Star Trek: TNG The Replacement part 2

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Star Trek: TNG The Replacement part 2What should she do?Beverley Crusher’s mind wasn’t really on it today. To be fair it was quiet in sickbay and all she was really had to do was the unenviable task of sorting out shift patterns and finishing off paperwork. The ‘rewards’ of being a CMO aboard a starship, she thought, although at least she got her own office.Her mind, however, wasn’t on the job at hand. All she could think about was last night. She had slept well, although her dreams contained more visions of her son Wesley’s cock. She thought back to how hard she came that night, on her own after Jean-Luc had left her following dinner. She had decided to revisit a memory of her and Jack and a holodeck threesome while trying to take care of her sexual frustration. The memory should have contained her late husband Jack, but ended up wandering to thoughts of Jean-Luc, and then Wesley.When she woke she was as confused as ever. Had she actually screamed out Wesley’s name last night? Christ she was getting flustered just thinking about it. However a tingling sensation told her it wasn’t guilt making her feel hot and bothered. Trying hard to concentrate she quickly finished off the shift patterns and put down her padd. She looked at the time. “Shit! 10 past 3 already!” she said out loud. Her shift had ended 10mins before and she only had 5mins before she was due to meet up with Deanna for yoga on holodeck 3. Beverley tidied up her desk and walked quickly to her quarters. Once there she removed her uniform and picked up her yoga gear, ¾ length lycra bottoms and a strappy top. In her haste she nearly forgot to put her sports bra on. All this rushing around may of distracted her from her earlier thoughts but didn’t do anything to help stop her feeling hot and flustered. She had a quick glance in the mirror. While she liked the fact that her ¾ lengths seemed to suck her in nicely, keeping her bottom rather pert, she still wandered what she could do to get Jean-Luc interested. Last night at dinner she had tried to be suggestive, teasing, but he made his excuses and left. “Holy fuck!” She was now running late and she knew Deanna would make her pay for it. Some crazy yoga positions to stretch her in ways she didn’t previously think possible, no doubt. She picked up her kit bag, which had a towel and some iced water already in it, and made for Holodeck 3.–Councillor Deanna Troi stood outside the doors to Holodeck 3 waiting for Beverley, wearing her yoga outfit. She couldn’t believe she was late again! Deanna began to think of how she could punish the dear Doctor when she noticed a pair of young ensigns walk past and get a good look at her. She smiled back at them as they eyed her up and then finally their eyes met and the 2 young men nearly walked into each other. She couldn’t blame them. She always dressed to tease, finding it fun as a partial empath to see peoples emotional states. This time she was wearing a black tight and small halter-neck sports top and black lycra shorts that showed the curves of her gorgeous ass perfectly.That was the 3rd time that had happened since she’d been standing there and while it was a compliment, it was also a tease. Her lover, her imzadi, Commander Riker had left early that morning to start his shift on the bridge and she was left frustrated. She stood there waiting, sighing. Sex in the morning was normally a regular start of the day but Riker had to do a longer shift to cover someone else and not even her legs spread for him could stop him long enough from putting on his uniform and leaving. Her mind was wandering as Beverley finally showed up.”Deanna.””mm.. Erm, Beverley! Hi! Nice of you to show!””Distracted were we?””Maybe.. but that doesn’t excuse you Dr!””I’m sorry, maybe I’ve been a bit distracted today myself””Oh really, care to go on…?””How about we get in and start with the yoga, and then we’ll see..”–Commander William Riker sat in the centre chair of the bridge looking forward out at the viewscreen. He had always been mesmerised at the distorted stars as they travelled at warp speed. However today he was trying to use the hypnotising distortion effect to distract him from the raging hard-on in his pants. He almost didn’t notice Ensign McKnight at the conn watching him, or rather it appeared studying his impressive bulge. He suddenly caught her eye. He smiled. They’d flirted occasionally and she had made off the cuff remarks regarding the ‘parties’ he and Deanna shared but nothing else had ever happened. He watched as she spun round slightly and ran her hand over her mound through her uniform before he heard the turbolift doors begin to open.”Ensign, ETA to Pacifica?””Erm, er, 4 