Start of Going Bigger! Gay


Start of Going Bigger! Gayhad been chatting with a guy, lets call him Kurt, online for a little bit. He seemed nice and chill and was into me being a bit nervous and wanting to go at my own pace. I’d been fucked in the ass twice before and had experiences that made me want to try more. I also really enjoyed playing with toys. My first two times were with guys that were smaller and I wanted to try moving up in size.I’m in my mid-twenties, slim, pale, tall and smooth and have been told I have a cute little butt. I wanted to be fucked by someone with a cock my size or even a little bigger. Kurt was mid-thirties, average height with a nice build and a very nice penis. Maybe 6.5 inches to 7 inch’s and a regular thickness. Just the size I wanted to try. We ended up meeting a couple times and he was very kind and slow going with me. We continued to chat online talking about dirty fantasies and things we enjoyed. I didn’t know he’d actually listen to me.Kurt invited me over one evening, so I cleaned up and wandered to his place. He greeted me at the door, welcomed me in and gave me a drink as we sat on his couch. We chatted in the livingroom for a while and had a few more drinks. I was usually awkward about getting things going but after a few drinks I was getting brave and suddenly stood up and pulled me shirt off, unzipped my pants and slid the off and stood in front of Kurt. “Now, that’s what I love to see and play with,” he said as a large grin spread over his face. He looked at my slim little body and the little black thong I had on. “Why don’t you turn around and let me get a good look at that body of yours,” he asked me.I did as he asked, running my hands up my sides, playfully slapping my ass and then gently spreading my ass cheeks open to show him the strip of throng running up my crack. He stared as I showed him my ass and then turned and pinched my nibbles and rubbed the growing bulge at my crotch. “You like what you see?” I asked him coyly. “Do you want to peel these underwear off and fuck my hole?””I see someone’s moved from being shy and nervous to being excited,” Kurt said as he eyed my swelling crotch.”Damn, that’s hot,” he said as I smiled dumbly, pulled the front of my thong down a little to show him that I had shaved myself smooth. He grinned and undid his pants revealing his hard cock straining against his underwear. “Come on over here and get familiar with this growth in my shorts.” He beckoned me over and I walked to him, rubbed my hand on his hidden member then turned, lowered my ass and began to grind it into him. I could feel his hard erection against my ass and got excited and pressed myself against him, running up and down his length. With a slap of my ass Kurt said, “Sit that little ass down on the couch here.”I figured I was about to be fucked, which was what I wanted. Instead Kurt got up and walked down the hall way to his bedroom.”Get yourself another drink and stay horny. I’ll be right back,” he said over his shoulder.A few minutes later he wandered back down the hall, butt naked with a bottle of lube in one hand and condoms in the other his erect penis bouncing as he walked. I grinned in anticipation of riding that dick and feeling him push into my manhole. As I moved to get up he said, “Sit, I’ve got something you can work on from there.” He set down the lube and condoms and walked up to me and presented his hot pulsating cock to me, which I quickly opened my mouth to accept. He had a nice smooth shaft and he had a nice bubbled head on his hog, it was purple and engorged with blood as I swirled my tongue over and started sucking just the tip. I could taste his precum on my lips and tongue as I ran it up his slit. He moaned and grabbed the sides of my head and pushed towards me. I didn’t fight it, I opened my mouth and let him push his cock further in. I reached up and began running my hand up and down his shaft milking his precum into my mouth.”Ah, hell ya. Love the feel of your lips wrapped around my cock,” he groaned at me.I continued sucking and jerking his rock hard dick as he pushed it in and out of my mouth. I’m not usually into sucking cock but this evening it was really turning me on, I think a mix of alcohol and excitement was getting me into it. Kurt then pulled out of my mouth, “If I give you what you want are you going to give me what I want?””Yes,” I told him with one hand still wrapped around his stiff cock. I was thinking he wanted me to swallow his cum as I hadn’t done that yet. “Good. Get on your hands and knees on the floor,” he said with a smile.My cock tingled in my thong in anticipation of the anal fucking I knew was coming. His cock filled me up a lot and gave me a pleasant stretched feeling. It was that stretched feeling that I craved the most sexually. It sent me over the top to feel it.I got on all fours on the floor and Kurt knelt behind me and began to play with my ass. He spanked me lightly, rubbed my ass and spread my butt apart. He ran his hands up my lower back then grabbed the top of my thong and pulled it up tight, yanking the material tightly against my hole.”Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Mmmmmm yes. Pull it tight. That feels soooooo good,” I moaned at him.The material rubbing over my sensitive manhole sent tingles throughout my body and I pushed my ass back towards him as he pulled on my thong and moved it side to side. He gathered the top in one hand and reached around to stroke my bulging cock from behind. The feel of his fingers brushing my stiff penis was great and it only made it swell more. “God, I’m gonna to lose it, I’m so hot, so horny! I want your cock in me! I want you to fuck the shit out of my ass!” It was then that I decided, tonight I was going to let him fuck me then I was going stop him and suck his cock when it was fresh from my ass! “Ya, you like that? You like when I play with your ass and tease your cock?” he kept teasing me and getting me massively turned on.”So if I give you what you want you’ll give me what I want?””Yes!” I throatily breathed at him, thinking how much he’d love me doing ass to mouth for him, a fantasy he had, and swallowing his load.He kept grinding my thong against my ass but leaned into me with his stiff cock and rubbed it up my crack as well. I was in heaven. The feel of his raw hot thick member against my soft skin was unreal.”I need that in me Kurt! I want you to slide it inside me and fuck my ass,” I pleaded with him.He stopped rubbing his cock against my ass, let go off my thong and picked up the lube. He pulled my thong down around my knees and poured lube down my ass cheeks and crack. He rubbed it over my smooth skin, working it over my puckered hole, rubbing it and slipping a finger into me. “Ohhh… hhhhhh… hhhhhh,” I moaned as his digit past into me.He worked his finger in and out of my ass, the slippery lube giving him no resistance. I moaned in pleasure as he finger fucked my hole.”Ohhhh… putttttt… another one in!”A second finger penetrated me and Kurt ran them deep inside, I could feel him massage my prostate and it sent fireworks through my body. I bucked back against his fingers and tried to push his hand up my ass. I felt his fingers pull out and heard a condom open. “You ready to have the cute little ass opened up?” he asked as he grabbed my hips and eased in behind me. Then the flared head of his cock was at my ass. Nerves shot through me, but the mix of booze and excitement pushed the worry down and I gently pushed back towards him. He began to ease his hard cock into me. I could feel the head start to spread me open making my hole tingle as it opened to accept him. He pushed more and my anal muscles began to stretch open, a slight tension as he pushed them further apart than normal. “There you go, ease that hole up. Fuck your ass is so goddamn tight!”I moaned and breathed shallow in anticipation of his head pooping past my spincter and into my ass. That pop is one of the most magical feelings and I could take it over and over again. Just before my hole welcomed him in he stop and held himself there. I tried to push back but he pushed me forward to hold me in place. Kurt was much heavier bayan escort istanbul and stronger than me and I really gave him no challenge. “If I give it to you, you’ll give me what I want in return?””God, yes! Anything you want I’ll give you, just FUCK ME!” I going to suck every drop of cum from your nuts and slop all my ass juice off your dick after you fuck me I screamed in my head. “Yeah?” he asked once more.”Yes, yes please just fuck me. Fuck me the way I want to be fucked, use my hole, plow that cock into me,” I begged. I heard Kurt laugh a little then felt the tip of his cock ease the rest of the way into my ass. “Hhhhhuuuuuuuuuu!! