Stoking the Fire


Dana and John met later in life, survivors of troubled first marriages. They had married young and each managed to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. But the cost was decades of unhappiness for them both. Their married sex lives had been barren deserts.

Dana’s husband had watched bad porn endlessly and managed to never give Dana an orgasm in all their years together. He ignored her physical and emotional needs. She responded by cheating, casually sleeping with strangers and friends, then having long-term affairs. She understood why she strayed so far. But she still felt shame for the lies and what she did in the shadows — so she kept most of her sexual history a closely guarded secret from John. She did not want to make him feel intimidated by her greater sexual experience, which could also raise questions about her past she did not want to answer. So with John she avoided suggesting anything too wild sexually.

John’s ex-wife cheated on him early in their marriage, but he forgave her and stayed committed. Unfortunately for John, she seemed to respond to her guilt over the affair by suppressing what little sex drive she had. They had sex maybe ten times a year. She turned down his request’s countless times during their twenty-five years. Demoralized — but not having lost his strong sex drive — he was reduced to masturbating in bed lying next to her as she slept or pretended to sleep to avoid him. Many years into his marriage, he frequented a strip club where the women at least pretended to be interested — while his money held out. Until he met Dana, John’s sexual desires lived mostly in his head.

Both finally free, Dana and John met in their 50s and discovered they were kindred spirits. Their personalities, interests, and sex drives complimented each other perfectly. They fell hard and fast, recognizing they had found something rare. They married a year after they met.

In the first few years, their sex was everything they wanted. Both longing for the loving, connected sex they had missed out on, they made passionate love five or six times a week. She liked to wrestle, hiding behind the bedroom door to pounce on him when he walked in. Grappling furiously, they tore off each other’s clothes and twisted their naked bodies into knots. Their bouts often ended with John’s head locked between Dana’s strong thighs as he struggled to reach her pussy with his tongue. When one or the other would “give” they fucked furiously, the winner directing the action.

As happens, over the years their sex became less frequent and more routine. After five years, Dana rarely initiated sex anymore. John asked for it less often, not because he wanted less but because he feared rejection, which he suffered so often in his past. Their love for each other only grew, but their sexual connection was dwindling. John missed their early sex life. But his fear of rejection won out and often kept him from raising the sensitive topic with Dana.

Much more than John, Dana had taken steps to meet her sexual needs in her past. She thought maybe her sex drive was decreasing some with age, but she still loved their sex and wanted to make sure John loved it too. His satisfaction mattered to her. She knew hers mattered to him.

They slept naked, or nearly naked. One morning John awoke with a hard-on as they lay together intertwined.

Fondling his cock, Dana asked, “How are you feeling about our sex, baby? We haven’t been going at it like we used to.”

Besides loving the feel of her soft hand caressing him, John was grateful Dana brought up the subject.

“I love our sex. But I do notice it’s changed.”

“Me, too. I’m sorry my sex drive hasn’t seemed quite what it used to be. But I want us to be happy and sex is important to both of us.” She kissed him, still rubbing his cock.

“It is,” he said. “I’m sorry I have a hard time speaking up about it. Old habits I guess.”

“I know. Then let’s do something about it, baby.”

Bringing back what had been a staple for them, Dana slid under the covers and took his cock in her mouth. He reached down to her small, perfect ass and squeezed it — one finger tracing lightly between her soft cheeks. She took him in deep, sliding up and down his thick cock, then ran her tongue up and down its length, pausing at the most sensitive spot below the head. She sucked him passionately for a long time. John moaned then suddenly came hard in her mouth. She always swallowed, without being asked

Dana lifted her head, smiling, a tiny drop of cum on her lower lip. They kissed and said how much they loved each other.

Holding each other tight, John asked, “May I return the favor, sweetheart?”

“I have a better idea.”

“That’s hard to imagine.” Feasting on Dana’s delectable pussy was John’s his favorite pastime. “What’s your idea?”

“Let’s declare this weekend, starting tomorrow, all holds barred sex weekend.” She smiled lasciviously. She had the most beautiful smile John had ever seen.

“I’m definitely listening.”

“Let’s eryaman genç escort live out our fantasies and do anything and everything we’d like. A mutual pass to live our dreams together. And no clothes all weekend — just sex and eating and sleeping and more sex. I guess we could bathe from time to time.” Dana flashed that smile.

