Step-Daughter Delights Ch. 03

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*Thanks everyone for the great feedback and comments! Here is another adventure for you all to enjoy!*

My original submission, I hinted about more public places, however, I departed from that on Chapter 2 at the request of Krystal (my step-daughter with whom these stories are about). She wanted me to share this once special encounter because it meant a lot of both of us.

This time, however, I am driving… Well, I should say I am in the drivers seat, but Krystal has her hand on the “stick shift”.

Speaking of driving, several weeks ago, I needed to drive several hours to a little town out in the middle of nowhere to take care of some business. Rather than fly to the other side of the state and drive an hour, I decided it would be more fun to drive. I hate flying on small planes and have always loved to drive. Now, I drive a new Ford F-350 Super Duty 4×4 truck that has been lifted several inches. Do I need such a truck? Hell no, but I love it and to hell with the gas, I can afford it.

As I was planning my trip and getting my hotel reservations set, my wife thought it would be a good idea if Krystal came along with me. She noticed that we have been bonding more lately and wanted us to strengthen our relationship. Krystal and I had more rough patches than not in the past several years and this always bothered my wife. I told her I would ask if she wanted to go, but I wasn’t going to force her.

I was quivering with excitement at the thought of having an entire week alone with Krystal. In a remote town with nothing to do but whatever came to mind.

I knocked on Krystal’s bedroom door and waited for an answer before going in. She was laying on her bed reading a magazine with her tunes jamming on her computer in a long T-shirt and I hoped nothing else. I closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed to talk to her about this trip. She looked up at me and smiled, I leaned down and kissed her and patted that perfect ass of hers lovingly.

She asked me what’s up and I asked her if she had any plans from this coming Friday until the Sunday after next. She smiled HUGE and asked if I was asking her to go on my trip with me. I smiled and told her that it was her mothers idea. She thought it would be a good time for us to bond as father and daughter. She squealed with delight and asked if I was sure I wanted to be trapped for 9 days alone with a teenager. My huge smile and bulge in my pants were all the answer she needed.

Over the next few days, Krystal and I were planning the trip, but I warned her to not seem overly excited in front of her mother. I didn’t want to throw off any red flags and that we’d have enough time for excitement during the trip. The drive was going to be 6 hours if we took it steady, but I knew it would be more like 8-10 hours with some stops here and stops there.

The next few days dragged on forever. I wanted to leave, Krystal wanted to leave and Friday could not get here fast enough!

When it was FINALLY Friday, I woke up at 3am to get ready and make sure I had everything I needed. I went to the garage and made sure I had all my bags and gear packed and started loading the truck. I went up to Krystal’s room to wake her and decided to be a little devilish this morning.

I illegal bahis carefully pulled back her sheets and she was laying there on her bed, nude and completely out. I gently leaned over and licked one nipple, then the next and slowly parted her legs to not awaken her. Once parted, I got a good nose full of her young teenage scent. I was rock hard and rubbing my cock through my sweat pants. Gently, I leaned over and kissed her exposed pussy, lightly licking and flicking her clit. She moaned and started to rotate her hips and thrust them lightly up and down. I gently put one leg on each shoulder and buried my face between her legs, lifting her ass with my hands and shoving my tongue deep into her waiting pussy.

Her eyes shot open as if she had been splashed with cold water. She grabbed the back of my head, ground her pussy into my face and through muffled screams, she shuddered as she peaked in a body rocking orgasm. Eventually she released her hold on my had and kissed me deeply tasting her own juices all over my face. Smiling she asked if it was time to get ready to go and smacking her ass lovingly, I said yes. I watched her attempt to walk across her room, but her legs were not really agreeing with her at that moment. I smiled to myself, knowing that I had already set the tone for this trip, and it seemed to me that Krystal was in full agreement with the way it started.

I have a cover on the bed of my truck so we put everything in there except a small cooler that went into the back seat (I have a Crew Cab (4 door) truck) so we could access it easily. Once the truck was packed, we piled into the truck and headed off to our destination.

I knew the trip was going to be long and there were going to be some periods of boredom, but I made sure to let Krystal know, that if there was ANYTHING she wanted to do on the way there, to let me know and we’d see what we could do about it. She readily agreed and promised to let me know if anything came to mind, but for now, she wanted to take a short nap.

She curled up in the front seat with her head on the door and her beautiful ass facing me. She wiggled around some after falling asleep and her sweat pants had worked down just a bit and uncovered over half her ass. I was almost able to get a peek at that wonderfully young and perfect pussy of hers. With a little rubbing of her bare ass and gentle working of her sweat pants, I had her ass and pussy fully exposed. I was still dark out, so most of my light came from the dash and oncoming cars, but there was still enough light to see. I gently started stroking her wet slit, rubbing my fingers up and down, from her puckered rosebud to her parted and wet lips. Licking my fingers, I was able to taste her sweetness and it made me so hard, my cock was bulging through my sweat pants and wanting out.

Krystal awoke with a smile and shimmy’d the rest of the way out of her sweat pants. She was nude from the waist down. She saw the bulge in my pants and asked me if I wanted some help. I eagerly pulled my cock out of my pants and almost begged her to give me some release.

Looking coyly at me, she told me she would suck me dry, but ONLY if I took my pants off as well. Stunned, but so beyond horny that I NEEDED this release, made sure the illegal bahis siteleri cruise control was set, kicked off my sandals, wiggled out of my pants and sat in the drivers seat, naked from the waist down and with a raging hard-on that would drive nails through a board.