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck… push it in me.”The flared edge of his head pushed through my hole and into me and my ass clenched down on his rigid pole as it slowly slid into me. He began to pull out slowly, letting the tip of his cock pull my asshole open before slowly pushing it back in again. My whole body shook from the pleasure this was giving me. The continual forcing open of my back entrance was unreal and I basked in the sensation of it. “Yes, yes put that cock in me… fuck I love it,” I grunted as I felt his shaft entering me.He began pushing deeper inside me, spread me open a little more with each thrust. This was what I wanted, a piece of hot man meat inside me. Kurt built up a nice slow steady rythme and I rocked my willing ass back and forth in time with his pumping. “Take that cock. Ya, look at your ass swallow it up. Fuck ya you take it so well,” Kurt told me as he slid his manhood in and out of my puckered pink hole.My breathing was coming in gasps and my arms got weak and I put my head on the floor and pushed my ass up in the air. Kurt stopped, repositioned himself in a squat over my up raised ass and began rythmically churning my bowls with his cock.”Uhhhhh… Uhhhhh… mmhhhhhh… open me up, open me up… deeper… push it deeper!!” I urged him on as I savoured the feel of his hot penis inside me.He once more stopped and asked me, “If you’re getting what you want are you going to give me what I want?”I eagerly told him “yes,” as his fleshy penis buried itself in me. “Good, because I’ve called a buddy to come over and the two of us are going to fuck you tonight. You’re going to be our slut, we’re going to act out all those dirty fantasies you told me about and it’s going to be with me.””What?! Oh, no, no, no!!” I gasped. The thought of some stranger walking in, seeing me with my face on the floor, my ass in the air, and a man’s dick impaled in my ass freaked the hell out of me. I tried to scramble up but Kurt held me down and continued working his cock in and out of my ass. “Where do you think you’re going? You just stay right there and take this cock until company shows up to help fuck you,” Kurt grinned at me from his position buried in my asshole. Fear bubbled up inside me, I wanted to leave, to escape. But there was another part of me that was excited by the idea of being fucked by two guys, that it was hot and something I’d thought about and jerked off too. This mixed with the immense pleasure I was getting from Kurt’s dick in my anus.Kurt reached down and started playing with my cock as he continued to slowly pump my hole. My dick was rigid and I squirmed as he stroked me, I was so stimulated. I heard his front door open and dread wheeled up in me again but Kurt held me down and shoved his cock in me hard and balls deep.”Ah fuck, uhhhhh… yaaaaaaa,” I groaned and gasped.Kurt’s friend was real, he hadn’t be lying to me. Meet my Black friend, Glen, walked into the living room and looked at the two of us and just a smile creeping onto his face. “What’s up man? So, did I lie about the cute little thing I’ve found to play with?” asked Kurt.”Hell, no!” Glen replied as he began to strip down.Glen was taller than Kurt, over 6 feet, heavier built, and looked to be in his early forties. He was in nice shape and obviously visited the gym. He pulled his boxers down and out flopped a large very black semi-hard cock. Kurt was a nice size, Glen was big!! He later said that he was about 8 inches hard.”Ya, man. Plow that cock into him. Shit, his ass is gobbling that thing up!” Glen stood there stroking his black cock and watching Kurt fuck me. “Do You think he’ll be able to take this thing up his shithole?” he asked as his rod seemed to grow and grow, I was amazed at the size of it. Part of me said no way that’ll fit, while another part eagerly wanted to try! Glen watched a little more then asked, “Mind if I get in on some of the fun?””Of course. He’s here for both of us to pound tonight,” Kurt said of course and pulled me back up on all fours. Glen got down in front of me and placed his black cock at my lips. I opened my mouth and began sucking his massive hog while Kurt continued to pump my ass. I was being spit roasted by two guys, my mind was spinning but I was loving it. The thought of seeing me on my hands and knees a dick in my mouth and one in my ass drove me wild. I sucked on Glen trying to take more of him in my mouth. I felt Kurt slow to a stop and slowly pull out of me, my ass belched air as his fat head tumbled out of my stretched hole. “Now suck Glen’s shit for me,” he sat on the couch and to watch me suck Glen’s black cock.Glen sat back on his ass and I began going down on him, bobbing my mouth up and down his massive black prick. “uhghhmphhhh… gaaaaaakkkkk… mmmpphhhuuuuhhhh… gaaaakkkkk… ” I was lucky to get half way down his shaft before hitting my gag reflex. “Fuck that’s hot. Gag on that dick man. Choke yourself with it!” Glen said in encouragement.I continued shoving his penis in my mouth, saliva dripping down his cock. I reached behind and started fingering my hole so Kurt could watch and kept choking myself on that hot throbbing