Staying Out of Trouble

Family Love

Avery was apprehensive about coming home from college for the summer. He had just completed his second year of school and had already begun to consider Los Angeles where he went to school as home. Adding to his reluctance was the fact that he would be separated for the first time from Jessica, who he had been dating for over six months.

Jessica was everything Avery had hoped to find in Los Angeles. A tall blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and a body to match. Like seemingly everyone else in LA she was an aspiring actress and thus she considered her exercise routine to be essential for her future, and she made sure that Avery considered his the same way as well. This worked out well for Avery, who had always consistently exercised before, but now with Jessica’s urging, was in great shape, and had a golden tan only Southern California could provide.

The focus on fitness also fueled their sex life. Jessica was very domineering, which sometimes irritated Avery outside of the bedroom, but inside drove him wild. Her rich parents had spoiled her, even buying the perfectly shaped and sized breast that Avery smothered himself in nightly. Avery was no different, anything she demanded he supplied. It was a rare when week that they didn’t spend the night together at least five times . Jessica fully admitted that she was addicted to his seven inches, which she demanded from him two to three times a day.

Now faced without Jessica’s greedy pussy, Avery thought he was going to go out of his mind. They had both promised to be faithful for the couple months they were apart, but Avery was more than slightly worried that his horny girlfriend would not be able to live up to that agreement. Especially since he had originally hooked up with her while she was dating someone else.

But Avery was resolved to hold up his end of the deal. He even volunteered to baby-sit for people around his upper middle class neighborhood on the weekends. Everyone was amazed that this handsome 20 year old would sacrifice his nights like that, but as they knew of his wild past, no one thought it would last too long.

Consequently, only one couple, the Walkers, took him up on his offer. The Walkers had just moved into the neighborhood with their three year old son. Avery’s mom informed him that the husband, Richard, was a forty year old executive for some public relations firm, and his wife, Susan, was in her early thirties and was an elementary school teacher. She said both appeared to be nice, although his mom confessed she rarely saw them.

Since the husband was frequently out of town they needed somebody to watch the four year old on Saturday nights, as the wife refused to be stuck in the house all weekend long when the nanny, who only worked during the week, was not there. Avery, who was working in his dad’s law office during the week, agreed to begin that first Saturday he was back, although his mom, who also knew of his previous habits, was wary about him promising to commit to it.

But Avery, still filled with visions of his lovely Jessica aggressively grinding on top of him, was confident that he would last and without hesitation showed up at the Walker’s doorstep at the appointed time of six o’clock. Richard opened the door and shaking his hand invited Avery inside.

“I’m glad I’m here to meet you, unfortunately I’m usually away on business for the weekends, so I was afraid I wouldn’t get a chance to see you. Like my wife told your mother over the phone she really needs somebody to look after Little Jake on Saturday nights, so I appreciate your willingness to watch him.” Richard informed Avery.

“I’m glad I can be of help,” replied Avery. “So what’s a good looking kid like yourself doing babysitting on a Saturday night? Shouldn’t you be out chasing young women around?” asked Richard in that corny way that middle aged men speak to younger men they consider themselves to have once been like. Avery manufactured a smile and was about to reply when Richard’s cell phone went off. Excusing himself he answered it walking away from Avery as he sternly questioned the person on the other line.

As Richard drifted away Avery heard the clatter of high heels on the hardwood floor approaching from up the stairs. He looked up, and to his amazement, saw an elegantly beautiful Asian women smile at him as she began to descend the stairs. Her black heels elongated her toned legs which Avery followed up to the hem of her black cocktail dress. She appeared to be about five eight, which even if enhanced by her three inch heels made her pretty tall, especially for an Asian. The dress hugged her body revealing her slim waist and the curves of her small bust. With her hair up, her long neck reminded Avery of Kathryn Hepburn, and her absolutely beautiful face only added to that impression. Everything about her breathed grace and elegance. After meeting her white middle aged graying husband Avery hadn’t expected such a youthful wife. “Hi, you must be Avery, I’m Susan it’s silivri escort nice to meet you,” she gave him a glowing smile as she shook his hand. “I must confess that when I heard that a twenty year old college student was willing to baby-sit on the weekends I thought you were going to be some acne ridden geek, but you look to be anything but.” “Don’t jump to any conclusions, I left my Spock ears and plastic lightsaber at home,” Avery joked, smiling as he was still mesmerized by her green eyes and long lashes. “I’m sure you did, and your taped glasses as well,” she laughed flirtatiously. “Of course,” Avery continued to smile back. “Actually I’m being good this summer while I’m away from my girlfriend down South. I figured babysitting would keep me out of trouble.” “How sweet of you, but I hope you don’t give up all fun,”. “I’m not married yet,” joked Avery. “Hey, that’s not funny,” replied Susan as she continued to smile at him. “Honey, tell him how much fun it is to be married,” she said to Richard as he approached them. “Avoid it with all your life,” kidded Richard. “Very funny,” remarked Susan as she playfully punched him in the arm.

