Stranger in the Garage

Big Tits

Stranger in the GarageCarla wanted to feel like an a****l. She wanted to happen across some body on the street, bend over, and get fucked with no introductions, no romance, no finesse, and no regrets. The closest she was going to come to it, was now. Her heels clicked and echoed in the parking garage as she walked to the almost empty far end. There were plenty of cars around, and some foot traffic, but he had parked at a fairly unoccupied section. It would give them the best view of people walking around, and even security if they decided to do a patrol. She smiled as he flashed his lights at her to get her attention.Carla smiled and picked up her pace a little. She was a little chilly and couldn’t wait to be in the big, warm SUV, wrapped up in his arms. Her skirt was short, too short. It stopped just above where her ass meets the back of her thigh. Someone walking behind her had a hell of a view. Her curvy legs and heavy tits were ice cold. Her top left nothing to the imagination. Her deep cleavage was on display more than usual as the v-neck sweater struggled to hold her in. Every step sent a gentle shockwave into her tits, jiggling them. Just a few more steps, and she’d be in the Escalade.The doors unlocked with a quiet click, and she stepped in. He was just as good looking as she’d hoped. The camera can play tricks sometimes, people can manipulate angles and use filters. But, he was just like his profile picture. They didn’t even say hi before she leaned in and locked her pouty lips on to his. His hands began exploring her body like they had known her for years. One hand wrapped around her back and down to her ass, then between her silky thighs, while the other stroked her hair, then cheek, and then dipped into her sweater and the deep cleavage she had on display. A quiet moan escaped her lips. He responded by biting her lower lip and pulling her closer. Carla grabbed his hand and pressed it between her thighs, against her pussy. She was wet, and warm, and his hand melted into her slick folds. She moaned again as he dipped a finger inside of her and slowly worked it around. He pulled it out, and put it to her lips. Carla eagerly sucked her juices from his finger and an evil smile spread across her mouth. The stranger ran a hand into her sweater, and pulled her tits out. She liked that he was taking control and exposing her. He didn’t care about what inhibitions or boundaries she may have. Her tits belonged to him. Her pussy belonged to him. A car drove past them, and Carla gasped a little. Did they see anything? Hopefully. She reached down and pulled the stranger’s cock from his jeans. His bulge was large and enticing. A small wet stain had already appeared on the crotch from precum. The stranger’s shaft was warm and rigid in her hand, and even warmer against her lips as she bent down and swallowed it. She had always had good head game, and his cock put it to good use. His thick head pressed against the back of her tongue, and against her throat over and over again as she bobbed up and down on the shaft. Quiet little slurping sounds escaped from her lips as more and more spit started drooling down her chin and to his balls. She loved listening to his quiet moans, and the feeling of his hand going from rubbing her tits and the back of her head. He pressed his hips upwards and gagged her a little bit. Carla lifted canlı bahis her head up and spit his cock out with a ‘bwah’, took a breath, let a large glob of spit drool out of her mouth and onto the shaft, then swallowed him again. “Oh yesssss…..” the stranger growled. Carla smiled past the cock in her mouth. The stranger brought her head off his cock, and met her lips, kissing her deeply. He could taste some of his precum mixed in with her cherry flavored lip gloss. A long strand of spit hung off of her chin. She wiped it up with a finger, giggling while it dangled off the end, then licked it up with her tongue. “Get in the back…” the stranger demanded. “Yes sir…” Carla said coyly. “Daddy…” the stranger snapped as he spanked her. Carla gasped.