Stellarsexual [Humorous Science-Fiction Erotica XX


Stellarsexual [Humorous Science-Fiction Erotica XXSTELLARSEXUALby Caroline BenešCopyright © 2016. All rights reserved.Also by Caroline Beneš:Stellarsexual: Taking OffStellarsexual: The Space Mikado, or Rule 34Hungry for LoveThe Cuff BuffsPictures of SophieChinese, 25, Needs a Room and a SpankingThe Noose and the ClimaxThe Island of Pleasure and BitternessThe Lord of P – The Woman Whose Little Fetish Helped Me Get My Petty Revenge On The Corporate World And Become Happy And FamousIn the Punishment Room (The Wendy Fairfax Chronicles)First Lesson for My Roommate (The Wendy Fairfax Chronicles)——————————————————————-So, what happened in the end was: I got so sick of space travels. I started feeling that not even sex could fill my life with enough joy to carry on like this. Or maybe it wasn’t the actual space travels but, you know, just having to work? Or, more specifically, having to flog stuff?‘To flog’ means ‘to sell’, by the way – I have spent enough time living in the south of England to have picked up all the slang words that you may see on the pages that follow. I have lived in quite a few places, actually. Still, I have never felt like I belong somewhere 100%. And the saddest thing is, I don’t even have a proper native tongue. But hey, I guess that also means that I’m not really limited in my choice where to settle down when the time comes. The universe is my oyster, as they say… or should start saying.So, yes, my job. I started training for it at 20, and I’m 24 now, and I honestly don’t feel like I want to be doing this for much longer. I have a degree in applied linguistics and, well, I’m a young female from Earth, which means I am frequently asked to study this or that planet or sector, quickly pick up a bit of their language, and then go there with the rest of the crew and make a good impression, so that we can make them believe they actually want to buy our junk. That’s it. That’s what my degree is apparently good for.But anyway, I honestly don’t want to whine. I’m not a whiner – anymore – and when I say it, I do mean it. I used to be quite normal, emotion-wise – it was only three years ago that something happened, something rather nice, I think. It was… well, I got a hug – of sorts. It was during my training year. I had a placement on a planet that didn’t have a great deal of living beings there, although we were warned there were a few specimens there that had not been properly studied yet and that we were to be extremely cautious. They seemed peaceful, but who was to say for sure?I was in my room, about to go have a shower, and it was one of those beings that I suddenly felt behind my back. When I felt its presence, I didn’t want to run away or scream or anything like that, though – I slowly turned around, but I couldn’t see it properly, it really looked like ripples in the air. I had an almost unbearable sensation of bliss and comfort. I was as if the being was giving me a hug. It was all around me. I tried to give it a hug back, but it was more like very thick air than a proper solid body.I stood there like this for… I don’t know, a minute? Then I realised I was having the strongest orgasm of my life. It was like a tornado had swept me off my feet, and I only noticed it in mid-air. When it finished, the being was gone, and I was so wet I felt the urgent need to take off my knickers – it almost felt like I had weed myself.Of course, that fantastically strong sensation has passed, but some “leftovers” of it I feel until this day. Yep, even today. How should I describe it? It’s like there is a permanent light inside of me, and a very warm light, too. I’m mostly in such a harmony with the world that I rarely get upset or angry, or even feel the need to raise my voice. It’s like…. It’s like I feel that people give too much of a fuck about everything. And also, I’m now way less sensitive to pain than others. I mean, I still feel it, but my body has stopped seeing it as something unpleasant and simply registers the fact that it’s there. One could argue this may not be such a great thing, after all, as pain is necessary for our self-preservation, but so far this has been working out quite well for me.Oh, and there is one more thing, and I’m not quite sure how to put it without it sounding a bit silly, so I’ll just say it: I am very, well, sexual. Since that day, I probably haven’t met a person without wondering whether I would like to have sexual relations with them or not. And the answer is, more often than not, yes. It can be pretty much anyone, of any gender, and even some other species, provided they look humanoid enough and having a shag with them is technically possible. I guess you could say that what I lack in elementary human emotions, I make up in sexuality.I mean, I still have emotions, of course, but I guess I feel it much less than anyone else. And well, it shows, too. Some people think I’m weird because I don’t get embarrassed in certain situations or because I don’t immediately go “Awww, sooo cute!” when I see a kitten. It’s not that I don’t find them sweet, it’s just why the heck shout about it? Alright already.So, as I already said, I got a bit tired – I mean, quite awfully exhausted – from all this travelling around, so I asked my boss for a break. I demanded deliberately outrageous two months, so when we agreed on one, I was happy. Surely enough time to think about where I was heading and where I actually wanted to be heading. So far, I had very little idea about either. What else should I tell you… I never knew my parents, grew up in an orphanage. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I was adopted, sort of. A woman from Southern England – Rae – took care of me, gave me a home. Not that she treated me exactly as if I was her daughter, of course, but yeah, she was the closest I had to a mother.But anyway. My holiday began in late June, when my shuttle landed in Cascais, a seaside town in Portugal where she had bought a sweet little blue house to escape the hustle and bustle of London. When I set foot on Earth for the first time in almost two years, I… well, I would love to say that I felt an extraordinary range of emotions, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I still remembered everything rather well, and at the first glance, not much seemed to have changed since I last was there.I will spare you the details of two women hugging and saying banalities like “You look gorgeous!” and “I love what you’ve done with your hair!” (Well, actually, it was her who said those things, I mostly just smiled and made approving noises). Rae – now 49, but looking about 37 – had a thing for white dresses, whereas I absolutely love dressing in dark shades, so I guess it may have looked like a white Queen giving a hug to a black knight. Or perhaps I just say it because I enjoy chess and tend to see silly chess analogies in many things.The only things on me that weren’t black were my dark blue hair and my sunshades of pretty much the same colour.Anyway, it was when she led me into the garden that things became worth telling about.