Step Daddy Dearest

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Since moving to Los Angeles, my mother was always a lone wolf. Ever since my stupid fucking dad, divorced her and ran away with the “other woman”, my Mother refused to get married. Hell, had she even thought about dating that was a different story.

She tried the usual bar scenes, online dating crap, and even silly “networking” events in which she would meet nothing but ugly losers who claimed to be “multi-millionaires” and not to mention various so called CEOs of unknown companies.

My mother was smart, and didn’t fall for that bullshit. Until one day, which happened to be her lucky day when she was on her way home from work. She stopped by whole foods, and just as she was making her way into the store, a very attractive and handsome man around my mother’s age, which is 50 by the way, caught her attention.

The man was very tall around 6 foot 3 with salt and pepper hair and sea greenish blue eyes, and was very lean and muscular. My mother also noticed, that he did not have on a wedding band which meant that he was indeed single. She was instantly star struck, and did not want to ruin anything so she casually started a conversation with him.

“Hi there, I’m so sorry I think I just hit your cart by accident.” She said.

“Oh, don’t even worry about it you’re fine.” The man, said happily.

“My apologies, I’m Ethan.” He said.

“Ethan, nice to meet you, I’m Kathy.” She said.

“So what brings you to whole foods, this late at night?” She said.

“Late night hunger I guess, I love this store so much that I could practically live here.” He said.

“I could not agree more, this place is the mecca for all things healthy plus, I needed to come here anyways for my daughter.” She said.

“Would you like to have dinner with me, I am usually not this forward but I’d really like to get to know you better Kathy, and I would really enjoy it if you could join me, its on me.” He said happily.

“That would be excellent, I’d love to join you for dinner Ethan.” She said with excitement.

The duo then headed to one of the corner booths and hit it off instantly. My mother started to get some more insight about Ethan and how he had been divorced for about 6 years now, and that he had two boys who were grown and in college. They visit him from time to time, but they live with their mother in Seattle.

So Ethan does not see them, as often as he wishes but that has been the arrangement so far. My mother told Ethan about me, and how I was almost 20 years old and that I go to school at USC studying pre-law and have plans on attending an Ivy League law school. Ethan was fascinated and wanted to meet me as well.

Ethan was clearly attracted to my mother. She stands at 5’4 caramel brownish wavy hair, hazel brown eyes, nicely toned body and long lean legs, a size 36DD bust to complete the package and an amazing ass. She kept in great shape, by the usual running and eating healthy.

She always dresses nicely for work, and keeps up with fashion trends better than I do sometimes. My mother is also Iranian, and so was my father. She then found out that he is half Irish, and half Danish. A mix, my mother seemed to find interest in. I mean come on, he was hot as fuck, and she knew it.

IF only I was there to witness this thing in action. They soon exchanged numbers, and before I knew it the two were almost inseparable. Ethan drove a Porsche Cayenne and also drove a sleek Porsche Boxer convertible in which he adored.

I was always envious, when he came to pick her up for their weekend getaways because I wish it were me. I was so thrilled for my mom shit I was ecstatic. It gave me joy to actually see a real man love her for who she is, and not what he wanted her to be.

Then after a solid year and half together, he popped the question and decided to ask my mother for her hand in marriage. Of course she said, YES! And immediately jumped for joy. The wedding was going to be at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.

It was a beautiful beach side wedding, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Their honeymoon was in Honolulu and from my mom’s perspective the sex was absolutely over the top. She would often tell me, that Ethan has a huge cock and that it must have been about 8 and a half inches and very thick in diameter and he was circumcised with a huge mushroom head.

Like my mother, I too enjoyed big cocks and was a size queen myself. Shortly after they arrived back home to Los Angeles, the two moved into a huge mansion, in Beverly Hills. Being that I was now 20 years old, I did not live at home but on an on campus apartment near USC. My mother wanted me to visit every now and then, to see her and Ethan.

Now their house was absolutely beautiful, very modern and elegantly designed. Everything was wooden, black, and white. The interior was modern and clean. Sometimes, I wish I lived with them. They also had an infinity pool, which was overlooking the ocean in the distance.

It was now May, and the semester was coming to an end for me as I was wrapping up my sophomore year, at USC and illegal bahis was due to move back “home” with my mother and Ethan.

