Stolen Smile Ch. 01: Cockloft


The smell of mowed grass greeted me as I stepped out of my pickup and surveyed the parking lot. A warm late summer breeze was shaking the maple trees, sweeping across the soccer field bringing the aroma of fresh cut grass to mix with hot asphalt. The sun was winking between clouds of cotton that moved quickly through the sky, on their way to make liaisons of their own.

I shut and locked my truck and briskly walked towards the collection of handsome brick buildings, dropping my keys in my jeans, and taking a deep breath, I was nervous and excited.

I have never considered myself a ladies’ man, and up until this point, online dating had been a fools errand. I will be the first to admit my online flirtatious skills are somewhat lacking which made the events of the past week leading to this moment all the more surreal. A week ago while lying in bed I had matched with a girl on Tinder. Her profile was somewhat unimaginative to the edge of almost bland, but she reached out first which was uncommon enough to pique my interest. Call it a natural shyness, but I’ve never been one for initiating cold conversations with strangers on the internet, even if they’re on the same dating app. Our conversation had been halting and awkward at first, but as we warmed up to each other we exchanged numbers and were texting with some frequency. And that is how I found myself standing in the dappled shade of oak trees on the Linfield campus, apprehensive about what might happen next.

Following her directions explicitly I was 3 minutes early for our 2:00 meet that afternoon. I won’t call it a date because we had planned exactly nothing except to meet. Standing outside the door to Larsell Hall I garnered a look or two from passing underclassmen who noticed me nonchalantly posted against the bike racks, one eye on the door, one on my phone watching the minutes tick by.

“Be down in a sec” I read at 1:58pm as my breath caught.

“No worries :)” I sent back.

There’s always a little apprehension in meeting someone new for the first time. A lot of unknowns are about to become apparent and the few preconceptions of someone we have are all put to the test very quickly. Catfish situations can happen to anyone, and as confident as I was, you never know until that moment you finally see them.

The door opened and a group of four boys sprung fourth with skateboards in hand, dashing down the steps and rocketing past me, taking full advantage of this seldom sunny day in October. I almost missed the girl who walked out behind them. I recognized her hair from her profile: Long, black and smooth with bright pink ends. She looked around briefly before making eye contact and gently smiling as I gave her a wave, her steps were lively and she almost hopped down the steps as she approached.

After her hair, the very next thing I noticed was her height. She was an easy six or seven inches shorter than I, an attribute not disguised by her white canvas converse high tops. Her ripped blue jeans, pink tie dye T-shirt and loosely hung off-white cardigan fit the casual nature of our activity for the day and instantly put me at ease. I had not dressed up either.

“Hi! Nice to meet you in person” I started, “How was your day?”

“Ugh, my chemistry lab was chaotic” she laughed as she not so subtly gave me the visual once over. My mind was drawn to my not so stylish work pants I was wearing and baggy flannel. “So, what should we do today?” She asked with a mischievous half-smile.

“Show me around? I’ve never been to Linfield before.” It was true, I’d never toured any colleges but my own.

“Okay good, I have to go get my mail anyway” she turned and with that we were off across campus to the admin building. We laughed and talked along the way, feeling the warmth of the sun as we passed by people sitting in the sun with books, guitars, blankets, and a small crowd gathered around a slackline. Things were going great. On our way around campus, I caught myself watching her speak about the things she was interested in, her classes, her family, pets back home. Her deep brown eyes were framed by light blue glasses that reminded me of a butterfly’s wings and seemed to light up right before she laughed.

Glancing at my watch it had already been an hour and we found ourselves in the shade by the library, sitting across from each other on a bench sharing stories about our childhood pets. Like most American families, I had grown up with a dog who was a good companion for myself and my siblings. She explained that in her ‘very Mexican’ family her siblings had between them 2 dogs, 3 parakeets, a hamster her sister called Bruno but everyone else called Gordo due to his abnormally large proportions for a small rodent, as well as a huge tank of goldfish her father kept. Being as it was October; the afternoon began to have a bit of a nip to it and we decided to take things back to her room.