“Who’s the young man?” I asked. I recognised Rae’s bike, but not the bloke of about the same age as me who was trying to fix it.The young man looked up, smiled, but I could tell straight away he was of a rather shy disposition. I assumed he would take this question as a “starting shot” and introduce himself, but he innocently waited for Rae to answer for him.“Stella, this is Arsenio. He only lives two houses away from us.”We shook hands.“Hiya,” he said. Hmmm, a Portuguese bloke trying to imitate an American accent. Sexy and kinda awkward at the same time.“Hey. How is it going with the bike, are you managing?”“Sure, almost done now.”Alright, then.He definitely did not strike me as a motorcycle enthusiast. More like a priest or something.And you know what – half an hour later, when I was on the verge of a micro-orgasm while greedily pushing Rae’s expertly made Eaton Mess into my mouth, it turned out that I was right. He was not yet a priest, but that was what he was intending to become.“It’s his parents, really.” Rae explained while pensively looking at the empty plates. “I’m not entirely sure he would want to go down this path without their constant reminders of hell and whatnot. They moved to a planet in the Phyllis’ System long ago, but they still keep calling and pestering him with their ideas about what his future should look like.”“That bad, huh?”“Pretty bad, yes. I mean, he always assures me that this is what he wants, but, you know, I’m not 100% convinced.”It was at that moment that a thought came to me – well, not a thought, but a sort of a “seed of a thought”. And you know what? I knew exactly that the seed wouldn’t leave my head until it developed into a fully grown, glorious erection. Sorry, I meant to say “tree”. Fully grown, glorious tree. But anyway.“I’m not saying he doesn’t believe in God or something, I’m fairly confident that he does. You know, once I noticed he was staring at a girl on the beach, and he noticed that I noticed. He was so embarrassed he actually suggested I punish him for this.”“Punish how?”“Well, you know… spank him?”I don’t burst out laughing that easily, but this definitely seemed worth a chuckle.“Spank – him? Are you sure this was not just a moderately elaborate plan to make you part of his, er, exotic fantasies?”“Actually… I thought of this for a second – only for a very brief moment – but no, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. I don’t actually think he has any kind of fantasies. Also, I know for a fact his parents used to punish him every now and again, so I really had no reason to doubt him.”“But you doubt he should be a priest.”“As much as it pains me to say it, yes.”“Oh, does it really pain you so much?”We went quiet for a bit. She looked at me almost as if she knew what was going on inside me head.“Why do I feel I know what direction your thinking process is going?”“Mmmmmmm…” I reckoned this was neutral enough an answer. The Swiss would have been mightily proud of me.In the end, I asked in a silly conspiratorial tone.“Do you reckon you could give me a spanking?”Ah, yes, spankings. Do you reckon it’s only us humans that have the concept of slapping someone as a punishment? Come to think of it, it seems like a pretty logical thing to think of, no matter how many eyes or tails or stomachs you have.The first time I was given a thrashing by another species had been almost three years ago, shortly after my encounter with the ‘orgasmic being’ – though the word “thrashing” is far too brutal to describe what happened. I don’t know why I keep invoking the Swiss into my narratives, but you could say that it was a sort of extraterrestrial Helvetii that provided me with my first ‘punishment’ outside my familiar surroundings.The vol’overs are grey, slightly smaller than us, very quiet, with grotesquely long faces and also rather longish arms. The first time our team came over for a sightseeing tour of their planet, we caused a bit of a commotion. Heinz, our dear boss and a pestilential nuisance, had the bright idea of having our ship painted in this toxic green colour, which, it turned out, is absolutely taboo on their planet – it had something to do with the giant crab-like creature they worship zealously. You’d think anyone would have bothered warning us?Anyway, long story short – we were in a bit of a trouble, their local authority demanded that the one responsible be punished. Heinz was too much of a chicken to assume any kind of responsibility and promised 5,000 coppers to anyone who would take the blame. The punishment process mentioned by the vol’overs sounded quite similar to a common spanking, even though it seemed a bit more elaborate than that, so I volunteered. Not (just) because of the money… I don’t know, I was just curious, I guess. And well, yeah, a part of me – the particularly horny part – simply couldn’t pass on an opportunity like that.The vol’overs’ code demanded that at least two members of my crew were present during the punishment. I picked our junior accountant, Derek, and Lily, our event manager, a quiet girl with beautifully long, dark hair, slightly older than me who I secretly had a bit of a crush on. Derek, too, was a sweet guy, in his early thirties and without any sense of appropriate clothing. Both wore glasses, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I found them both so cute. Always been a sucker for glasses. I’m a sapiosexual, by the way, though sometimes just looking smart also does the trick for me. I’ve slept with quite a few people who only seemed intelligent, but turned out to be a bit dim the next morning.Anyways, back to my punishment. I was led into a medium-sized room with metallic walls and eight chairs – seven regular ones, for the witnesses, and one for the… prisoner? Victim? Anyway, it was for me. That chair was very similar to the kind you would find in a gynaecologist’s office. When I’m saying that, I mean that the only way to lie in it was with your legs spread at almost 90 degrees. I laid down, and they strapped my legs with belts that felt surprisingly smooth and pleasant against my skin.I had spent some time picking what I would wear during my ‘execution’. In the end I, as always, went for black. I was considering wearing tights or stockings, but thought that tights would just be in the way and highly impractical, and stockings would look slutty and cheap, so I just put on a simple business-like skirt that ended a good deal above my knees, a jacket and white blouse. Oh, and white underwear – not too lacy, of course, but – I hoped – still sexy enough.So, anyway – I entered the punishment room and removed my jacket, to show that I meant business. There was no furniture apart from the chairs, so I just gave it to Derek. He, Lily and five vol’overs were sitting barely six feet away from me, with Lily located right in the centre. I had told them not to worry too much about me, but my sweet Lily still looked concerned. She was wearing a rather simple and very business-like black dress – not too short, but short enough to arouse my imagination even further. Oh, and those tights on her heavenly legs!I laid down in the ‘gynaecologist’s chair’, with my legs looking one east and one west. The moment I spread them, I carefully watched