I was particularly dreaded yet slightly excited since I could finally have some privacy and did not have deal with my pesky roommates. Before I knew it, I was officially moved back in with my mother and Ethan and I was going to thoroughly enjoy having 4 months off.

I decided to apply for some jobs in the mall, and settled on a part time one at a brand-clothing store, which paid well, but it was only to keep me occupied throughout my time back home.

During this time, my Mother had a lot of business meetings in Seattle and New York City that she had to attend, leaving me alone in the house with Ethan.

My mother knew that he could not physically do anything to me, since they had been married now and had been living together for almost 2 years. But now, that my mother was absent for a portion of the summer, I could see that Ethan was looking at me in a different way.

Maybe it was the way that I started dressing in front of him, or the fact that I pranced around the house in short pajama shorts, a tank top and no bra, or even wearing my favorite slinky white string bikini from victoria’s secret that I loved so much.

It covered my 38D breasts quite nicely, but portions of my tits were still exposed around the sides and front. Since it was summer, I wanted to take advantage of the amazing weather and using their pool for my pleasure.

Sometimes, I’d stay out there for what seemed like hours and I could often see from my corner of my eyes, that Ethan was eyeing my tight hot body. I was always wearing sunglasses of course, so there was no way he could see that I was looking at him as well.

I would even pretend to be “sleeping” by the pool and sometimes I could feel him watching me from a closer distance. In the back of my mind, this was so wrong but it turned me on so much to know that my mother’s new hubby was eyeing his new stepdaughter.

Often times, I would see Ethan walking around the house in boxers, and a robe in which he left undone revealing his slightly hairy muscular chest. He had a really nice body, which was toned and fit.

I adored it, and even could see his erection peeking through from time to time, when he would have breakfast with me. Now I really could see how huge his cock was, and I desperately wanted to fuck and suck him for hours.

He would often compliment me, when I was going out with my friends and told me “Dahlia, you are absolutely beautiful, and you get that from your mother. You must have all the boys at school, falling for you instantly.” He would say, with such hope.

I blushed internally when he complimented me, and later on told him that I did not have a boyfriend currently since the last one I was with cheated on me with one of my sorority sisters.

What a shithead, he was. Never again will I get involved with a guy who was in a fraternity. Over the course of a few weeks, upon my mother’s absence Ethan and I started to get closer with one another.

I started to open up about a lot my troubled past, and how I did not have a dad growing up. I told him about all my boyfriends, and my overall life before he came in the picture. He was clearly fascinated and would hold me close in his big and strong chest, telling me that everything was going to be okay and that the past is the past and we must live in the present moment.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, when Ethan told me that I was going to be home alone for most of the day, and told me that he did not know what time he was going to come home from the office. Ethan was a financial advisor, for a top finance company in Downtown LA. He said they had an important client, who just arrived from Sweden and it was going to be a big success for them if the meeting goes well.

Getting excited that I would be completely alone, he decided to leave me his platinum credit card so that I could go on a little shopping spree for myself, and told me to keep it secret from my mother or else. I agreed, and began to take advantage, of the opportunity that was given to me.

Shortly after Ethan left, I decided to strip down completely naked, and began to head outside to the pool to sunbathe. The backyard was fenced completely, but a part of me wished it wasn’t. I loved the idea of being watched, and I have quite the exhibitionist/voyeur side of me that I have never told a single soul about.

I picked one of the wooden lounge chairs, and began to place the towel over it. I had my usual sunscreen and dark tanning oil handy. I put on my ray bans, and began to squirt the sunscreen and tanning oil all over my tight, hot body. It felt so good, in the warm Southern California sun.

Sometimes, I wish I were able to do this even with Ethan around. I had done it at other places before, but I wanted him to glance for hours at my tight, and slightly curvy body. I wanted him to watch me touch myself, and to witness my intense orgasm. I wanted to put on a show for him, so illegal bahis siteleri badly.

Snapping back into reality, I decided to bring myself to an orgasm. I began to thrust my fingers deep inside of my tight and wet pussy, hearing that delicious sloshing noise each time I pounded myself harder and faster with my fingers.

