Story 1


Story 1Aww. (chuckle)You look so good there, face to your mattress and ass in the air. It’s my favorite pose yet. Well – I’m sure it’s got to be a bit embarrassing for you. With your wrists bound tightly about your thighs and legs spread generously at the edges of a crude wooden pole I managed to fasten cuffs to – how crafty am I?Quite. Crafty enough to trick that reddish tint to come about on your cheeks. Cunning enough to call forth that sweet nectar of anticipation to come flowing freely from “down there.” A glimmering drop splashes onto the bed sheets. That’s been going on for half an hour now, y’know? I’m sorry – I know you don’t like getting your bed dirty, and yet, a filthy pond canlı bahis of sweat and lustful fluids stains the sheets around you now. You should be about ripe by now, I think. Perched there for so long, torturing yourself with all the possibilities of things I can do to you, and all I want to do is touch you. Just one finger to your amply exposed skin would have you quivering by now. To drag my nails along your thighs would make you whine. However…dripJust watching you is fun, too. Do I startle you when I suddenly get up from my seat? Does the sharp clack of my heels pierce your ears with each step? I can see you twitch as each pace draws me nearer to you. I can see your face bahis siteleri grow feverish and your eyes glassy. It doesn’t matter what I do at this point, does it? You just want the ache in your groin to stop. Tsk. Poor baby.As I said before, this is a very convenient position for you. You can feel my warm breasts meet the chilled skin on your back as I lean over you from behind. It almost burns, doesn’t it? Though, not as much as your ears must burn when my lips are so close – when my hushed voice breathes obscene secrets just between the two of us. Ah. (giggle) You jerked again.My rosy-lipped kiss is almost lost in your flushed cheek. My arms coil around you and my fingers canlı bahis siteleri drag over the length of your torso. I feel like a serpent, wrapped around you, suffocating you, injecting my filthy poison into you, and you…your body, paralyzed under my touch, fits too perfectly.I dip my fingers into the puddle you’ve created beneath you, though, “puddle” wouldn’t be as apt a description as “lake.” I trace the slippery substance to the hole from whence it came. “Nnnh…aaah!”Relax. I haven’t even touched you yet.The bed creaks still as you writhe and arch your back, desperate to reach a surface of my skin and receive just a little bit of the friction you so desperately crave. Hey. Do you really want it that bad? But even as my fingers stroke your dirty little love spot, your writhing only grows wilder. Your transformation into a subhuman b**st comes quickly.”…Miss…”Louder.”God, yes, Miss!”To be continued.(maybe)

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