steamy sex after


steamy sex afterShe met with the manager, talked for a while and he told her she got the job, but had to wait for his call about the schedules. She went home and took a warm bath thinking about her exciting morning, without hesitation anymore she inserted two fingers inside her pussy and finger fuck herself to orgasm.After she was finished she tried to think of a way to tell me the whole situation this morning but she couldn’t. She felt guilty as sin thinking that she had cheated on me, became a naughty little slut, and liked being touched by other woman. She finally thought despite the fear and guilt she felt, she had to tell me anyway because it’s the right thing to do.She prepared herself that afternoon for me, she put on her crotchless panties underneath a nurse costume I bought her last halloween. She always stay braless at home, so she did not bother to wear one. With a little bit of makeup done she fixed her hair geisha style, the kind I love so much to see(back then she had an over the shoulder and straight hairstyle).Soon after 6pm I went home and found her in the kitchen cooking, and couldn’t believe my eyes staring at the beautiful, sexy creature with her back towards me. The costume skirt was very short only 30cm down from the waistline, so you could see all the curves of her ass and crack from behind which is a complete turn on for me. I immediately hugged her from behind and began kissing and licking her ear(she loves this very much, always turn her on everytime), grabbed her nipple, squeezed it gently then hard and moved my hands down stroking her ass cheeks and finally put a finger süpertotobet yeni giriş inside her wet swollen pussy until she moaned “OOH Aah do you like what you see? Ooh do you want to fuck me? Aaah”, then I stopped, pulled out my finger and cleaned it with my mouth.To my surprise, she tasted and smelled different, this must be because she was fucked and cummed earlier. I kept quiet and told her that we could continue after dinner, I took a shower and couldn’t help myself stroking my cock over the thought of my wife being fucked by another man’s cock. I felt a sudden rush and stopped what I was doing in order to conserve my cum for her tonight.We had dinner right after I took a shower, and I brought up a question “Whats the occasion honey? Why are you dressed so sexy tonight? Is something wrong?” She looked me in the eye and said that she had a confession to make, her hands started to shake and then she mumbled a little “Hon, something happened today at the mall, er, er, I don’t know how to tell you this” I thought of stopping her right there, grab her and carry her to the sofa, but I tried to control myself and asked “Whats happened? Just tell me everything from the beginning”.After a few moments of silence, she finally murmured the words “I fucked somebody this morning” then pause. I waited then asked “What? You did what again?”, she looked afraid and lowered her head down, I immediately said” You can tell me everything that happened, it is okay I can understand, how can you resist a big cock like that?” Then she said “How do you know it is big? I haven’t told you that.” süpertotobet giriş Then I told her that I also have a confession to make but she had to tell me everything first, and she agreed. After she had finished the story, I already had the biggest turn on I’ve ever had in my life. I told her that I liked listening to her experience with another man and confessed too. “So I guess we are both guilty, then” She smiled, walked up to me and lifted her leg to my chair “Since you are the one that has started this, why dont you bury your face down there and make me beg for your cock”I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer until her pussy was in my mouth. I began playing with my tongue up and down her wet pussy. She finally pushed her hip and my tongue was buried inside her. I could taste her juice dripping out, and she moaned crazily “Yes fuck me with your tongue, you bad boy, aaah”. She continued moving her hip to accomodate my tongue until she had her first orgasm and then asked me to fuck her”Please fuck me now, fuck me with your cock” I pushed her back, told her to get down on her knees and put my cock in her mouth.Without hesitation she sucked my cock hungrily until my cock became harder and ready for her pussy. I carried her to the couch and laid her flat on her back, open her legs wide open and buried my cock inside that wet pussy. I moved as quickly as I could making her jolt with ecstasy “Ohh yeah that’s it, I like that, keep fucking me like that, don’t stop, Aaah yes oh my god, that feels so good”. I kept pumping her pussy hard and fast till I felt like cumming then I süpertotobet güvenilirmi stopped, pulled out my cock and get down to lick her pussy juices clean. Then I rolled her over with her legs down the couch and her ass within view, I spit on my cock and started to put it slowly in her ass head first.I pushed slowly until it was buried halfway and began pumping slow and steady, she yelled a little” Aah, I’m not ready, it hurts”. I grabbed her left hand and guided it to her own pussy, she immediately rub her clitoris and moaned “OOH, it feels good, fuck me now, fuck me hard, please cum in my ass”. Hearing that she liked it, I thrust my cock deeper and fuck her hard. It took only a few thrusts, my cock began unloading a huge load inside her crack. I pulled it out slowly, I could see my cum dripping out from her ass and ran down to her pussy, I used my fingers to stop the cum and inserted them into her pussy. I thrust my fingers deep inside and fingerfucked her with my cum.She grabbed my cock with her right hand and stroke it while I fingerfucked her. She finally had her second orgasm as soon as I shot another load into her hand, she turned around and put her hand in her mouth and licked it clean. We kissed, sat back on the couch and I hugged her close and told her “I would love to see you fuck another man, but this time it’s your choice who you want to fuck”. She replied “I was interested in my old boss, but back then I always dismissed the thought of having him because that would be unfaithful”, She looked into my eyes and said “You will not be jealous if I fuck my old boss, will you?” I was extremely excited “Oh no, not at all, in fact he’s the one I know you would choose, he’s handsome, nice and muscular the way you like in men”The next morning she contacted her old boss and asked him for a dinner together and he agreed thinking that my wife was planning to come back to work for him.

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