Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 01

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Thank you to many of you for your suggestions, here’s a new story.

I was lazing around in my room, when my lovely mom came in. She looked lovely, and nobody could say she was 35. She looked to be in her early 20’s. She fussed over me not cleaning the room and told me to clean.

“Even you are not good in this house” She lamented.

“Mom, I will clean, don’t make a big fuss of this”

“Yes, Yes, that is what you say all the time”

“Come on, let me be”

“Yes, I will let you be, I don’t want you to become like the other people of this house”

“Oh mom, I am your son, I love you”

“Oh Thank you beta(son)” she said and gave me a hug

“Look beta, I am sorry I keep fussing over you, but who else can I fuss over?”

“It’s ok, mom, I understand”

“My parents got me married at 17 and your dad left a couple of months after that after some hussy, the good thing was I was pregnant with you, my mother-in-law always keeps blaming me for that, I just have a hard time sometimes, I want you at least to be responsible and not like them”

“Yes Mom, I won’t disappoint you”

“Thank you, Raja, my wonderful son” and she kissed me on the forehead

“Thank you, my lovely mummy” and I kissed her back on the forehead.

Mom smiled and left the room, shouting “clean up” before closing the door.

I was really her only outlet to talk freely. Without knowing I had developed a crush on her, and I liked she wanted to talk to me. We lived with my dad’s parents as tradition demanded and grandma always used to taunt mom, saying she could not keep her husband. There used to be fights regarding this but mom always ended up crying, sometimes grandma. I guess I felt sorry for mom more than grandma. My grandpa had passed away a while back. So grandma happened to own all the assets.

Grandma brought up the topic of my marriage one day, and my mom instantly flared.

“I dont want you getting him married, let him search his own bride, at least he will be happy”

“Then he won’t get a penny out of me and I will throw you out also” She retorted.

Mom started crying and I got angry and shouted at grandma

“Why are you always fighting?” I said

I took a hold of mom and took her to her room, wiping her tears and telling her I will look out for her.

“Don’t cry mom, I won’t get married just like that and I will always take care of you” I said.

She hugged me and said “Yes, I know, my darling, but you are still a young boy and you should concern yourself with coming up, not worry too much about me”.

“But Mom, I love you” I protested and hugged her tight.

Mom probably noticed my hard-on and pushed me away lightly saying “Beta(son), I want you happy”.

As we made our way back, grandma apologized to me for making mom cry and said, she wanted to see a small kid in the house, my kid.

“He is still young” My mom again spoke.

Grandma kept quiet and that was the end of it that day.

Later my mom came into my room and asked “Son, do you want to get married, do you have anyone in mind?”

“No mom, the only woman in mind is you!!!” I flirted with her.

She smiled and said, “Yes, my beta, stop this and concentrate on your studies” and she kissed me on the forehead. I could see her cleavage showing her ample 36d breasts and closed my eyes going into my own world. As she left the room, I had to beat my hardon down to submission.

Again at the dinner table, the topic of my marriage came up, and mom was again upset, I hugged mom and told grandmom not to hurry me up.

“Why are you in a hurry grandma?” I asked.

“There is a good proposal for you, my boy” Grandma said eyeing me intently.

“But, grandmom, I still have to complete my studies”

“You are doing anyway a degree by mail, and you are already handling the family business” Grandma said.

“But, I have no interest”. I replied.

“Please listen to him” Mom interrupted.

“Don’t tie him up to someone he might not love” She continued.

“Well, do you love somebody then?” My grandma asked

“Grandma, I don’t want to marry now, that’s all”

Grandma was always after money, she got my dad married to my mom, because mom’s parents were rich and did not send her back to her parent’s house, because she would lose all the money she got as dowry and more.

“I have a good proposal for you, Raja” She said trying to cajole me as my curiosity was aroused.

“Raja, Don’t listen to her, she is always scheming” cried Mom.

“She is very attractive, and an only child also” Grandma continued.

I looked at Mom, her pallu (the saree portion covering the blouse) was down a bit and I could catch a bit of a her cleavage, my senses were aroused.

“Don’t put her in trouble like you did me” said Mom referring to the girl grandma was talking about.

“Oh, She is ok with marrying Raja” said Grandma

“Who is this you are talking about?” Mom asked

“You all know her, she is my sister’s daughter Sadhana” said Grandma

“What?” Mom shouted

“You want my son canlı bahis Raja to marry a woman 12 years older and a divorced one at that” Mom continued feeling very upset.

