Story for a Friend

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I’m at the restaurant, early, waiting nervously for you to arrive. When you walk into the entrance of the building, I’m awestruck. You look absolutely stunning. As you come up to me, you ask me if I’d like to wrap my tongue back up into my mouth. I just can’t, you’ve shocked me. As we walk into the dining room, every eye turns to you and appraises your shapely figure. We arrive at our table and sit down. When we sit, you appraise me, I’m wearing a single breasted suit. It fits like it was made just for me. Underneath the black suit, I’m wearing a dark blue shirt and a gold and blue tie. Although I look like I’m completely comfortable, you know that I can’t wait to take it off, and giggle at my discomfort. Your giggle is cute to me, and I smile at you, unable to believe how beautiful you look.

The waiter arrives and looks us over, but looks awestruck upon you. As he starts to tell us the specials, he stumbles over himself, unable to tear his gaze away from you and your beauty. We order, and laugh as he trips over himself on his way out. While we wait for our food, we make small talk and hold hands across the table. We flirt a bit, and finally the food arrives. As we eat, we don’t really talk, just flirt with our eyes and bodies. My foot slides over and starts to slide up and down your leg. My foot feels the shape of your legs, sliding over the curve, making me eager for later tonight.

Finally we finish up and leave the restaurant. I, of course, hold the door open for you and follow you out to my car, admiring your tight ass the whole way. I unlock your door and open it up for you, letting you in, and leaning in to steal a chaste kiss, smiling as I walk around to my side. As I drive home, my hand rests on your thigh, lightly rubbing as we talk, moving up to your hips and down to your knee. Whenever we stop at a light, I kiss you and rub the palm of my hand against your chin and neck.

Finally we arrive at home. As I open your door, you step out gracefully and steal a kiss from me. I feel the passion from that kiss and it leaves me speechless for a few moments. As I look around blankly, you laugh at my look and start walking toward the door. Finally I come to my senses and bound to catch up to you, again checking out your cute ass, until I have to unlock my front door.

We walk through the front door and I immediately pounce on you, grabbing you tightly and kissing you passionately while you’re backed up against the door. As my hands roam around your body, my tongue explores your mouth, bringing canlı bahis your tongue into my own mouth, letting me suck on you, giving you a preview of what is to come. As I press up against you, you can feel my hardness pressing into your stomach, begging to be released from it’s prison of clothing.

After a while, I let you go, breathing heavily, and smile at you, nuzzling my forehead against yours, telling you how much I love you and how beautiful you are. I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom, telling you to lay back on the bed as I climb on top. On top of you now, I kiss you lightly on the lips, lightly touching my lips to yours, lovingly kissing you, showing you how much pleasure is in store.

My hands are in play now, caressing and rubbing all over your upper body, along your sides, your shoulders, your stomach, and your breasts. My hands are moving quickly, but lovingly, caressing and moving on to another side of your beautiful torso. My lips move down to your neck, nibbling along that sensitive skin until you get goose bumps. My hands are now getting more focused on your sides and breasts. As my lips caress your neck, my teeth are lightly grazing against your skin, making you shudder, and giving you goosebumps. I’m now kissing your neck and collarbone with abandon, my fingers concentrating on your nipples, lightly pinching them through your shirt and bra, and sliding my hands down to the bottom of your shirt. My fingers are teasing the bottom edges of your shirt, working underneath the edges and slowly up, feeling your soft skin the whole way. I’m kissing your lips again, making out with you, showing you how I truly feel about you as my fingers slide around and unclasp your bra. My hands now have free roam around your breasts.

My palms are cupping your breasts and gently squeezing your nipples between my fingers. Rolling them, kneading them, pinching them between my gentle fingers. My hands take your shirt off gently, but with an obvious need. As I bring your shirt over your head, your arms come up, and the shirt eventually holds you captive for a bit, allowing me to remove your bra and kiss your beautiful breasts, letting me worship them orally. My lips wrap around your nipples, while my tongue lightly flicks your little nubs, making them harder than they were before. Finally I stop my oral worship and fully remove your shirt and bra. As they come over your head, I’m back to kissing you, meaningfully, lovingly, showing how much you mean to me.

