Stranded In The Dark

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Johnny has always had an interest for Desi. Maybe it’s because of her sexy nerdy- girl look, or her take-charge bossy attitude that has attracted him. Whatever it is, he has always wanted a woman like her. He has worked with Desi for two years, at a large real estate firm. They sell luxury homes and condos to wealthy people in the city.

While the other real estate brokers; they work with, can be a group of cut-throats when it comes to closing lucrative deals with clients. Johnny and Desi; however, work together in closing deals together. The way they work, has given their clients a recommendation to other clients to do business with the two.

Their success has made the two the most successful people in the firm, and it has never gone unnoticed. The president and the vice president of the firm has rewarded them a paid expense trip to a large resort, located 200 miles away from work, to host a fall seminar to other real estate agents.

In order to beat the darkness, Johnny and Desi attempt to leave the city at an earlier time. So the two share a vehicle together, and make a head start. They are ahead of time, and they pace themselves on the interstate; making a few pit-stops for gas, food, and bathroom. Everything seemed to go as planned, until the highway was suddenly closed, due to a nasty accident ahead. After waiting in traffic and rubber-necking on the interstate, the two decided to get of the interstate freeway and ride through the back roads, as a detour to get to their destination. By nightfall, everything was going as planned, until the car gets a flat tire and they are stuck, in the middle of nowhere. It’s dark and quiet and Johnny pulls the car off the road to avoid getting-rear ended from any traffic. Desi calls for a tow truck on her cell phone and they wait patiently. Another 40 minutes later, the tow truck arrives and hauls away the vehicle to a garage shop; which won’t open until morning. Tired and stranded, Johnny asks the tow truck driver for directions.

“How far is the nearest hotel from here?”

“There is not a place in sight for the next fifty miles.” Answered the tow truck driver.

Desi shocked by the distance she adds, “You’re kidding me? Great, we’ll never make it to the seminar.”

The tow truck driver offered, “Well if you like, you’re welcome to stay for the night. I have a spare bedroom and my wife and I wouldn’t mind to let you stay for the night. By morning you’ll have a new tire and be on your way to your business seminar.”

“Are you sure?” Johnny asks.

“Yeah, where else are you going to go?” asked the tow truck driver.

“That’s really kind of you.” Desi added.

The tow truck driver parks his tow truck in front of his garage and levels down the vehicle. The two get out of the truck and waits for the tow truck driver to show them a place where they can sleep. The tow truck driver introduces the two to meet his wife. His wife was instantly hospitable. They talked briefly, canlı bahis while Desi and Johnny are being shown a room. The bedroom is a spare, with an additional bathroom. The only problem is that there is only one queen size bed, and both Johnny and Desi will have to sleep on the same bed together.

Kindly, the tow truck driver and his wife offered them to eat dinner. Both Johnny and Desi accepted the offer, since they were really hungry. As they got settled, the two joined the tow truck driver and his wife for dinner in the dining room. They ate a delicious pot roast meal, and had some tea. The four took time to get to know each other, and watched tv before it was time for them to go to bed.

Once they entered the bedroom, Desi and Johnny looked at each other uncomfortably, because they are co-workers and not couples. The bedroom is only roomy enough for a queen-size bed, a dresser, and a tv. They never discussed how they should arrange it, because they had never thought they would be in this situation.

Johnny asks, “Okay, how do you want to do this, I take the floor and you take the bed?”

Desi looks around and notices there is hardly any space for Johnny to sleep on the floor.

She responds, “What floor?” She adds “You might as well sleep with me. I just hope you’re not a snorer.”

“You’re sure?” He asks apprehensively.

“Yes.” She replied.

Desi enters the bathroom to get a change of clothes for bed. Johnny checks his watch, and the time reads 10pm. He sets his watch next to his cell phone, and gets undressed to his t-shirt and boxers. Desi exits the bathroom, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Johnny notices her sexy physical features. He tries not to be obvious, but it is hard to not take notice of Desi’s shape and figure. Desi notices a look on Johnny’s face, she giggles at him.

“Hey! Try not to let your friend out of your shorts!” She said.

Johnny, a little embarrassed, checks for his shorts to see if his dick peers out of his shorts. Desi laughs harder. He doesn’t say anything. Instead, he climbs under the covers and lay down. Desi puts on a t-shirt, and then unhook her bra. While this is going on, Johnny is having some thoughts about her. All this time, he has had a thing for Desi. He is unsure if Desi feels the same for him. He never imagined he would spend a night lying in bed with a woman he’s had a crush with. Desi gets under the covers, and lays there. Johnny turns off the light and the two lay silently. There is a feeling of both comfort and discomfort. They are comfortable together, but uncomfortable as far as colleagues sleeping together. After a while, the two managed to fall asleep.

As the night hours passed by, there is nothing but silence and darkness in the room. Unaware of the way they are sleeping, they are in a spooning position. Johnny is in such a deep sleep that he slowly grinds behind Desi, as he is grabbing her shoulders. Desi is also in a state of sleep; in a spoon bahis siteleri position grinds along with Johnny; letting him fondle her body. Suddenly, the two awake and realize what they were doing. They gasped at each other, but they whisper at each other.

“Johnny! What are you doing?” She asked.