Lily and Derek. I was wondering whether muğla escort their faces would change when they caught sight of what was under my skirt. Derek’s face remained unchanged, but Lily gave me a weak smile – surely, just a sign of support. After my legs (though not my arms or hands) had been strapped, one of the vol’overs produced a somewhat thick-looking belt.Now, remember – I’m not that fussed about pain. And also, the vol’overs have a thing about pain, as their skin is extremely thin and their nerve endings are somehow overdeveloped by human standards. The slightest touch can cause them a great deal of suffering. So, when the punishment started, the ‘pain’ I felt was barely any pain at all, rather moderately intense ‘touching’I had been wondering where they would hit me first. Well, the first hit was on my left calf. He proceeded hitting my calves with that belt of his, after which he worked his way up to the regions just above my knees. I began to feel that he was hitting me slightly more strongly now, but the sensation was still pretty insignificant. However, in order not to let him suspect anything, I started to moan to fake at least some sort of suffering.This went on for five minutes, after which my executioner pointed at my skirt. Ah, exactly what I had been waiting for! I pulled it up as high as I could, and he seemed satisfied. Again, I looked at Lily to check out her expression. I wasn’t sure whether she had any lesbian genes in her, but at that moment it was my sincerest hope. Again, she smiled at me, and again, I wasn’t sure at all what was behind that smile.The next slaps were on my thighs, after which he stopped for a second and looked at me, and then his eyes went down to my breasts. I wondered how much that would hurt.I didn’t want to seem too eager to lose clothes, so I pointed at my less-than-medium-sized boobs, asking him whether I understood correctly and he wanted to have me topless. He nodded (yes, aliens nod, too), and I proceeded to unbutton my blouse. I didn’t find where to hang it, so I just dropped it on the floor. The vol’over resumed his business, working my arms and then my belly. I could guess what was coming next, and sure enough, he soon pulled down my bra.My nipples had always had the tendency to get rather pointy, and on that occasion they gave their best performance. I wondered how those present would react if I was to start touching myself? Not that I was seriously considering it, of course – no matter how strongly I felt like it. I was dying to know what was going on in Lily’s and Derek’s heads and whether they suspected anything about just how aroused I was.The punisher gave me about twenty slaps on my breasts, which did start to feel a bit unpleasant. I quickly took off my bra completely for my boobies to feel more free if more hits were to come, but my executioner now turned his gaze to my more intimate area. Alright, then, why not. Why not, indeed.By that time, my crotch area felt pretty wet, and I was hoping that wetness would be visible on my knickers – that was one of the reasons I went for white. Was it wishful thinking, or was there something in Lily’s gaze that resembled… I don’t know, a kind of playfulness? Something in the corner of her mouth twitched, and the thought of that twitch nearly made me climax right there and then. She was actually enjoying watching me, wasn’t she? Derek, on the other hand, preserved his stone-like face, as if taken from some lesser known spot of Mount Rushmore.Progressing as slow as I could, I put my thumbs through my knickers and, with my heart pounding as it had rarely pounded before, pulled them down. ‘Well, sure hope my dear Lily like landing strips!’ I thought.I must have glittered down there, I was so wet. The hits started again, with the material of the belt falling straight on my pussy lips – and as horny as I got, I could barely feel a thing. Still, had to keep up my fake moans! I didn’t want it to end, but a minute or two later, the vol’over stopped and made a gesture ordering me to get up. I pointed at my skirt, asking if he wanted me to take it off, too, and the gesture I got in return was affirmative. Right, then.It was at that moment that I noticed a bulge protruding out of Derek’s trousers. Well, I would have surely felt insulted if I hadn’t seen any bulges on that day! I regretted not having read up enough about vol’overs’ anatomy and whether they were capable of having such bulges, too. But even if yes, they were so bloody hairy that I might have missed it.He led me to the wall on the opposite side of the spectators and pulled my arms up. I saw a pair of fetters coming out of the ceiling. He skilfully pulled those around my wrists and tightened the locks, after which he lifted them again a bit, so that I could barely move my arms. Not exactly comfortable, but surely it wouldn’t last long. How do you like my ass, Lil?.. I’m not even wondering about you, my sweet Derek, I know you’re half a step away from erupting.The vol’over opened his suitcase again and put there his nice belt that had just given me so much pleasure. In return, he produced a short metal stick, about six inches long. Was he actually planning on inserting this device into my butthole?But the torture master proceeded to extend the thing by pulling out one of the funny stick’s ends, and then again and again, and I realised that it was nothing more than a steel rod looking pretty much identical to an analogue radio antenna, like the kind we earthlings used in the 20th century.That… may… hurt… a little… more…It did. I wouldn’t say it ‘hurt like fuck’, but it was definitely not a sensation I would love to experience in my spare time. The first blow landed very neatly on my shoulder blades, and soon I didn’t even have to fake my moans, anymore. Surely, this was more pain than a vol’over could have handled? Was he conducting an experiment, trying to find out how much I could take? I started sweating and had to take the deepest breaths I could under the given circumstances. I wouldn’t say my horniness had gone away completely, but if things continued in this way, I could certainly forget about doing any orgasming at all.The antenna finally left my back and resumed its business on my bottom. Alright, then, this was a bit… less bad. It also seemed like the vol’over was getting a bit tired – in spite of all their hairiness, they are anything but wild a****ls. I don’t want to say ‘pussies’ or something, just very delicate creatures who have merits other than physical prowess. I heard they made good cheese and were exemplary bankers!I realised that my back was bleeding a bit. Not good, not very sexy to have bruises there if you’re a woman. Or is it? And now, I would have bruises on my ass, too.A few minutes later, everything was finished. The creature released my hands and then stretched out his arms and looked up – a vol’over’s way of saying ‘respect’, ‘take care, ‘was nice meeting you’ or something along those lines. I wondered where I had put those knickers, not that I was too keen on putting them back on.Derek remained seated (I wonder why…), but Lily quickly jumped up and came over to have a look at my injuries. The poor thing was probably wondering whether it was appropriate to hug me while I was still naked or whether she should wait until after I had put something on.Lily was kind enough to locate my underwear for me. I took my knickers and gave them a quick check. There really was a tiny stain on them, but probably not big enough for anyone to notice. Call me a perv, but I was dying for Lily to know just how wet I got, so, before putting them back on, I looked at it again, then back to Lily, said ‘Oops’ and put them back on. She just gave me another one of her diplomatic smiles, and it didn’t even look like she understood what the ‘oops’ was referring to.