“Mmmmmm….Yes…daddy…” The two were in the back of the Escalade, and Carla was bent over on her knees, forearms on the center console, looking out the front window. The stranger had climbed in behind her and pulled her skirt down to her knees, and past her ankles. He left her heels on. Carla felt exposed, and vulnerable. Her pussy, and ass hole were on full display for this complete stranger to do with what she pleased. She knew she was dripping wet. She could feel herself dripping down her own thighs. A wet, creamy mess was spread between her labia, and the stranger wasted no time in eating it. “Oooooohhhhh….ffffffffuck!” Carla cursed at the windshield as she felt his tongue dip deep inside of her eager pussy. She could feel his strong hands holding her ass apart as he started working her pussy over. Long, slow strokes up and down her wet slit, occasionally dipping inside of her. She gasped and giggled when he occasionally nibbled on her fleshy ass cheeks. Carla tried to reach her hand between her thighs to rub her clit, but he pulled it back and away, making her collapse onto the center console. “Pleeeeaaaase daddyyyy…I just want to rub my clit…” she whimpered. He responded by biting her ass, and sucking her labia into his mouth, gently stretching them as he lightly tugged them with his teeth. Carla gasped at the sensation. Up ahead, a family awas getting into their mini van. Less than 20 yards away. All they had to do was look her direction, and take the time to focus, and they’d see her bent over, getting her pussy eaten from the back. “Look at me….look at me….pleeeeaaassseeee…” she quietly repeated to herself. “Pleeeaaaasssseee look at-OH FUCK!” she was interrupted as she felt the stranger drive his cock deep inside of her in one swift stroke. He was thicker than her mouth had let her believe. She felt his shaft touching all of her warm, wet walls. He was able to glide in with no resistance, and she tried to hold him back at first. His fucking didn’t start off slow, he didn’t hold back, or try to ease into anything. He just started fucking. The Escalade was immediately filled with the loud, flat sounds of thighs slapping against ass. She could feel his hands on the small of her back as he balanced himself. He grabbed onto her fleshy hips and just kept drilling harder, and faster. Carla couldn’t even scream in pleasure because she was so surprised. His fucking was relentless and a****listic. She had seen fucking like this in porno, she had seen in on the Discover channel, she had seen it at a college party when she was invited to a frat party that a couple of sorority bahis siteleri girls got too wild in, but she had never experienced it. The stranger grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. “Look at them….they have no idea some slut is getting fucked just a few feet away from them right now…” “Ffff-uu-u-u-ck yesss…” Carla hissed. “Don’t sto-o-o-o-pppp.” “Do you like her? Huh? Would you eat her pussy?” The stranger growled into her ear while he leaned forward and nibbled on her neck. He was heavy on top of her. At that angle, he was shoved deep inside of her. He wasn’t able to get the long strokes he was giving, but he was very deep, and the short strokes were still pressing against her cervix. “I want to eat your fucking cum out of her pussy. I want to feel it draining down on to my face while she sits on me…” Carla growled back at him, but she knew it was a lie. She hadn’t really had too much of a lesbian interest, but she knew for dick like his, she’d do just about anything. “Good girl…” the stranger growled in her ear, holding her head back by wrapping his hand around her neck. An evil smiled spread across her lips as they watched the family drive off, and another car pulled up to park a couple spaces down, closer to the Escalade. The stranger continued his hard fucking. Carla’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as his cock thrust deeper and deeper. She caught a glimpse of herself in the rearview mirror and blew herself a kiss. She liked feeling like a whore. She liked that she had met some random person on a dating app, and just a few days later, was being demon-fucked in his Escalade in a busy parking garage. Another car drove past them. His fucking was getting harder, and more brutal. She couldn’t hold back screaming. Anyone within ten feet of the SUV would hear her screaming. The windows started fogging up from their hot bodies. She could feel sweat rolling down her back, and between her tits. “Don’t you fucking quit….don’t you fucking quit….don’t you fucking quit…..” she growled in between her screams. The stranger was starting to grunt and growl. She knew he would be cumming soon. And then it happened, a car pulled up right next to them and parked. “Oh shit…..oh shit…oh-“ Carla was cut short as the stranger put his hand over her mouth to quiet her, and kept fucking. She could smell her pussy on his hand. She watched out of the corner of her eye as someone got out of the car and started rooting around in the trunk. If they turned, they’d see her. She started cumming thinking about it. Carla’s pussy clenched hard, and she arched her back, spreading her hips, and pressed back against the stranger. She groaned into his hand, and let herself cum. She could feel herself squirt past his cock, and even heard her juices drip onto the carpet as they rolled down her thighs. The stranger leaned forward and growled in her ear.