hours, 20 minutes Sir”Riker turned around to see Captain Picard coming down the slide of the bridge towards him from the turbolift. Riker got up to move from the centre seat to his usual 1st officer position to the captains right as Picard sat in his usual Captains position.”Number 1?””Captain.””We have new orders, unfortunately we’re going to have to delay our shore leave at Pacifica as we need to deliver supplies to the colony at Erasmus VI. It will only take us 2 hours to get to Starbase 76 to pick up the supplies but the journey to Erasmus VI will take around 36 hours. Still at least the crew can relax a bit en route, in between training sessions, naturally!””Absolutely Sir. Helm change course to Starbase 76 warp 8.””Acknowledged”, said McKnight, now completely focused on the job.”Engage.”-As Beverley finished off telling Deanna the events of the previous night they moved into the cobra position, both ladies heating up.”Wow, sounds like quite a night Beverley!””I know! But what can I do Deanna?””Well I guess the thoughts of Jack and Jean-Luc don’t need any explaining. I know how much you want to fuck our captain!””Deanna!!””Well its true, isn’t it! As for Wesley, well, he is 18 and a handsome young man.””But he’s my son!””Yes, but how long has it been since you had a man inside you?””Too long.”The ladies stood up and moved into the tree position with their legs up. Deanna almost able to touch her pussy with her heel with the flexibility she had. ‘Damn’, thought Beverley as she eyed up Deanna’s body.”It’s easy for you Deanna, you’re young, gorgeous and have Will infatuated with you!””I’m only 8 years younger than you Beverley! Anyway, you’re gorgeous too! You know you are!””Do I? I practically asked Jean-Luc to fuck me and he didn’t. I’m getting old and I can’t compete with women like you!””Did you actually ask him? Straight out?””Well, erm, no. But I practically did!””Well there you go. Anyway he’s ships captain, it’s difficult for him to let his guard down.””I guess.””Besides Will and I both think your gorgeous. We often speak about inviting you over for one of our special get-togethers.””Really?””Absolutely. And we’ve just managed to install a jacuzzi into our quarters. Running water and everything.. Well, replicated water but hell, you can replicate champagne or chocolate or anything into it if you want!””Wow”All Beverley could think off was being covered in champagne and having her body explored by Will and Deanna. So much so that she toppled down from her tree position and landed in a heap.”Ow!””Beverley, you ok?””Yeh I’ll be fine, just hurt my leg falling on top of it. Distracted by the sound of your jacuzzi!””Bless you, let me see..”Beverley sat on the floor with her legs out before her resting on her hands. Deanna knelt before her.”I’m sure I’m the one who’s meant to be the doctor””hmm…”Deanna ran her fingers from Beverley’s ankle up slowly to the bottom of her ¾ length lycra bottoms.”How does that feel?””hmm… it hurts just slightly up from where you are.”Troi began to softly press further up just below the knee over the lycra that clung onto Beverley’s toned legs.”How’s that?””Oooh… ahh…”Beverley was getting over the pain as she felt her friend’s hands on her leg. Moving slowly up, secretly hoping it wouldn’t stop. Deanna lightly massaged where the pain was but then slowly and gently she moved her massaging up Beverley’s leg and over her knee towards her thigh.. Her hands, her fingertips, rubbed over Beverley’s thighs, one after the other, moving further up. They made eye contact and while Beverley had a wanting, almost desperate look, Deanna just smiled as she moved up and kissed Beverley passionately but at the same time pressing on her and laying her down on the floor.They continued to kiss as Deanna’s fingers began to massage between Beverley’s legs through the thin material of her lycra bottoms, teasing her. Deanna then sat back on her knees and peeled off Beverley’s lycra ¾ lengths revealing her trimmed pussy, a small amount of red hair surrounded by soft, smooth skin and above lips that were already glistening with moisture. Deanna looked at Beverley lying there and smiled. Beverley just spread her legs and closed her eyes.Deanna was only half Betazoid but still had very good empathic abilities. Particularly this close to someone, so she could feel how desperate Beverley was for her to go down between her legs with her tongue and Deanna was never one to disappoint. Soon she was down between Beverley’s legs, her hands on her thighs spreading them further as she slowly trailed the tip of her tongue all the way from her hardening clit down and over her wet lips to the start of her ass crack and then back up.Beverley moaned in pure delight. She couldn’t put into words how much she