“D’you reckon they have a bathroom here?” I said.“Is it urgent?” she replied, We’ll be back on the ship in less than two minutes.“Yeah, sure… No, yeah, stupid of me.”The promised ‘less than two minutes’ later, as soon as the bathroom door closed behind me, I sat down on the toilet and finished myself off faster than it would take you to gulp down a small glass of Baileys. But as I mentioned before, I have more than my fair share of sexual appetite and I almost immediately began to feel that I would soon need another dosage of TLC in my downstairs area. Was it a good idea to stay there and just go for another round? Lily was waiting outside, and in the end, I just flushed and hurried out.“Oh, please don’t ask me again if I’m alright, please!” I said when I saw her face again.“I wasn’t going to.”“It looked like you were.”“Well, you said you’re alright, so I believe you.”“Alright, then.”“Come on, let’s go.”“I think I may need to stop by at my quarters before getting back to work.” I said.“Oh, no no no no no – no work for you today or tomorrow. You’ve earned a little holiday, Heinz was very adamant about it. When I said ‘Let’s go’, I actually meant ‘Let’s go, I’ll walk you to your room and have a look at those bruises.’‘No, you don’t actually have to…’ I wanted to object and then realised what an amazing opportunity it was to spend some quality time with the sweetest girl on The Savoyard.“But, you know… you don’t have to…” I still said, but without putting much conviction into those words.“Now, stop please. The least I can do is to make absolutely sure you’re alright.”“Aha! I knew you would say that!”“Well, I didn’t ask whether you’re alright, I merely used the word ‘alright’ in a sentence.I agreed, just asking her for two more minutes for me to quickly knock on Derek’s door and thank him for being there with me.As soon as Lil and I arrived at my place, I crashed on my bed, looking at the ceiling. She sat down next to me, looking at me in a very caring, devoted manner, which almost made me feel guilty for wanting her the way I did. I didn’t really know what to say, and she wasn’t saying anything, either.“Did you see Derek?” I finally said when the silence started to get a bit awkward.“What do you mean?”“No, you haven’t seen it?” I produced something that I hoped looked like a smile, and when she began to smile in return, I realised she knew precisely what I meant.“What, you mean his getting…?”“…a bit excited, yeah.” I laughed.“I will go and talk to him straight away. I mean, Gosh, Derek? I never realised he was such a… perv.”“Well, why?” I said calmly. “He saw some nude female flesh, and his ‘sceptre’ just went for it. The most normal thing in the world.”“But not like this! I mean, not when you were tortured like that!”“Well, perhaps he realised it wasn’t such a big deal for me, after all?”Right. I had now crossed that line where things were bound to become a bit awkward. How long for, now solely depended on Lily’s reaction.“Er… well, I know you mentioned you aren’t that sensitive to pain.”“True, I’m not.”“So, I guess you didn’t suffer that much, huh?”“No, not really. Except at the end, when that gentleman started working my spine and my ass.”“Oh, Gosh, your back! Let me have a look!”Yesss! Time to take off some clothes again!I sat down on the bed, unhurriedly unbuttoned and pulled down my blouse again and turned my back to Lily.“You’re bleeding!”“A lot?”“No, not a lot, but bleeding nevertheless. Where’s your Wells kit?”I pointed at the cabinet at the other end of the room.“I think it’s the bottom drawer on the left, or maybe it’s the middle one.”She found it quickly enough. A few seconds later, I felt my bruises quickly regenerating under the warm rays of the device.“Can you… lift your bra a bit?”Lift my bra? Fuck that!I simply unhooked it and threw it on my pillow.Soon, Lily was done healing my heroic wounds. “Here we go.”“Thank youuu!” I couldn’t resist it any longer and gave her a quick hug.And then, sweet Lily seemed to have mustered the courage and just gone for it:“Say, were you…”“Yes?”She suddenly stopped.“Was I what?”“Were you somehow aroused when he was beating you?”Beating! Such crude terminology! But well done for finally getting to the point, Lil!“I was, Lil.”She gave me a timid and incredulous smile.“Did you enjoy watching me?”Was it too much?“Er…”“You know, I almost got off lying there, spreading my legs, knowing that you were watching me.”She didn’t seem to mind what I had just said, so I just went for it and gave her a kiss. I couldn’t say whether she liked it, or whether she let me do it because she was so taken aback, or whether it was just her sympathising with me and thinking I had deserved some sort of reward that prevented her from pulling away. But she didn’t pull away, so I allowed myself to keep my lips on hers a bit longer.When I finally stopped and looked at her again, there was still that slightly shocked grin on her face. I stroke her hair and, again, she seemed alright with it, so I went for another kiss.Soon enough, my hand slid down her dress. My entire being screamed ‘Victory!’ when my index finger pressed against her knickers between her pussy lips. Lily started, but only very slightly. Encouraged by her lack of resistance, I turned my hand, so that now four out of five of my fingers were placed on her crotch. I started rubbing her, very gently. When she gave a slight moan, I knew that the day would be one of the best ones of my life.On one hand, I wanted to tear off her knickers as soon as possible and bury my face in her crotch, but I still wasn’t completely sure she wouldn’t chicken out if I rushed in like that, so I took my time. I removed my hand from her downstairs area and began stroking her hair, as gently as I could. She put her hands on my torso, after which they slowly slid down to my hips. This was an extraordinarily pleasant sensation, of course, but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that dear Lily didn’t have a great deal of experience in sexual matters. Or perhaps she was still feeling a bit uncomfortable doing it with a woman.The moment seemed right to begin the undressing procedure. I wondered for a second whether I should start with her clothes or with mine and opted for the latter. I quickly got rid of my blouse and slid down the cups of my bra, which was the sexiest move I could think of at that time.Lily stared at my breasts, and it was quite obvious to me she liked what she was seeing. Nevertheless, eskişehir escort she was very slow at taking any particular actions, so I just took her left hand and put it onto my right boob, hoping her other hand would follow. She began stroking me, but her right hand still remained inactive.