“Good girl…..good girl….ssssshhhhhh….cum for daddy…cum on daddy’s cock….” He slowly stroked his cock in and out of her. Carla fully enjoyed the ‘deep’ angle again. The two watched as the person closed the trunk, and walked off with a duffel bag in hand. He aimed his hand back at the car, clicked a button, and the car locked with a honk of the horn. Later on, he would tell his wife how he was pretty sure he saw two people fucking in an Escalade. The stranger took his hand off bahis şirketleri Carla’s mouth and tilted her head back. He kissed her deeply, and she seductively wriggled her ass back and forth against him. “Cum for me daddy…fuck me hard…fuck me deep…fill my pussy up…please daddy…” Carla licked her lips as she looked back at the stranger. That was more motivation than he needed. The stranger grabbed a fistful of her hair again, and steadied his stance. Carla grabbed a hold of the console and prepared herself for his fucking. She knew it was going to be hard. And she was right. It was more than she could take, but she couldn’t stop him. He was very fast, and each stroke pulled out, and drove all the way to the hilt. She could feel the entire length of his shaft leave her pussy, and then dive back in. His entire body was being thrown against hers. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her clit. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss…” was all she could get out as the stranger dug his fingers into her hips and continued fucking. She thought for sure his pace would start to slow down, but he just continued like a machine, like a jack hammer. Drool started to roll down her chin, and her tits were shaking with the rhythm of his hard fucking. She looked up and saw a man and a woman staring right at her as they got into their car at the end of the aisle. The woman covered her mouth and giggled, and the leaned against the car and watched with her. They both pulled out their phones and started filming. Carla didn’t care. She wanted to be watched. She wanted to be exposed. She had wished they were in the SUV with them. “…cum in me…cum in me…cum in me…” Carla was in a trance. Her pussy was tired and weak. She felt another orgasm roll across her body as a she started squirting on the stranger’s cock again. “fuck me daddy…cum in me…” It was more than the stranger could take. He was finally done. He fell onto her back, shoving his cock deep inside of her again, pressing hard against her cervix. He wrapped his arm around her neck and held her tight while he drove his hips forward, and flexed his cock hard. His cum spilled out of his cock, and filled Carla’s pussy. She felt herself filled with warmth as he shot thick, hot, white ropes of cum deep inside of her. He was gasping into her ear while he bit down on her shoulder. Carla just gasped in pain, and pleasure. The stranger kept thrusting. Each stroke filled the SUV with a wet, sloppy ‘shlick, shlick, shlick’. His cock was surrounded in his own hot cum. “Smile for the camera…” Carla said breathlessly. The stranger looked up and laughed. Carla blew the couple a kiss, smiled, and waved at them. They smiled and waved back. The woman gave a thumbs up as they climbed into their car and drove off. It’s exactly what Carla wanted. The stranger pulled himself off of her, and his cock slid out of her wet pussy. He sat back on the seats and watched as a white river of cum flowed out of her pussy and dripped down to the carpet in long, thick strands. A white, cottony web of cum was spread across her pussy and ass from his violent thrusting. He looked down at his cock and saw that it was as much of a mess as she was. Carla felt euphoric. One of her biggest fantasies had been fulfilled. She had- Her thoughts were interrupted as the stranger stuffed his tongue deep into her pussy. “Ooooohhhhh…..fffffuuuuck!” She gripped the console and cursed at the windshield again. The stranger was licking circles around her abused pussy, cleaning up the wet, cummy mess they had made. Carla felt whorish. She felt…like an a****l…

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