STEP DAD LOVES HEATHERHeather was 12 years old when I married her mother, and although Heather was young, it was a treat being around her. She had such a bubbly personality, that some times it was almost comical watching her. But then again, it was a joy being around her. As Heather grew older, she began to look very good to me. She was always walking around our house in mini skirts, short shorts, halter tops, tube tops and T-shirts. When it was close to her bedtime, she would change into a T-shirt and panties, then join us in the TV room before time for bed. I always felt like her choice in attire was a way of teasing me, but then again, who knows?When Heather turned 18, we had a nice birthday party for her, inviting several of her girlfriends for the occasion. It was so enjoyable watching those girls cavorting around in the pool, I had to keep hiding my constant hard-on while serving ice cream, cake and drinks. Although these girls were very cute and sexy, Heather, was very appealing to me.She was wearing a tiny thong bikini and her 32b-24-34 figure was really affecting me and she knew it. At the end of the day, when the other girls had left, Heather came bouncing over to me, threw her arms around my neck to thank me for the wonderful party pressing her firm little titties against my bare chest. I hugged her tightly, knowing she could feel my hard cock pressing into her tummy.That night, as usual, when it was nearing bedtime Heather came into the den wearing a T-shirt and tiny blue panties. As she sat on the sofa watching TV with her mom and me, I noticed she was sitting in a way, that I could see her panty covered crotch very clearly. She was sitting with her legs pulled up closely to her body, her feet on the sofa, her little mound was clearly shown. When her mom wasn’t looking, she would pull her T-shirt up her body, exposing her pierced navel and occasionally, flash a little titty at me. Her mom eventually tired and headed off to bed, leaving us alone to watch TV. In a few minutes, Heather crawled up in my lap putting her arms around my neck, telling me she wanted to thank me for her wonderful party and how much fun she had. As she was sitting in my lap I knew she could feel my erect penis under her, pushing her tiny ass into me, finally straddling me, and moving her crotch back and forth across it. She kissed me lightly on my lips and headed off to bed. When I crawled into bed I moved over, rubbing my hard cock against my wife’s ass, and before long we were fucking like crazy. She wanted to know what brought this on.A few nights later, when Heather and her mom had gone off to bed, I watched TV for awhile and then decided to check on Heather before going to bed myself. I went into her bedroom noticing she had fallen asleep while reading and left her light on. Her 5’4” and 116 pound body looked so nice laying on her bed, with her T-shirt pulled up close to her tiny boobs and the covers barely covering her panties. I couldn’t help but enjoy the beauty before me. I kneeled beside her bed, and lightly shook her to see if she was really asleep. She didn’t move or make any noise, so I slowly almanbahis yeni giriş pulled her T-shirt up exposing her perfect little breasts. The tiny orbs made my mouth water, so I softly touched one nipple with my tongue, gently licking and sucking it to hardness. A soft moan escaped her lips as her chest rose towards my mouth.As I was licking and sucking her nipples, I pulled the covers down from her waist exposing her panties to me. I glanced down noticing that one leg was bent at her knee, leaving her crotch open. I softly slid one hand over her panties, feeling a little dampness there, so I pushed against her mound. I was still sucking on a hard little nipple, so I slid my hand under the edge of her panties sliding a finger up and down her crease. She was so wet, I wished I could rip her panties off and eat the lining out of her! I slid one finger into her tight little pussy, moving it softly in and out of her. Her hips were actually raising up to meet my finger thrusts and I was really fingering deep, remembering how some boy had gotten her virginity when she was 15. I wondered now if she was sexually active with any other boys. I kept fingering her bringing her to a nice orgasm, as I felt her pussy clench onto my finger, covering it with juices, as she gasped and called out my name as she came.I thought she might wake up, so I quickly pulled my finger out, pulled the covers over her and turned the light out. I softly kissed her cheek, and left her room for my own bedroom, where again, her mom and I enjoyed a good fuck.One evening, Heather had gone to bed early, and as I passed her room on the way to the bathroom, I overheard what sounded like moaning, or whimpering, so I pushed her door open slowly to check on her. As I looked into her room, she was laying on her bed, with her panties off, her legs pulled up and spread open, fingering her pussy. Heather had her eyes closed softly calling my name, as she brought herself off. I was standing in the doorway, stroking my cock, cumming at the same time she did. I closed the door, thinking to myself, “One day I am going to fuck her.”.A few days later, her mom told me that she had to go back to her hometown as her mother was sick and take care of her. Heather and I helped her pack her things into her car and she left that evening for the 7 hour drive. Heather and I had pizza for dinner that night, and both dressed for bed, before joining one another in the TV room. I was wearing boxers under my robe and Heather was wearing a long T-shirt and I naturally assumed she had panties on underneath. As she sat on the sofa with her legs curled under her watching TV, I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. Within a short while, I noticed she had pulled her legs up, exposing a clean shaven pussy to me. My cock began to harden, so I just left the robe open, so that my tented shorts were exposed.While watching Heather softly slide a finger up and down her legs now and then, she would sometimes slide a finger down to caress her pussy. I assume she didn’t know I was watching her, but once when she did, she looked straight at almanbahis giriş my bulge in my shorts, so I made it throb for her. I said, “Heather, come sit in my lap”, so she came over and crawed into my lap, straddling me. I