Johnny, feeling ashamed, moves away from Desi “I’m very sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

Desi replies “Just forget about it. What time is it?”

Johnny reaches for his cell phone and checks his LCD screen. He replies, “4:45.”

Desi, frustrated from breaking her sleep, she sighs. Even though, she felt awkward that they slept in a spooning position. She did like it and remembered how rock hard he was when he dry humped her from behind. Johnny is turned away from Desi. He lies still. Desi gets off the bed and uses the bathroom. She sits on the toilet to pee, but she gets some tempting thoughts about Johnny. She understood he didn’t mean it, but she hasn’t had sex in a very long time. After she got done using the toilet, she heads back to the bed room. She sees Johnny lying down with his arms folded behind his head. She returns to bed and lays next to him.

“Johnny, I know you didn’t mean it. Besides, we’re sharing a bed together. These things happen.”

Johnny whispers back, “Yeah, it happens.”

The two lay next to each other; dead silent. There is a lot of sighing going on from both of them. Johnny’s dick is so rock hard, it aches him. Desi remembers how she enjoyed Johnny grind on her ass and holding on to her. She wants to masturbate, but she is afraid to. Finally, she works up a nerve that Johnny wouldn’t expect. But she tests he waters with Johnny first.

She asks, “Johnny, are you awake?”

He responds, “Yeah, I can’t sleep.”

She replies “Me neither, I think we should get this off our chest.”

Johnny asks apprehensively, “What do you mean?”

She commanded, “Give me your hand, and be quiet so we don’t wake up the people next door.”

Johnny moves his hand towards Desi’s. She grabs his hand, and places it in her underwear.

“Stick your fingers in me.” She whispered.

Johnny pushes his middle and ring fingers inside Desi’s pussy. He can feel the warm and wetness inside of her. Desi breathes a little intense, but she remains aware of what’s going on. Desi grabs hold of Johnny’s cock and rubs his shaft. The two masturbate each other for a while.

For a while, the two masturbate each other. They exchange some kisses, while they are doing this. All the making out has made Desi’s pussy very juicy. So juicy, that Johnny is able to fit his index, middle, and ring fingers with ease. Desi’s body is yearning for Johnny to be inside of her. She attempts to climb on top of Johnny, but the bed creaks from the movement.

Johnny nervously “We have to be very quiet.”

Desi replied “I know hold still.”

She grabs hold of Johnny’s cock and positions it underneath her pussy lips. bahis şirketleri Finally, his cock is swallowed up and the two let out a soft gasp. Desi slowly grinds on him. She carefully moves her body up and down on his cock, while Johnny holds on to Desi’s hips.

Desi whimpers out some moans, but she doesn’t want to be loud. She collapses her body to Johnny; giving hot tongue kisses. Johnny thrusts his dick inside of Desi hard and slow like a piston, causing the two to breath at each other’s faces. As soon as Desi is ready to cum, she wraps her arms around Johnny’s head and whispers to him passionately.

She whispers, “I’m cumming.”

Desi’s body froze and she clenches her legs around Johnny’s legs. She licks on his neck and plays with his hair, as she cums all over him. Desi can feel Johnny cock pulsating, but no cum yet. She gives him some slow; hard grinds on him, so she can make him cum. Johnny lets out small grunts, while Desi is doing this. Suddenly his balls tense up, and Desi whispers to him.

“Just relax. I want to feel you cum in me.”

Johnny grabs Desi’s ass to straighten his cock in her; letting off his load inside her. The two breathe at each other’s face intensely, as Johnny’s cock pumps some very hot juices inside Desi. Desi moans softly, as she can feel Johnny’s cock pulsating inside her. After he lets out all his juices inside her, Desi rests her head on Johnny’s chest; catching her breath, and caresses his chest.

She whispered, “Damn, you are so juicy. I have to clean myself”

Desi takes off her t-shirt and climbs off Johnny to clean herself. After she gets done cleaning herself, she climbs back to bed and rests her head on Johnny’s chest..

Come dawn, the alarm goes off from Johnny’s cell phone. Desi and Johnny lay awake in bed. As Johnny turns off the alarm on his phone, Desi caresses her finger on his chest.

He sets his phone on the dresser and says, “We got a long day ahead of us.”

Desi replies, “I know. All we have to do is get through the motivational seminar, and we can spend the rest of the day in the room together.”

He asks “So… about us?”

She replies, as she places her finger on his lips “We just take it a step at a time. Let’s not ruin a good thing.”

Moments later, Johnny and Desi exit the bedroom. They walk to the dining room, and approach the tow truck driver and his wife. On the table, there is breakfast already made for them.

“Good morning,” said the tow truck driver’s wife. She continues. “Did you sleep well?”

Desi smiles and replies “Yes, thank you.”

The tow truck driver hands Johnny the set of keys “Here you go. You have two new tires.”

Gracefully, Johnny shakes the tow truck driver’s hand “Thank you so much, for your hospitality.”

The tow truck driver replies “Your welcome. I hope you two aren’t in a rush. My lovely wife made some breakfast.”

Johnny replied, “Of course not.”

Johnny and Desi sit down to eat breakfast. The tow truck driver’s wife happily stares at them, and then comments.

“You two are a very lovely couple.”

Johnny and Desi look at each other and smile. They replied together, “Thank you.”


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