Strange Way To Arrange A Spanking – Part II


“So how is your bottom after Friday?”This was the first question Sophie asked when we sat down for coffee on Monday.“After been beaten by my merciless Mistress, do you mean?” I replied.“Well, something like that.”“After receiving three times more strokes than we had agreed it is OK, thank you for asking.”“I seem to remember you agreeing to the extra punishment so you could see me stripping in front of you.” Sophie was smiling in her reply.“It was worth the extra pain, certainly. It was one of the most exciting mornings I can ever remember.”We continued to chat about our experiences and then I asked, “Did you enjoy being in charge?”“It was very exciting, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”“So, do you want to play again?”“Yes, please, I was going to say the kids are away with their dad this weekend, so I wondered if you fancied going for lunch on Saturday, are you free?”“Yes, definitely, looking forward to it already, what time?”“Is it OK if I come over around eleven, we could maybe go for a wander along the beach before grabbing something to eat?”“Sounds perfect, you are on. I am away for the rest of the week, see you Saturday.”***The rest of the week sped past. I was running a course I enjoy with one of my favourite clients. It seemed to take forever to get home on Friday, but I finally arrived. On the kitchen table, there was a tawse laid out along with a sticky note and two envelopes.The sticky note read:I took the leather home and oiled it so it would be more supple. I think it has come up rather well. I wonder what use we can find for it? See you Saturday.One of the envelopes said read this first. It was addressed to the CEO.Dear Sir,Sophie Finn has failed to meet her sales target this quarter and indeed for the last three quarters. I suggested that her performance warranted dismissal from the company.She pleaded to be allowed to speak to you to see if some alternative could be found. Looking at your schedule, I have booked her to see you on Saturday at four o’clock.I smiled; Sophie was up to her old tricks again.The second envelope was addressed to the Head Boy. With curiosity, I opened it; it read:I have received a serious complaint that you have been looking up girls’ skirts on the playing field. The school takes these complaints very seriously. You will come and see me in my study on Saturday at seven o’clock. HeadmistressI was not smiling quite so much now. I could see the way tomorrow was going.Saturday dawned; it was a beautiful early Spring day. Sophie arrived on time and she was carrying an overnight bag. I was not sure if she was staying the night but was willing to wait and see. We set off for the beach. As we walked along, the subject of spanking of course arose. She asked me where my interest came from. I explained that for as long as I could remember, I had been interested in spanking. At school, the cane was used, and I lived in mortal fear of being sent to the headmaster. Perhaps if I had been, that would have been the end of it, but I left school without being caned and have probably regretted that fact since. I do love punishing deserving females and do believe that it can be incredibly exciting for both parties. I asked for her experiences.She thought for some time and then explained that she was never spanked at home or school. She had come across spanking in her adult life and had always wondered what it would be like, saying she got butterflies at any mention of the subject. Her experiences so far had more than matched her expectations.I am not sure what others talked about on the beach that morning, but I doubt that their conversations were more interesting than the one Sophie and bahis siteleri I had. After an hour, we got back to the car and I asked, “Where do you fancy going for food?”Sophie replied, “I have seen a place that looks interesting, it is not far, do you fancy it?”“Why not? It beats any suggestion I have.”So, a quick update of the Satnav and we arrived at a nice-looking bistro in a farm setting with several country and produce shops attached.Lunch was lovely; I did idly wonder if we were on a date or simply good friends? But I did not have the heart to ask, and just thought it would be better to go with the flow. I did buy lunch like the gentleman I am.As we left the bistro, Sophie asked if we could pop into one of the shops for a look round. Although shopping is not my favourite occupation, I agreed and trailed her into the shop. Once inside, Sophie headed straight for the equestrian section. She located several riding crops on display; she picked up a few and swished a couple in the air, before seeming to settle for one in particular. It was thirty inches long, with a handle and a leather shaft with a large leather tab on the end. Sophie turned to me and spoke.“I would think one would feel this, don’t you think?” As she spoke, all the background noise in the shop seemed to stop, so it felt that everyone could hear our conversation.