black dick in my mouth. I was so turned on, I was worried that if I even so much as touched my cock it’d explode.”Fuck your asshole! Yes, get those fingers in it, spread it open for me to see,” Glen said.”Kurt, this guy sucks cock like it’s the last thing he’s going to do!! Fuck! If his mouth is this good his hole must be even better.” Glen grinned and pushed my head further onto his engorged dick.I continued like this for several minutes. Dinning on Glen’s fat sausage while I finger fucked my hot wet hole as Kurt watched. However, Glen soon pulled my mouth off him. “Go sit on the couch next to Kurt,” he told me as he stroked his slick cock.I got up, my legs shaky from being down so long and the excitement that was coursing through me. My thong dropped to my ankles and I kicked it off as I sat on the couch and Kurt guided my head down onto his waiting cock. “Ya, there you go. Suck it… mmmmmm fuck that mouth is sweet,” Kurt groaned as his head rolled back.Glen grabbed my hips and pulled me up so once more I was on my knees with my face buried in a guy’s crotch with his rigid hard member in my mouth. Glen started fingering my hole and I felt lube splash onto my now stretched ass. “Mmmhppppuuu… ya… mmmppugghhhh… stretch me open… mmmmuuhhhhhhhh… ” I grunted around Kurt’s rod. “So… ugggggghhhhmmppph… gooooodd… mmmpphhhuuu… I want… mpphphhuuh… that fat… mmmppphhhuuhhh… cock,” it felt marvelous and I wanted to see if I could fit Glen’s big black cock in me. Then Kurt started pushing my head down on him, pushing himself deeper into my throat. I had to focus on not gagging, then my eyes bulged as I felt a large pressure in my ass. “Oh ya! Get ready cause here it comes!” Glen started pushing his big black meat stick into me.God, just the tip of it in my hole sent shots of pain through me as I could tell it was ripping me open a little. I’d wanted to try a bigger cock but this was more than I’d thought of. Kurt felt my body tense.”If you want to be slutty for me you need to take Glen’s black cock. Come on, show me how much man your ass can fit in it,” he said to me.This turned me on so much and I reached back and spread my ass apart for Glen, inviting him into me. Glen’s big mushroom head pushed into me and instead of the usual pop and easing of pressure my ass protested being spread istanbul escort bayan open so much. His head was in me and he began pushing himself further in. I moaned as I gagged on Kurt and kept spreading my ass open for Glen. “Gahhh, this is one goddamn tight hole,” Glen grunted and proceeded to rip me open. The pain of him entering me was intense but mixed with it was pleasure as my ass clenched onto him. It was like being tortured and rewarded at the same time. I felt him start to pull out and was welcoming the relief of being empty, until his flared head began pulling me open from the inside. He could feel me tense and move and left it sitting just inside. “Like when the head holds your hole open do you?” he asked.God these men knew how to fuck. He pushed back in and then out again slowly working my ass with his big cock. He wasn’t anymore than half way in but my insides screamed from being split open. Glen kept up his pumping of my tight hole and Kurt pulled me up from him. “Hooo fuuuuuucccckkkk!!” I gasped as Glen thrust into me. “Jesus Christ you’re so fucking big. Huuuuuhhhhh… hhuuuuuhhhhhh… ahhhhh… fuck! Ya, ya fuck me open. Spread me open, spread my tight ass open!!” I moaned as Kurt just watched and smiled.Having that massive pole in me started to feel really good as the pain reduced but the pleasure stayed. I started craving the feeling of being spread open and the anticipation of each thrust going a little deeper in me. Glen was still going slow but he was continuely burying more and more of himself in me. “Fuck yes! Keep pushing it in Glen… more… deeeeppper!! HHHOO!! Oh shit!!” I squealed as he shoved himself further in.”… I love this… fuck I love your black cock in me… gooooodd. I wantttttt toooo beee youuuur sllllut… make… mmmmmeee your slut Kurt! If thissss… AHHHHHHHH… oh my god… if thiiissss… isss hooowww you… treat your slut… I… wannnnt… it… I wannnnttt… itt… as much… asssss I caaannnn… mmmmmm!!”Kurt was stroking himself while watching Glen fuck me, “Well, my slut has to do a lot of dirty shit to keep me and my friends happy.””I’lllllll… beeee soooooo diiirttyyyyy… for you,” I told him. “I… wasssss… unnnnnhhhhhhh… FUCKKKKKKK!! Oh Christ you’rrrrrrre… ripping… me… open!! God!