Richard gave Avery information about where he could reach them and Susan introduced Avery to Jake, who didn’t seem like too much of brat. Richard noting that they were late said good bye, and Susan did the same giving Jake a hug before walking out the door.

They returned about midnight relieving Avery to go home. For the first time since he’d left Jessica Avery thought about someone else as he jerked off. He pictured himself sliding that tight black dress off Susan’s body. His hands feeling her sides, her breast, and her smooth thighs. He imagined Susan’s firm legs with those black high heels still on wrapped around him as he steadily drove into her tight Asian pussy. Her back arching as she came at the same moment he shot inside of her. Afterwards he felt a little guilty about thinking of someone else so soon, but as he didn’t believe he would ever have the chance to fulfill the fantasy he didn’t see any harm in it.

During the following week Avery saw Susan a couple of times outside her house and each time she smiled and waved to him. She still looked elegant dressed in a tight pair of jeans. He tried not to check her out, but it was impossible, and although she must have noticed, she never showed him any resentment because of it. In fact Avery even thought he saw her blush a little bit as she smiled at him.

Susan left a message with his mom that she wouldn’t need Avery until eight o’clock the next Saturday. Avery arrived on time, this time with a shirt on which was tight enough to give a better impression of his build, without it being overly obvious that he was showing off. Susan answered the door and let him in, giving him that friendly smile, which made Avery feel as if she were the same age as he. She was dressed casually and hadn’t even done her hair or make up yet, but proving her natural beauty she still looked stunning to Avery. She told him that she was about to give Jake a bath and put him to bed so he should feel free to watch some television or the videos that she had rented while she got ready to go. About forty minutes later she came down as Avery was watching Sportscenter. “Mariners win?” she asked as she glided into the room putting on an earring. “Yeah, big time,” replied Avery trying to be casual despite Susan’s skimpy dress. “Didn’t like my choice in videos?” “Well Thomas the Tank Engine is a little different from what I’m used to.” “Oh, I’m sorry, I must of left the other videos upstairs,” apologized Susan as she hurried upstairs to get them. Avery couldn’t resist the urge to watch her tight ass as she moved up the stairs. She came back down and handed him the videos, a drama and a romantic comedy, “Here you go, sorry about that. Can you help me put on this bracelet?” “Sure,” Avery quickly got up and walked over to help her. He thought he felt her tense up a little bit as he stood closely in front of her. He even felt his sex stir a little bit as inhaled the sweet fragrance she had on. “ I hope you don’t mind me saying that he look really good Mrs. Walker. You’re going have every guy out there drooling over you,” “Thanks, I love going out with my single girlfriends, it reminds me of being back in college.” “All the way back then?” jokingly added Avery. “Yes, all the way back then,” replied Susan as she playfully gave him a slap on the arm. “There you go,” said Avery as he clasped the bracelet on. “I might be a little late tonight, I hope that’s not a problem?” “Don’t worry about it. ” Susan said goodbye then grabbed her stuff and walked out the door as Avery turned back to the television, with anything but baseball on his mind.

At around two o’clock he heard a key in the lock. Susan walked in, her face a little bit flushed as she greeted Avery who was on the couch watching the romantic-comedy video.

“Still merter escort awake?” she asked.