“So, I take it you’ve never been with a girl before, right?” I laughed.“No… not really, no.”“Not really?”“I’ve kissed a girl once, or rather, she kissed me, but nothing else happened.”Well, Lil, a lot of ‘elses’ will start happening now.I gently pushed her down on the bed, and then realised that the zipper of her dress was actually located on her back.“Turn around.” I said in as horny as voice as I was capable of.She complied, and soon enough her zipper was undone and her dress taken out of the way.Really nice knickers, Lil, not as conservative as I thought you would go for.Lily was wearing an almost clinically clean thong, and the sight it formed together with her bum cheeks was so appetising I simply had to bury my face in the middle of the white fabric, with my nose touching the region slightly above her anus. I started kissing her back, first on her shoulder blades, and then going lower up to the small of her back. Finally, my lips ended up on her bum cheeks, where I continued my kisses.Lily seemed too shy to make much of a noise during sexual activities, but I knew that what little moaning she produced was genuine. I unhooked her bra and then without any pause in between slid down her knickers up to her ankles.My torso was now right over her back, with only my nipples touching her skin. I spent a few moments sniffing at her hair, after which her back received another series of kisses. A short while later, my face arrived at her buttocks, and I was wondering whether I should just go for her pussy straight away or whether I should try and touch her very neat-looking butthole. I decided to go for the latter, but only do it casually as I played around with her pussy. This way, if I was to see that she didn’t like it, I could pretend it was an accident.She was fairly wet. Not extremely, as she was still getting used to the situation, but it was a good start. The more I massaged her clit, the better lubricated her crotch area became. I finally allowed my thumb to touch her anus, and she giggled nervously.“Have you boyfriends never touched you there?”“Most of them have, yes. It’s just that I always felt silly when they do.”“Why?”“I don’t know, I always feel silly about my butt.”“Do you like it when I touch you there?”“Ehm… well, I still feel kind of silly.” Again this word!“OK, but do you actually like the feeling?”She hesitated.“I guess.”That was good enough for me. I allowed my thumb to linger on her little hole, after which I applied a little more pressure. When that step wasn’t met with any resistance, I tried putting it in only for a little tiny bit, but Lily started giggling again.“Why don’t you lose the rest of your clothes, too?” she asked.That was one request I couldn’t but immediately comply with. When finally both of us were pretty much completely naked, she turned around on her back, and I lied down on top of her. Holding her, smelling her hair, kissing her on her forehead, her cheeks, her lips, and then her breasts felt like a dream, no matter how corny this sounds.She giggled again, just a little bit, when I went down on her, but soon she was so aroused that all giggling was forgotten. She barely needed ten minutes to climax.I felt she was still a little uncomfortable with the idea of going down on me, so I simply started taking care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, she was not selfish or anything, and in future her tongue would find its way to my clit, but on that first occasion I didn’t want to ask too much of her. Besides, it was a bombastic sensation to have her watch me play with my clit and come.I love lesbian virgins!Sssooo… coming back to planet Earth, and specifically to Rae now.“Do you reckon you could give me a spanking?”Rae had never been close-minded, so instead of acting all shocked, she just grinned.“Ehm… well, yes, if you insist, I don’t see why not!” she exclaimed dramatisch, and then added in her regular tone of voice: “You’ve always had a penchant for hatching plans. Wanna tell me?”“Well, it seems pretty clear the poor boy is being forced into a cassock without properly realising he may very well be destined for other things. So, don’t we owe it to him to at least try and show him what he would be missing if he should decide to renounce all pleasures of flesh?”Rae pondered about this for a few seconds.“Oookaaay… er… so, what do you need?”“Well, first of all, we need an excuse.”When Arsenio came over for some custard tarts and tea next evening (at pretty much exactly 5 o’clock – what a charmingly English Portuguese fellow), Rae led him to the table. She allowed us some time for a chit-chat and then said matter-of-factly:“You know, Arsenio, before Stella left on her, er, space adventures, I had no way of making sure she would behave out there, so the best thing I could do to ensure she would was to give her a bit of a spanking – this probably sounds quite silly, but I was hoping that every time she would be about to do something she may later regret, she would remember that spanking and perhaps, perhaps this would remind her to take a wiser course of action. And you know, it seems like it worked – she has now become a charming, modest young lady with an amazing job, respected by her colleagues and with what seems to me like a stellar future.”Was ‘stellar’ supposed to be a pun?I kind of expected Arsenio to crack up on this kind of poppycock, but he just keep nodding understandingly, so Rae continued:“Well, now that she’s here again for a while, I thought it may not be such a bad idea to ‘top up’ the warning I gave her last time, you know?”“Uhu.” he quietly affirmed.“Did your parents ever do that, too?” I asked Arsenio.“No, but I wish they had – I’m sure it would have made me more disciplined and, you know… just a better person, I guess.”‘Oh, come on, do you seriously believe that?’ I wanted to exclaim, but was on the other hand relieved he didn’t see through our silly plan.“Well, perhaps…” Rae started. “I mean, if you really want… I could give you a bit of a spanking, too.” she finally ventured.“Yes, sure! If that’s OK with you?” he replied.Was the boy really THAT naïve?“I don’t see why not.”We finished our tea, and then the slightly awkward moment came when we had to actually start doing it.“Sssooo…” Rae began. “Shall we go to the living room?”We did just that.“Stella, do you wanna go first?”“Yeah… er, where?”“Hm, perhaps just lean on the table?”“Yeah, sure.”I often wore tights, but definitely not in Portugal at that time of year! So, I’m now not sure why, but I had opted for a rather tasteless, pink-read-yellow tank-top with some indiscernible patterns and blue pleated skirt. I had spent a considerable amount of time thinking what underwear to pick and trying to understand what kind of knickers were most likely to get a guy like Arsenio going. I didn’t really know him. What kind of panties would give you a hard-on fastest if you were a son of devoted Catholics from Portugal and probably a virgin? But whatever undergarments I would opt for, he must have seen plenty of those considering how close to the beach they lived. In the end, I went for a black tanga, which I hope was not too hooker-like, but still risqué enough. Rae, on the other hand, contented herself with her usual white shorts and t-shirt.I pulled up my skirt and put my lower arms on the table. This position only had one disadvantage – I wasn’t able to see Arsenio and to follow the expression on his face as the business progressed. But hey, at least I could be sure he had a magnificent view of everything he was about to see.