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I had just turned eighteen and was a few months from graduating from high school. I was excited about my upcoming graduation and even more excited about going to college. I had narrowed it down to a few schools that I was interested in attending. All that was left was to go visit the schools so I could make my choice.

I had set the visits to two of the schools that were about six hours from home, but the two schools were about an hour apart. We were going to visit the schools on back to back days.

The day before we were set to leave, we were having dinner when my dad sprung it on me and my stepmom that he wouldn’t be able to go and that my stepmom would have to take me. My dad owns a construction company and they were behind on a project where he was catching hell from the county to complete it on time so he needed to stay back to make sure everything was going smooth.

My mom and dad had divorced when I was fourteen and not long after my dad and Becky got married. Becky was thirty when her and my dad married and he was forty two. At first, Becky and I did not get along as the whole family felt she was only with my dad for his money once his construction business took off.

I was telling my dad that I was looking forward to him being there to help me decide when Becky spoke up and said that she would be able to help and we would be fine and that my dad was under a lot of pressure at work. I finally agreed and finished dinner and went to pack since we would be gone for two days.

The next morning arrived and I got up and got ready for our road trip. We decided to take my stepmoms SUV as it was more comfortable for a trip than my car. We got on the road finally around 11am and had a six hour drive with no stops. On the trip, Becky and I chatted about college and it turned into more of a lecture from her about staying focused. She said college was a time to have fun but in the end is very expensive and you are there for an education.

We finally arrived around 7pm after stopping a few times for lunch and dinner and then sitting in traffic. We checked into the hotel that we would be staying at and went up to our room. We walked in and noticed there was only one queen size bed. we went back down to the lobby to tell them they gave us the wrong room. The lady behind the counter apologized for the mixup but said they were out of rooms with two beds. Becky asked what I wanted to do and I told her that there was a couch in the room and I would just sleep on that.

We went back up to the room and got our stuff inside. We started watching TV and Becky said she was going to take a shower. She came out in a skimpy night gown that she didn’t realize I could see through when she walked in front of the TV. She grabbed a robe out of the closet real quick after she realized and then sat on the bed. I tried to act like I wasn’t checking her out as she sat in the bed putting lotion on her legs. She would kick one leg out of the robe and rub lotion on it. Her legs looked so smooth and tan that I was starting to get hard. She was on the phone with my dad while putting lotion on and wasn’t paying attention that the robe had come open and with her left leg up while she was rubbing lotion on it. I had a clear shot right at her bald pussy. I could see her pouty pussy lips sitting there. I could also catch a slight glimpse of her dark aeriolas behind her silk night gown and her big nipples poking through.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower before she saw my raging erection. Once I got in the bathroom I noticed that her clothes were sitting on the floor in a pile. I picked up her purple lace bra to see what size her tits were. I knew they looked big, but wanted to see the size. The tag said she was a 36DD. I then spotted her matching thongs laying there. I picked them up and couldn’t resist smelling them. They smelled so good with the mixture of her body lotion and musky smell from apparently being wet based on the white stain in the crotch.

I jumped in the shower and started stroking my cock thinking about my stepmom. My cock was so hard and it didn’t take long before I shot a huge rope of white cum onto the shower wall. A second, third, and fourth rope was shooting like a gun blasting. I finished taking my shower and put my boxers on.

I walked out of the bathroom and noticed that my mom had made the couch for me and she was laying in bed with the lights off. The TV was my source of light to the couch. I heard Becky say that she made the couch and we needed to get to sleep because we had a long day tomorrow.

I got on the couch and tried to lay down when I noticed the couch was pretty small and I am 6’3″. My legs were hanging off the end and was pretty uncomfortable. Becky noticed me struggling and started laughing. She asked if I wanted to switch places since she was only 5’4″. I told her she wouldn’t be comfortable and that I would make do. I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable when Becky finally told me to just come get in the bed. She said the bed was big enough for both of us and all we would be doing was sleeping. I finally agreed and made my way over to the bed. Becky opened the covers and I could see she was just wearing her night gown that barely covered her breasts and not much further down past her pussy.

