The wind howled around me and tore at the hoodie I had tied tight around my head. It was freezing and late in March with rain hanging in the air. I crossed the street aiming for the light of the restaurant I was heading to. The bright light inside offered warmth, a cold beer, good food and time with my co-workers. It was a farewell get together we had organized for a guy who was moving on in life. We had agreed that we could bring a friend if we wanted. My wife had said no since she had an important meeting the following morning while I was off.I was one of the last to arrive so, after squeezing along the table for ten, I got to my seat. The one next to me was empty and the next one was occupied by Carl, a young guy around twenty that was a bit off, quiet, had some health issues but was a nice kid. In front of me sat Anna and Luisa, two women with families and kids. The waitress came by and took our orders and when my beer arrived, I drank half of it in one go and then ordered another.I chit-chatted with the people and had a few laughs. Then there was a bit of a commotion at the far end of the table and when I looked that way, I saw a young woman, somewhere between eighteen and twenty. She didn’t work with us, so she must be a friend of someone. Who, I wondered? Then she began to make her way along the wall and when she reached me, I scooted forward so she could get by. To my surprise, she sat down next to me and gave Carl a peck on the cheek. Who would have known? My respect for Carl suddenly skyrocketed.She was introduced to me as Stella. I played it cool but my cock wasn’t. She wore a leather skirt and when she sat down it rode up so it ended about twelve inches from her ass. On top, she wore a thin light blue tight top with a deep V-neck that let me see the top half of her boobs. Not very big, but firm. I tried not to glance too much since I was talking to the two women in front of me and they would have picked up on it.Stella spent a lot of time on her phone and not much in conversation with Carl. I got glances of chats with her friends and one or two photos from where they were and what they were doing. After a few drinks, she put the phone down and engaged the others around her, except me. Not very strange, since I was at least twenty years her senior.At around midnight, I decided it was time to go home and said my goodbyes. bahis siteleri I got a small wave from Stella and not much else. Walking back to my car, I wondered how a geek like Carl could be friends with a girl like Stella. I put it down to him being a really nice guy and girls like that. However, he would not get to fuck her, that was for sure.I slipped into the bed where my wife, Carla, was warm against me. She turned to me and spoke in a sleepy voice, “Did you have fun, honey?”“Yeah, it was alright. The usual gossip and drinks.”“Good.”Her hand slid down my stomach and when she reached my erection her eyes flew open. “Oh my, what have you been thinking about?”“You,” I said with a sigh as her fingers wrapped themselves around my shaft.“Mm, are you sure about that? This feels like an extra hard cock. Maybe you saw or met someone that made you this hard?”“No, just you, baby.”My hand slid across her panties and in under the hem. She spread her legs a little and her pussy was wet when my fingers slid inside.“Oh, that feels good, keep going.”I wanted to fuck, but Carla wasn’t always up for it. It had been like this for a few months and it was becoming frustrating.“Oh, shit, I’m almost coming,” I moaned.“Me, too, baby, keep going.”We lay there satisfying each other with our fingers and when I came, I felt the hot cum run down the side of my body. Carla’s pussy squeezed my fingers and she let go of a long sigh before turning on her side and falling asleep.The following Monday, when I stepped off the elevator and walked into the office, I saw Carl by the copying machine. I looked around so no one was close and then I approached him.“Hey, how was the after-party?” I asked.,“Oh, hi Mike. It was alright, a few got too drunk, Stella for example.”“Really? She didn’t seem like the drinking type to me.”Carl smiled. “She isn’t but we were doing shots at the end and that made her go too far.”I laughed. “Shots will do that. Anyway, she is quite the looker. You should ask her out.”“I prefer her as a friend. We have known each other since we were kids.”“Oh, alright. Then I understand. You don’t want to lose the friendship if the relationship doesn’t work out?”“Exactly.”“Cool, I’ll see you later.”After work, I met Carla for dinner and when she was in the bathroom my phone chirped. It was a text message from a number I didn’t know. “Hi,” it said.“Who canlı bahis siteleri are you?” I typed back.