… I… wassss… gonnnnaaa… swalllllowww… your load… tonight… and dooooo… ahhhhhh… asssss… to… mouthhhhh… for… you. Anyyyyythinngg… I’m… youuuurrr… slllllut.”Kurt grinned, “What about bareback?”I hesitated and gasped as Glen shoved deeper in me and a little rougher than he had so far. He thrust into me several more times, deep and hard. My mind swirled in ecstacy as his cock impaled me and opened my bowels up like never before. Kurt asked again, “Well, what about bareback?”I wanted to say yes, I wanted to be so filthy and not care but before I answered he said, “I hope so because you already are.”What?! I let go of my ass, rose up but that simply pushed me further back on Glen and I gasped and my breath left me as I took his whole 8 inches in. “Ohhhhhhhh… FUUUUCCKKK!! Ahhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh fuck my asssss… shit, shit… that’s fucking deeeeeeppp… ” I cried out and reached one hand back, grasped Glen’s black shaft and felt nothing. No condom! He pulled out and I kept my hand wrapped around him and he had nothing on. My god, I just let a complete stranger fuck me in the ass with no condom! I was horrified, but then Glen black cock drove back inside me. He started pushing his massive dick in hard and deep and I tried to move away but Kurt was bigger than me and Glen definitely was. He held me in place and proceeded to fuck my ass. “Ya, ya struggle on my cock. Fuck Kurt this guy is tight as fuck but holy shit he’s taken the whole thing. I’m going to fucking wreck this ass!!” Glen said as his strong hands clamped onto my hips and prevented me from moving.I reached back and tried to push his hips off but he then grabbed my arms pulled them back and held me up with them as he pumped my ass full of his stiff black penis. The worst part was that it felt great, it felt great getting railed by that big black cock, knowing it was bare and raw in my ass and that Kurt was watching and jerking off to us. I gave in. “Ohhhhhh… yes… fuck me! Fuck me… please fuck me!! Fuck me more. I wannnnnt to feel that biggggg… rawwww…black cock in me!!” I moaned out to Glen as he drove his big dick into me, opening me up as he pulled me back into him with each thrust. “Cooommmme… on… spread me open!! Pummmp… my ass! Stretch it!”This only excited him and he began to quicken his pace, really driving into me. Kurt just sat there, stroking his cock and watching as his friend destroyed my ass. After several more minutes of being banged I couldn’t handle it anymore.”Oh, my arms… I can’t take it anymore,” I groaned.Glen let me go and I flopped onto the couch, coated in sweat, panting like a dog. His cock slid out of me with a wet pop. He stepped around the front of the couch and sat me up and I took his glistening penis into my mouth. I could taste lube, sweat and my ass on him. It excited me so much and I tried to swallow his throbbing unit but couldn’t get it in.”Mmmm that’s a good boy, clean that cock off. You like the taste of your own ass?” Glen asked and then looked at Kurt, “That was one amazing hole to pound! He took every fucking inch of this thing.” He shook his stiff black pole.Kurt was sitting beside me and pulled me over to him, pushed my feet onto the floor and pulling me up so my ass was hovering over his dick. He poured some lube on it, stroked it a few times then pulled my gapping hole back to him.”Time for me to get some of this stretched out ass! Open it up!” Kurt ordered me.After Glen’s big black hog, Kurt easily slide into me and I eased myself completely down onto him. I took his whole raw cock in me in one smooth motion. I could feel the heat of his penis in me, he throbbed just sitting there. Kurt sighed as he began to grind his hips into me. “I’ve been thinking of fucking you raw ever since you mentioned it that one night online. God, it feels better than I thought. Your worn muscles trying to clench at me and how wet and hot your hole is.”I almost lost it hearing him say that, “Ya? You like taking me bareback? You like fucking me ass? You like feeling the raw feeling inside me?””Fuck ya. You body’s so smooth and tight.””Well, let your slut fuck you then.” I started raising myself up and pushing back down. Taking his raw cock to the edge of my hole before sliding it all the way back in. It felt so amazing, the pleasure of feeling his meat spread my asshole open and explore my insides. I started to pick up the pace as I rode him, pushing my ass into his crotch each time I came down. I leaned back, paused, put my feet on his thighs and hands on his chest and rode him. He grunted his pleasure as I began slamming my ass onto his cock, he put his hands under my ass, squeezing it and pushing me up and down as I fucked him.Glen stood in front of us, stroked and watched as he had a perfect view of Kurt’s condomless cock