“Ready?” Rae asked.“Yep, go ahead.”I now realised Rae and I hadn’t agreed on what exactly she would be slapping my bottom with and was hoping she wouldn’t be crazy enough to take a real belt. Not so much because of the pain, but I seriously didn’t want Arsenio’s mood spoiled by him seeing any bruises.Thankfully, and as I expected, Rae didn’t feel compelled to use any special tools and limited her endeavours to slapping my bottom with her right hand.The procedure began, and I’m not a little bit ashamed to admit I enjoyed it as much as I had enjoyed my ‘alien experience’. I managed to cast a glance behind me and see Arsenio’s captivated face. Uncomplicated as he was, the boy wasn’t even trying to conceal where he was looking. I did spread my legs a bit, but again, I didn’t want to appear a slut and destroy the magic of a sweet girl in an unintentionally erotic position.“Are you OK, Arsenio?” I cheerfully chirped.“Yes, yes.”“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for you if you just took off that skirt?” Rae suggested, and I did just that.“Yeah, sure. The knickers, too?”I could almost hear Arsenio’s heart trying to jump out of his ribcage.“Uhu.”I quickly and innocently slid down my tanga and leaned on the table again, spreading my legs somewhat. I was wondering whether my new biggest fan could see my butthole. Had he ever seen anybody’s butthole? Would the sight of a girl’s butthole even make him get it up?Another smack. Another, another, another, another, another, another, another… quite a few slaps… more slaps.“Alright, then. You’re done.” Rae proclaimed.“Thanks, Rae.” I said calmly, went away from the table and hugged her. There!! There it was! Arsenio realised that I was now looking at him, but he realised it too late. I could clearly see him studying my downstairs area. When it dawned on him we both were looking at him, he just started staring at the parquet, knowing exactly he was caught red-handed looking exactly where he was (not) supposed to.I put on my tanga, but decided to ‘forget’ about the skirt.“So, querido”, Rae said, “your turn now.”“Er, OK, yes.” He was kind of shifting his position slightly, but still remained sitting on that very chair without making any real attempts to get up.“Are you sure you’re alright?”“Yes, yes, I am, yes…”“Honestly, don’t be shy, there’s no reason at all to be shy.”“OK, yes…”He finally managed to get out of that chair.“Could you please lower your trousers?”“Ehm…”“Are you ashamed of something?”“No, I’m not… no.”“So, have you changed your mind?”“No, no, of course not…”“Look, whatever is going on in your crotch area is completely natural, so honestly, don’t you worry about it.”“My what, sorry?”“Your zona genital.”“Oh, yes, yes, OK.”He finally undid his belt and started to pull down his trousers. He still kept his undies on, but it was already pretty clear that physiologically, his body was in perfect order.“You wanna lower those, too?” Rae pointed at his briefs.He just stood there, an expression of total agony on his face. Then I had an idea, went over to him and just pulled down his underpants with a jerk before he could find the right words to protest.“I’m sorry.” he murmured.What, with a tower like this at your disposal? No need to be sorry at all, my friend!“As I said, there is no reason whatsoever to be sorry. I understand Stella is rather good-looking, and you just, you know, are displaying an absolutely natural physiological reaction, so please stop being sorry, alright? Come to the table now.”He went over to the table.“Yes, just stand there. I don’t think it would be too comfortable for you to lean over the table with that, erm, situation of yours, so just… you know, just lean a little bit, OK?”He did.“Right, then. Ready?”Pretty sure he was ready – for something else entirely, though. But this would have to wait a few more minutes – if the plan worked, that is.Arsenio’s spanking went without any particular incidents worth reporting. While I was desperately trying to come up with a good pun combining the name Arsenio and the word ‘arse’, Rae’s smacks landed on his delightfully toned skin without doing any damage or even inflicting any real pain.When she was done with him, he quickly pulled up his trousers again, tightened his belt and smiled sheepishly.“Thanks…” he said quietly.“Oh, you’re very welcome!” Rae replied. “And Stella, I think you wanted to…”“Yes,” I said, taking him by the hand, “come with me. Come on.”I didn’t even bother explaining where exactly Arsenio would be coming and what for, and I was glad he was still so taken aback that it didn’t even occur to him to ask. If he had, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything plausible to say.I led him upstairs into my room, still without putting my skirt back on, and he blindly followed.I shut the door and looked at him. Poor Arsenio was desperately trying not to look anywhere but the floor.“So, what do you think?” Yeah, it was a bit of a silly question, I guess.“Hm… I don’t know.”“Did it hurt?”“Nnnooo… not much, I guess.”“Did you…” What was the best way of putting this into words? “I saw you got a bit ‘excited’.”“Excited?”“You got a bit turned on watching me.”As expected, he remained quiet.“I mean, that was quite an impressive hard-on.”“A what?”“You know, a hard-on. An erection. How do you say it in Portuguese?”“Ah, yes, OK.”“So, how do you say it in your language?” Somehow I really wanted to hear him saying this word.“Er… ereção.”“Yeah, that’s it. Seems like you still have it.”“I’m sorry.”“Oh, don’t be sorry, it’s the most natural thing in the world. What was it that you enjoyed most, just my butt or my butt getting spanked?”“Er…”“When did you get your ereção?”“Mmm… straight away.”“Straight away?” In all this time we were talking, he barely dared to look at me at all.“Yes, when you put your skirt up.”“Oh, right, that already did the trick for you?”“Yes.”I grinned, casting another glance at his crotch, though not knowing exactly how to continue the conversation. I did want to ask him things, like for example whether he had been with a girl before or whether he even masturbated every now and then, but the moment didn’t seem quite right, and it would have only delayed what I actually brought him into my room for. So, instead of trying to continue our rather pointless discussion, I just put my hand on his gentleman’s area and started stroking it. He recoiled at first, but I just approached him again and put my hand back where it was. That time, gaziantep escort he did nothing.After a minute of stroking, I undid his belt and pulled down any fabric that was preventing me from accessing what I was now sure would be mine for the next – I had reckoned – two to five minutes. Gosh, one could inflict some serious injuries with a thing that hard!I wondered whether I should blow him a little. I was just too curious to see how he would react, so I spent the next minute or so working the little Arsenio with my tongue.Nothing. No moans, no recoiling, no shocked exclamations.