“Yeah, I swore I’d never watch this movie, my girlfriend couldn’t even drag me to it, but you know its not bad,” stated Avery. “How’d girls night out go, looks like you had a couple of drinks,” joked Avery.

“Really do I look that drunk?”

“While I thought you were a burglar trying to break in you were juggling the key so much, I was getting ready to rush the door.”

“Oh what a brave strong young man you are,” mocked Susan.

“Actually I was going to hide behind this couch,”.

“That sounds about right. Well thanks for staying up, I hope I wasn’t too late,”.

“Not at all, actually if you don’t mind I’ll stay a little bit longer to watch the end of this movie,”.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sure please do, in fact I’ll watch it with you, I love the end, let me just slip out of these clothes,” enthusiastically added Susan as she turned to go towards the stairs. Avery followed her with his eyes, but quickly turned his head when she turned around and called to him, “Avery, could you give me hand again, I can’t reach my zipper,”.

“Sure, no problem,” answered Avery as he eagerly got up and walked over to her.

“What a gentlemen you are,” added Susan as she turned her back and pulled up her rich black hair. “Richard would go insane if he walked in on this. You know he was really surprised to see such a handsome young man. I don’t think he wanted to leave me alone with you,”.

“I doubt whether he’d want to leave you alone with the Pope,” joked Avery as he slowly pulled down the zipper savoring the sexual tension the task created.

Susan turned around to face him when he was done folding her arm across of the dress to make sure that it did not fall down, “I know its so silly, but I’m sure you feel the same away from your girlfriend. Oh and can you get this bracelet off too, I don’t know why I wear it, I can’t get it off or on,”.

“That’s what you have the help for,” smiled Avery. As he grasped her delicate wrist in his strong hand and unclasped the bracelet which he know she could have easily done on her own. “Yeah, it must be tough him being away all the time,”.

“It is. But you know what really got him worried was when some of the neighborhood men told him about your past adventures,” added Susan smiling as she saw Avery blush.

“Me, I was an alter boy,” a red faced Avery replied.

“That’s not what I hear. It seems that half of the young women in this neighborhood lost their virginity to you,”.

“You know rumors are often false. And anyways you have to have it to lose it, and most of the Daddy’s girls in this neighborhood lost it long before me,” smiled Avery trying not to express either his embarrassment and pride which he felt at the same time.

“I don’t think that was denial,” smiled Susan as she looked straight into his eyes mischievously causing Avery’s member to become semi hard from its already attentive position. Their mutual gaze lasted a couple of seconds before Susan abruptly broke the tension, by turning around and walking up the stairs saying, “I’ll be down in a second,” as she did so. Avery lingered in that spot for a couple of seconds, somewhat in a daze before turning around and heading back to the couch.

Susan came back down in a tiny pair of workout shorts and an oversized sweatshirt. Just those few seconds with Avery’s hand on her wrist had excited her. She had taken off her already moistened panties when changing, and feeling naughty and still a little bit drunk she decided not to put any new ones on again. She smiled and shook her head as she contemplated what she was doing, but in the mental state that she was in it seemed harmless. Avery, although he did not know about the missing garment, was pleased to see that her shorts revealed her legs up to her mid thigh. He didn’t think she was looking to make a move on him, but he did realize that she was purposely teasing him, and that he should feel free to play along that vein.

“I didn’t mean for you to have to pause it for me,” said Susan as she entered the room and sat on the other end of the couch from Avery folding her legs underneath and to the side of her.

“No problem, I was just about to start it again,” lied Avery, who had really had been trying to dispel the overwhelming amount of erotic images that were rushing through his head. He picked up the remote from the middle cushion noticing Susan’s perfectly painted toes and pushed play. Susan saw him pause when he saw her feet, and during the movie she steadily shifted her legs out towards Avery until they were next his legs. Out of the corner of her she caught Avery’s many downward glances and she noticed him trying to slyly shift the position of his growing bulge.

“Do you mind if I put my feet over your legs? I want to stretch them out after all the dancing,” devilishly asked Susan, not waiting mecidiyeköy escort for his reply, but immediately sliding her feet onto his legs.

“Sure,” replied Avery trying to be non-chalent, but betrayed by the tense way in which he shifted up to make sure that her legs rested on his legs rather than his lap where they surely would have felt his hardness trapped against his thigh.

