STEP SONOne day while I was home doing some cleaning, I realized thatwhat I needed was underneath the bathroom sink. Since I was in clean mode Idid not hear the shower running so when I opened the door, I saw my step-sonRichie who is 18 years old standing their completely naked. He also wasplaying with his big dick, stroking it. He did not even notice right awaythat I walked in cause he had his eyes closed. I just stopped and wassurprisingly interested. Richie was tall, lean and was shaved everywhere, hehad a swimmers body. While was briefly staring at this young stud big dick,I did not notice that he already opened his eyes. I looked at him eye to eyeand he told me with a little smile you like what you see. I was shocked atthe comment.I then took a step back and to my surprise the little hornyfucker, was still stroking his monster. He then said again to me do you likewhat you see. I said “shut up” and then he said to me “you know you like it”I could not help it but I could not take my eyes off his dick. I licked mylips without even realizing it and he said “yeah, I knew it”. He thenreached behind me closed the bathroom door, put his hand on bahis firmaları the back of myhead and pulled me to my knees. I did not know why but I allowed. I couldnot understand what the hell was going on I was like in a spell. He was incomplete control and he knew it.He then ordered me to grab his monster and I did withoutquestion. As I held his dick in my hand it felt weird holding my step-sonsdick let alone another man’s cock in my hand beside my own. I then grabbedit tightly and he said “yes, hold it tight”. He then started to buck hiships back and forth. He was fucking my hand. He did this for a while, whenhe stopped looked down at me and said put in your mouth. He then buckedforward and his dick was right by my lips. I did not do it, so he grabbedhis dick out of my hand and rubbed it on my face, when I tried to pull awayhe grabbed my head. The smell of his dick on my face was great I thenopened my mouth and started licking his shaft. He then put the head of hisdick in my mouth and I eagerly sucked on the big head. I then wanted it allin my mouth so I tried to put more in my mouth when he held it back onpurpose. I grunted like perabet güvenilir mi a cock hungry whore, when he said “yeah, you’re alittle cock sucking bitch aren’t you, tell me you want it or you don’t getnone.” I then told him I wanted it. He said beg for it, I then told him toplease let me suck it and called him papi. He told me alright but your goingto take it all and I just agreed by nodding while.I grabbed his cock put it in my mouth and tried to swallow allof it but started to gag with only half of his 9 inches in my mouth. He thenslapped my face and told me to relax my throat and watch the teeth. I couldnot believe that I was getting taught how to suck cock by my 18 year oldsteps-son. After about 2 or 3 minutes I was able to relax my throat and hismeat began to slid down. I knew I was deep throat it when I felt his ballson my chin and he said dam you’re a natural cock sucking whore aren’t you.My girlfriends can almost never do what your doing. He then started to pumphis dick in and out of my mouth with his balls slapping my chin. I wastaking his big monster like a cock sucking champ. He then grabbed my headand tipobet held it and without notice began filling my throat with man juice. Iswallow it like it was nectar from the gods. He then was pulling out andstill cumming filling my mouth so much that it started cum down the sides ofmy mouth. His cum tasted so good I could not ever understand why women don’tlike tasting it.I did not even notice it but I came without even touchingmyself. I did not want to let it out of my mouth but he pulled it out andsaid that it was real sensitive but don’t worry I have plenty of time tosuck it. He then told me to get out cause he was going to finish his showerso he could go out tonight. He then told me hey this is our little secretyou little cocksucker as long as give me head whenever I ask, do youunderstand! I just nodded and could not wait to do it again. He ordered meout and then I realized what I just did and could not believe it, I was asafe heterosexual man who never thought about another man ever and walkedout a cock-sucking whore. I could not wait till next time I was like ajunkie and could think about anything else. I waited up for him to get homeat four in the morning. When he walked and saw me he knew what I wanted andstarted to laugh. I don’t know how but for the past year I have been hiscock-sucking, sperm bank whore at his request which is about once or twice aday and I LOVE every minute of it.

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