“She is my aunt, like my dad’s sister” I interrupted.

“She is good looking, isn’t she?” Grandma said

“Plus, if you marry her everything belongs to her and you, and you can enjoy, beta” Grandma continued.

Sadhana was a beautiful woman at 30, she had a highly sexy figure, 34D-24-34, her tight fitting dresses revealed her shape, she had been married once and was divorced also because her husband always suspected her of some mischief and she always had men hovering over her. But in the last year or so, she had become more reserved and her parents worried because she could not get any more proposals because of her reputation. She always had a soft corner for me and so did I. My grandma and her sister always got along well and she did like her niece too.

“She is good looking” I admitted.

“What?” My mother shouted, “Are you going to listen to her?”

“No, mom I just said she is good looking” I said meekly.

“I know she has changed a lot in the past year and is very interested in you and has promised to take care and love you, Raja” my grandma said.

“You want your grandson to marry your niece? How can you do that?” Mom said very upset.

“There is nothing wrong with that, she is a good girl, she just had bad men in her life, she requires a second chance”

“The only thing you look at is her bank balance” Mom shouted as she left the table

“Oh Grandma, don’t keep upsetting mom like this” I said as I followed mom into her room.

“You won’t get a penny if you listen to her” Grandma threatened as I was leaving.

Mom shut the door and looked at me teary eyed. I hugged her tightly as her pallu fell down, she made no attempt to adjust it and I felt her soft boobs press against my chest and I rubbed her bare back, as she was wearing a blouse with much of her back open.

“Oh, Raja, I don’t want you marrying her, she is not right for you”

“Mom, we don’t have anything, we have to listen to her” I said

“She is your aunt” Mom said

“Is that the main reason?” I asked curious hugging her tight.

“She is a lot older than you” Mom continued.

“What if I fall in love with a older woman? will you say no then” I asked.

“No, son if you love somebody I will not ask how old she is, or any other question about her”

“Then why do you disagree?” I queried.

“She is divorced also, you know, she was married before” Mom said looking at my face.

“I know Mom, is that your main objection”

“Well, She is a slut, don’t know how many men have fucked her” Mom said straight to my face.

I was taken aback at her words, but also aroused thinking about her.

“Mom, Grandma has given me no choice, she threatens to give me nothing if I don’t marry her” I said.

“With the money, I will do something and be free of grandma after I marry her and ” I suggested as I hugged Mom, my hard on poking her.

Mom stepped back and looked at me and smiled, it was a very wicked smile. I looked at her and smiled and we hugged again, this time I looked at her face deeply holding her head. Grandma knocked on the door and told me to decide or get out.

I opened the door and said “Grandma, you have your wish, but I have a condition”

“What?” She said

“I want you to transfer a good portion of the money to me if I marry her.” I said.

“Yes, and if you get her pregnant, I will transfer half the property to you” She said

“I want you to transfer some to me now before the engagement” I said.

“Is your mother ok with this or will you change your mind when she decides to say no again?” Grandma asked looking at my mother.

“I will get my son married to his aunt” Mom said.

“Good, I will inform them of the good news, we will have the engagement tomorrow itself” grandma said.

As grandma left us alone, I looked at mom, she was smiling a bit, and so was I.

“You are happy now son?” She asked.

“Yes, mom” I said

“I hope you are making the right decision darling, you are marrying your own aunt?”

“I will marry my aunt, mother, your sis-in-law” I said.

Mom hugged me, “I hope you are allright son”.

I hugged her tightly and she looked at me, and kissed my forehead and pulled my cheeks playfully, I kissed her on the cheek while still holding her, “Mom, Mom” I moaned a bit as my hardon poked her, she looked at me strangely, but she dd not try to release herself this time and kept her head on my shoulder patting my head, my fingers were on her back massaging, when she jerked herself off me and ran from the room not lookin back. I went after her into her room.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, son, I just hope I won’t lose you to these bitches” Mom said after a pause

“Oh no, Mom I love you” I said.

She looked at me and said, the engagement is tomorrow, so get some sleep and be fresh.

I was disappointed a bit and the next day left bahis siteleri for Sadhana’s house for the engagement. Mom was wearing a lovely green saree and a green blouse and bindi, she looking so sweet and lovely, I wanted to pinch her! As Sadhana’s Mom, Soumini opened the door, she was dressed well in a blue saree and hugged all three of us, and hugged me a bit more tightly clearly excited.