While I’m kissing you and bahis siteleri working your breasts with one hand, my other snakes down your belly to the outside of your pants. I’m rubbing the outside of your pants over your crotch, letting you know my goal, what I want to eventually get to. I’m telling you that I love you, telling you how much you mean to me, how beautiful you are. My hand finally works it’s way inside of your pants, feeling the heat from your pussy emanating through your thong to my hand. My fingers are sliding against your panties, lightly pushing them against your hot little cunt. As I push them aside, my fingers are sliding against your pussy lips, feeling the wetness and heat. Suddenly I push my finger inside of you, burying it in as keep as I can go, letting you get used to the size of my finger. I’m stroking my finger in and out of your tight little pussy, going quickly, but slowing down, slowing down, not much, just barely perceptibly, but you can still feel me slowing my finger down. As I stop, I add another finger and push both back inside of you. My fingers are sawing in and out of you, my thumb massaging your clit. I can feel your hips bucking into my hands. I work with your hips, using your thrusts to get into your pussy as far as I can.

I stop kissing and fingering you, because I can’t stand it any more. I stand up and kneel on the side of the bed, pulling you toward me. As I’m bringing you closer, I pull your legs over my shoulders, and kiss the inside of your thighs. I’m lightly kissing the inside of your thighs, rubbing my hands along your thighs, my hot breathe falling onto your pussy. I work my mouth closer to your little pussy, unable to keep away from the fragrant aroma and wanting to taste your sweet little cunt. My tongue finally makes contact with your clit, making you jump with surprise. As my face moves forward, my tongue slides roughly over your clit until my lips are surrounding it. I start to lick your little clit, moving my rough tongue over it, making your pussy quiver. My mouth moves lower, and as I move down your pussy, my tongue starts to explore the folds of your pussy, moving in and out, exploring ever little detail. My teeth come into play, lightly grabbing your pussy lips and pulling them out, just enough to let you feel them, but then letting you go, and starting again.

My tongue has finally found the entrance to your pussy, the tight hole waiting to be pierced by my tongue. My tongue is rolled up, as hard as my cock is in my pants, pushing inside bahis şirketleri of you. I’m fucking you with my tongue as I continue to rub your legs and clit with my hands. I’m eating your tight little pussy, trying to make every detail exactly how you want it, fucking you with my tongue, sliding my teeth along your lips, licking your lips up and down as I try to make you cum. Cum for me beautiful, cum on my tongue that’s spearing your pussy, showering you with the love that I feel for you.

Finally I can’t stand it anymore and stand up, undoing my pants and taking off my clothes. My rock hard cock is standing at attention and waiting for you. It’s straining for your wet hot pussy, wanting to be inside of your beautiful body. I lean over you and place the very tip of my cock against your cunt. I slowly push against you as I kiss you deeply. As I’m kissing you, my cock begins to slide inside of you, filling you up, sliding deeper and deeper until I’m buried to the hilt. I’m completely buried inside of you now, my hips grinding your clit, my rock fully inside of you. I feel every detail of your pussy, and you feel every detail of my cock, as you get used to my size. Just as you get used to my size, I begin to pull out of you, then slowly slide back in. My cock is speeding up now, slamming in and out of you, forcing me deep inside of you, burying me into you every single time I thrust. As I’m pounding into your pussy, I’m kissing you hard, making sure you know how much I feel for you. One of my hands is holding me up, supporting my weight so that I can bury myself into you, while the other fondles your breasts and your nipples. My God, you’re beautiful, your face contorting with pleasure as I fuck you as hard as I can.

Slamming my cock into you, I’m close to cumming, but I need to make sure you cum with me. I hold off my own pleasure and use both hands for yours, one hand manipulating your breasts and the other working your clit. I can feel you thrusting into me baby, wanting me to make you cum, feel your release. I’m so close, I’m pushing my cock into the deepest stretches of your tight little pussy now baby, making you feel every ridge. I feel it as you start to contract, your pussy milking my cock as you start to cum, and it’s just too much, I make one final thrust in and stay there, shooting ropes of thick hot cum into your pussy as it milks my cock dry, getting every last drop of cum out of my dick.

As we both come back to earth from our orgasms, I start to soften inside of you, but I just roll over to the side, staying with you, holding you tight against me, making sure you feel loved and cared for. Baby I love you, I want you to stay in my arms forever, and we fall asleep, completely exhausted and satisfied.

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