“Would you relax, please?”“Oh, yes, sorry.” Forgetting to relax, here’s the root of all evil!I sat down on my bed, slid down my knickers, moved closer to the opposite wall, so that my head was now resting against the pillows and spread my legs in the most inviting manner I was capable of.“Come on, do it. And don’t say ‘er…’ or ‘OK’ this time, just come here and fuck me.”Come over he did. He stepped out of his trousers, very slowly takking his place on the bed in front of me, as if threatening to stab me to death with his strongly underused equipment, and tried to lean over me. It became pretty clear he had never attempted to do this before, so it took us a minute or two to bring things into order.At least, he was inside. And then…“Are you not going to get pregnant?”“No, don’t worry, there are special ray treatments for that.”“So, you can never have c***dren?”“I can, you need to repeat the procedure every three months. It’s 100% effective, though quite pricey. But can you please stop worrying about stuff?”He rogered that and attempted to do the deed properly, and I kept wondering whether he at all knew how this worked.Must not forget to ask him whether he had ever watched porn after we were done.Slowly, the things were progressing, and as the things were progressing, those same things rather abruptly came to an end (and into me). All in all, the process may have even taken over 10 minutes, so I guess had underestimated him somewhat. It also took him a somewhat abnormal number of seconds to finish his eruption, but after everything had finished and he had left my body, the first thing I heard from him was, of course, ‘Sorry.’“For – fucking – what?”“I didn’t want to.”“You didn’t want to shoot your load, or you didn’t want to lose your virginity, or you didn’t want to ever have sex with anyone, or… which sorry is it?”“I didn’t want to do this to you.”“Well, your schlong didn’t seem to agree with you on that one.”“I shouldn’t have listened to my schlong, then.”“Well, you know what, I’m not sorry at all. I thought it was pretty cool.”“My parents would be furious.”“They don’t want you to have fun?”“Not that kind of fun… I think.”“But do answer me this, please. Did your parents ever encourage you to have fun?”“Yes, they did…” He said after some consideration. “My father encouraged me, he wanted me to go running and play football and go swimming…”“Oh, did he?”“Yes, so that I could stay healthy. He sometimes mentioned this Latin proverb, I forgot it now…”“Mens sana in corpore sano? A sound mind in a sound body?”“Yes, that’s it, yes!”“Hm, do you realise a body can’t be completely healthy without sex?”I didn’t know for a fact whether this was true or not, though, and he didn’t seem to believe me, either.“Why did you want to do it with me?” He suddenly asked. Not the kind of question I was hoping for.“I find you sweet. I just wanted to.”“Alright, then.”We lay there quiet for a bit, reviewing in our minds what had happened.“So, you wanna be a priest?”“Yes, I do. It’s a good idea, I think.”“Why is it such a good idea, I may ask?”“The church makes the people feel better.”“So do barmen and hookers. Oh, and nurses, too, of course. And stand-up comedians. And guys who make really comfortable pillows. Why don’t you become a pillow manufacturer instead?”“My parents probably wouldn’t approve.”“How do you know, have you asked them? What do they have against comfy pillows?”“I think it was always their plan, me working at the church.”“And what was your plan, then?”“I think… I guess my plan was their plan. Or, their plan was my plan – I don’t know what way round it is. I’m… I’m a bit confused.”“Do you realise you’re gonna be a rubbish priest if you don’t really want this? Like, of your heart isn’t completely in it, you will spend your whole life suffering from being somewhere you don’t belong, and I’m sure as fuck you won’t be able to help anyone if you feel this way.”“You say this word quite a lot.”“What, ‘fuck’?”“Yes, this one.”“So, what? I know plenty of other words, too, that maybe you should also start using if you want to have a more or less normal social life.”“I really need those words to have a social life?”“Yeah, it tends to be quiet helpful.”Please, please ask me what other words you know!Nope, he didn’t, of course. Like somebody had knocked out his curiosity with a serious dosage of c*********.“You wanna know?”“What?”“You wanna hear a few other words that I know?”“Are they rude?”“Quite.”“Why do you want to tell me?”Er… because… because… How come I couldn’t think of a decent answer to this?“Just, you know… to help you with your English. Not that it’s bad – actually I’m surprised how good it is, especially considering you’ve lived in this town all your life.”“Go ahead, then. Tell me.”Excellent. Now, which one first?“Well, I’m sure you’ve heard ‘dick’ or ‘cock’, right?”“Yes, sure.”“Do you know the c-word?”“I do.”Hm…“Do you know what ‘to wank’ means?”“Er, no, not this one.“‘To jerk off’?”“No, neither. But want is ‘to wank’? You didn’t tell me.”“Oh, they have the same meaning, they’re synonyms. They mean to, you know, to masturbate.”“Oh, right.”By that time, I had started to find the monosyllabic and repetitive nature of Arsenio’s conversational skills a tad tedious. I wanted to say something caustic like “Yes – oh – right – yes – indeed”.“You do that?” He suddenly asked.I turned my head to him and calmly nodded a few times.“Yep, Arsenio, I masturbate. I’m not addicted to it, of course… though I guess even those who are addicted would say they aren’t. I’m really not. But well, I’m a sexual being, I like sex in many different forms, whether it’s real or just in my head. Or, sometimes, when I can’t concentrate on my work, I do it, too. It helps, seriously, it does – you really calm down after you’ve done it. And it also improves your mood.”“It improves my mood?”“Yep. Makes you more cheerful. So, if you know somebody who’s always in a good mood, you now know the reason.”“Well, what if somebody catches you?”“Catches me? Oh, you mean walks in on me?”“Yeah.”“It’s happened before, Rae has walked in on me a few times.”“She walked in on you?! You’re saying it so, so… calmly?”“Well, yeah, but what’s the big deal – it’s not like she never digs her trench.”I could see he was about to enquire about the metaphor, but then he got it.“How did she react?”“Just laughed, said ‘sorry’ and left.”“And you didn’t feel embarrassed?”“Not really. Maybe the first time it happened, but after that, it was nothing new, anymore, so… Though there was one time, and that was a bit weirder – it was during my previous holiday, last summer. I was spending it elsewhere, but I stopped by here for a couple of days. Shame we didn’t get to meet back then, by the way. Do you remember the bloody temperatures last summer? And you know, heat makes you pretty horny. So, anyway, I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet. I had been fingering myself just for a few minutes, but already about to climax. And the second I started orgasming, she came in and, well, saw my entire flight to the stars, so to speak. She grinned and said something like ‘Well, I guess you’re done now, huh?’ and started running the bath.”