“Beta, you look nice, thank you for agreeing for this marriage, Sadhana is so happy” She said.

I saw Sadhana aunty looking at me from across the room wearing a lovely salwar kameez in bright maroon and smiling at me mischevously, I was excited and attracted to her. Mom noticed her and looked far away and a little lost. As we sat down on the sofa, mom sitting next to me one sofa and my grandma and her sis sitting on the sofa next to it to exchange the engagement plates, Soumini called Sadhana into the hall and asked my mom to make place for her to sit, when mom tried to move to the other side, Sadhana just came and sat on my lap!!!

Both my grandmom and her sister laughed, my mother smiled at her and Sadhana looked at her and smiled and hugged her from there.

“Aunty, there is place here” I said pointing to the sofa a little embarassed about it.

“Oh, let her be there, She loves you Raja, she is my daughter-in-law now” Grandmom interrupted.

“Grand daughter-in-law, even though she is my age” Mom said smiling at Sadhana.

They talked a bit, while Sadhana sat on my lap, my cock was growing as she wriggled from side to side smiling with mischief at me. Mom noticed me and asked “Can I get some more juice?”. Sadhana immediately volunteered and got up to get it. “Thanks Mom” I whispered. My mom patted me on the hand and I held it and did not let go, mom did not make an effort to take it out either.

We all got up and Sadhana stood in front of me, as we exchanged rings with my hardon showing and her mom and my grandmom giggling and mom looking at me smiling. Soumini insisted we stay the night there, but mom said the engaged party should split according to tradition, and said gradnmom could stay, we will go home. Grandmom said she will stay here a the thought of being able to talk without her daughter-in-law present and let us go. I was glad and jumped into the car and mom beside me. It was all silence as I held mom’s hand while driving. She looked at me silently nodding, occasionally teasing me, what I would have done if she was still sitting on my lap.

“Oh mom, it was a little uncomfortable you know” I said.

“Yes, son but she will be your wife” Mom looking at me smiling.

“But She is not yet” I said

“Oh, my shy darling son” she cooed and kissed my cheeks.

We reached the house and I opened the door and said “Welcome, my beautiful mother”.

“Thank you, my handsome son” She said

“We are alone now Mom” I winked at her.

“Oh, Yes son” She winked back

“You are a young man now, son, you will be responsible for a woman” She continued.

“I don’t know how I will manage, besides she is almost as old as you” I said

“Oh, darling, so what if she is as old as me, is that bad?”

“No, mom you are the most beautiful woman I have known” I said

Mom blushed and kissed me on the forehead.

I kissed her on the forehead and hugged her tight.

“I wish I was marrying you mom” I whispered.

Mom went back a little and looked at me, I looked at her and closed my eyes and opened it to find she was still staring at me. I was holding her hand in mine and I took her hand to my mouth and kissed it, I led her to the sofa and sat and pulled her onto my lap, kissing her on the neck.

“Oh beta” She moaned

“Mom, If you had sat on my lap there, I would have never wanted to get you off it” I whispered as my hands slid across her bare waist exposed off her sari.

“Oh, my boy” She moaned

My hands and fingers danced on her tummy as I pinched it hard and then slid my fingers across her waist, I turned her face towards me and looked at her deeply, then I kissed her cheeks, my tongue probing her facial skin as it made it’s way to her delicious waiting mouth and kissed her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mom moaned

“You are so sweeeet, mother, my cute sexy mother”

“Yes, this is what sons do their mothers” My mother mocked naughtily

My hands moved upwards as I cupped her breasts from inside her blouse, I removed her blouse setting her lovely tits free. I nuzzled with my face and playing with them as my mother moaned “AAAAAAAAAAAAH”, took the nipples in my mouth as my mother put the pallu over my head and her head also inside as I sucked for nipples slowly, my tongue licking the outsides and then sucking it harder and harder.

Mom moaned louder “AAAAAAAAAH, Beta, Keep sucking beta, keep sucking it more”

“I want milk, mom” I moaned as I sucked her nipples greedily

“Oh son, I will make milk for you son, help me make milk beta, help me make milk” Mom groaned

“You will have to help me to become a man for that mother” I cried

“Oh yes, my son, I want you to be bahis şirketleri my man, my fucking man, oh darling sexy son” She moaned as she grabbed my manhood and pressed hard on the hard hard member, then pulled my face up and kissed me as our tongues explored each other’s mouths more and more.