“Stella” followed by the winking emoji.At that moment Carla came back and as she sat, I got up. “Sorry, bathroom break, too.”In a cubicle, I sat down on the toilet seat. “How did you get my number?”“Carl.”“What do you want? I’m having dinner with my wife, so I can’t chat now.”A few seconds later a photo showed up on the screen. When it had loaded, I leaned back against the tiles. Stella cupped one boob and was giving me a kiss.“Got to go,” I typed and turned off the phone.“Honey, are you okay? You look pale.”I sat down and took a long drink from my wine. “I’m fine, nothing to worry about.”Carla looked really hot in her tight fitting dark red dress. Her ample boobs pressed against the fabric and I could make out her nipples in the candlelight. She liked to be braless sometimes and knew it turned me on. Maybe I would get lucky that night?That wasn’t to be. As soon as we got home, she announced that he was going to bed. I sat alone in the living room sipping on a brandy. I pulled out my phone and turned it on. There was one more message from Stella and it read. “I hope you fuck her after.”I smiled in disrepair. “No such luck,” I wrote back. Thinking she would be asleep by now.“Sorry to hear that. Why not?” was her answer.“No idea, she has been acting weird for a few months.”I felt strange chatting to a stranger about my sex life but for some reason, it felt good. I needed to vent my frustration with someone.“Have you asked her why?”“Yes, no real answer.”“Maybe she has another man?”That made me go cold. Maybe Stella was right and Carla was fucking another man behind my back? Who could it be? There were many men where she worked and she did have a social life with her girlfriends and they would go out sometimes. She could easily have met someone that way.“I don’t want to think about that,” I answered.“Be realistic, people cheat all the time.”“How would you know; you are just a kid?”“Maybe, but I have ears and eyes and I hear and see shit.”“Your parents?”“Mm.”I finished my brandy and, on the way to leaving it in the sink, I typed, “Nice chat, but I’m off to bed.”“Sweet dreams,” was the answer and another photo. In this one, she was on all fours and behind her was a large mirror where I could see her round ass with a canlı bahis black thong. Then she went offline before I could answer.My cock was hard so I did what most men would do in that situation. I went to the bathroom and jerked off over the toilet. One hand against the wall while the other stroked my cock. I emptied my balls in the toilet and while I was shooting my load, an image of a naked Stella on her back with my cum on her boobs formed in my head.So it continued over the next week. We set up a schedule where we would chat at night. After a few days I became brave enough to send her a couple of cock picks and she seemed to like them. Not that I have the biggest cock in the world but it’s decent and it gets very hard.It turned out that she didn’t live very far from us and that we sometimes would take the same bus to work. She was employed at a fast food restaurant and hated her job. I asked her about boyfriends and she said she had had a few but nothing serious. We didn’t really have cybersex- just sending dirty pics to each other once in a while. I enjoyed her company at night, it made me feel good even though I knew I would never be with her.One evening I was on the bus on my way home. I was reading an article online that I found interesting and didn’t pay much attention to the people around me. I sat at the very back and the closest passenger was an elderly woman five seats in front of me.“Hi.”I looked up when I felt a presence in front of me. It was Stella.“Oh, hi, what a coincidence,” I said putting my phone away.“Do you mind if I sit?”I was dead nervous. One thing was chatting with her another was sitting next to her. I realized she was an inch or so taller than I.“How was work?” she asked.“As usual, I guess. Yours?”“God, I stink. Just smell this.” She offered a few locks of her blonde hair.I took a whiff and it smelled like French Fries. “Yeah, I guess you were working at the fryer today.”“I hate my job. All I want is to take a shower and get cleaned.”Mixed with the stink of the fries was another smell. It was much nicer and reminded me of a garden with many flowers. “Well, it’s not that bad.”“Really? Do you mean that or are you just fucking around with me?”I smiled. “I can smell your perfume and it’s great.”She offered me her neck and I took another whiff. “Yes, that’s it. Very nice.”“Thanks, let me smell yours.”I didn’t wear perfume but I had aftershave. I offered her my neck and she pressed her nose against it. Her skin against mine made me shiver. Then she lay her hand on my thigh as she gently kissed my neck. I sat still, didn’t move an inch.

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