Becky turned over and put her back to canlı bahis me as I climbed in the bed and I turned with my back to her. I was lying there and couldn’t stop thinking about the view I had gotten earlier. My cock was getting hard the more I thought about it and smelled her fresh scent. My cock had poked through the hole in my boxers and was standing straight out. Our backs were touching and my ass was against hers. I tried not to think about her but it was hard with her warm body against mine.

I must’ve finally fallen asleep, but woke up at 1am laying on my back. My moms head was on my chest with her her arm draped across my stomach. I looked down and didn’t want to move too quickly waking her up. I’m not sure if it was from Becky laying on me or if it was just hot in the room.

I looked down and noticed that Beckys strap had fallen and her right breast was exposed on my chest. I could feel my cock throbbing as it was getting hard. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want my stepmom waking up and seeing me awake with a hardon.

I closed my eyes to act like I was asleep and then shifted my body causing her to wakeup. I felt her head lift off my chest and then felt her wrestling around to get back on her side of the bed. I then felt the sheets being lifted as she was adjusting the blankets. I heard her whisper “oh my god.” I didn’t feel the sheets come back down and peeked to notice her starring at my cock. I was fully hard and it was standing straight up. I closed my eyes not wanting to let her know I was awake when I felt the warmth of her hand touch my cock. She was trying to fit her hand around it. I was hoping she would start stroking it so I could wake up and catch her, but she then took her hand off and laid down with her back to me again.

I was so horny thinking about how my hot stepmom had just sized up my cock. A few minutes later I could sense that she had fallen back asleep. I wanted her so bad and that skimpy night gown sitting inches away from me holding in her smoking body.

I decided to push the issue, but not make the first move in case she didn’t want to have sex. I rolled over now pretty close to spooning her. I tried to keep a little distance as I didn’t have the courage to close right up to her. I fell back asleep and woke up just before 7am to notice that she had shifted and the head of my cock was resting against her ass.

Just as I realized it the alarm started going off. It was 7am and Becky opened her eyes and shut the alarm off. She climbed out of the bed and must’ve forgotten about her nightgown as she walked over to the window and opened the curtains. The sunlight started shining in and I could see her pussy lips through the gap in her legs with the sun shining through. She turned around and started telling me that I needed to wake up. As she started walking across the room, I could see her huge nipples through her nightgown. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on.

I knew I had some time to stroke my cock as it was hard again from the nights events. I was laying there stroking it thinking about my stepmom Becky. I knew it wouldn’t take me very long as I was as horny as I had ever been. I was about to cum when I realized I didn’t have anywhere to shoot my load and clean it up. My cock began throbbing and was ready to explode. I noticed the towel my mom used on her hair was laying next to the bed so I grabbed it and shot my load in the towel. I shot so much cum that I didn’t think it was going to stop. Just as I was wiping the head of my cock off I heard the shower turn off. I quickly threw the towel back beside the bed and pulled the sheets back over me.

A few minutes later my mom walked out of the bathroom wearing a tight sun dress that showed all of her curves. She walked over and grabbed the sheets and pulled them off telling me I had to get up and get ready so we had time to eat breakfast. As she pulled the sheets off I noticed her eyes lock onto my crotch. My cock was still semi erect and had a bulge in my boxers.

I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. Becky said that I could get in the shower but she needed to use the bathroom to finish getting ready. I climbed in the shower and heard Becky ask if it was safe to come in. I told her it was and I heard her enter. I still couldn’t stop thinking about her even though I had just shot a huge load thinking of her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her hand wrapped around my cock.

She told me she was done and it was safe to come out. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. I realized I didn’t grab any of my clothes so I wrapped the towel around and went out to get my clothes. I walked out in the towel and my stepmom was on the phone with what sounded like my dad. She was starring at me in the towel as I was getting my clothes from my suitcase. The room got silent and I her say sorry that she had gotten distracted.

Once I was dressed and ready to go, I noticed my stepmom had grabbed the towel that I shot my load in and moved it to the bathroom with the others. I thought hopefully she didn’t grab the part that had my nut all over it.

We left the room and stopped to have breakfast on the way to the school. We did the tour at the school and really liked it. I did notice that all the guys were starring at Becky in that sun dress bahis siteleri showing off her amazing body. We decided to eat lunch at the school before leaving and driving to the hotel we would be staying at for tomorrows tour. I could tell that Becky was checking out my package every chance she got, but we made no mention of the night before. We both acted like the other didn’t know.