“You had me at ‘live out our fantasies.'” He reached between her legs under the covers and gently massaged her pussy. She purred.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to put some time into planning this. I may need supplies, you know, whips and chains and whatnot,” she said, giggling.

“You’re right. I’ll restock our lotions and potions. And plan food for when we’re not fucking. I’ll swing by the produce section to load up on large phallic vegetables — not necessarily for eating. How I’ll be able to find a willing dwarf on short notice is beyond me.”

They laughed and held tight together in their warm bed, thoughts of naughtiness swirling in their heads.

They slept well that night. John had vivid sex dreams. In the last one, Dana was sitting on his face. The sweet smell of her pussy made him dizzy. Then he opened his eyes and realized this was no dream. Dana was straddling his face, her naked pussy hovering just above his eager mouth.

“Good morning, baby. Welcome to Sexapalooza! Now make me come.”

Facing toward his feet, she lowered her pussy to his mouth and began sliding back and forth across his lips. The sight of her beautiful pussy so close made John incredibly aroused. Gripping her hips, he pulled her to his tongue and licked up and down between her lips. He wished he could fuck her with his tongue. He could feel her clit getting hard and he sucked it gently, then ran circles around it, pleasuring her intensely.

“That’s perfect,” she said breathlessly. “Suck my little clit until I come.”

John was happy to oblige. He held her tight to his mouth as he licked and sucked her to a prodigious orgasm. Her thighs squeezed his head tighter as she cried out, the ecstatic pulses surging through her trembling body. When it finally ended, Dana turned and kissed John deeply, tasting her juices on his lips.

“God, baby. That was great.”

“I’m glad you liked it. You know how much I love to lick you.” He smiled. “Now get up and face the window,” he directed. “I know the curtains are open, but that’s just the way it is.”

Dana usually asked him to close the curtains when they made love during the day or turn off the lights at night. But this weekend was different. She got out of bed and stood, fully nude, before the window facing the street. It was early and the street was deserted, but the houses across the street were full of windows facing their second floor apartment.

Dana was stunning. She had the face and smile of an angel, framed by shoulder-length blonde hair. Her neck was long and her breasts were full, with pale pink areolas tipped with small nipples. She was fit and toned. She had blonde hair between her legs and a small, perfect pussy, still wet from John’s mouth and her own juices. Her legs were shapely and strong. The feel of the soft skin inside her upper thighs drove John wild.

John too had aged well. Six foot two, he was still lean and mean. His brown hair was going grey and set off his handsome face and deep blue eyes. His stomach was flat and his legs were strong. His ass was firm and his cock large and thick.

“Hold onto the window frame with your hands,” he told her. “Now spread your gorgeous legs for me.”

She did as he said, spreading her legs wide as she faced out to the street, completely naked for all to see.

John pressed his fully erect cock up against her from behind, sliding it between her cheeks. She arched her back, presenting herself, and he guided his cock into her hungry pussy, slowly pushing it fully into her.

“Oh, God!” she exclaimed when she felt the fullness in her pussy.

Thoughts of eating her fresh in his fevered mind, John pounded in and out of her, pulling nearly all the way out before plunging back in. He moved his hands around to caress her breasts and lightly pinch her sensitive nipples. The feel of her lovely breasts in his hands and his cock enveloped by her snug vagina made John weak in the knees. But not so weak that he stopped fucking her relentlessly.

Dana’s eyes were closed when a young man walking a dog passed by on the street. When she moaned loudly, it caught his attention and he looked up. He could not help but stop and watch for a moment. From the street he could see John’s erect cock moving in and out of her pussy while he massaged her pretty breasts.

“You have an admirer,” John whispered into Dana’s ear. She opened her eyes and the met the young man’s eyes. Rather than jump away or close the curtains, she smiled and began to rub her clit as John fucked her, his hips slapping against her ass.

“He’s the second luckiest man in the world,” John said.

“Uh huh,” Dana managed as she continued ankara escort bayan rubbing her swollen clit in time with John’s thrusts.

The man smiled, reluctantly turned, and resumed his memorable walk.