looked into her eyes and told her, “You know I love you very much and wouldn’t do anything in the world to hurt you”. She replied, “I love you too, and want you inside of me, so very much.”I raised out of my chair, carrying Heather to my bedroom, placing her gently on the bed. I pulled her T-shirt off of her, then took off my robe and boxers. I lay down next to her, and we immediately began to kiss and snuggle against one another. I felt her tiny breasts with her hard nipples against my chest, as I grasped her butt, pulling her to me, my 7 1/2” uncut cock pressing between her thighs. I began to softly kiss around her neck and ears, sliding my tongue into her ears and nibbling her earlobes. Heather was running her hands up and down my back, scr****g her nails on me. I kissed and licked my way downward to suckle and bite her nipples. I would take one nipple into my mouth, sucking it hard as my fingers would be pulling on the other. Heather said, “Bite them, hard”. So I started biting harder, her moans echoing in my ears.After paying homage to her sweet breasts, I began to kiss my way downward towards her pieced navel, sliding my tongue around and around the little silver ring she had there. I moved a hand down to cup her mound, sliding a finger between her lips, spreading the wetness around. When I moved to start kissing my way towards her pussy, Heather grabbed my head and pulled my head towards her face, kissing me deeply. She told me, “Lay back and let me please you some.”. I lay back on the bed, as she took my cock into her hands.Heather stared at my cock, telling me it looked different than the boy that had taken her virginity, as mine had a foreskin. I explained that the boy had been circumcised and that I had not. She stroked my cock up and down, tentatively taking her tongue and softly licking the pre-cum off the tip. She seemed to like the flavor and began to swirl her tongue around the head. She licked my cock from top to bottom, before taking the head into her mouth, sucking hard. Damn, Heather could suck cock good. She was stroking my cock and sucking me down her throat. Soon, I could feel my balls contracting and knew I would soon cum because of her expert cock sucking and warned her that I was about to cum. Heather just winked at me and keep sucking. Right when I grabbed her head and pulled her down on my cock, I began to shoot my load, right down her throat. She held me tightly in her grasp and coaxed the sperm from me. She swallowed down, never missing a drop. When I was finished cumming, she began to lick the head clean, and I had to stop her, as I was too sensitive right then. I pushed her back on the bed and kneeled between her legs, as it was her time to enjoy some oral.I lay down, softly kissing her inner thighs, swirling my tongue in little lines and circles, kissing my way up to her clean shaven pussy. I slid my tongue up her crease, almanbahis güvenilirmi tasting her juices, savoring her nectar. I licked my way up and down her crease, sliding my tongue into her pussy, pulling her wetness out, before moving up to nibble and suck on her clitoris. I pulled her clit between my teeth, slightly nibbling on it as I felt her pussy push against my mouth. Her hands wrapped around my head, pulling me hard against her pussy, as she began to cum. I bit and sucked her clit, feeling her thrusting pussy hard against my face, covering me in her sweet juices. I fingered her pussy with two fingers as she came hard, her juices running down my chin. I let go of her clit with my teeth, moving to lick and suck her cum from her pussy, as a finger kept up the movement on her clit. Her juices were flowing down my throat and she kept saying “Suck me, suck me”. As her cum began to slow down some, I kissed my way upwards, licking her belly button and ring, moving, licking each nipple and eventually to slide my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own juices, mixing them with the remnants of my cum in her mouth.As I placed the head of my cock at her opening, she reached down to grasp my cock and slide it up and down her crease, coating it with her juices, before guiding me into her hole. My cock slid into her pussy, feeling the hot heat inside as well as the tightness of her tiny cunt. Her pussy was grasping my cock, coaxing it deeper, as I filled her tunnel with my girth. Heather’s pussy was so tight around me, had I not known better, I would’ve thought I was her first. I slowly slid all the way into her, my cock head finally resting within her womb, my balls against her ass. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, sliding my fingers through her silky brown hair, as I began to slowly move in and out of her.She kissed me deeply, as her pussy clutched at my cock, feeling me sliding in and out of her. We begin to move together, fucking one another as if we had been fucking for a long time. I was fucking her hard and fast, my cock moving in her, slamming my balls against her ass. Her legs wrapped around my hips, trapping me and pulling my cock into her on each stroke. She was moaning and calling for me to fuck her harder and faster. We were kissing deeper, moaning into each other’s mouth as we got closer to cumming. Heather was screaming “Fuck me!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! I raised up on my hands and began to pour it to her, fucking her for all I was worth. I felt her pussy grasping at my cock, and her hips meeting mine stroke for stroke, when all of a sudden, she began to wail“I’M CUMMING! I’M CUUUUUMMMMMMMMING!! I pushed my cock as deep as it would go, and hollered “I’M CUMMIMNG TOO!!. I pumped spurt after spurt of my cum deep within her pussy, as her pussy milked my cock on each spurt.As we slowed down from our frantic fucking, Heather was whimpering and telling me how much she loved me. I raised on my elbows, softly kissing her, as my shriveling cock slid from her pussy. I rolled off of her, hugging her close as we shared the afterglow of our orgasms, and snuggled up to fall asleep in one another’s arms. Right before she drifted off to sleep, she said “We have 5 more days of fucking ahead of us.” Man, would I live that long? Heather, her mom and I are still together, and Heather and I fuck each chance we get. Someday, I wish all 3 of us could get together. Who knows?

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