“Sorry there’s no elevator on this side of the building” she lamented as we climbed çankaya escort the 3rd set of stairs to the top floor. “Moving in was a bitch.” I could sympathize, my apartment did not have an elevator either. At the top of the stairs we turned right and headed for the room at the end of the hall. “Sorry about the mess, I tried cleaning after class before you got here.”

Room 319 was a typical dorm room. Two beds, two dressers, closets at the far end, desks near the door and two large sun filled windows with magenta curtains gave the room a violently femme atmosphere. Apart from a healthy load of laundry any two college girls generate, it was mostly tidy.

“Very cozy” I remarked as I came it and sat on the bed nearest the door. “I like the rug…very 2000s”

“Haha, yeah, it’s my roommates. She really like Zebras.” It was a thick black and white, oval rug that had obviously been passed down from an older sibling or relative. She gestured at the Zebra squish-mellow stuffed toy on the bed across the room. Taking her cue and sitting next to me on her bed, she half-jokingly asked “so, what now?”

This is where I got nervous. It felt almost staged or scripted to be moving this fast. She was definitely cute, I could see where this could go, and had I been any more confident I would not have said the words that escaped my mouth next: “Want to watch a movie?”

She smirked and with a laugh reached for the remote to the TV I hadn’t noticed was perched across both desks that had been pushed together. “What should we watch? I LOVE scary movies! And, ya know, it is that time of year…”

“I haven’t seen the new ‘IT’ movie yet, should we watch that? Or are clowns a bridge too far?” I winked, hinting at an earlier joke I had made during our campus walk.

“Sure, just don’t get too scared.” She replied with a wink of her own.

Grabbing a pillow to lean on, we laid side by side watching a small rainy town in Maine get terrorized by a sewer dwelling monster. The sun streaming in the windows, the soft pink light, and gentle aroma of her shampoo were all elements I took in on the periphery of my focus. At one point in the movie, I could tell she had moved closer and had laid her legs on mine. With a coy side eye, I reached around and placed my arm across the small of her back, watching her, seeing if her focus would split from the movie. As I let my arm rest on her, her eyes darted my direction, and a small smile creased her lips. “Nice” I thought, “We’re getting somewhere”

My thoughts must have been obvious because she turned and looked at me, her pink hair floating past her cheeks. She didn’t say anything, but after a few seconds of eye contact I knew what she wanted and leaned in for the kiss. Her lips were soft and responded to mine, her mouth rising to meet mine as she leaned into me.

Instinctually I brought my hand up to cup the back of her head. She softly moaned into me and we both forgot about the movie that played on in the background.

As we continued, the intensity grew, I was doing my best and gently kissing her, her tongue and mine briefly touched as our lips parted. She sighed with pleasure and pushed further into my mouth. I reciprocated as her body softened and her sigh grew into another soft moan. I could not deny there was something growing below my waistline and those moans were beginning to take an effect.

I stopped. Something felt strange about her lips. I withdrew and she looked at me with a lazy soft smile that quickly changed to puzzlement when she saw my expression. “What’s up?”

“Something feels different…?” I stammered, not really sure how to articulate what I was trying to convey.

She gave me a knowing look, followed by an eyeroll and then a big smile, revealing a full set of ceramic braces.

“Oooooh” came my realization as she laughed. “I didn’t notice before”

“Well yeah, I got clear so nobody would” she giggled. “Do you hate them?”

“Oh no, not at all. I wasn’t expecting –“

“–A college girl to have braces. I know, it’s very high school. But what can I do? The University insurance covers me, and my family couldn’t afford them when I was a kid. So, I have them now.”

I understood. It is not cheap to seek orthodontic treatment in the U.S. Secretly, I thought they were cute. Something about girls with braces, it had always struck a chord with my sexual preferences (or deviances), and here I had lucked my way into a make-out session with one. My member, which had been slowly awakening before was spooling up hard at this point. I had to play it cool.

“How long have you had braces so far?” I asked casually

“Oh, not very long. Just since the start of summer… so about 3 months. You didn’t want to see my teeth before, yikes!” She giggled and we both laughed.

“Well, they look great” I countered. And they did, I was surprised. I would have assumed she’d had them on for much longer. I didn’t want to ask too many questions cebeci escort or seem overly interested and creep her out. This was a sexual fantasy of mine come to life, but I had be chill…for now.

