Stroll in the Park

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Strolling lazily through the park on a cool August day was not really what I had expected, however, given the events of that afternoon I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You see, what I thought I was getting into was a quick down and dirty affair in some anonymous hotel.

Things started innocently enough. She sent a feedback email after reading a story I had written and submitted to Literotica. I responded. She asked questions; I asked questions, we both made numerous innuendos that over the course of multiple emails became more intense. Finally I just asked her to meet me at a hotel near where she lived since I was traveling on business in that general direction. Well, three hundred extra miles. The problem was, once actually face to face we both got cold feet. She had never outright planned to cheat on her husband before and I had never felt so guilty about anything like I did about the bullshit story I gave to my wife for cover-up. It was supposed to be; meet at the hotel, fuck our brains out, depart happy and if the opportunity presented itself again arrange another meeting.

Some forced conversation later we both decided it good to just take a walk at the park nearby, talk about something else, and then depart unscathed, faithful to our spouses, and still email friends.

It was an unusually cool day for August even in the Northeast. Still, we both had come dressed to impress. I in slacks and sports jacket, no tie, and an overcoat. She wore a maroon cotton shift, modest heels, and also an overcoat to ward of the chill. After some time walking I began to steal sideways glances at her. Her high cheekbones hinted of the Cherokee heritage she mentioned in emails, the dark curly hair and the bronze skin tone must have been from both the Cajun and the African-American heritage. The red of her hair was another story. She had said there was Irish in her and that must have been how it manifested in her. Either way, she had a unique beauty. Apparently she was taken by my appearance as well because we kept bumping eyes as we stole peeks at each other only to sheepishly turn our focus back to the front. I believe myself to be of average looks. Maybe what sets me slightly apart from average would be a white male with shaved head, the high cheekbones from my own Native American heritage, and the two-tone eye color, having brown and then green coloring from pupil to cornea. I digress.

A slight breeze gusted from time to time occasionally blowing our jackets open. It was on one particular glance with her jacket blown back away from her shoulders, her arms swinging at her sides as we walked, that I saw the chill had caused her nipples to harden! I didn’t know if she had come prepared or if she always went braless but it was obvious she wore nothing beneath canlı bahis şirketaleri the shift! Desire struck me and I caught her hand in mine. Our eyes met but I could read nothing specific in them, yet, she neither flinched when I took her hand nor attempted to pull away. We continued on walking a little closer and hand in hand.

On a bridge crossing the stream we stopped to look across the park at people playing and enjoying the day. Despite the chill many people were about. As we rested our elbows on the stone wall the need to have this woman consumed me. I stood and placed my arm around her shoulders and she immediately slid closer to me. We stayed like that momentarily while I quickly scanned the area around us. Seeing no one too close to observe my actions, none to subtly I rested my left elbow back on the wall and slid my right hand beneath her coat. She did not look at me, only parted her lips slightly, as I ran my hand slowly down the small of her back and watched for reaction. As my hand traveled over her butt I realized that she must have come prepared since she wore no panties. The shift she wore pulled easily up to her waist while the trench coat kept her from being completely exposed. She still did not meet my gaze, only exhaled slowly while my fingers moved down the crack of her ass. I dropped my hand quickly to her thigh and pulled her legs apart.

Now she looked at me with desire and a hint of fear in her eyes. Lightly I traced a line up the inside of her thighs feeling the heat grow between them and when my fingers came in contact with the lips of her already moist pussy, I quickly penetrated her with one finger. She gasped, her knees buckled slightly, and she dropped her eyes to gaze at the top of the wall. I withdrew my finger and began a rhythmic massage of her clitoris. She would glance at me momentarily from time to time until I slid two fingers inside her each time causing more gasps and the tremors of pleasure to avert her gaze back to the wall. When I felt she was too close to orgasm I stopped and pulled her upright. With my hand around her waist I led her to several other locations, each time administering to her clitoris while she gasped and moaned slightly, stopping short of letting her cum while she cast about to see if anyone was watching. On one occasion a cop on a bicycle changed direction and began to approach, so I moved her to another location near the middle of the park.