wanted this but it made her tuzla escort so happy as she lay there with her eyes shut thinking about Deanna’s nude body, about her being between her legs and how much she wanted to cum for her.Deanna picked up on all the thoughts going through Beverley’s mind and was so happy as she slid her tongue inside Beverley’s inviting pussy tasting her sweet juices that seemed abundant as she went to work lapping them up and almost French kissing her beautiful vagina. After a little while she moved her tongue to Beverley’s clit and slid 2 fingers deep inside her, fucking her with them harder and harder.Beverley was moaning loudly now in pure ecstasy. She was enjoying it so much and new she was dripping all over Deanna’s fingers. It was almost too much for her as she began to buck with Deanna’s fingers in time to the forceful fucking they were giving her. All she could now think of was cumming.Deanna heard her thoughts but wanted to hear it out loud. She left 2 fingers inside and now they were going very slow.”You want to cum my little red head, my beautiful fucking Beverley?”Yes…. Please…””Tell me. Tell me and I will let you.””I want to cum. I NEED to cum. Please, I beg you Deanna let me cum.”Deanna smiled. She moved her fingers out and moved her tongue to Beverley’s pussy, lifting her bottom and legs up slightly, rolling Beverley back, exposing her. Her tongue working on Beverley as she heard her moaning louder.”Now?””NOW!”At that moment Deanna slid one of her fingers covered in Beverley’s juices up into Beverley’s ass as her tongue worked on her clit hard. At this Beverley bucked heavily and screamed as her body lost control and began to orgasm and she came. As she did Deanna was quick to react and while she left her finger in Beverley’s tight ass she took all her juices, her cum, into her mouth lapping it up as if it was her last meal.After she finished Beverley collapsed and just lay sprawled on the floor. Deanna slid up to her and kissed her deeply. Beverley could taste herself in Deanna’s mouth as she smiled.”Thank you.””No problems, but maybe next time you could do something for me.. How about one night this week you come by and see me and Will. I know we’d have fun..””Definitely, sounds great”Beverley wearily got to her feet, as Deanna joined her.”Computer what time is it?””The time is 16:04″”Crikey, Deanna we have to go, we’re late off here and I need to continue an experiment I left running”Beverley kissed Deanna on the lips and made for the exit.”Arch”The holodeck arch appeared and the door began to open. Suddenly the cool breeze and the look on the waiting crewman told her she had forgotten something rather important.”Computer! Close door!”Deanna laughed as she picked up Beverley’s lycra yoga bottoms from the floor. “Forgetting something, are we?”Beverley took them from her and hurriedly slipped them on.”You knew!? I’ll have to think of a way to get my revenge””I look forward to it”Beverley left knowing that Deanna really did look forward to it and she couldn’t wait till she saw her later that week..–“Captains Log: SupplementalThe Enterprise has just left Starbase 76 with the much-needed supplies for Erasmus IV. We’ll get there in just over 35 hours and while we should have been on our way for shore leave at Pacifica, I am hopeful the ship’s facilities will be enough for the crew to relax. We have converted 2 cargo bays to additional holodecks and we’re currently operating under a minimal active crew rotation to give everyone as much time as possible.”Captain Picard sat in his Ready Room. He thought about what he had seen when he entered the bridge earlier. Ensign McKnight had clearly been being sexually suggestive towards Will Riker, his First Officer. He knew full well that she was wanting an invite to one of his and Deanna’s ‘special’ parties and also knew with a body like that she would probably get one.His thoughts led back the other night with Beverley. He knew she wanted him and thought he could easily of fucked her any way he wanted but he restrained himself. He had been the one to set her up with her husband all those years ago, although he regretted it ever since, as he should have taken her for himself. Even after all the years since Jack died, he still thought of him when he thought of fucking Beverley. Of course one main reason was he didn’t feel it right the Captain fucking the CMO on a starship in terms of how it might affect his command but, to be honest, this was the secondary reason.He sat back in his chair and thought more about Beverley. About how much he’d like to rip her clothes off and use her, fuck her all night. He closed his eyes…..When he opened them he realised he wasn’t in his Ready Room but in a plain room, with a bed in the middle. He looked around and couldn’t see