The entire time, I was finger fucking myself hard and deep I was thinking about Ethan making me cum with his tongue and fingers. I screamed his name out loud, and collapsed into the lounge chair with my juices flowing out of me and down onto the towel. I needed that orgasm, oh god it felt so fucking good. I then got up and decided to go for a swim, and began to do a few laps around the pool.

I then got out, wrapped the towel around myself and headed back inside grabbing Ethan’s platinum credit card. I then headed upstairs, and quickly hopped into the guest shower. Afterwards, I got out and began to put on a flowy white dress from madewell, and some Tory Burch sandals that my mother got me for graduation.

I then grabbed the keys to my Mother’s Audi Q7, and began to head to the mall for that much deserved shopping spree. I began to drive down towards, the shopping center in century city. I then parked the car, and immediately began to head into victoria’s secret. I needed some new thongs, and lingerie so what better way to start there.

I picked out some sexy lace thongs and matching bra sets in white, red, black, and navy blue. Each had a silk robe that came with them, so I had to take advantage.

I then headed over to the thong section, and picked out some cotton and lace thongs, and they had their usual 5 for 26 sale, which was my lucky day. I then headed to the fitting room, to try on the naughty negligee. It felt nice to strip down again, this time wearing only the finest lingerie.

I began to take pictures of myself on my iPhone, modeling each of the different types of bra and matching thong sets, almost as if I were going to send them to Ethan.

Playing hooky, I decided to take more pictures, this time even more risqué, and naughty with my biting my lip, sticking my ass out, and having the thong sliding in between my smooth shaved pussy lips.

I then headed out of the fitting room, and to the register to pay for the sexy lingerie. The lady looked at me very confused, but I didn’t care I wanted to show off my new lingerie for Ethan. And tonight, was going to be the night.

I then headed to do some more shopping, at my other favorite brands stores, and decided to stop by the Christian louboutin store, to pick the shoes I have been dying to get which were the red bottoms, sleek black 6-inch heels.

These were surely knockout shoes, and I made sure I got ones with straps to elongate my legs even more. I then purchased the nearly 1000 dollar shoes and then proceeded to leave the mall.

I then drove back home, only to find Ethan’s car in the driveway. I must have been at the mall for at least 4 or 5 hours, so I was a bit shocked to find him home so early, but by now it was 5:30 in the afternoon.

Ethan caught my attention, by staring at my recent purchases. I blushed and stared hard the floor, trying to come up with a way to explain that I nearly spent almost 2000 dollars in one day.

My heart was pounding fast, and I could not think of anything to say but then, Ethan striked up a conversation with me.

“Well Well, what do we have here, Dahlia?” He said, with a devilish smirk on his face.

“What do you mean, Ethan?” I said, nervously.

“Young lady, I am talking about these victoria’s secret and Christian louboutin bags!” he said almost furiously.

“I’m so sorry, Ethan. I spent a lot of your money today and I feel like shit. You left me the card so I may have taken too much advantage over it.” I said apologetically.

“This is insane, I need to tell your mother about this.” He said.

“No! Oh god please, No. Ethan, please I will do anything for you not to tell Mom.” I said.

“Anything, you say? Hmmm, I don’t know young lady that all depends on how far you are willing to go.” He said, with that sexy smirk of his.

“Stop calling me a young lady, I am a woman for your information. I am willing to go as far as it takes, for you to keep this our little secret from Mom.” I said.

“Getting sassy now, huh. I just may have to take you over my knee and show you how bad of a stepdaughter you really have been. Spending my money frivolously, prancing around the house half naked teasing the shit out of me, sunbathing outside wearing your slinky and sluttiest bikinis, hmm what do you say to that, Dahlia?” He said approaching me.

“I say, maybe I have been wanting to fuck you and yes you turn me on I admit it, and I am not ashamed one bit. I have been thinking about fucking you everywhere in this house, especially since you and I have become a lot closer over these past few weeks. I’m sorry, Ethan. I really am but please don’t tell Mom.” I said.

Ethan then moved in closer to me, and whispered into my ear “Show canlı bahis siteleri me what you bought.” My heart jumped, and I could feel myself getting wet just hearing those words come out of his mouth and having his hot breath on my ear.

