Staff Duty Shift


I want to meet you out behind battalion after midnight when I’m on staff duty. You can park at the gas station next door and meet me at the benches behind the building. I’ll sneak you inside past the staff duty NCO and his runner, and lead you upstairs to the offices. I’d show you the operations shop, and as you take a look around, I’d push you back against the large conference table in the middle of the cubicle farm.

As you begin kissing me insistently, wrapping your legs around me and pulling me close, your hands aggressively tug at my uniform. You unzip my top, pull it down from my shoulders, and as it falls to the floor, you grasp my shirt and quickly slide it up over my head. Your nails rake against my bare skin, and your teeth press against my chest. Already prepared by wearing a skirt, your legs wrapped around me allows you to feel the warmth of my cock right through the canvas of my uniform, course against your bare skin.

I pull your tanktop down over your shoulders, allowing me to lift your breasts up and out over the top. I love the feel of your bare breasts against my chest. My teeth sink into your neck, tongue flicking out against your skin as you fumble with my belt. Frustrated with it, you quickly give up kağıthane escort and move lower, unfastening the buttons to my trousers, and pulling my very hard cock free.

With an insistent press, you lie back, looking up at my contours silhouetted by the light from out in the hallway. My arms snake under your hips, and confidently pull you close, your hips at the very egde of the table. You reach down, enjoying the heat and firmness of me in your hand as your fingers constrict around my shaft, and guide the tip of my cock into you. With initially shallow thrusts, I allow your wetness to coat me before my hips buck and fill you completely.

Your hands reach again for my belt, but this time you grasp it, using it to tug on, pulling yourself against me in time with each of my thrusts. Your thighs feel the strong desire from me as my hips strike them repeatedly. To feel me even deeper inside you, you slip your hands behind your knees, spreading yourself wide open for me. My hands firmly ensnare your hips, and pin you steady to the table for me to aggressively fuck the living hell out of you. You struggle to muffle the sounds you make, but moans, yelps and screams sarıyer escort manage to slip past your lips.

Still holding one leg with your off hand, your opposite hand finds your clit. It’s only moments before I feel your muscles tightening around me, your breathing change, and the timbre of your moans alter. Your orgasm hits you hard, as I can see your core flex, and your legs shake. I continue to thrust through your quaking, savoring the sensation of your spasms wrapped around me.

As I pull away from you I sit down, winded, at my desk. I recline in my chair, hard cock glistening with your fluids in the subtle light. It wouldn’t do for me to go back to work covered and messy like this, so without a word you dutifully drop to your knees. Rather than lick your fluids off of me, you attempt to clean me off all in one go. My cock slides down your throat, feeling it open for me, as you focus on taking it all. I interlace my fingers with your hair and press you down lower. Not simply satisfied with your lips wrapped around the base of my cock, your tongue worms its way out, tasting the rivulets of your cum. You reclaim your fluids, tongue sliding along my balls, until sefaköy escort you finally need to come up for air.

As you come up, my left hand wrapped in your hair guides you back down to use your tongue on my balls while my right hand strokes my cock furiously. I want to cum for you very badly. Your hands squeezing my thighs, and the sounds you make as you use your tongue on me very quickly push me over the edge. Expecting me to shoot cum all over your face, you’re caught off guard as I thrust into your mouth. You struggle not to choke as I penetrate your throat, and you focus on holding your breath as you feel me begin to pulse. Knowing you’ve gotten me off turns you on, and your fingers once again descend between your legs. You feel my muscles shudder over and over as my cock pumps cum into your belly. Your eyes water, and I eventually pull back, letting you take the remainder of my cum in your mouth while you breath rapidly through your nose.

You patiently wait for my orgasm to subside, keeping your lips wrapped around the tip of my cock; but before you’re able to suck the last drop from me, your orgasm hits you again. Your body shudders, yet you stay exactly where you need to be to make sure not a drop goes to waste. You swallow, and gasp, hungry for air. Your throat is raw from being fucked, but your pussy is still aching for more. Smiling, you put away your breasts and pull your skirt back down as I hastily correct my uniform. I lead you back downstairs, from where you head back to your vehicle, and drive straight to your bed, where you wait for me to get off work.

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