anything. Suddenly a hidden door slid open and an alien walked in. One that he had seen before but hoped not to see again.”Hello Captain Picard.””Hello, what do you want with me. I warned you last time about a*****ing people””We took on board what you said. This time we are asking for your help”.6 months ago Jean-Luc was a*****ed by a race of aliens, alongside 2 other people and one of the aliens posing as a Starfleet cadet. While imprisoned in a cell that was designed to see how the prisoners would work together by testing them in various ways for things like food or the chance of escape, they were replaced by duplicates controlled by the aliens. Eventually Picard’s duplicate arouses suspicion among the crew with antics including singing and nearly destroying the ship by taking it too close to a pulsar emitting lethal radiation. At the same time the real Picard realises one of his fellow prisoners, the cadet, was also an alien impostor and managed to call an end to the ‘experiment’. Once Picard returned he was able to get the rest of the bridge crew to hold the aliens to give them a sign of what he had gone through, the morality of it and warned them never to return.Now, Picard looked at the alien who looked identical to the ones he had come across during that episode. An alien he had expected never to come across again.”Why do you want my help?””Last time you met us we wanted to study your leadership abilities, but you showed us that by taking you and experimenting without warning we were breaking your moral code. This time we wish to ask for your help with another experiment.””What are you looking to study now”?”Sex.”Picard was almost speechless.”What? You want me to have sex in front of you?””Not necessarily, we are more interested in how it affects your neural pathways and various sensor readings, rather than watching you perform.””Well, erm, what if I don’t agree to help you. The Enterprise is on an important mission and needs me.””We know the Enterprise is on its was to Erasmus IV and is in no danger. You will be back before you are required.””Let me think about it.””Of course, relax and as soon as you make a decision we will be ready.”Picard looked around and noticed a comfy sofa, so he sat and pondered what to do..–The duplicate Captain Picard got up from the desk. He had read all he needed to about the crew and the recent missions to make sure this time he didn’t make any obvious errors. However he had a mission and he was damn sure he would carry it out. He left his ready room and headed for the turbolift.”Sickbay.”The turbolift quickly reached its destination and Picard walked in and noticed 3 nurses in the area and the Doctor in her office. He spoke to the nurses and told them all to leave immediately.”But Sir..””You heard me, please leave the sickbay.””Yes Sir..”Once the sickbay was empty he went to the adjoining office.”Hello Beverley..””Capta.. I mean Jean-Luc?””I need a moment with you””Of course, what can I do for you?””I need you.””Well as CMO I’m glad you do!””No, not as CMO. I need YOU Beverley. For so long I’ve wanted you, and now I’m going to have you.”Picard kissed her passionately as she sat in her seat. Then took her hand and guided her to standing up.”Are you sure.””Yes.”It was as simple as that. Picard knew that Beverley was now completely won over by him and he could do what he wanted. So he did.They kissed again and Picard yanked up her top so it sat above her chest and began to grope her. They continued kissing as Picard slipped Beverley’s bra up and over her breasts exposing them. He then played with them and groped them quite roughly. Beverley realised something wasn’t right but she was powerless to stop him as he fondled her and kissed her with passion, but also with force.Soon he moved his hands down to the waistband of her trousers and in a fluid motion he yanked them down to the floor. He then did the same with her panties, leaving her completely exposed from where her top and bra sat above her now heaving breasts, to her feet. He bent her over the desk. She was his willing victim as he slid 2 fingers hard and deep into her pussy, which thankfully was so wet and able to cope. Beverley moaned aloud as Jean-Luc finger fucked her hard and fast, with his other hand on her hair keeping her head down near the desk she was bent over.There was a brief pause as Beverley caught her breath before she found something else was fucking her. Jean-Luc had dropped his trousers and pants and thrust into her wanting pussy as it enveloped his rock-hard cock. He then kept going, getting harder and faster with his hands on Beverley’s long flowing red locks. Beverley felt a mixture of pain, submission tuzla escort bayan and delight as she was fucked to within an inch of her life..Wesley