Seeing me sitting there, Krystal played with herself for a while, getting her fingers nice and lube’d with her own pussy juices. Hand lube’d, she grabbed my rock hard cock and started to stroke it. Up and down, kissing my cock head every time her hands reached the base. The cab of my truck was filling with he scent of our lust and my vision was getting blurred.

I saw a Rest Stop sign about a mile out and prayed that I could get us there alive. As I was getting ready to exit the highway, she swallowed my cock to the base, something she had never been able to do before. I shuddered and almost missed the turn into the parking lot. I stopped the truck in the far corner, threw the parking brake on and moaned. She was taking my cock in ways no woman had ever done before. I reached around and grabbed her ass, sinking 3 fingers deep into her pussy and one in her ass. Her eyes shot open and she pushed her ass back onto my hand.

Stroking vigorously on my cock with her hands and mouth, it didn’t take her long to get me ready to blow. I pushed my fingers deeper into her as she took my cock as deeply as possible. Grunting, I blew my load deep into her throat and she bore down on my fingers as a wave of bliss rocked her body. She took every last drop from me and kept my fingers buried in her to the hilt.

She finally let my cock fall out of her mouth, looked up and me and smiled as she licked the last of my cum off her lips. Keeping hold of my hand, making sure I didn’t pull out, she asked if I had ever had done it in her mom’s ass. I told her that we had done it once, but her mom didn’t really like it so I never really pressed it. She smiled and confided in me that she LOVED it up her ass and wanted me to take her ass this week, and we could keep it as our special moment. I smiled and kissed her lovingly and wiggled my fingers to remind her that I still had a hold on her.

Reluctantly, she let me have my hand back and as I went to put my pants back on, she told me to keep them off. My truck was high enough to where only the big rigs would be able to see inside the cab, and even then, it would not be much they could see. I agreed under the condition that she could not have any more clothes on than me, so off her bra came. We pulled out of the rest stop in only T-shirts and nothing else.

Krystal asked me if I wanted something to drink, I agreed and she scooted over to the middle of the front seat, leaned over the back to reach into the cooler and exposed her ass and pussy to the world. I couldn’t resist as I smacked her ass playfully and sank a couple fingers deep into her yearning pussy. Licking my fingers clean as she came back over the seat, I was rock hard again and she rubbed my cock with her cold hand. It shocked me, but she quickly warmed me back up by swallowing my cock with a few quick sucks.

At this point, I was getting tired of oral play and needed to sink my cock into this girl, and soon! We were on the highway, out in the middle canlı bahis siteleri of nowhere and not another soul in sight. I got an idea and decided to take matters into my own hands.

Pulling off the freeway, I found a deserted road that lean nowhere. Pulling over, Krystal knew what I had in mind. Again, she denied me anything, unless I did it her way. Struggling with pulling rank as her parent, so wanting to see where this little minx’s mind was going, I decided to agree and let her run the show this time. to my amazement, she opened the passenger side door and stepped out, still with only a T-shirt on and bade me to follow. Stunned and in a daze, I opened the drivers side door, stepped out and met her at the front of the truck.

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and got me harder than I already was, which still amazes me that she can do that. After a few minutes of sucking, she turned around, thrusted her ass in the air while holding onto the front of my truck. She looked back and told me that if I wanted her ass, the first time would have to be outside, or I would never have it.

Looking down at her ass and seeing my glistening cock pulse with anticipation, the cars going by on the highway just a few hundred yards away, my resolve melted. I lined myself up behind her, grabbed by cock, spread her ass, guided myself to the sweet cherry rosebud and slowly guided myself into her. Once my head penetrated, she moaned and moved her ass back and sank several inches of my cock into her ass. She looked back and smiled at me, then with one swift motion, sank her ass onto my cock to the hilt! Oh what a feeling of having an 18 year old ass squeezing my cock. Looking down at the milky smooth cheeks spread for my rock hard cock was a sight. She has yet to be able to take my entire cock into her pussy, but her ass was much more accommodating!

Adjusting to my size in her ass, she started the pace of rocking back and forth. Once the pace was comfortable, I took over and pounded my hungry cock deep into her perfect ass. I felt her shuddering over and over again as she was rocked with mini orgasms with every deep thrust. I reached around and grabbed her breasts in both hands, I stood her upright as I was still pounding her ass, she reached her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately while my cock was working in and out. All of the sudden, her eyes shot open, she let out a loud moan of pure extasy and her body stiffened and then convulsed with the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed. Seeing her in such a state of pure bliss, I stood myself up, impaled her ass into my cock by lifting her off the ground and flooded her with my hot cum. Feeling helpless, impaled and being filled with my cum, it sent Krystal over the edge again, her young body racked with spasm after spasm of pure bliss. Heaven. Extasy.

Still impaled on my cock, she slowly opened her eyes and looked deeply into mine as we kissed. Once we broke our kiss, we heard someone cough and looked up. Watching us with her pants down and hands working her pussy, was a total stranger. I let Krystal off my softening cock and told her to get into the truck. The woman watched Krystal get into the truck, then walked over to me, leaned over, sucked my cock clean, returned to her car and drive off without a word.

Wow, so much has happened, and we are only 4 hours into our 9 day trip! If this was going to be the pace of the journey, I had better make sure I force feed myself energy drinks and Viagra!

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