Stories of a young vampire – part 2: Cursed or ble

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Stories of a young vampire – part 2: Cursed or bleTRAININGIt has been a rough time dealing with this all, it only has been a few days that I’m a vampire and couldn’t do anything other than lock myself up in my room and hope it’s just a bad dream. But it isn’t, the hunger is real and I need to feed, can’t hurt the people I love and know so there’s only one option, hunting in the forrest, what is succesfull.My friends are starting to get worried, they haven’t seen me since the day I was acting weird on school. It was the discussion of the last days that I beated up school’s biggest bullies.My friends convinced me to go back to school, what else should I do, live does go on and needed to fit in the normal people again before anyone suspects something. But that didn’t work out well, as soon as I walked in school, all the students were staring and gossiping on me. Apperently the bullies who got beat up before, wanted revenge, word got around fast and they have been waiting for my return. Now armed with baseball bats they walked towards me, couldn’t win this without being suspicious, so tried to let them think I was scared and let them hit me a few times to lordbahis güvenilirmi fool them, after this, all things were back to normal on school.Vampire Gina was still out there, wanting me to join her but that wasn’t going to happen.After school was time to get to know my skills and how to use them to their full potential.Spending many hours doing martials arts, punching and kicking hard objects like rocks and wrecked cars to get into shape to take her on, even wrestling with bears while hunting. The only I could trust was Jennifer, she helped me and didn’t told anyone about my secret. She was finnaly feeling safe and comforted around me and we grew more together. I knew she wouldn’t ever be safe with Gina around, that I needed to keep her close to protect her.LOVE BITESJennifer was always at my side, she knew I wasn’t a monster like Gina.We actually fell in love but neither of us dare to tell to other one, it took some days to finnaly give in to our feelings and once we got that out, we started kissing and getting horny. The sex we had was amazing but the lust gave me also this great hunger and my b**sty nature grew stronger lordbahis yeni giriş untill I nearly took a bite and hurting her while we did it. I almost lost all control and needed to stop before it was to late, she was doing fine but I got scared I could hurt her.The hunger was still present so went out for some food, before anything bad would happen.We sat and talked about what we like to do in the future and that we wanted to be together and always would be there for eachother, it was romantic and we went on having sex, that was going alot better and we both enjoyed it. We had something beautiful, we were so in love and everyone could see the love shining from us, including Gina who was watching us.KILLING YOUR DEMONSGina wasn’t pleased to see me in love with someone else, she wanted Jennifer out of the picture forever.On a night me and Jennifer were making love, I got hungry and went to hunt but before I could even get anything I heard a scream, it was Jennifer. I rushed as fast as possible back to her and saw Gina was there, trying to take away my Jenn. This was it, anger got to me and before she could hurt my lordbahis giriş girl I got Gina by the throat.I threw her outside the house and jumped on her, she was surprised I became so strong. I was about to give her a brute punch but I hessitated and she stabbed a knife deep inside my chest into my heart. The lights went out in my eyes and was laying lifeless on the ground. Jennifer saw it and cried out for help, Gina laughed and said; “If I can’t have him, no one ever will have him.” Gina wasn’t done yet, now she slowly walked up to Jennifer to terrify her before she would kill her.Jenn runned to my lifeless body pulled to knife out of me trying to defend herself with it.As she cried and was hoping me to be alive and save her, I could somehow hear her echo, I was willing to give it all to protect her and was furious. Gina wasn’t intimidated by the knife and striked it out of her hands and grabbed Jennifer and starting choking her.I could feel how my girl was dying and that moment I stood back up, with deadly force punched through Gina’s back and grabbed her heart out. Gina fell on to ground and was dead, Jennifer was ok, saved her just on time.We burned Gina’s body to make sure she wouldn’t return, after that night we needed to go away from there, we took the car and drove miles and miles to the coast and just sat there. Happy we were alive and unharmed, I asked her to marry me, she said yes and now hopefully can start a normal life together.

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