glanced at the time on the computer panel. It was unlike his Mom to be late for dinner, particularly on a Wednesday. Wednesday nights had become their nights over the last few months. They would both dress up and share a nice meal and a bottle of wine. They would talk and drink and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly, as far as Wesley was concerned, that was as far as it got, except sometimes a fleeting goodnight kiss.”Computer locate Doctor Crusher.””Doctor Crusher is currently in Sickbay.”Of course! She was always at work whenever she was late for something! Wesley decided she had probably not realised the time so thought he’d go and get her. After all he’d dressed for the occasion in a black 2-buttoned suit from the early 21st Century, with a crisp white shirt with the top and next button undone. He left his quarters and headed for the nearest turbolift.”Sickbay.”–Beverley felt she was in some sort of twisted heaven. She was being fucked to within an inch of her life. Completely used. But it wasn’t **** she told herself. It wasn’t because she enjoyed it and wanted it. She had succumbed, she was a willing victim.The duplicate Picard now slid her up on to the desk as she lay with her front down on it, Picard’s strong arms forcing her legs apart as she cried out in pain. However her cries fell on deaf ears as he began to fuck her again, her legs surely bruised by being forced spread sideways. Her cries subsided as his cock pummelled her hard against the desk.She didn’t know what to do. She felt the pain of her legs being forced open, although it subsided, ‘thanks to those painful yoga sessions’, she thought. Now he was fucking her again and her pussy was on fire. She knew she was going to cum on his cock. She knew she was going to scream. What she didn’t know is what he’d do next or if he’d ever stop fucking her.”Cum for me bitch”.Picard slid a finger in Beverley’s arse as she moaned louder and louder. She had tears in her eyes as she screamed once more and bucked against him. She came hard as Picard stopped for a moment, leaving his hard manhood deep inside her. He stroked her hair. Then after a moment of peace he simply pulled out of her, turned her onto her back and fucked her again, lifting her legs up and onto his shoulders.They both looked into each other’s eyes, transfixed, as he fucked her harder than ever. Neither of them heard the door open.Wesley looked on, absolutely stunned.”Mom?”Nobody seemed to hear him as he watched his mother getting banged by Captain Picard. He could see the Captain’s cock almost blurred as it slid in and out so quick of her as she just lay there, spread out before him with her legs in the air. He felt slightly jealous seeing his Mom’s dripping cunt getting smashed but he was mesmerised by the sight. Without thinking he unzipped the flies on his suit and took his cock out and started to stroke it as it was soon rock hard. He watched on as Picard doubled her over even more, her knees back into her and her pussy up off the desk. He held her against the edge of the desk and fucked her even harder, filling up her pussy that was soaking wet but slightly raw as it took the fucking of its life. “Wesley, why don’t you pop that cock in your mother’s mouth?”Wesley Crusher didn’t realise Picard had noticed him and stood there holding on to his cock slightly dazed.”That is an order, Ensign”.Wesley snapped back to action and looked back at his Mom’s face, contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain.”Yes Sir.”Wesley walked round to other side of the desk as Beverley opened up her eyes and for the first time realised Wesley was there. In her hedonistic, almost d**g-like state she just smiled.”Wesley.””Mom.”With that he undid his belt and slid down his trousers and pants and put his cock in his Mom’s mouth. She turned her neck to the side and hungrily began to suck. She moved her hands too, stretching slightly as she felt his balls and cock as she moved it in and out of her wanting mouth.Picard continued with the pummelling that he was giving to Beverley’s pussy as she lapped up her son’s cock. He watched with interest the way Beverley was able to take so much of the penis in her mouth and could see the way her jaw seemed to move, indicating that she was really going to work on it and giving Wesley the time of his life.”Mom, I’m going to cum…””Cum for me Wesley. Please.”Beverley couldn’t believe how much cum could come from one cock. Wesley thrusted into her mouth as he began to cum inside it but soon he had to pull out as there was so much. It ended up in her mouth, over her mouth and most of her face.Picard then slid a finger back in her arse hard as he fucked her and she screamed and then bucked up and down with her body as she had her second