Stop Light

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It was almost 8:00 and seasonably dark, winter’s cold leaking in through the slightly open sunroof of her car. She had the stereo playing loud, drowning out the traffic and distractions in her mind. Her music was varied, and tonight’s drive-time soundtrack was effectively provocative. She danced with her shoulders as she pressed on the accelerator and steered around other cars. Damn, red light. She slammed on the brake just in time, and then noticed the shiny black coupe next to her.

Rarely did she notice other drivers, but this time she looked up and he was staring at her, the passenger window of his car rolled completely down. She tossed long hair off her shoulders, smiled quickly, and then turned back to the steering wheel.

The stoplight was still red.

She felt his eyes on her, a haunting stare as if he saw past her skin with intimate knowledge. Her heart was pounding – this stranger in the sleek sports car was unsettling… and exciting.

This was the longest damn red light. Minutes seemed like hours.

When it finally turned green, she pressed on the gas slowly, her eyes aimed ahead – yet acutely aware that he traveled in the lane next to her.

He drove steady, staying just only close enough to ataşehir escort bayan make certain she knew he was there. And when finally she looked over at him – a little afraid, a little intrigued – he casually gestured for her to follow him.

There was a turn off ahead, and both cars exited the main road. He pulled into a narrow drive, stopped and waited until her car was parked.

She watched him, a tall, striking man – ruggedly handsome with eyes of steel and slivers of silver in dark hair on his jaws. He was dressed in navy pants and a soft blue sweater over a collared shirt. He smiled, and she was speechless.

“Open the door and get out.”

She looked at him, hearing his voice for the first time, and took a long, deep breath before reaching for the handle…

First to appear were shapely legs in black hosiery, seen through side slits of a clingy black skirt. As she climbed out of the front seat, the sheer lace top revealed ivory flesh from neck to waist… Fluffy cinnamon hair spilled over shoulders and around her face, ruby red lips glistening wet under the light of the moon above them… an irresistible dish that he intended to savor.

She didn’t notice that he reached in for the scarf escort kadıköy she left on the car seat.

She didn’t have a clue why she had even followed him. It made no sense. A complete stranger encountered at a stoplight. The risk was incomprehensible. No one knew she was here… Had she lost her mind?

He stepped in closer, surrounding her with his presence, trapping her against the car as the door slammed shut. She felt small, vulnerable – deeply inhaling his masculinity to intoxication.

She couldn’t say a word, as if her voice was stolen by his stare at the stoplight.

He wrapped one hand around her throat, pressing fingers against the exotic leather and bone choker she wore. She leaned back, and he bit her cheek gently as he grasped silky hair in his free hand… a mournful gasp escaped her lips, and he pulled harder.

She arched against him, and he responded with a long, lusty kiss that took her breath away. When he stopped, she looked into his eyes as if for the first time, and the thump in her chest represented what she saw there. Chills sped up her spine, and she waited, frozen… he watched, holding her hostage, while he brought the scarf to her eyes… leaning down to trace her lips hungrily with bostancı escort his tongue, tying the blindfold.

He raised the lace top, exposing the bareness beneath, and placed both hands on her breasts, large pink nipples tempting him with erect tips… he suddenly reached with one hand between her thighs where he found wet silk panties… through the material his fingers teased her treasures… and she moaned louder.

He removed the panties… she spread her legs invitingly.

His whisper at her ear, his warm hands on her body… she heard the zipper on his pants… and felt another spill of anticipation moisten her swollen pussy just as his cock pressed against it.

Slowly, deliberately… he pushed inside, and she closed in around him like a cocoon, imprisoning his thickness with tight clenches… until he could go no farther.

She clasped ankles around his hips, hands behind his back, writhing beneath him, hips grinding against his… and he couldn’t mistake her pleading whisper…

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Hard. Now.” She pushed against him frantically, her breathing labored. “Don’t stop.”

He drove forward, thrusting inside… leading her on a journey where the destination promised an ecstasy beyond fantasy… and they traveled together until their screams burned through the darkness and lit the night ablaze with the fire of pleasure…

Voyagers whose paths were altered at a red stoplight, destined for adventures not yet imagined – and forever, never-ending.

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