She seemed to feel my hesitancy and I was thankful she filled the pause with her own humor. “Have you ever kissed a girl with braces before?” She joked while she batted her lashes at me “You’re not scared, are you?” followed with a devilish grin that showed them off. My body was catching fire with how aroused I was becoming.

I laughed as nonchalantly as I could “No, of course not. I just want a closer look” and then leaned in for another kiss.

She met me with enthusiasm and we were back to kissing hard. Her tongue danced inside my mouth and mine pursued hers. I grabbed the back of her head with my left arm and she followed with hers.

With surprising strength and conviction, she rolled on her back and I found myself on top of her. Her diminutive body beneath me, she wrapped her ripped jeans around me. I felt her hair on my face as I lost myself in feeling her body press against mine. The air was suddenly heavy with our breathing and warmth from the sun. I broke away and sat up to take off my flannel.

“Don’t stop there, show me what’s underneath” she cooed. Obliging I reached back with one arm and pulled off my T-shirt

“Are you going to make me do all the hard work of taking off clothes?” I asked as I pulled my shirt over my head exposing my hairy, somewhat well-muscled, and pale PNW chest.

“You can take mine off too; hold up.” She held up a hand, freezing me as she eyed my bare chest and arms. “Wow… look at you…” she breathed. I could tell she was getting turned on as well. Excellent.

I gently pulled off her cardigan and in doing so exposed her contours, exhibited by her tight T-Shirt. She had narrow shoulders, skinny and long arms, a fair amount of curviness around her midsection to a pair of hips that Shakira would approve, but what caught my attention were her tits. Not exactly the biggest anyone with an internet browser history like mine had seen, but they weren’t tiny either. The most striking part was just how proportionally large they were.

“Like what you see?” she giggled “Here…” and she put her arms over her head like a diver, inviting me to take her faded tie-dye T off as well.

I certainly did. As her shirt came over her head, I gazed upon her gold tinted sepia skin in the late afternoon sun. Her skin looked almost too soft to touch; her bra was a lacy light pink that contrasted her complexion. Her stomach smooth and on her ribs emblazoned a tattoo of a large moth. Her hair fell around her face and shoulders, framing her face with a shock of pink hair that complemented her lingerie and face all at once. Breathless, I bent back down and kissed her as I felt her body rise to meet me. Shit, this was hot.

We resumed kissing with an added intensity of feeling each other’s skin against one another. Her hands grasped me as I held the back of her neck with one of my hands and placed the other on her back, effectively lifting her from the bed. She once again began grinding against me. My cock was rock hard and, in the moment, could hardly prevent myself from ripping her pants off. I began to kiss her neck and she gasped. I could feel her body flex from the sensation as her breath caught in her chest.

“God…” she breathed “…oh fuck”

Having been around the block a few times before, my intuition took over and I ran a hand roughly over the fly of her jeans with just enough pressure to get the desired moan and involuntary thrust as my hand retreated. Taking that as the green signal it was, as I kissed her neck, I unbuttoned her fly and felt my way in between her jeans and the lace that I assumed was the matching counterpart to her bra.

“God yes!” she sighed as her body relaxed “Touch me.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice; I slid my fingers around the narrow strip that was her underwear and immediately felt the very wet folds of her pussy. Gently I rubbed vertically, paying special attention to the middle, just between her entrance and clit. Teasing does wonderous things for a woman’s orgasm, and I wasn’t going to leave there without providing at least one.

What felt like several golden sunlit filled minutes later, she broke away from our shared embrace and brought her lips to my ear, whispering “I need you”

Without hesitation her hands were on my belt. I was lying on my back, watching her work. With a smooth single motion, she unzipped my fly and pulled down my boxers, exposing my large, fully erect cock.

“Holy shit –” she squeaked as all eight inches came out of my boxers. She looked me dead in the eye with a mischievous look: “You’re fucking huge”

“Haha, thank you” I shrugged, not much else I could say without sounding like an arrogant or insufferable asshole. Not that I could. As quickly as she had exposed me, she took çubuk escort me in her mouth, and it immediately made my head spin.