After finishing up and driving for close to an hour we pulled into the hotel we would be staying at. We checked in and went up to the room. I was pissed to see that they had gotten the sleeping arrangements right this time. We put our stuff in the room and went to go find something for dinner.

My stepmom decided that she wanted a drink with dinner so we ended up a a decent steakhouse. We ordered our food and I noticed that Becky was on her second mixed drink. By the time dinner was over, she had three mixed drinks and I drove back to the hotel that wasn’t far away. We got back to the hotel and Becky wanted to go to the bar and have another drink. We walked in anD noticed the guys in the bar all stop and starred as we walked in. I assumed they were checking Becky out. We sat at the bar and Becky ordered her drink and the bar tender asked me wha I was having. I was only eighteen, but my parents let me drink beer as long as I was at the house. Becky spoke up and said he will have a Miller Lite. I looked at her in shock and she said it was okay. I asked what if they ID me, and Becky said the girl was too busy checking you out to ID you.

The drinks came and luckily I didn’t get carded. We sat there talking about my dad. I was shocked when she started telling me about their sex life or what used to be a sex life. Before I realized we had been there for a while drinking when the bartender said they were closing soon and asked if we wanted another round. As we were finishing up our drinks, I noticed that Becky had her hand on my thigh. I didn’t say anything but wondered if she realized it.

After Becky paid the tab we started making our way upstairs to our room. When Becky stood up to leave, she almost fell down from the alcohol. I helped her to the elevator so we could go up to the room and go to bed.

Once we were in the elevator, Becky was having to have me hold her so she didn’t fall. There was another guy in the elevator that was getting off2 floors below us. After he got off the elevator and it started to go again, Becky stumbled in to me and our faces met. Becky leaned over angave me a kiss on the lips. Before I knew what was happening the elevator dinged and the door opened. We were at our floor. Becky pulled back and started out of the elevator heading towards the room.

Once we got in the room, it was a little awkward with the kiss in the elevator. Becky said she as going to take a shower to see if that brought her buzz down from the alcohol.

While Becky was in the shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in the elevator. It was weird, but also something I had fantasized about growing up. I tried not to think about itbut couldn’t stop. I stripped down to my boxers and climbed in my bed. As I was getting situated, my phone stared ringing. I grabbed the phone and noticed it was my dad. I answered the phone, he was asking how the tour went and if everything was going okay. I told him everything was good. He asked to talk to Becky and I told him she was in the shower. Just as he was telling me to have hr call him, I heard the water turn off. I told him she was getting out.

A minute or two later, Becky opened the bathroom door and came out with just a towel wrapped around her. I held the phone up and said that my dad wanted to talk to her. As Becky took the phone she sat down on my bed. They chatted for a couple minutes and then she told m she was getting ready to go to bed.

After getting off the phone with my dad, Becky looked over at me and apologized for the elevator. I told her it was no big deal and it was just the alcohol. She looked at me and said it wasn’t the alcohol and that she had thoughts of doing things with me. I sat up in the bed and asked her what thoughts. She looked at me and leaned over and started to kiss me again. This time I was able to kiss back and just as our tongues met, Becky pulled back and said she couldn’t do it. She said it was wrong as she stood up. As she grabbed her night gown and turned around facing away. The towel dropped as she slid her night gown over her naked body.

Becky sat down on her bed and asked me to never bring up what happened to anybody. I agreed and assured her my lips were sealed. We turned out the lights and just the light from the TV lit up the room.

After about 30 minutes of laying there trying to get to sleep, but so horny thinking about my stepmom, I figured she was asleep so I started stroking my cock. I was thinking about her soft lips and her sexy ass as she she was getting dressed. As my cock was getting rock hard, I heard something and caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and my stepmom had woken up and sat up.

I stopped immediately and tried to act like I was asleep. I was so embarrassed that I could feel the burn on my face. Becky laid back down and it wasn’t long when I heard her moving around and then felt her sliding under my covers. I turned over and looked bahis şirketleri at her and we didn’t say a word but started kissing. As we started kissing deeper and more passionately, I felt her hand sliding up my thigh. Once she made her way to my tight balls, she flipped the covers back and whispered in my ear that nobody can ever know about this. I shook my head yes and felt her start massaging my balls. Her hand then went up to the base of my dick, and she started running her fingers up and down the length of my erection. I started to moan as it felt so good. Becky then whispered that she has wanted this ever since she walked in my room when I was changing and noticed how big my cock was.