jamming in and out of my now worn out hole. My own cock had been leaking massive amounts of precum and bounced against my stomach as I rode Kurt. It felt amazing, every time his cock almost came out but then spread me open sent waves of pleasure through me and my hole contracted and spasmed with each thrust. I rode Kurt like this for a while, just taking my pleasure from fucking him. “I need more lube,” I said as I slid off Kurt, knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. It was still hot from being in my ass and all I could taste was a mix of ass and man. I sucked on Kurt and massaged his balls and he thrust into my mouth. I felt him start to get tense and knew if I kept at it I’d get to swallow his hot cum.”Ah fuuuuckkk that’s sooooooo fucking gooood!!” he groaned as I worked at him. “Not yet though.”Kurt stopped me before he erupted in my mouth, “Get up and lay on the couch.” He was forceful and pushed me quickly down onto my stomach. Then poured some lube on my ass, fingered istanbul escort it into me and mounted me from behind. “Ugggghhhh! Fuck… ohhhhhhh uuuunnnn god you’re so deep!” I whimpered as he shoved himself deep inside.He was going so deep as he perched over my hips and pounded away. I’d never been fucked like this by Kurt before, he was hard and rough and grunted and his banged me. I wanted to drive him wild, I wanted to show him I was a slut. “Come on! Hammer my ass!! Fuck it how you’ve always wanted to! Smash my asshole open… fuck it… fuck it… harder… harder… oooohhhh fuck yes, fuck yes,” I cried out as he flayed my asshole open with his cock. “Fuck me hard! Hard!”He thrust even faster into me his pace quickening and his breathing got short and rapid. I could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing in me, I knew he was going to cum and I wanted him to shoot his load in me.”Fill my ass up… with your… cuuuummm Kurt!! I know… you want toooooo. Oh yes… fuck my hole… fuck my hole… cummmmm in it… cummm in it… fill my bowelssss… with yourrr… seeeed. Be the first… to cum in… my… asssss… god ya… fuck me… fuck meeee!!” I howled as he drove into my anal cavity. He leaned down on me, his full weight pressing against me and held me down as he fucked the shit out of my ass. “Fuuuuuckkk mmmmeeee! Fuuuuckkk meee!! Fuck your slut, fuuuuuuuck your slut! Ohhh… unnnnnnnnnnn… I’m sooooo hoot… I love getting… fuckkked. Deeeppp… er… deeeepper!!” I begged him. “Shhhiiit… god damn I’m gonna blow!” Kurt bellowed. I suddenly felt him stiffen and go tense and then the most amazing flood of heat filled my rectum. His cum splashed into me and filled me up, thick globs of jizz erupted from his cock into me. I thrust my hips back, taking him in as he pumped several more shots of his load into my ass. My ass was on fire from it, I could feel it shooting from him into me. He thrust into me a few more times, then pulled his throbbing cock from my ass and eased himself down on the couch.”You fucking… piece of shit… fuck… that was… fucking… unreal… that ass is… tooo fucking tight!” Kurt rasped as he tried to catch his breath. “A slut always finishes the job though,” and with that I rolled onto the floor.My ass ached and was throbbing, but I got on my knees between his legs and proceeded to suck his cum and my ass juice off his spent cock. His cum was hot and a little salty and it mixed with the taste of my hole. I lapped it up sucking it from his shrinking cock. “Oh, ya. Suck that dick clean.”As I was kneeling there I could feel his cum and my juices start to leak out of me. I reached back with a free hand and started to finger my ass, jamming Kurt’s cum back into me. It felt amazing and I just wanted to stay there and finger myself and stroke my throbbing dick until I exploded. Glen had other ideas.”Oh don’t think you’re done yet. I’m going to empty my load in you next,” Glen said as he came up behind me.He helped me up, turned me around and pushed me down onto the couch. He spread my legs apart, pushed them back and pulled my ass up. He positioned his big black cock at the entrance to my ass.”Time for me to fill you up again,” he said as he pushed his rock hard cock into me.”OHhhhhhhh!!” I gasped from the size of him.Each time he entered me he pushed in a little more until I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I couldn’t believe I was taking him all in, part of my mind cheered. I started stroking my cock but Glen pulled my hand away.”No, sluts come last. I’m gonna dump my load in your first.”He started pumping my ass and I was in heaven again. I could still feel the warm of Kurt’s load in me and Glen black cock was pounding it deeper into