“Thanks,” said Susan, who despite Avery’s shifting, moved her feet directly on to his lap feeling the hardness of his straining cock beneath it. Avery gasped slightly, and glanced over at Susan who was purposely staring straight at the video screen, ignoring his glance as she rubbed her feet slowly into his groin, restraining the smile that wanted to emerge from her lips. Avery thought he smelled her sweet scent in the air, and when he looked up her legs, swore that he could see her thin strip of black hair. Ready to make his move he placed his hands on her feet in his laps and began to, first gently, then, hearing no protest, firmly massage her feet, kneading them directly on his stiff bulge. The scent coming from between Susan’s legs became stronger as she felt the moisture increase between her legs.

Both were enjoying the immense excitement of the moment, neither wanting it to go too quickly, but both on the edge of flinging themselves at the other one. Avery crept his hands up her toned legs, as they continued to rhymthically work his groin. He went slowly, moving up first with his fingertips then seeing no resistance placing his full hands on her calves, then the back of her knees. When he had massaged the back of her knees for a minute, he stopped knowing that he would only be able to take her feet working his cock for a little bit longer, and moved his hands back to her feet. He lifted them one foot up to his mouth, causing Susan to finally end the farce of her watching the video, as she purred with the moisture of his lips blessing her feet. Avery followed the same path with his mouth as he had with his hands, but this time separating her legs as he leaned between them inching towards their center.

When he moved past her knees and on to her smooth thighs, he looked up to see her eyes. She nodded her head and gave him an encouraging smile. Avery took this consent and suddenly moved his hands up to the waistband of her shorts, and with a strong tug that lifted Susan up in the air, removed them from her long legs, and dove his head back down into her dripping wet shaved pussy. Forgoing the earlier delicacy of her lower legs, Avery hungrily sucked in her outer lips causing Susan to moan audibly as she flung her head back. He then gave her a long lick up her lips, gathering her salty sweetness on his tongue. With her juices still on his tongue he moved up her body to taste her other sweet lips.

Susan greeted him aggressively flicking her tongue on the top of his lips, then passively as she allowed Avery to slide his tongue, still coated with her juices, into her mouth. Their kiss became deeper as both tongues kneaded each other. Avery moved his hands under her sweatshirt and cupped her small breast. Susan moaned slightly as he gently rubbed her now pointy nipples. She broke their kiss and pulled her sweatshirt over her head so that she was now completely naked. Avery didn’t rush, but slowly traveled from her neck to her breast with small kisses. Once he reached her breast her swirled his tongue around her nipple and then sucked the hard point into his mouth. He did the same to the opposite breast working one with his mouth the other with his hand.

Susan who was still purring as he worked her body, then said, “ I think its my turn to have some fun.”. She sat up with Avery straddling her legs and lifted the shirt up over Avery’s body revealing his muscular frame beneath. “Somebody’s been working out, “ she smiled as she pressed her lips onto his tight chest. They rotated positions on the couch with Susan now on top as she worked her hands and lips over his body. She moved her head lower to his abs kissing each bulge before swirling her tongue within his belly button as she gazed up into his face. Maintaining eye contact she tugged his shorts and boxers down at the same moment springing his hard cock loose.

Examing his thick seven inches Susan remarked, “My husband should be jealous,” then she licked his dick from the base, up his shaft, before greedily inhaling his swollen head. Avery watched as her delicate hands slowly twisted up and down his shaft, while her tongue continually swirled around his head. She then switched styles and began gently bobbing her head, going farther down his dick with each nod, until she had all seven inches in. She would alternate between fast and slow as she made sounds like she was eating a delicious desert. It was too much for Avery, he began to lift his hips up, fucking her face as he placed his hands on the back of her head. In response she quickened her pace making Avery match it. Avery could feel his explosion coming, he slowed his movements, but Susan quickly responded as she began to pump her hands again as she looked up at him taking her mouth off his dick to say, “I want it all,”. She then went back down and in a matter of seconds Avery began to spurt his warm juices into her mouth as she moaned her satisfaction, cum rolling off her chin.

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