orgasm of the night, which seemed to almost consume her. Then Picard shouted..”Yes!”Picard came inside Beverley as he continued to slide in and out of her. Then pulling out as the last drops of his juice fell onto the top of her trimmed pussy, dropping her legs and leaving her laying shattered and exposed on the desk. He then took her hand and put her willing fingers inside her pussy then into her mouth. She just lay there, submitting to him as she had done all through the experience. Wesley looked on stunned, not sure whether or not he was dreaming or if this was actually real.Jean-Luc then pulled up his pants and trousers and left, just like that. Leaving a smiling Doctor and a confused Ensign. A broken Mom and a dazed Son.–“Riker to Data, Worf, La Forge and Doctor Crusher, please meet me in my quarters.”The senior officers all arrived in Riker’s quarters which he shared with his imzadi, Deanna Troi, who was already there. They took the seats he offered, with the Doctor sitting next to Deanna on the sofa.Riker stood to address them all.”I think we have a problem. The Captain appears to be showing signs of odd behaviour. After apparently going to sickbay for 40 minutes, he then was seen drinking in the corridors, going to engineering and telling Geordi to ‘stop worrying about those fucking engines and go get laid’, and then going to ten-forward and drinking more and smoking cigars and making a very lude pass at Guinan. Doctor may I ask, did you see the Captain when he was in sickbay? Did he seem unusual? Apparently he ordered all the staff out when he arrived?”The Doctor said nothing. She knew her face was going as red as her hair but couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth.”Beverley, it’s ok.”Deanna had held of Crusher’s hand as she spoke to her. Beverley looked at her, then half-smiled and began to tell the room what had happened when Captain Picard came to her sickbay. She missed out the part about Wesley as she couldn’t see how it was relevant. Deanna would probably pick up on it but hopefully not say anything.She spoke about how he had forcefully fucked her but she had been submissive to him and allowed him to do it.La Forge, Riker and Worf all crossed their legs as they tried to disguise the erections they were all forming. Data just had a puzzled look on his face and Troi looked showed sympathy and compassion, as Beverley had come to expect.When she had finished speaking, Will Riker stood up. He tried to adjust himself before he spoke to the room.”Well then, I think we definitely have a situation. It seems a bit similar to last time, except, erm..””Except that there has been a sexual element all the way through.”Data managed to finish off Riker’s thoughts in his usual non-emotional manner. As an android, Riker knew, he couldn’t feel embarrassment, nor be turned on, at least not sexually!”Erm, exactly. So what can we do?”Riker looked around at the group of senior officers before him. All accomplished officers, but also good friends.”Doctor can you relieve him from duty until we have it sorted?””No Geordi I can’t. It’s still speculation and technically he hasn’t broken any rules.””I think I have an idea..”Deanna now had everyone’s attention as she stood up to make her point. She was now in her all in one outfit that accentuated her perfect figure. She remembered Picard’s face when she said that it was the uniform she wanted rather than the traditional Starfleet uniform as it would put her and her patients at ease. At the time Picard reluctantly agreed, although had a good look first before making his decision!”I think if I can get close enough to the Captain and we can distract him at the same time, I might be able to distinguish his thoughts and should be able to tell whether it’s the real him or not. Then we’ll know if aliens have duplicated him again, or whether its him and he’s got a medical problem. Last time we tried to do a medical on him and it didn’t pick up anything, but this plan could work.””And how will you distract him?””With sex.”Riker was stunned, however Data carried on the conversation.”I think I see what you mean, Counsellor. He is clearly sexually motivated at the moment and if you can use this against him and seek out his thoughts while the erotic portion of his mind is in full usage then I think that you may be able to get to the bottom of it. There is just one thing, Counsellor, are you sure you can be strong enough of mind against him? After all Doctor Crusher clearly submitted herself to him and was mentally flattened.””Because Data my mind is a lot stronger than Beverley’s, no offence Beverley, escort tuzla and of course she actually wanted it.”Dr Crusher blushed as she sat on the sofa.”Having said that maybe there is someone who could help offer a