John’s orgasm came suddenly and hard. The intense throbs filled Dana’s pussy with his cum. She pushed back against him to hold him inside her. Then her own orgasm exploded, even stronger and longer-lasting than the last. Her legs quivered and she cried out over and over.

“Good morning, my darling,” he said as she eventually turned around and they pressed their bodies together.

“Good morning! The weekend’s off to quite a start.”

Working naked in the kitchen while Dana lounged on the couch, John made them a delicious brunch. To accommodate their nakedness, John turned up the heat in the apartment. Moving to the table, they ate and sipped mimosas.

Dana reached across the table to John and handed him two small packets.

“Take one of these today and the other tomorrow.”

“It’s a little early in the day for LSD, don’t you think?”

“Our friend Rebecca says they’ll give you on demand hard-ons. All weekend. I have big plans for you, love. Bigger than even a champion stud like yourself can probably handle without a little help.”

Never having taken such things, John was intrigued.

“Daddy’s little helper. Sure!” He chewed one up. Looking down, he joked, “Nothing happening so far.”

“We’ll give it a little more time. I think it takes more than just looking at it.” She smiled and touched his thigh under the table. “Brunch was delicious, baby.”

“I love cooking for you.”

“And I love to watch you cook for me naked. Total wife porn.” She winked. “Shall we retire to the couch to digest our lovely meal?”

“Certainly. Foot rubs?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“The magic words!” Dana beamed.

When John returned with the lotion they sat facing each other from opposite ends of the large couch and began their mutual foot massages. John loved the feel of her small soft hands massaging his feet. Dana purred with pleasure as John massaged her pretty feet with his strong hands. She had thin ankles, high arches, and gorgeous little toes, freshly manicured with pink coral colored nail polish. He was torn between keeping his eyes on her beautiful feet or her pussy as Dana faced him with her legs spread.

“You like what you see, huh?” She moved a hand to her pussy and spread her lips to improve his view. His cock twitched. “What do you like best? My little clit?” She touched it. “Maybe the soft pink flesh between my lips?” She slid her finger up and down. “I think you like to see my vagina, don’t you?” She spread her lips farther and pushed the tip of her finger inside. “It’s nice and wet.”

“It’s all beautiful,” he stammered.

“I see you like it,” she said, smiling at his hardening cock.

“Put more lotion on my feet.”

When he did, she moved her feet between his legs and began stroking his cock with them, which she had never done before. John got hard fast, reveling in the sight of her sexy legs and her feet rubbing his cock. Her breasts moved seductively. He caressed her lovely calves as she rubbed his cock, bringing him closer and closer.

“You come whenever you want, baby,” she said, holding his cock more firmly between her feet as she slid them up and down with greater urgency.

John’s powerful orgasm erupted, cum streaming onto Dana’s glorious toes as she kept moving her feet until he was finished.

“God, Dana.”

“But we’ve made little mess, haven’t we?” She wiggled her cum-covered toes, smiling.

John knew what to do. One foot at a time he lifted to his mouth, tenderly kissing each perfect toe, and licking them clean.

“Don’t forget to share!” she insisted.

He moved to lay on top of her and kissed her.

“Best foot rub ever!” he proclaimed.

Dana lay back and gave him a beautiful smile as they held each other and relaxed on the couch.

“I’m feeling dirty,” she said. “All kinds of dirty.”

“Then let’s get our dirty selves to the shower, sweetheart”

They walked naked to the bathroom and stepped into the bathtub. She hugged him from behind as he got the water to the right temperature. He turned and moved her into the stream of warm water.

“Let’s rinse you and I’ll wash your beautiful body.”

Dana’s body glistened as the water poured over her. John lovingly washed then rinsed her hair. Then he used lavender soap to wash her neck, arms and underarms, and her breasts, which he got especially clean. Her belly was next, followed by thoroughly washing her pussy, then her legs and feet.

“Now the other side.” He turned her around.


He caressed her back with his soapy hands then moved to her ass. First he gently massaged her cheeks, spreading them apart with each stroke. He put more of the sweet smelling soap on his hands, spread her cheeks apart, then washed between her cheeks. He rinsed her then lowered sincan escort his mouth and gently licked between her soft cheeks, which he had never done before. Dana squirmed with pleasure.