“That would do nicely,” I replied. “I think we could find a use for that.”“Oh, yes.”I took the crop from her and made my way to the till. The lady behind the counter gave me a very knowing smile and observed, “This is very popular; many couples seem to choose this one.”She knew without a doubt that this riding crop would never see the sight of a horse.Sophie was all smiles walking back to the car. On the way home, she took the crop from its packaging and waved it around before lifting it to her nose and announcing, “I do love the smell of leather; it is very sensual, don’t you think?”I looked over to see a twinkle in Sophie’s eye. “Yes, I think so.”Sophie continued, “Although I think latex has a very special smell that does something, what do you think?”I knew Sophie had looked through my collection and probably come across several images of women in very tight latex lingerie. It does have a fascination for me.“No comment,” I replied. “You may say no comment, but another part of you seems to agree with me.” With that, she reached across and gently stroked the tent in the front of my trousers.“No comment,” I repeated, “we had better get back you do not want to be late for the CEO, he is a stickler for punctuality. You do not want to be late; you are in enough trouble already.”“Do you think he will let me off with a warning?”“I think we both know the time for warnings is long gone. I think you have a rigorous meeting coming up.”“Mmm… interesting,” replied Sophie. She was still smiling.We arrived home at three-thirty. Sophie said she would see me in the office at four o’clock, taking her overnight bag and disappearing upstairs.I followed slowly, got changed into suit trousers and shirt again. What does a normal CEO wear on a Saturday when he is due to punish his staff? I sat behind my desk and waited for the clock to roll around.At exactly four o’clock, a timid knock on the door. “Enter,” I called.Sophie walked into the room. She looked like the perfect secretary: grey pencil skirt, white blouse, and black stilettos. She looked stunning, just the part for the role she was playing. She came to stand before the desk. “Thank you for agreeing to see me, Sir.”“What do you have to say for yourself? I understand you are missing your targets again?”“I am sorry, Sir it has been so difficult, canlı bahis siteleri the clients, the market, and everything else.”“The rest of the team have clients and the same market and manage to make their numbers?”“Could you give me another chance?”“What will change? Otherwise, we will be stood here in three months having the same conversation.”“Is there another way?”“What do you mean?”“Other than being sacked, can you think of anything else?”This was the moment I had been waiting for. “When I first started at the company, there used to be rumors that staff could be spanked rather than dismissed. Sadly, that is no longer an option.”“I would prefer the spanking to the sack.”“Really, for your performance, it would have to be a more rigorous punishment than a spanking.”“Like what, Sir?”“Well, we could start with a traditional spanking, then something like a tawse or riding crop followed up with a caning. So, a very severe punishment. Your position in the company pays very well and you have not been performing.”“So, if I am punished by you now, I can keep my job?”“I will mentor you. I will review your performance every two weeks, if you fall short once again you will be punished until your performance improves.”“Will it be very painful?”“Yes, Miss Finn, it will. What will it be, the sack or the alternative?”“I will take the alternative, Sir.”“Very well. No time like the present, let’s get this over with.”“What should I do?”“Well, we will start with you removing your skirt.”“You are going to spank me on my knickers?” said Sophie with a horrified look. “Not just your knickers, Miss Finn but your bare bottom too. Spanking is most effective on the bare bottom. Do you wish to change your mind?”“No… no it is just that you will see me naked.”“Embarrassment is part of the punishment, perhaps if you had thought of it earlier, you would not be in this position. Now skirt off and stand in front of the desk.”“Yes, Sir.”Sophie was acting the perfect contrite employee. She reached behind and slowly lowered the zip; it sounded very loud in the quiet room. She lowered her skirt and stepped out of it, neatly folded it and placed it on the side in the room. She returned to stand before my desk, hands held behind her back.I could not believe what I was seeing. Below the white blouse, there was a black garter belt supporting black stockings. The panties were black latex, very tight and seemingly moulded to her; you could see her pubis perfectly outlined before me. I must have zoned out for a moment as Sophie was asking, “Are you alright, Sir? You have gone quiet?”