back-up. There’s a young Vulcan ensign who joined the crew a month ago, if she was there as well, she could always create a telepathic link or a mind meld if I loose control.””And where will this take place?””The bridge.””What?!?””It has to be somewhere where he is comfortable, where his mind will be at its most settled. He needs to think he’s in control. Here’s what I was thinking…”As Troi laid out the details of her plan, the men in the room, except Data, knew they’d be finding it hard to move for a little while yet…–Ensign T’Pral sat at the conn on the bridge. She had only joined the Enterprise 4 weeks prior and had felt at the time that it was the logical decision to learn and further her Starfleet career. She knew there was also a certain ‘romanticism’ associated with the name ‘Enterprise’, but as a Vulcan she had learnt many years ago to control her emotions and she had told herself that this had nothing to do with her decision. Just an hour before she had had a very ‘interesting’ conversation with Counsellor Deanna Troi. It was thought the Captain could be under the influence of an alien presence or even be a ‘duplicate’, as what had apparently happened 6 months ago. While she was told what she needed to do would be voluntary, she knew the importance of it made it impossible for her to refuse.She turned around and caught Troi’s eye. The Counsellor sat in the Captain’s chair. Although she was ships counsellor, her Starfleet rank was Lieutenant Commander and as the only other person on the bridge her place was in the centre seat. They had been running skeleton shifts since they left Starbase 76, but she knew they still needed a third person on the bridge. She also knew that he was on his way.The duplicate Picard stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge. During the ride to the bridge he had been thinking that his mission had gone well thus far. He had been sent to learn about the sexual desires and mechanics behind sex amongst humanity and, if possible, some of the other Federation species.He had earlier given Doctor Crusher a complete fucking, seeing how much fucking a human female could take. Quite a lot as it turns out. Wesley getting involved intrigued him and he couldn’t help wondering if i****t was common amongst humans or simply a once-in-a-while fantasy.As he moved onto the bridge he noticed Counsellor Troi stand from the Captains chair. She was wearing her usual all-in-one uniform, which seemed to emphasise every curve of her perfect body. Completely unnecessary, the duplicate Picard thought, but perhaps this is the way it’s meant to be. After all, the body he was using seemed to react positively to it, as he felt is dick getting harder by the second.As he took his seat he also noticed the Vulcan ensign at the conn. Short dark hair coupling an elegant face that may not of showed any emotion, but still showed a hint of softness. She wore a standard duty uniform, completely crisp and in perfect condition as he supposed would match any Vulcan in Starfleet.Even though he was still new to it, the duplicate Picard realised the bridge definitely looked odd with a skeleton compliment, but also with the comfy seats and all the space it could of easily been someone’s lounge. Once again, he thought about the unnecessaryness of it all, which made him think again about the outfit he thought unnecessary that clung the body of Deanna sat next to him. Then it dawned on him that maybe it wasn’t so unnecessary after all. It certainly got his cocks attention, which was almost tenting against his trousers.Deanna continued looking forward towards the viewscreen at the front of the bridge, watching the stars streaming past. She knew it was time and soon Ensign T’Pral looked round at her and Troi nodded. This was it. Troi lent over to Picard and out of nowhere kissed him on the cheek. “Counsellor?””Just relax Jean-Luc…”She turned back to face forwards and as she did Ensign T’Pral stood up from her seat at the front of the bridge and looked towards Captain Picard. She stood emotionlessly as she began to slowly sway her body. Her hands then began to run over the front of her uniform slowly. Picard was now staring at her as her hands went behind her back and slowly unzipped her uniform top.As T’Pral’s top fell to the floor it left her top half completely exposed. Her breasts stood proudly, small but beautiful. Her nipples hard, as Picard took it all in. Picard then felt a hand on his trousers, as Troi ran her hand over his massive erection through them. T’Pral played with her breasts and then tweaked her nipples, still without emotion, as Troi unzipped Picard’s trousers and pulled his cock out from his pants as it stood proudly to attention.Troi began to massage Picard’s cock as T’Pral put her