Near the fountain in the middle of the park a small crowd had gathered to listen to some blues being played by several amateur musicians. Seizing an opportunity I pulled her close and kissed her deeply then began to slowly sway with the music. Gambling on the crowd being more attentive to the musicians than us, I once again pulled canlı kaçak iddaa her dress to her waist and released my cock through the fly of my slacks. The height difference made it impossible for me to penetrate her but she did come up on her toes and pulled me close so she could use my cock to manipulate her clit. She rested her head against my shoulder and ground her pelvis into me. Our long coats kept us concealed from the crowd but I am sure by the looks we received that at least a couple of people suspected what we were doing. Having been teased mercilessly for about an hour she took no time at all in reaching her first orgasm. Almost collapsing as the final wave of pleasure course through her, the side of her jacket exposed most of her leg momentarily to none other than the same cop on the bicycle as he approached the crowd. Before he could dismount and come over to us we separated just enough to let me hastily tuck my cock away and to let her shift slip back down. “Ma’am, are you okay?” he queried. She answered, “fine, fine” in a low breathy voice, the first she had spoken since the stone wall over an hour ago.

A few minutes later when she had fully recovered she took me by the hand and led me on a path towards a copse of trees. “Your turn!” was all she said with lust in both her voice and her eyes.

In the trees she pushed me towards a bench just off the path, hastily checked both directions then got to her knees. She released my cock from my pants and stroked me to my full eight inches, surprise in her eyes at how long and thick. Undaunted she brought her lips to the head and kissed gently once then took me in her mouth. Expertly working her tongue around the underneath side of the shaft I neared my own release. I fought to hold off as she kept working more and more into her mouth. This woman knew what she was doing! It was the first time I had ever felt a woman’s nose press against my pelvis. She choked and pulled back. After a minute to regain her rhythm she once again took my full length in her mouth and this time flicked he tongue across my balls. Sensing I was near, she tried to pull back, but I grabbed the back of her head and held her while I shot a load down her throat causing her to choke and cough, my semen exploded from the edges of her mouth into my lap. She pushed away from me releasing herself from my cock and fell on her butt gasping and coughing for air.

“Oh god, I didn’t just felt so good…” I stammered. But when she looked back up at me from the ground it wasn’t anger in her eyes. Lustfully she wiped the edges of her mouth and licked her finger clean then crawled back up to my now limp cock and began to bathe me with her tongue savoring each drop. Under her gentle caress I began to harden again. All canlı kaçak bahis modesty aside she stood, turned away from me and raised the back of her dress and coat. For the first time I got to see her ass. She got the booty from the sister in her. A full round ass, the kind you really want to sink your teeth into that was bronzed and gleaming in the fading light. The inside of her thighs glistened with her juices. I grabbed her hips and guided her down onto my throbbing member.

She was bucking so hard that I could not keep my fingers on her clit so I pushed her up off of me and spun her to face me. I had to get my tongue on and in that juicy pussy for a taste. After leaning forward and tonguing her for several minutes while she held my bald head close to her I sat back and pulled her by the ass back onto my cock. We slowed our pace so she could slide her clit up and down the shaft of my cock as it passed in and out of her. She was totally lost in the pleasure and did not hear the leaves crunching behind her as that same cop stepped out from behind a tree on the other side of the path. She did not sense me stiffening in fear of being caught. But I relaxed quickly when the cop placed a finger over his mouth signaling me to be quiet.

He released his own cock and began to stroke it. Unaware of what I was doing she kept up her slow grind as I slowly raised the back of her coat to expose her ass to the cop.

Stealing some juices that flowed freely from her pussy, I traced a circle around the bud of her anus before inserting a finger. She moaned and ground down more. She had told me once in an email that she had taken it anally before and enjoyed it. She also admitted that although she had fantasized about a threesome she had never been involved in one. The cop took a step toward us and removing my finger from her ass I grasped her head in my hands and pulled her into a deep kiss. When she felt hands spreading her ass apart and the head of his dick touch her anus her eyes got as big as saucers! I think she decided that since I didn’t get alarmed, that I had it planned from the beginning, or maybe, she just decided since she had gone this far, why stop?

Lucky for her, the cop was not as thick as I and with gentle pressure popped through her sphincter in short order. The increased friction, exposure to the world, potential for getting caught, and of course, the double penetration was more than she could handle. The cop stabbed at her ass rapidly in short strokes while I held her impaled upon my cock. In moments both she and the cop exploded. As she gasped for her breath again the cop got dressed, said “Thanks, Have a great day!” and walked away. She looked at me, her pussy quivering from the intensity of her last orgasm and smiled. With expert skill she worked her muscles and eventually pulled from me my second load of the afternoon.

Back at our vehicles she finally spoke again. “Are you in town tomorrow?”

I drove from the park smiling, knowing I would be there tomorrow, no matter what!

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