“I am very good, Sophie, is that what you normally wear beneath your skirt?”“Oh no, I had planned on visiting my boyfriend afterward, he likes this sort of thing. Do you like them?”“Well yes, but that is not the point here, is it? Let us get started. Come round here, get yourself over my knee, let us give you a warmup spanking.”“Yes, Sir, if you must.”Sophie walked around the desk; I pushed the chair away from the desk, giving enough room for Sophie to lie across my lap. Sophie stood to my side and as gracefully as possible laid herself over my knee. After a little shuffling around, she got herself comfortable. Looking down, I could see her hair flopped over her face, her stockinged legs tapering down to her stilettos, and in the middle, her perfect bottom covered in black latex panties. I was in heaven; what a sight.I patted her bottom a couple of times and announced, “Right, this is the first part of your punishment, I will spank you for five minutes over your knickers, ready?”“I suppose so.”I repeated, “I suppose so, and what have you forgotten?”“Suppose canlı bahis so, Sir.”“That is better.” I was starting to enjoy myself.I paused again to look. I must have lost track of time again as Sophie looked over her shoulder and asked, “Are you enjoying the view?”“Yes, very much, thank you. But I must remember you are here to be disciplined.”With that, the spanking started. I started spanking slowly, alternating light smacks from one buttock to the other. The sound of my hand meeting latex was unique. I gradually spanked harder and concentrated spanks in particular areas. This started to get a vocal reaction from Sophie. The volume went up when I smacked the top of her thighs. It was music to my ears. After the five minutes elapsed, I stopped and looked down, seeing a very pink bottom emerging from her panties with her thighs being a similar colour.Sophie looked at me once again, saying, “So that is what a spanking feels like.”“You have not experienced a spanking until you have been spanked on your bare bottom. Up you get, and please remove your panties.”“I thought you said you liked them?”“I like them very much, but you are here to be punished, this is not a game.”Both of us smiled at this. Sophie levered herself upright and took a couple of very sexy steps towards the sofa. She had to nearly peel the underwear down; this she did with her back to me, and as she removed her panties, she bent right over to lift them off her shoes. Wow, what a sight: her beautiful, now pink bottom, her perfect pussy, and her secret place normally hidden between her buttocks were on show, and what a show. “Sir, are you staring at me?”“I just wanted to see the effects of the spanking, does it hurt?”“Oh yes, Sir, very much so, please let me off.”“You are one million pounds short of your target. I do not think a simple spanking will suffice. Let us continue with part two.”Sophie walked back and stood next to me. I could see that she was getting aroused, as I am sure she could see the same with me. What a beautiful sight: an aroused woman, dressed in stockings just about to position herself over my knee to get her bare bottom spanked.Sophie got herself back in position and pushed her bottom up, almost as if to say, do your worst.I started spanking her again, slowly at first, gradually increasing the intensity of the spanking. I concentrated on the tops of her thighs and the lower half of her bottom. Sophie was unable to keep either still or quiet. She did wriggle in the sexiest way possible, almost encouraging me to carry on. However, after five minutes, we stopped again.“Up you get, Sophie, that is the spanking part over.”“Is my bottom very red, Sir?”“Your bottom is red, but not as red as it is going to be.”“Has anyone ever called you a meanie?”“They have, but not for an exceptionally long time. Stand back in front of the desk.”“Yes, Sir.”I looked up and what a sight awaited me: Sophie semi-naked, following my instructions. “OK, hands on head, please.”With a small smile, she did as asked, and the view got even better.“I am going to give you a choice. You can either have six strokes of the tawse followed by six strokes of the cane. Or six strokes of the riding crop followed by six strokes of the cane? Which would you prefer?”“That is not much of a choice, can I choose neither?”“No, that is not an option. Remember, this is to keep your job and career.”Sophie looked thoughtful and finally said, “Could I have the tawse, please?”“So, you want six strokes of the tawse followed by your caning?”“Yes, Sir, if you say so, Sir.”I walked to the cupboard and retrieved both the tawse and the cane. I could see Sophie’s perfect bottom; it was beautifully presented with Sophie still with her hands on her head.I slowly returned to her side and placed both the instruments on the desk. “The tawse has been recently oiled, so it should have a little extra bite to it.”

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