Her eyes closed as her lips wrapped around my head. Her tongue spun around and flicked at the underside of my head, as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. Suddenly it was my turn to groan, moan and gasp. It was pure bliss laying there with my rock-hard cock in the hot little mouth of a girl I had met mere hours earlier.

The movie had long ended, and evening was fast approaching as I lay there, watching Alyssa’s head bob up and down my length, leaving a glistening sheen of saliva and precum every time her lips passed. The part of my cock that couldn’t fit in her mouth was dutifully stroked by her hands; it was something special.

With a gasp she came up off my cock, a look of devilish delight in her eyes. I nearly came right then and there as I watched several strands of spit stretch from the top of my cock to her braces. This was incredible. I reached up and guided her face to mine and kissed her. Her groan of pleasure my reward as I felt my cock get even harder from tasting myself in her kiss.

Her pants hit the floor as she straddled me, and I, grabbing her hips, guided her smooth thighs around me and her soaked pussy against my cock. She ground up and down, rubbing the folds of her pussy on my slicked and ready cock. Every stroke she moaned into my mouth, and I returned her expression with enthusiasm. I thrust up my hips and in an instant I felt the hot wet oasis of her pussy begin to stretch around my member.

“Shh-shh-shh” she hissed, “slowly, slowly…. You’re fucking huge”

I watched her expression closely as I continued to fill her with my cock. It was tight, she was right, I really was stretching her out. And it was fucking hot.

She bit her lip as I continued slowly, the sight of those brackets peeking out from behind her soft lips made me want to slam my cock into her, but I knew better. Slowly I came to a stop inside her and we just laid there for a minute. I knew from prior experience that patience in allowing a woman to adapt and adjust to you is by far the best practice.

“Holy fuck… I’m…Oh my God.” She stammered.

“Take your time, no rush” I answered as I kissed her neck. From here I was going to let her take the initiative, after all, she was the one on top. Her pussy felt incredible. It was tight, I could feel every ripple and fold of her pussy as I entered. It was so hot I could feel her wetness running down my cock and onto my balls. I wanted to remain here forever.

Slowly she sat up, her knees on the bed astride me, her face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and intensity. Breathing deeply she began to rise up and then sink back down, as she rose I felt her pussy contract and as she fell I could feel the tightness in her legs stretch her pussy. Her hands planted firmly on my chest she rocked back and forth, moaning, and speaking under her breath.

“Holy shit you’re so big…. Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god this feels so good.” And I was inclined to agree.

As she picked up speed, I grabbed her hips and we began rocking in synch. She moaned and threw her head back in a moan so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear. Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter with every passing stroke and she took me deeper and deeper, I started thinking that at some point, she might–

“OHH GOD” She cried. I felt it, she had hit her cervix with my rock-hard cock, and at the same time or because she had, she came. Her body shuddered like a leaf as she curled over toward me. Her hands gripped my chest and hair as her mouth formed a silent scream of pleasure. Partially for my own selfish desire, I thrust up while she came, still fucking her pussy as it gushed. Her cum was making her so wet and slippery I fucked her faster and faster. Her eyes screwed shut, her mouth wide open she made little squeaks as I reached the climax of my thrust. Finally she collapsed on me, her head hitting my chest as she slid of my cock.

“Oh Fuuuuuuuck” she whimpered as she lay, exhausted on me. Her body glowing from the orgasm.

We lay there for a while, listening to each other breathe as she recovered from her orgasm and the sky turned dark outside. Taking a deep breath, she sat up and kissed me hard. I was ready for another round, this time I would be in the drivers seat and needed more of her tight pussy. She pulled away and looked at me

“I’ve never cum that hard with someone before, holy shit that was amazing”

“I feel like I’m getting too much credit” I joked. “You did most of the work”

She laughed and continued to kiss my neck and play with my chest hair. With any luck this wouldn’t be a one-time hook up.

“Ready for round two?”

“What time is it? My roommate might be coming home soon” she cautioned, reaching for her phone. “Oh shit, its already 5:38!”

“Wow, where does time go when you’re having fun?” I winked at her. “I thought she was out with her family for the weekend like you said yesterday…”

“Hmmhmm” She didn’t look up from her phone as she typed away. “She said she might come back to stay the night.”

Sitting up I got a better look at her tits. The were indeed perky. I couldn’t resist.

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