fingers in the waistband of her trousers and turned around. She then slid of her trousers slowly, bent forward with her bum in the air, covered by some black lacy panties. Her trousers fell to the ground and she effortlessly stepped out of them. Troi then got down onto her knees between Picard’s legs and took him into her mouth. She began to suck slowly, her lips tight against his cock. She could sense he was distracted and his mental walls were slightly weaker but she still couldn’t sense enough to know for sure what was controlling him. By now, T’Pral was stood looking into Picard’s eyes as she slid her fingers inside the waistband of her panties and slid them down, revealing her bare pussy. Troi could feel Picard’s cock twinge slightly in her mouth and knew that he was enjoying the show, but still she felt her mental probing being blocked by him. She knew what she had to do next, and she stood up and removed her all-in-one uniform slowly, her hands behind her unzipping herself and peeling it off her body, leaving it on the floor. She had decided to go without any underwear for the plan and she could sense surprise and excitement from Picard as he eyed up her perfectly firm and smooth body, except a small trimmed bit of pubic hair above her pussy. She stood between Picard’s legs and took his hands and placed them on her body.Picard’s hands felt up Deanna’s thighs and body as he leant forward in his Captain’s chair and explored her amazing tits with his fingers. Deanna then put a supple leg up on the arm of Picard’s chair, exposing her pussy for him, and put a hand behind his head and brought it into her snatch. His tongue entered her and began thrusting into her dripping pussy. She moaned for him but at the same time was trying to use her Betazoid mind to unlock Jean-Luc’s. She knew she needed to do more.. and work faster while she still had the energy, before her body succumbed to him. She stepped back from Jean-Luc and then straddled him on the chair. She felt his cock slide into her wet hole with ease and she began to fuck him against the chair. She rode him hard, his cock filling her, then sliding all the way so the tip was just against her lips before filling her again as she slid down onto it. Troi moaned aloud but she was struggling to summon up the mental capacity to probe his mind. Was this going to be their only chance? She realised that at that very moment she didn’t care as Picard moaned and she knew he was going to cum inside her wanting pussy. Thankfully T’Pral had moved closer in and sensed that things were coming to a head. As Picard began to cum she lurched forward and placed her fingers on the katra points on Picard’s face and initiated a mind meld. Once T’Pral was connected she could sense Picard’s orgasm and began to moan herself. She knew she couldn’t let herself get side tracked, however, and suddenly she found what she was looking for. She removed her fingers and stepped back. She looked at Deanna who was sat on Picard’s cock, exhausted but satisfied.”Counsellor, I have what we were looking for””Erm, thank you Ensign. What, erm, was the outcome?””That is not the Captain. It’s a duplicate.”Troi got up off the duplicate’s lap and stood in front of him. She put her fingers inside her and felt the cum that had filled her pussy. “So you’re not Captain Picard? Who’s cum is this then??””No, I’m not the Captain. I’m sorry for the deception but we needed to learn. I am from a group that borrowed your Captain a few months ago.””Where is he?””He is safe. Now you’re aware, we will transport him back shortly.”Troi felt happy in the knowledge that it was mission accomplished. The Captain would be returning and no harm had been done, and this had definitely been more enjoyable then any other mission.. She couldn’t wait to tell Beverley about this during their next Yoga session. –“You are free to go.””What happened.””We used another duplicate to replace you so you wouldn’t be missed, however he has been discovered.””That was quick.””Actually, time has been passing slower here then in normal space-time and he’s been at it for 18 hours and 23 minutes.””What?!?””We’re sorry but we couldn’t take the chance you would decline our request.””This better be the last time I see you. Otherwise we will find you and it won’t be friendly.””We shall see Captain, we shall see.”Jean-Luc found himself in what he felt was similar but different to a transporter effect, and within seconds was back on the bridge. He looked around and saw just 2 other people. Troi and T’Pral. Both Naked. At first he started to worry about what his duplicate had been up to, but then he smiled as he looked at the 2 gorgeous nude ladies in front of him. “Well this seems interesting…

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