She was now facing me and my hard cock was pushing against her butt and pussy through her saree, and she looked at me as I removed my shirt moved up her saree and bend down to kiss her pussy.


“Yessssss son”

I pulled her pantie down with my teeth as she watched me taking deep breaths. I kissed her bare pussy for the first time.


“Yes, son, your mother’s pussy is yours, do what you want with it, son, do what you want it” Mom shouted.

As my tongue caressed her cunt lips, mom wriggled her legs, playing with hair, as I played with her clit enjoying her sexy pussy, mother pulled my hair and pushed my face against her love hole.

“Suck my choot(pussy) beta, fuck your dear mother’s pussy, my pussy is for you, my beta, suck it and lick it” cried Mom

“I want to worship my birthplace, mother”

“Worship it with your mouth, hands and cock son”


As I continued to lick mother’s choot, mom held my big cock and squeezed hard.

“Ooooooooooh, this is so hard and long beta, what if you tear your birthplace beta?” she asked moving her eyes in a seductive manner

“That is what it is for mom, it will fuck and tear my birthplace”

As I licked my mom, mom kept moaning and started sucking my cock, I got up and kissed her, I then lifted her and carried up the stairs her arms around my neck and me kissing her on the mouth and face, only her mangalasutra(the sacred marriage thread) hanging on her neck and circling her 36d breasts. I slowly laid her on the bed and sat beside her.

“Mother, I want to put sindoor(red vermillion marking marriage) on you” I said taking some sindoor in my hand.

“Oh beta, I would love that, but I already have been put there once” She said showing her forehead.

“Mother, I will put where you have never been put” and I put the sindoor on the pussy hair above her clit

“Oh son, beta, my darling beta” She moaned

“I love you, my sexy mother” I whispered

“I love you, my son, owner of my pussy” She whispered.

“You are my wife, mother” I continued

“Yes, beta, yes, your mother is your wife”

“You are the daughter-in-law of this house, mother, even your son has married you” I said

“Oh yes, beta, I am the bride of my handsome son, and I continue to be the daughter-in-law” Mom smiled.

“Won’t you complete your marriage obligation to your pussy” She continued

I kissed her pussy and hugged her. As I thrust my cock slowly in her pussy, she held me tight closing her eyes, I continued kissing her mouth as I plunged deeper and deeper into her. I stopped and looked at her. She opened her eyes and looked and at me, nodding to me to continue. I started to rock in her pussy harder and harder, as I moved up and down, watching her boobs sway as I caught it with hands and cupped them tight and sucked on her nipples as I banged her faster and faster.


“Beta, my son, fuck my pussy hard, bang it, tear it”

“Yes, mom, your wish is my command”

“Faster son, Faster son”


“I want your sperm in me beta” She cried

“Oh mother, I am fucking you, my own sexy horny mother, my pussy wife, my choot ki rani (pussy queen)” I shouted

“Yes, Raja, my choot ka pati (my pussy husband), fuck me, make your mother a mother again, son” She cried

I fucked her up and down as she bucked her ass towards me. I looked at her as she looked at me smiling, happy.

“Mother, I am going to tear your pussy” I shouted as I banged her.

“Call me Rukmini, my husband” Mom looked at me smiling.

“Rukmini, my wife, Rukmini, my sweet wife” I said as banged her pussy hard

“AAAAAAAAAAH, Raja, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mother, make her shameless, Raja, fuck me” She shouted

“Mother, Rukmini, you shameless woman, getting fucked by your own son, open your legs wider, so your son can start a family with you” I shouted

My thrusts got faster, as we both moaned louder “AAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”



“YES, MOTHER, my wife” I screamed as I shot my wad in her pussy

Mom moaned as her wet pussy sucked all the juice out of my cock.

“Oh, son that was so wonderful” She said as I lay on her.

“Mom, you are wonderful” I said.

She looked at me and kissed me on the forehead.

“I love you, my son”

“I love you darling mom”

We slept in each others arms naked, our arms and legs entwined.

The next morning, the scent of the incestous union was still strong, as mother kissed me on the mouth to wake me up. Mother took care of my hardon, sucking it and making sure I came, before she got me going to work and class. I went, as mother also had a friend visiting about the engagement, though both kept kissing each other until I went out of the door.

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