em away. Then he turns to go downstairs and I follow him. As I climb down the ladder toward him, I make a big thing of thrusting my butt out so he’ll see my wet crotch, then I turn and – what a fake I am! – I fall into his arms, giggling. My nipples poke him through my top ‘cuz my tits are pressed to his buff chest, and my tight legs are wrapped around his upper thighs as I slide down his front real slow…and he’s hard against my pussy! My feet are on the floor now and I look, breathless, from his eyes down to his crotch and there’s this big bulge. I knew I’d get to him, I tell myself, as I flush and put my hand on his hard stomach. “Thanks for saving me!” I gasp, like some serious TV actress.

“Sure, kid,” he mutters, and – God! – he puts his hot hand on my naked lower back to escort me out of the garage. My pussy sizzles, my face gets hot, and I get all goose bumpy when he touches me. I turn around when I’m outside and he’s already gone back to the small entry door at the other end of the garage that goes into his back yard. “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow!” he says, grinning, as he pushes the button to close the big door.

I stand on the driveway for a minute, confused as to what to do – an awful ache’s in my tummy again – then I wander back across the street to my grandparents’ back yard. Maria and the boys have finished what they were doin’, and I notice a shiny pecker track of dried cum across the top of one her big tits, still held in place by her bikini. Jose hits me up and goes, “Hey, sexy bitch! Wan’ to have some fun?”

I pause for a moment, thinking I might have been better off doin’ a little jacking off and sucking of my friends, then shake my head, saying, “You guys better get outta here. If Grampa catches you he’ll ground me for a week!” They cuss and moan and wheel their bikes out of the yard, with Tyrone yellin’ to us that he’ll see us bitches on Monday. At that moment I hear the faint sound of Erik’s table saw in his garage. I look at Maria and say, “Maria! Can you, like, call your mom on my cell phone and have her pick you up? I forgot to tell Erik something!” She makes the call and I leave her on the curb to wait for her mother, after I rub the pecker track off her tittie with some of my spit.

I’m mad at Erik, and real determined to, like, confront him. I stalk along the side of his house into his back yard. I’ll trap him by goin’ in the back door, I tell myself. As long as he doesn’t open the big front door, the neighbors won’t see us…then he won’t be able to turn me down. Before goin’ in the garage I slip off my wet panties and, like, hang ’em on his doorknob. The juice at their crotch has begun to stink.

As I walk in, his back is to me and he’s cuttin’ more wood. I pose myself like a model, leaning back against a cabinet and lifting one knee high and proppin’ my foot on a box so he can see all the way to my cunt when he turns around. He switches off the saw and looks at me, jumpin’ ‘cuz I’ve surprised him, and says, “You shouldn’t be here, you know.”

“Why not,” I whine, lolling my bent leg back and bostancı escort bayan forth, like I do with Grampa, who always yells at me to stop doin’ it ‘cuz it turns men on.

“Because you’re jail bait, and I could get into a lot of trouble,” Erik growls. He moves toward me, eyes flashing with anger – or lust, I kinda hope – and I’m a teeny bit frightened. I run past him to the base of the ladder, giggling nervously yet tryin’ to lure him up where I want us to, you know, fuck. He follows me and wraps his huge body around me. He’s over six feet tall and I’m just five feet, so he lifts me off my feet and kisses me, puttin’ my feet on the bottom step of the ladder. The air leaves my lungs as his mouth covers mine and his tongue plunges to my tonsils. I whimper as his hands cover me, rubbin’ and strokin’ me, and then he unties my halter top. It drops to the floor. My little nipples are so hard they hurt as he bends down and captures one titty in his sweet mouth, suckin’ real hard while he twiddles the other. Then he switches tits to vacuum the other one as I whine and whisper his name over and over. I gasp again, groaning as one of his palms cups my pussy in front and one of his fingers, then another, goes inside my sopping hole. I cry out as he slides them into me and a fresh gush of my wetness runs down the inside of my thighs. He lifts me again to seat me on a higher rung of the ladder and my legs flop open. All I want is to feel him inside me. Then his tongue is there, probing up into my cunt, then out to tickle my little clittie, then back up inside. I cum, like, immediately, murmuring his name and wanting with every fiber of my being to be his girl…his woman. I’m electrified by all of his touches, and my climax lasts…and lasts…and lasts, until I collapse in his arms, kissing him and tastin’ my juice on his face.

But Erik hasn’t even begun yet. He wraps one arm around my waist, no problem, and carries me to the attic, pulling both of us up with his free hand. We walk to the trunk, still covered by the blanket I put there, and he holds my face in his hands to look into my eyes. “You’re sure you want this, Stacy?” he asks, gently. Words have left me, my heart is beatin’ so rapidly, and I can only nod nervously two or three times. He then runs his hands down over my shoulders, causing the little hairs on the back of my arms to stick out, and grazes my nipples with his fingers, makin’ ’em tingle, buzz and poke toward the roof. In a second he, like, unzips me and I’m suddenly naked, wantin’ to feel his hard body against me, as my skirt flutters to the floor. He unzips his shorts. They drop down his thighs real slow, and his long, thick cock juts out toward me. Oooh, its veins are so big an’ rough lookin’.

I don’t really know what to do. Though I’ve seen my mom suck men off since I was a kid, and I have a lotta experience with boys my own age, I wanta do nothing wrong…nothing that might piss off this awesome man. He sits me on the footlocker – the blanket is warm on my bottom, and itchy – and he steps toward me, between my splayed legs. His gorgeous dick, at least eight inches long and so thick I wonder if I can touch my fingers around it, pulses in front of my face as I bring both hands up to cradle it softly. It, like, jumps when I palm it and a drop of his stuff appears at the end. I lick it away real quick and Erik groans, raisin’ his head toward the roof. The spongy head is dark red, lookin’ real angry, and I’m so glad I’m on the pill. Otherwise, I know I’d be, like, pregnant by the end of the day. Very slowly, I move my open mouth over the head, lookin’ up into his blue eyes, and close it over him, groaning deep in my throat. I move forward and back, gradually pickin’ up speed and plantin’ him deeper in my mouth with each bob of my head. My hands move together with my mouth, as I’ve learned from watchin’ my mother, twisting from its base – just in front of his full, tan balls – then forward to close over the slippery head as I pull off for breath.

“Nnngaahh, Stacy…sweetheart…that’s so good,” he murmers. His praise encourages me to speed up, moanin’ as I do, and slobber all over as much of his huge prick that I can. I try to, like, push him into my throat but I gag ‘cuz he’s so big. He pushes me off his cock as I gasp from excitement and I lean back, bracing myself on my hands. “I wanta’ feel you inside, baby,” he mutters. “You want me to fuck you now?” he asks, lookin’ right through me with his deep blue eyes. I make a whining sound in my throat and – being as limber as I am – I lay down the long way on the trunk and pull my legs all the way back to, like, my shoulders. My nipples are so hard and itchy I want him to bite ’em. I watch him drop to his knees and hold his monster cock to my swollen pussy lips, and I go a little crazy from wantin’ him inside me. I whimper and gasp as a super-hot shock hits my cunt when he touches it with his big, red probe. I know he’ll split me in two if he just shoves it in…but he doesn’t. He starts stirring it around between my hot lips, then movin’ it up and down…up and down…up and down over my clit. My God! It’s even better than when I play with myself! Then, he pushes it in slightly, ’til it hurts. I gasp and know that I’m frowning and grittin’ my teeth as he, like, watches me. Then he pulls out again and I try and open myself inside for him, as he stirs again between my wet lips and up over my clit.

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