Becky’s hand then wrapped firmly around my shaft, she started stroking it up and down. I’m not sure why I was hesitate to slide my hand into her nightgown, but I was. I couldn’t resist any longer and started rubbing her tits through her nightgown. Her nipples were so hard they were poking through the fabric. I gave it a slight pinch and Becky jumped with pleasure. I then slid her straps down exposing her round breasts. I couldn’t wait to start kissing them. I started licking her aeriolas that were almost as big around as her tits. As i did, Becky started stroking me harder and faster. I could feel the precum flowing from cock as she stroked it. Becky then sat up pulling her breasts from my mouth. She turned around and started kissing my thighs. It tickled and felt good as she made her way to my cock. I suddenly felt the warmth of her tongue licking up and down my shaft. Becky’s perfect little ass was up in the air and I had a perfect shot of her shaved pussy as her nightgown that barely covered it when she was standing up had ridden up to her waist. Her pussy lips were so full and puffy. I started off by rubbing her ass cheeks and then inched my way to her pussy. As soon as I ran my fingers across her lips, I could feel the warmth and wetness. Becky started squirming and moaning as I slid my fingers up and down her slit.

As Becky paused for a minute to enjoy the pleasure I was giving her, I then felt her warm mouth sliding around the head of my cock. Becky was massaging my cock head with her lips and tongue and then I felt her inching down my shaft with her mouth. Once she made it down to where the head of my cock was in her throat, she paused for a minute leaving it there. It felt so good as she was trying not to gag. She then slid back up it and started working it up and down with her mouth. I was in heaven as it felt better than any of my girlfriends BJ’s. I parted her pussy lips exposing her wet pink pussy. I slid my finger in and it felt like silk once inside it was so soft and wet. As I slid a second finger in, Becky pulled ff my cock to moan. It was a good thing because I don’t think I would’ve lasted much longer. Becky’s juices were running down my fingers as I slid them in and out. I would rub her G spot with them which was driving her wild. I told Becky that I wanted to taste her and she didn’t hesitate swing her leg over my body and straddling me in a 69 position. She backed her ass up putting it right in my face. I felt Becky licking my cock again as I spread her lips and slid my tongue inside her. I started tongue fucking her tight pussy and lapping up all of her juices. Becky was moaning with my cock stuffed in her mouth. I was so in to eating her pussy that I wasn’t even feeling her sucking my cock like a sex starved maniac. I then started licking and sucking on her hard clit which didn’t take long before her entire body started shaking and she started begging for me not to stop. The shakes got more intense as she yelled out I’M CUMMING!! She started bucking her pussy on my face as she continued screaming.

After coming down from her orgasm, Becky slid off my face and pulled her nightgown completely off. She turned around facing me and climbed back on top of me straddling me again. She started kissing me as she was rubbing her pussy back and forth on my cock. She then reached down and grabbed it as she said she wanted me to feel my big cock inside her. Becky slid up up a little and lined the head up with her pussy and pushed the head against her lips. As her lips opened up and she pushed down harder, my cock started pushing inside her. I was holding Becky’s ass and pushing her down as I wanted to bury my cock inside her. She started bouncing up and down slowly and each time she came down she would take a little more of my cock inside her. She got about half of my shaft inside her and I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock, I pushed up and sunk the rest of my cock inside her. Becky let out a loud yelp and pushed herself up a little. She told me to go easy until she got used to the size. She then started rocking back and forth on my cock. I was spreading her ass cheeks and helping her thrust forward. Her large tits were dangling in my face so I started sucking her nipples as she rode me. Becky began moaning louder and louder and started grinding me faster. I told Becky that I almost had to cum when she said she was almost there too. She then started screaming that she was cumming again. I was holding back for all I was worth to let her finish before I came. I couldn’t hold it any longer and told her I had to cum when she jumped off of me and said she wanted to taste me. I got up on the bed and before I got my cock to her mouth the first rope of cum shot across her chest, the second and third plastered her face before I got to her mouth. Becky sucked the rest of the cum out of me and it felt like I wasn’t going to stop.

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