Stormy Night – #5


Stormy Night – #5Stormy Night – #5There were thunderstorms one night. My parents had been out drinking, mom passed out and dad was lying next to her. I ran into the bedroom scared of the thunder booming loudly and the lightning flashing. I saw dad’s hands open my drunker mother’s asscheeks wide as he rolled toward her about to sink his cock in her when he noticed me standing frightened next to him. He sighed and held his blanket up motioning for me to climb in with him. I could not help but to look at my mom’s hairy pussy and wide ass in the dim light. I nestled down alongside him throwing my arm around him and inadvertently captured his cock under it. As I laid my face against his chest, I felt and saw his cock begin to pulsate and get stiffer. “Daddy, I’m scared of the storm,” I whispered softly to him as he pulled the blanket up over us both. While I was still afraid of the storm the closeness of his manhood made the storm seem far away and forgotten.”Its ok baby, daddy’s got you canlı bahis now,” he reassured me in a low slurred voice. I felt his hand push my arm down and guide my hand to his hard shaft. Almost instinctively, I grasped it and he held my wrist and began moving my hand up and down stroking him. His rump seemed to rise with each of my strokes and he was groaning low.”Is this Ok, daddy,” I quietly asked. My hand kept moving holding him tightly in my fist wanting to please him. In the darkness lightning flashed thru the window lighting the entire room brightly, I realized that my head was merely inches from my mother’s hairy pussy. Dad had apparently been playing with her in her stupor because her labia were swollen and gaping open.”Yes baby,” he murmured. I felt his hands begin running thru my hair, caressing my neck with his fingers. I was enjoying his touch and did not really notice his hands were slowly maneuvering my face closer and closer to my mother’s privates. I opened my mouth to bahis siteleri protest when her pushed and held my mouth against her pussy.”Lick it sweetie, lick it for daddy,” his voice pleaded. “Use your tongue and lap at it, make her wiggle.” The warmth of her pussy on my lips was ecstatic and the taste of her wetness filled my mouth sweet like honey. I let my tongue travel amidst the hairy labia licking her lovingly. I felt daddy moving until his cock tip was touching my cheek as he continued to encourage me to stroke him while licking my mother.He pulled me back from my mother’s pussy for the first time I had a very close look at both his cock and her pussy. Inexperienced as I was, I watched as he pushed forward and his cock began disappearing into her pussy inch by inch. My eyes went wide seeing his length begin slipping in and out becoming coated with her juices with his body almost crushing my face against her asscheeks.The sounds of his continuous ramming her faster of her pussy bahis şirketleri filled the air. Without letting up until he finally pulled himself out and huge amounts of white sperm shots out landing on her ass. He cock seemed to bobble as more cum unloaded on her. He shook it soundly letting the last dribble of his cum fall on his pubes. With a quick brush of his arm against my shoulder, I now laid alongside him in the bed, breathing a bit heavy, oddly excited by what I had witnesses. The storm outside had subsided to faraway rumblings and faint flashes of light against the curtains. His hand once again brushed thru my hair as his fingers caressed my cheek touching my lips.”Go back to bed now, enough excitement for one evening,” he commandingly spoke as he removed the blanket covering me. In what seemed like just seconds, I heard him snoring as his breath became slow and regular.I looked silently over at my mother’s cum covered pussy and his now almost flaccid cock as I turned and went back to my bedroom. The vision in my mind was still vivid containing the event I had witnessed as I laid sleeplessly trying to understand what had just happened. It was a stormy night that will remain unforgettable.

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