Strangers in the Caribbean


She had given him the address to her beach house that night two weeks ago when they met at Club Anything Goes. A fun place for the uninhibited crowd, she had gone there with two girls who were sharing the cottage next to her. Two glorious weeks in the Virgin Islands by herself. It was easy to see how the Club was named. For a free drink, the college girls would hike their tank-tops and flash their tits. One girl, obviously legless from the liquor, hopped up on the bar topless and began to shake her surgically enhanced 44dd’s to ‘Achy Breaky Heart.’ Guys were throwing money to get her to slide down her bikini bottom which was so wet and tight she could have been a prop for anatomy 101 without slipping off the shorts.

Feeling too old for this crowd, she was about to leave when she caught an attractive guy – about 40 – looking at her. All right, I’m on vacation, she thought, let’s lighten up and play the game. Shooting him a quick, alluring smile, she turned around and opened two more buttons of her silky DKNY blouse. She twisted her stool again giving him an enhanced view but looked off into the distance. Her hand began hoking up her skirt ever so slowly as she massaged her thigh dangerously close to her panty line. He was trying to act in control, but the bulge in his pants gave him up faster than a two-bit stoolie. Walking over, he asked if he could anadolu yakası escort freshen up her drink and they chatted, both realizing there was a mutual attraction. She told him she was tired from her trip, but that he was welcome to stop by during the week. The next morning she wondered whether she had done the right thing, but as her vacation wore on and he never showed, she began to question her sex appeal. Maybe she needed surgery, she wondered.

It was her last night; she had spent the day in the sun and she decided to take a relaxing bath and get some sleep before heading back to NY. After a nice soaking, she stepped out of the tub, water droplets glistening on her well-tanned skin. She lay back on the bed not fully dried, drew her legs up and began to stroke the damp patch of bleached fur between her legs. A storm had arisen and lightning was flashing in the distance giving a strobe-like effect to the room. Two fingers gently stroked her womanhood matching the intensity of the lightning strikes and sending sparks of electricity up her spine.

He was standing in the shadows by the patio door leading to her bedroom, watching her hips bucking to the thrust of her imaginary lover – or was she making love to the storm? He opened his pants, released his erect organ, and stroked atalar escort it as he watched her fingers enter and exit her hot spot. He moved quietly to the foot of her bed and placed his head between her legs. She was startled by the feeling of his tongue where her fingers had been. Two weeks hadn’t removed the memory of his scent as he played his tongue across the hood of her clit bringing her right to the edge. Several flicks and deep thrusts of his tongue caused her to explode into his mouth as she alternately writhed and came. His hands slid beneath her luscious ass and lifted it just enough to bring her asshole into play.

He tongued and rimmed the puckered nerve endings guarding her cavity bringing her back to the edge within moments. Short thrusts with her ass told him she wanted more and, after soaking his middle finger by running it just inside her slit, he entered her with the full length of his finger in one slow continuous motion. She was exceptionally tight and he had to use force just to turn his finger against her walls as she moaned appreciatively and pushed back against him. His thoughts turned to fucking her up that tight ass, but she was already staring to spasm and he just increased the tempo of the thrusts and enjoyed the pleasure she was experiencing as she came long ataşehir escort and hard.

Just as her thoughts moved to the cause of that bulge two weeks ago, he moved up on the bed, straddled her head, and placed his rigid cock into her eager mouth. She stroked his balls as she took him between her lips and sucked his quivering member as he moaned in delight. Tiny spurts of cum mixed with her saliva and she savored his pungent taste. Finally, the suction of her mouth drew his organ deeper into her and he erupted with shudders and groans as she milked his member dry. He pulled out and began to catch his breath as she was swallowing the last drop. His attention was drawn to her luscious breasts and at the sight of her pert pink nipples, his erection returned in no time at all. He began to lightly graze her nipples with the tip of his tongue and gently drew one into his mouth. He tongued and sucked each one until they were bright red, rock hard and aching from the attention. She writhed and twisted beneath him and begged him to enter her with her entire body craving sexual release again.

He positioned himself between her hips and rubbed her clit softly before sliding his cock deep into her. One or two thrusts against her spot and her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched and she gripped him tighter with each wave of pleasure as all tension left her body and liquid spurted from her cunt. She knew he hadn’t cum again yet so she turned over, got up on her knees and he mounted her from behind, stroked her clit, gave several long, hard thrusts and cried out as he unloaded one last burst into her. She felt the full force of his climax as they collapsed into one another. “By the way, what’s your name?” she asked.

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