Step on Me

Step on MeI was 20 when I saw the request pop up in my MySpace message inbox. A young, lean, White dude who was probably a little older wanted me to come to his apartment…and step on him. I remember the confusion that washed over my face as I stared back at the message.Step on him? I would kill him. I was 250+ pounds at the time, still wearing tracksuits on purpose, still trying to find myself, still talking to horny little internet boys my age trying to meet up and fuck, running around AFF like a moron and hooking up for WACK sex….Oh I was definitely a sweet summer c***d who knew nothing about the full range of kinks in this world, let alone those attached to BBWs and BBWs. There were men in this world who wanted us, Black goddesses and Ebony queens…beautiful behemoths….to step on them and to rule and bursa escort dominate. For an introvert such as myself, it was a wild request. For the little girl who was fresh out of her teens, it was confusing debauchery. If good girls didn’t wear cha cha heels, then .I never admitted to myself or anyone else that the request intrigued me. I wasn’t savvy in kink at the time, let alone knowing about brands, payment, and other things. I was a k** from the Southside of Chicago who barely knew about bondage and sex toys. The idea made me curious, but my morals and fear of jail held me back. One false move, on slip, and…CRACK!How was I gonna explain why I was at this dude’s place, and why he was on his way to meet Jesus. Or, why he’s paralyzed, in a cast….yadda yadda. It’s amazing how it ended up as me sending him bursa escort bayan to glory. It made me stop myself because I had sense. I was interested in how it would play out, because I was never the object of anyone’s sexual desire. There I was, being invited to satisfy some guy’s strange ass kink. Bless his soul, he just saw a young girl and wanted to have a good time. My hang-ups and shyness made me delete the message, always wondering about it in the back of my mind. What would have happened if I gave in, put on my little Lane Bryant thong, did my stretches, and found myself at his door and on his back? Would I still be the same person? Would I be deeper into kink, and not just a curious bystander who dips a toe or two every now and then?I don’t consider myself to be dominant. A very well-known test görükle escort labels me as a Switch, but for the most part, it depends on my partner. I like men who take a certain amount of control and know what they’re doing. When I’m lead, I follow with the utmost respect for a great teacher. Demure men are fine, and I don’t mind leading a little bit, but the desire and the flutter of my pussy comes on strong for hands-on, let-me-explore, let-me-tease kind of men. If he’s curious about my body and what gets me hot, and pushes me to my limits to make me become an uninhibited bear-b**st, I’m putty in his hands.Maybe it was the presentation of the request, and not so much the idea of stepping on somebody. I have hang-ups about being on top, yes, but even as an introvert, my mind is open to exploring the varieties of kink out there. I can even see myself participating. I’ve yet to find a rubber dress and boots wide enough to fit my fat feet…but heaven knows I would not mind posing for a company willing to doll me up to model the goods.

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