John had fantasized about ass play with Dana but had been reluctant to suggest it. He assumed she had no experience with it and was afraid she would be horrified it he asked. But he was not feeling afraid today. He was realizing there may be more to her sexual experience than she let on.

“Oh, that’s good, honey. Your tongue feels so nice there.” She held her cheeks apart for him. He was thrilled that she liked it.

“Will you wash the inside, too?” she asked.

John’s cock twitched. That pill seemed to be working.

Always loving her sexy ass, he pressed a soapy finger to her, then increased the pressure until it began to slide in. She sighed then he felt her relax and his finger moved halfway inside her.

“Slowly, but all the way, baby.”

He gradually pushed his finger all the way in. Her ass was tight, but she had relaxed enough that she seemed comfortable.

“I’m going to gently fuck you ass with my finger now.”

“Yes. Please.” She leaned against the tiled wall and arched her back for him.

The warm water cascading down his back, John slowly slid his slippery finger in and out of her.

Dana murmured softly.

“It feels good. So full.”

John increased his speed slightly, then reached around to her pussy with his other hand. Massaging her clit with his thumb, he pushed his index finger into her vagina.

“Oh Jesus,” she called out as he fucked her pussy and ass with his fingers.

She could not speak. Dana loved the fullness in her ass — she remembered how much she liked it — and John was touching her clit perfectly. In just minutes she had a shattering orgasm that made her lightheaded and unsteady on her feet. John’s fingers felt every throb as she rhythmically constricted around them.

John turned Dana to face him. She kissed him ardently and squeezed his firm ass.

“Time to wash you, dirty man.”

After tenderly washing and rinsing his hair, she rubbed her soapy hands over his chest, stopping to kiss his nipples. Then she slid her hands through his pubic hair to his hard cock and balls.

“Wow. I think that pill is working,” she said as she stroked him.

“Let’s give it a real test this weekend. Then they can hire us for a commercial.”

“So far so great.” She smiled and continued rubbing his cock. Then she carefully washed his strong legs, sliding her hands from his ankles to his hips.

“Turn around now.”

He did and she washed his strong back, then the cheeks of his ass.

“I’m gonna get you clean enough to eat, baby. Lean against the wall.”

Leaning against the cool tile, he felt her spread his cheeks then slowly wash his ass. She rinsed him with the shower head, then licked his ass with her warm tongue — something John had never experienced. It felt better than he had imagined — and he had — especially when Dana reached around and stroked his cock with her other hand while pleasuring his ass. She was very good at this.

Pulling her mouth away and releasing her grip on his cock, Dana said, “Don’t even think about coming. I have a plan for you in bed.”

They rinsed and she took him by the hand to the bedroom.

“Lie on your back.” When he did, she climbed onto the bed and spread his legs.

She knelt between his legs then reached for the lubricant. She poured it into her hand, then rubbed it between his cheeks. Her finger well-lubricated, she slowly pushed it into his ass. After initial resistance, he relaxed and her finger slid all the way into him.

“This is a prostate massage. I hope I remember the video I watched on it,” she lied. Dana had not learned this from a video.

She massaged an area an inch or two inside him. It felt good — even better when she also took his fully erect cock in her other hand and stroked it slowly. The combination of feelings was exquisite for John: fullness, pressure, and electrifying sensations.

“Just lay back and I’ll take good care of you,” she whispered.

John lay quiet, except for little moans of pleasure. Dana continued stroking and penetrating him. She eventually let her blonde hair sweep across his cock and balls as she leaned in.

The feeling of her soft hair on his skin pushed John over the edge. His orgasm was overpowering and lasted longer than any he had ever had. He throbbed forever around Dana’s finger as his cum copiously streamed over her hand.

Finally regaining his composure, John said, “Jesus, Dana. My God. You paid attention during that video. I’ve never felt anything like that.”

She smiled, brought him a warm towel, and washed him tenderly.

“Nap time?” she asked. “We should be well-rested for tonight’s festivities, don’t you think?”

“Good idea. I’ll need to cook dinner, too.”

They fell asleep content in each other’s arms.

They had just cleared the table after their naked candlelight dinner when the doorbell rang. John wondered who that could be.

“I’ll get it!” Dana shouted as she ran stark naked to the door. John heard the door open.

“Hey, girlfriend! I love your outfit!” their friend Rebecca said to Dana.

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