Starting To Love My Retirement


Starting To Love My RetirementWell one month into my retirement and I’m starting to love it. Since I have retired I’m have been seeing more of my neighbours. Before I retired I would see one or two neighbours briefly on the weekends for some chit chat while cleaning the yard or driveway. Now I see many of my neighbours everyday while outside. This past weekend my neighbour living behind my house was just taking a morning walk and stoped to talk to me.He asked my why I was not at work I told hime I am now retired. He congratulated me, further sating that we should see each other more often now rather than talking over our back fence the odd weekend day while sitting in the yard. Of course I said I would like that given that I’m now free most days. That said he asked me if I would be interested in watching a hockey game that same evening at his home, so I sad yes I would like that. We made the arrangement for that evening to watch the game at 7:00 PM.He asked me to show up at 6:00 PM. I brought a bottle of wine to thank him for having me over. Showing up at 6:00 PM gave us time to talk about each other to a greater istanbul escort extant than we would over a 5 minute conversation of the back fence. He has been divorced now for 3 years now and as part of our conversation together he told me I was free to ask him why he became divorced, so I said ok why are you divorced then. He then told me that he started to slowly crossdress in his wife’s cloths while she went shopping or just visiting friends. The more he dressed up the more he enjoyed dressing up and feeling feminine. He always knew he was at the very least bisexual but was never able to live out his want to be with another man. That said he started to wear women’s clothing in the house with is wife at home. Well that was the start to his marriage going down hill, resulting in his divorce. I said I was happy for him to come out to me like that, but I already new he crossed dressed. I want on the say that I would see him sunbath in his yard with him earring a thong or bikini on or even sometimes nude to which he replied he knew avcılar escort I say him and liked the fact that I would watch him while he sun bathed. I simply replied asking him how he was able to fit his cock in the thongs being that he has a very large cock. He smiled and said it wasn’t easy. I then came out to him and told hime that from time to time I also crossdressed and that I was very bisexual or even leaning more to the gay side. Well of course he then told me he knew I was at least bisexual and did from time to time see me wear short skirts and panties. We looked at each other and both said it was great to unload our little secret. I agreed with him and also told him that he did look good in a thong.With that all over it was time to watch the hockey game. Before watching he asked me if I would be comfortable if he changed to which I replied by saying, please do. So he did and came to sit on the sofa by wearing a shear thing and tight top. I could only look at him and say wow! I could not take my eyes off of his very large cock. I tried to play it cool by I şirinevler escort was very horny looking at him. That said we watched the game while sipping on our wine, him on one side of the sofa and me on the other side. As the game went on, he decided to stretch his leges out of the unused middle of the sofa. After a while I decide to rub his feet and shaved legs, which just made me even more horny. We both finished our glass of wine so he got up from the sofa to poor us another glass of wine. As he gave me my glass I had to take his cock in my hand and just slowly play with it. He would give out this small mown as I slowly teased his cock. He then bent down to kiss me on the lips. I would kiss him back letting out my moaning.I turned him around and rimmed his ass as far as my tongue would go and he tasted great. I could feel how much he loved being rimmed and then I took his fabulous cock in my mouth slowly sucking his head to the point that he could not take it any longer. He then told me he was about to cum to which to said cum in my mouth so he did and I swallowed very once of his sweet tasting cum. He then rimmed me and sucked my cock till I came in his mouth. We felt so comfortable with each other that we made love all night. We ended up sleeping with each other that night. Once morning came we started the day with a cup of coffee, then having a morning shower together. It was a great evening and morning and we will be using a lot more of each other.

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