I immediately did as I was told, and headed upstairs to change into the lace lingerie and heels for Ethan. I could feel myself getting wetter as I did this, and I made my way down the stairs and back into the living room where Ethan was sitting on the couch.

He looked so good, even in just light blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. I then began to walk very seductively towards him. His jaw dropped instantly as he could not believe what was about to happen between us. I was just as nervous, but I wanted this to happen so badly and I knew he wanted to as well.

I then began to sit across his knee, as he wanted me. He then gently placed his palm on my tight firm ass, tracing the thin lace material alongside my pussy lips.

He knew I was already soaked for him, and then he began to slowly place his other hand inside of my thong on my pussy lips feeling the wetness.He then stuck one of his thick fingers inside of my pussy, ever so gently and then placed it into his mouth tasting my saltiness.

It was so fucking hot, I wanted his cock to be inside of me immediately but this foreplay was beyond anything I had ever experienced. Ethan then took his other hand, and began to slap it hard and firm across my ass.

I gasped and moaned in pleasure, but soon after he and I both lost track, my ass was now beet red. I could hear him whispering and mouthing dirty words, and it made my pussy even more sopping wet.

Afterwards, Ethan began to slowly peel off my lace lingerie and placed it on the couch next to him. I was now completely naked, wearing nothing but my strappy heels. It was so fucking hot, and I could now see his hard erection poking through his jeans.

He then began to slowly caress my body with his firm and masculine hands, and was making his way down to my firm and perky 38D breasts. I was moaning, as he began to suck on them. I grabbed the back of his head, grasping onto his smooth short hair, as he was guiding his tongue down onto my stomach and towards my velvety smooth pussy.

Just before doing so, he kissed me hard and drove his tongue into my mouth so skillfully I thought I was going to orgasm right away. Ethan then slowly laid me back onto the sleek white leather couch, and gently parted my legs all while his sea blue and green eyes feasted on my young freshly shaven pussy.

He then began to lick his lips, almost as if he was hungry for it and immediately began to take his index and middle fingers to part my pussy lips, as his tongue drove in and out of my tight cunt. I was moaning even louder now, and my hand was grasping the back of his head harder now, while the other one was pinching and playing with my breasts.

I was moaning his name so loud, that I was so scared that the neighbors would hear us but shit I did not fucking care, I was horny as fuck and I needed his cock to be inside of me right now. After licking my pussy, for what seemed like hours.

Ethan undid his jeans, and I noticed that he had gone commando! I thought to myself “I wonder if he went like that into the office, this morning?” It turned me on immensely and made my pussy even wetter just thinking about it. He then pulled down his jeans, and his cock sprang up towards me and almost hit me in the face.

His cock was so huge! It was just as my mother had described it long and thick, circumcised and throbbing. It was at least 9 inches!

I was in shock, since I had never had a cock that huge inside of my mouth or inside of my pussy before. I then began to take his cock in my hands, and began to put my mouth around the tip of his cock and began to slowly tease it with my tongue.

I could see that his head was tilting back now, and that he was enjoying it so I began to take him deeper and deeper into my throat until I was gagging on it and I was developing tears in my eyes since he was so huge and thick.

I loved the taste of his salty precum and I was begging for his cock to be inside of me. Ethan then placed me against the edge of the couch, and began to stick his throbbing hard cock inside of my tight wet pussy.

Oh god, it felt so fucking good, I could hear him moaning, as his cock thrusted deep inside of my cunt. I began to fuck him faster now, but I knew he wanted me to take it slow, and so I did.

Ethan then placed his strong, masculine hands onto my waist and was fucking me hard but very slowly almost as if he wanted me to feel all 9 inches of him. I could hear my pussy making that wonderful sloshing noise, each time he pounded into my soaking wet cunt.

I loved it, and then he decided to pick up the pace more and more each time, smacking my ass in the process and calling me “daddy’s little slut” and “daddy’s little whore.”

I got more turned on when he called me his little slut and whore, I secretly loved to be called those names, behind closed doors and none of my past boyfriends ever did that to me, so clearly I was in heaven when Ethan did it. Afterwards, I could feel myself slowing reaching orgasm each and every time he pounded in and out of me, almost violently.

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