me. His cock was spreading me open so much and I loved it. “Ohhh Glen… fuck me mooooore… unnnnn… fuck meeee… you’re so bigggg… damn that dick is so biiiig. I wanna feel you cum in me… just like Kurt,” I purred at him.”Do it buddy. It’s unreal and that ass is still fucking hungry for cock and cum,” Kurt said to Glen.Glen started playing with my nipples, pinching them and squeezing them. It almost made me cum right then. I was so over stimulated, I had a tree trunk of a cock buried to the hilt in my ass, a load of cum in me, and my nipples being teased.”You’re so hot… I wanna… fuckkkk you booth again… I neeed… it… again,” I begged the two men who’d just fucked me.”Oh, I’m going to keep coming back until this ass is stretched out and able to take me nice and easy,” Glen observed as he kept thursting his big black cock into my strained pink love hole. “I want that… mmmmmm… I want this coooock… and… more… I want even… biigggger… oh god that’s good… ahhh!!” I moaned as I writhered on Glen’s pole. “Damn, Kurt. You’ve found a real slut,” he smiled then looked down at me. “I might know someone who can fill that need for bigger cock.””Yeessss… mmmmmm… oh fuckkkkk! Oooh ohhh oohhh deep… soooo deeeppp!! FUCK!! I wannnt… you… both to watch… or… you… could… alll… fuck… me… together,” I sighed, and I realized that I was becoming a bit of a size queen.”I’m getting close. Tell me how much you want it my black cock!” he commanded me.I happily agreed and reached down to his thrusting cock and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I squeezed and told him.”That thing… is.sooooo… fucking big! It feels… amazing… in my tight… light… hole. I want… your cum… I want it in me!! God, getting… fucked… bareback by a stranger… is so … fucking… hot! Fuck my ass… punish it… then fill it with… cum. I want… cum in me!!” I lustily told him as I leaned up, grabbed his hips and tried to push him deeper in me.He started breathing heavy, “You fucking slut… goddamn bitch… ya, take that black cock in you… slut… fuck… fuck.”He drove himself into me and it made me gasp, he was hitting me in areas that had never been touched and he was hitting them hard. Just as with Kurt, I felt his cock get stiff and throb, he grunted and pushed deep into me and I felt a second load of cum shoot into me. Kurt had slowed as he came but Glen just fucked me harder and faster, I bounced on the couch as he jack-hammered my ass and filled it with thick ropes of cum. “Ya bitch!! Fuuuuuuuuckkk… take that shit in you… come on take it… NRRAGGGHH!!”He emptied a massive load into me, I swear I felt six or seven blasts of his juice splash into me. He pushed into me once more then pulled his spent cock out of me. My hole gapped open and didn’t close up right away after he left me. I just sat there, legs spread open my ass exposed and gapping open, wet with cum and lube. He sat on the floor and I slid of the couch and started sucking his cock. I still couldn’t take it all but I licked his and Kurt’s cum off.”Now it’s our sluts turn,” Kurt said behind me.He helped me stand, my legs were like jelly from being banged so much and my ass throbbed and felt like it was still gapping open. Kurt stood behind me and began stroking my hard cock. Instantly I felt it tingle and I knew I was going to cum in no time. A few quick strokes from Kurt and I moaned and shook.”I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cummmm!!” I balled and blasted a load all over the floor.Cum splashed out of my cock, there was so much and it fountained out of me and I quivered in pleasure as a massive orgasm pulsed through me. Kurt kept milking my cock and my legs finally gave way and I flopped to the floor. I laid up against the couch, my flaccid cock dripping cum, I could feel Kurt and Glen’s cum seeping out of my ass and loved it.That was the sluttest thing I’d ever done. My hole was destroyed, I couldn’t touch it for several days as Glen black cock had literally ripped me open. I was so sore and bruised that I didn’t want sex for a while afterwards. I also realised the stupid thing I’d done letting them not use condoms. I was so freaked out I went and got tested and frantically asked Kurt. He said he was clean, as was Glen, but they both would get tested. He told me he had already told Glen it was part of the deal. I asked him how long he had planned this and he said a little bit. I thanked him and promised we would do more once my ass was healed. He said he hoped so as he had some plans for my other fantasies and that Glen had taken me seriously when I said I wanted to fuck a bigger cock than his.

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