“What did you say? Did you just… sit there? I mean…”“Well, I didn’t really say much, just tried to grin back, really. That was definitely an unexpected turn of events, but hey, so what, as long as we can both laugh about it?”He went quiet for a moment. Was he about to say ‘I see’?“Right.”Well, almost.And then a second later:“I see.”Maaan.Should I tell him the extra bit? Teasing him with anything connected to sex was simply too much fun!“And you know what?” I continued. “She started taking off what little clothes she had on to take her bath, but I was still sitting there. ‘Rae?’ I asked. ‘I really need to wee now, can I just quickly…?’ ‘Sure, go ahead.’ she said, looking unperturbed – ‘unperturbed’ means something like ‘chilled’, ‘relaxed’, OK?”“OK.”“So, she jumped into her bath… it was the year after she had this new wonderful construction installed that fills your bath with water in about 10 seconds – there we times when people had to wait for, like, 10-20 minutes for a bath to fill. But anyway, she got in…”“What, completely naked?”“Well, she was wearing a fur coat, of course. Man, why do you have to ask questions like that? Yeah. Naked. I think by now we have established that Rae and I have quite a liberal relationship towards nudity.”“Yeah, sorry.”“Well, she lied down in the bathtub, looking nowhere in particular, but just her being there made it a bit harder for me to… go. So, for a little while, I sat there a queen on her throne, looking sheepish. But I managed in the end.”“Like a queen on her throne?”“Yes!” I laughed. “Like a regular royal queen.” I realised, of course, how idiotic this sounded. A clear case of wanting to use some trashy humour and missing your target by 180 degrees.“It’s definitely an interesting story.”I was quite sure he actually meant it. I don’t think he was fully capable of proper sarcasm, or if he would ever be, for that matter. I didn’t expect him to dwell on the topic of self-pleasuring, but he did have one more question left.“Have you ever walked in on somebody having an… orgasm?”Well, there was that one time… And for that, I would need to go back to the day Lil and I ‘became close’ for the first time. I had left the bathroom, where I had just ‘released the tension’ inside of me, and asked Lily to just give me a couple of minutes to quickly stop by at Derek’s and say thanks again for being there. Whether this actually was my genuine motive for wanting to pay him a visit? Not at all, of course. The motive was simply this – I had made a bet with myself that our junior accountant would at this particular moment be engaged in something not altogether related to his field of work. And to verify this guess of mine, I needed one thing in particular. I needed him to forget to lock his door. Derek had never had such an amazing memory, but the chances of that happening were not too great. Still, I was really keen on giving it a shot, and so I did, after giving Lily my keys and asking her to make herself comfortable.I almost tiptoed to Derek’s door and quickly pressed the entry button.Oh, Derek…The door flew wide open, driven by a powerful magnetic spring. Derek was sitting on his bed, just as I had pictured. His trousers were barely lowered – he must have been in a horrible hurry to release everything that had accumulated in his balls.I thought he would shriek, but instead he produced a sort of “aaaaah” sound similar to the kind you would make if somebody’s heel landed on your toe. Needless to say, he immediately stopped stroking his (not so little) Derek, but a second later we both realised that he had reached his destination. He had prepared a few tissues, but my appearance made him forget about them entirely, and very soon his spunk was covering most of the distance between him and me.I was now faced with the choice whether to pretend I was shocked or to implicitly admit to being kind of flattered by giving him a smirk and blowing him a kiss or something. He started apologising more frenetically than I expected he would. In fact, his excuses began to sound so grotesque that I just said to myself ‘Ah, sod it’, gave him a very brief smile, said “No worries, I understand, we can talk later.” and left. …to have my wounds treated and my boobies groped by one of my best friends.“I’m sure I would have died from shame.” Arsenio murmured. “Is it ‘died from shame’ or ‘died of shame’?”“Of. Well, Derek didn’t, though I guess he was halfway there.”“Was your relationship ruined after that?”“Oh, no, it wasn’t, not at all… Actually, this incident did open a door to something else. But I will tell you about it next time, alright?”We did some more lying around and breathing quietly, after which something occurred to me.“Hey, you wanna see my boobs?”Yes, I was still wearing my tank-top, and yes, Arsenio had not made one single attempt to remove it.What if he said no? Would I have been very disappointed? Not very likely, but… I just really wanted to show them to him, that’s all.Instead of saying yes, however, he suddenly sat up.“Is it OK to keep this a secret?” he asked.“If you like, sure. But what about my boobs? Is it the future priest in you talking?”“Maybe.”“Arsenio…” I finally used his name. “Look, my dear. If that’s really what you want, fine, go for it. But could you please at least try to look at it a little more critically? Remember what I said about pillows and you not being very likely to make a great cleric if your heart is not 100% in it?”“I remember, yes.”“So, is it, then?”“What, my heart?”“Yeah, your bloody heart! There’s an entire universe out there for you, you can’t even begin to imagine all the stuff that’s out there, and you could be soon doing a great deal of that stuff! Just think, OK?”He remained quiet. He would remain quiet for the rest of the day (which we did spend together), for the entire week, and for the rest of that month, too. It’s not that we didn’t talk during that time, but he kind of preferred to be alone with his thoughts, even when we met up and did stuff together (not that kind of stuff, though). He still came over quite regularly, but it was mostly Rae and me that did the talking.And then, one morning, with the month almost over, he rang at our door at around 9 o’clock, and from the doorstep announced that he had decided to ‘maybe wait a little bit’ before making up his mind and that he would be enrolling in a geology course at Lisbon’s university instead. He looked guilty and relieved at the same tie.I gave him a quick kiss and showed him my boobs.——————————————————————-You’ll find Parts 2 and 3 of “Stellarsexual” as well as my other stories on Amazon – they’re cheap, and some are offered in bundles!But anyway, what do you think? I’d be absolutely delighted to hear your opinion, no matter whether good, bad or… well, any kind of opinion. Please drop me a line on!

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